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The following story is essentially true. The events happened pretty much as described, though I have embellished some of the details – after all, this occurred when I was much younger, and I can’t remember everything precisely as it happened.

Names have been changed where needed.

My parents separated just before I turned seven years old, and my mother loaded my two younger brothers and me into our old station wagon and took us several states away to be closer to her parents. It was near the beginning of the summer of 1963, just after I finished first grade, and for the first few weeks we stayed with my grandparents, until my mother could find a job and put together enough to rent a house right up the street from them.

In the evenings, when things settled down, my mother and grandmother would usually sit out on the front porch after dinner, while my two younger brothers and I were still running around out in the yard playing. My grandfather would usually sit out on the porch with them, whittling on a piece of cedar, but around the time my mother and grandmother put my two younger brothers to bed, sometimes he would sit in his car and listen to a baseball game on the car radio. I was usually allowed to stay up a bit later, but it got pretty boring sitting around inside the house with my mother and grandmother, so I began to go outside and sit in the car with my grandfather, listening to the games.

I wasn’t really all that interested in the games, but I loved being with my grandfather, and usually managed to keep quiet while he listened to the game. Eventually, bored, I would get sleepy, and begin to drop off to sleep, and my grandfather would have me stretch out on the bench seat beside him and put my head in his lap, and I would fall asleep until the game was over and he woke me up to go inside and go to bed.

One evening, I was asleep with my head on his lap, and I woke up to feel him moving around. I looked around, and saw he had his trousers open and was playing with his cock, just inches from my head. He saw me look around, and it startled him, but he didn’t try to put his cock back in his trousers, he just stopped stroking it and looked at me for a few seconds. He asked if I had ever seen a man’s cock before, and I said no, forgetting that I had seen my father peeing a time or two, but never seen him up close.

I started to sit up, but my grandfather stopped me and said I could stay there and take a closer look if I wanted. Curious, I got as close as I could to see it in the dim light, and I could see it appeared a bit slick and wet at the tip. My grandfather told me he was just playing with himself a bit, that all men did it, and asked me if I had ever played with myself. I remembered my mother’s best friend, Jane, and how she had made my little wiener feel so good when I had stayed with her for a couple of weeks a few months before, but I had never played with my wiener myself, and I told him no. He told me, well, then, it was about time he showed me how, and told me this was something for men only, and I should never tell anyone else about it, and made me promise.

I watched as he resumed stroking his cock, and I could feel my own little wiener starting to become hard as I got more excited. My grandfather was uncircumcised, and I liked watching his foreskin slip back and forth over the head of his cock. My parents had had me circumcised in the Navy hospital a couple of years before, and my grandfather explained the difference to me when I asked him about it. My grandfather never became fully erect, but I could see a bit of sticky fluid forming at the tip, like mine had when Jane was touching me, and I assumed it was the same stuff.

As more of the fluid seeped out, my grandfather took out a handkerchief and began to wipe it off, and I asked if he didn’t use his fingers and put it in his mouth. Jane had done that for me, or licked it from the tip of my wiener, and had allowed me to taste it from her fingertips, but I never told him about Jane. My grandfather said no, he never did that, but asked me if I would like to taste it, and I said yes. He let me touch his cock and get a bit of his sticky fluid on the tip of my finger, and I put my finger into my mouth. It tasted different from my own sticky fluid that I had tasted with Jane, but it wasn’t unpleasant. He asked me how I liked it, and I said it was okay, and he asked if I would like to lick some more from him, straight from the head of his cock. Eager to please, I slid over a bit closer to him and licked his cock with my tongue.

He moaned audibly as I licked the head of his cock, just like I was licking an ice cream cone, trying to get as much of his fluid as possible. In addition to being unable to get fully erect, my grandfather didn’t cum normally, his cum just sort of seeped out over a longer period of time, and I had to keep licking as more and more seeped out. I felt his hand on the back of my head as he gently pushed my mouth down onto his cock, telling me to take it in my mouth, and I opened my mouth and took the head of his cock inside. He urged me to suck on him, and use my tongue to try to keep licking his cock, and I eagerly did as he asked. I was rewarded, over the next few minutes, with quite a bit of cum, which I swallowed right down. He gently increased the pressure on the back of my head, forcing his cock further into my mouth, then releasing the pressure and letting me back off when I began to gag. Soon I got the idea and began to bob my head up and down, feeling the first couple of inches of his cock slide in and out of my mouth as I sucked and licked on it.

By the time my grandfather was satisfied, my mouth was pretty tired from sucking so long, but I hadn’t wanted to stop and disappoint him. He wiped his cock off with his handkerchief and reminded me not to tell anyone, and I promised again, and we went inside the house to get ready for bed.

This happened several times over the next couple of weeks. After my mother had moved us up the street, just a few houses away from her parents, we still seemed to spend most evenings at their house, until my mother decided it was time to take my younger brothers home to go to bed. At first that cut into mine and my grandfather’s routine, but he soon figured out if he just told my mother to let me stay over with him and my grandmother a couple of nights a week, we could continue on as before. He had begun masturbating my little wiener as I sucked his cock for him on the front seat of the car, and neither of us was in any hurry to stop.

Then he hit on a new strategy. Every week, we had all been loading up in my mother’s old station wagon – it had room for everyone – and going shopping, picking up groceries and whatever else we needed. My grandfather decided to stay behind, and convinced my mother to leave me with him, and as soon as the rest of the family pulled out of the driveway, he led me to his bedroom.

It was a small house, with just a living room, kitchen/dining room, and two bedrooms, and you could walk a circle through each room inside of the house. There was a bathroom off the back bedroom, and a closed in back porch where my grandmother kept her freezer, canned goods, etc., and an open front porch that ran all the way across the front of the house. My grandparent’s bedroom was in the front of the house, off the living room, with another doorway to the back bedroom. There were no doors on the inside, just curtains over the doorways. My grandfather and grandmother slept apart in separate twin beds in the front bedroom.

In the bedroom, he had me strip naked, and he did the same. I had never see anything other than his cock outside his trousers, and got my first look at his balls, and how hairy he really was, much like Jane’s pussy had been so very hairy. I wanted to reach out and play with them, but he said he wanted to do something first, and had me lay back on his bed. Then he began playing with my little pecker, stroking it between his fingers and lightly touching my balls. As the first drop of fluid formed at the tip, he lowered his head and began sucking my wiener, just as he had taught me to suck his. It felt incredible, having my grandfather stroking and sucking my little dick, the first time he had gotten a chance to do so.

I found out much later that my grandfather wasn’t gay, and had never had sex with a boy until he started with me, though he did have a history of molesting two of his teen-age daughters – my mother was one of them – years before. He had stopped and managed for years to get by just masturbating himself, until I had happened along and presented him with an opportunity.

I didn’t know any of that then, though, and wouldn’t have cared if I had. All that mattered was that I had that good feeling in my groin again, and I loved it, and I never wanted it to stop. My grandfather sucked and kissed my dick for several minutes, and I was in heaven the entire time.

He finally stopped and lay back on the bed himself, and I didn’t even have to ask what he wanted. I began licking the head of his cock like a popsicle, tasting his precum, then took his cock into my mouth and began sucking, bobbing my head up and down and feeling his cock slip in and out of my lips. I had gotten better at sucking his cock, and could take more into my mouth now without gagging, and stroke his cock as I sucked it. It felt so good going in and out of my mouth, even though it still was never more than semi-erect.

My grandfather told me to play with is balls a bit as I sucked him, and I did so. I had almost forgotten them in the excitement of having him suck my wiener for the first time, and getting to suck him, but now I played around with them, getting familiar with them and gently squeezing them when he told me to do so. After a while, he had me lick and kiss his balls, and suck on them as I stroked his cock, and he would do the same for me. He also had me ‘fuck’ him by putting my little wiener inside the foreskin of his much larger cock, and we would rub the heads together as our fluids mingled inside his foreskin.

My grandfather and I had sex frequently that summer, either in his car on the nights I stayed over during the week, or in his bed on the weekends while everyone else was gone shopping. Over time, he grew bolder, taking me directly to bed with him on the nights I stayed over, and we would have sex while my grandmother was lying in the next bed, just a few feet away. She had to know what was going on, but I never heard her say a word about it.

Once school started, my mother wouldn’t let me stay over during the week, so we shifted to having sex on Friday and Saturday nights, when I didn’t have to go to school the next day. We were still having sex on the weekends when everyone else went shopping, so my grandfather and I both lived for the weekends.

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Great story!
VERY sexy and deliciously "taboo"!
Great job,
THANK YOU for the "climax"!

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Thanks for sharing. I think the same way as some of you others. I feel like I was deprived of feeling natural about sex by the "Sex is Bad" mentality. Now I can't get enough of it! :)

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This is a police case !!

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it is really interesting story

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