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Our daughter's Sweet Sixteen Party
Our daughter, Jen, seems to be following in her mother’s foot steps, must be something in the genes.

We live in a 4 bedroom ranch style house. When Jen turned 15, a year ago, she wanted her own space. After much debate, we built her a bedroom in the basement, adjacent to the family room. Our property slopes downward, front to back, so the house has a walk out basement that Jen really likes. I figured it would make it easy for her to sneak out, and worse, easy for boys to sneak in.

Jen and her best friend, and cousin, Molly turned 16 the same week. Following the family parties, Jen wanted a private Sweet Sixteen party Saturday night, in ‘her’ family room. It would be just Molly and their boyfriends Peter and Bill. No alcoholic, no crowd, just the four of them. There'd be pizza, soda, a movie, maybe games, and some dancing.. “No big deal.”

I wasn’t thrilled with the idea, but after several pretty pleases and a ‘look’ from Amy, I caved in and said it was okay.

Two day’s before the party, I’m in the basement storage area looking for something Amy wanted brought up, when I heard muffled voices. I moved closer to the where the voices were coming from. It was Jen and Molly talking, making plans for their private party. I didn’t want to ease drop, but as I was about to move away I heard the word “sex”. So instead of moving away, I got closer, to hear more.

Jen and Molly were making a pack, agreeing this is would be the night they’d loose their virginity. Jen said that she’d chickened out before, but not this time. And to be sure, she told her boyfriend to slip her something to loosen her up. I heard enough to tell me this was more than just a Sweet Sixteen party.

I decided to install video cameras, so I could watch and make sure nothing happened. I quietly moved away and headed upstairs, which gave me time to hatch my own party plan. I went on line and ordered several high tech, encrypted, wireless, video cameras that would work in very low light, and paid extra to get over night shipping. That would give me time to hide the cameras in the family room and Jen’s bedroom. And time to check out the cameras before the party stated.

Friday came and went, no package delivery… So I called the supplier and was assured the cameras would arrive Saturday morning.

Saturday morning, Jen announce that she and Molly were heading to the beach with their boyfriends. Molly’s mother, Beth, was driving them. Good, I’d have time to hide the cameras, that is if they arrive.

It was almost lunch time, finally the package arrived. I took it straight to my garage workshop. Hiding the cameras was the easy part, compared to getting the software loaded and configured on my PC. It was late afternoon before I had everything working to my satisfaction. Then I setup a remote link between my desk PC and my laptop.

Jen walked in the door about 7pm, I asked if she had a good time at the beach, she said she did, but she has to rush to get ready for her party..

Where’s mom? I told Jen she’d gotten a phone call and went out with a friend, she’d be home later. I left out that it was a male friend…

Jen didn’t ask any more questions about Amy’s where-a-bouts, she was too occupied with thoughts of her party. A kiss, more like a peck on the check and Jen was off to her room.

I figured this was a good time to check out how well the new video cameras worked with a live subject. The family room and bedroom cameras worked fantastic. The clarity, field of vision, color, everything, was great! Yet I was disappointed, I’d only has enough time to find a good hiding place for one camera in Jen’s bedroom, two would have been better.

I watched Jenny fly through the family room, taking off her t-shirt as she headed to her bedroom. Bikini top and bottom came off next. Jen grabbed a towel and she was off to the bathroom for a shower.

Jen had stripped and covered up so quickly, with a single camera in the bedroom, I’d no more than a glimpse of her from the back. Right then I decided instead of watching and make sure nothing happened, I’d watch and see what happened..

I was watching when Jen returned to her bedroom. She dropped her towel and started checking herself out in front of her full length bedroom mirror. Jen is 5ft 4in, 105 pounds, sandy blond hair. I always knew Jen looked a lot like her mother, but I got a whole new appreciation seeing her standing there naked. Her breasts were perfect, firm and pointed straight out, needing no support. Her butt was just as firm, with ass cheeks that bounce just right as she walks, men love to stare at her.

I felt my cock getting hard, but not fully aroused..

Than something I didn’t expect, Jen laid down on the bed, spread her legs and began touching her breasts, her nipples responded immediately, ready to be sucked, or in this case fondled. Jen pinched and pulled on her nipples, and massaged her breasts for sever minutes before moving to her pussy. Up until now, it didn’t register that her pussy was shaved and glistened in the light. I assumed she’d applied baby oil after her shower, like her mother does.

My cock was fully erect now, but I was to busy playing with the camera settings to play with myself.

I zoomed in for a close up of her camel-toe, nice!! She spread her pussy lips, giving her fingers easy access to her clit, and me a great view. At first it was like she was tickling her clit, then she rubbed it with more intensity, softly moaning, and became totally lost in the moment. Wasn’t long before I saw her body stiffen. Her legs closed tight, as her orgasm took control of her.

A minute later, Jen’s body relaxed, she spread her legs wide. Her hand was back in motion, this time heading directly to her love tunnel. She slipped two, than three fingers into her moist love tunnel and started finger fucking herself.

It was obvious to me that his wasn’t the first time she’d masturbated. Than I wondered how many boys had finger fucked her.

Before Jen finished fucking herself, there was a knock at the back door to the family room. Startled, Jen stopped, sprang to her feet, and walked over to the bedroom window so she could get a peek at who was at the door.

I switched cameras just in time to see Molly entering the family room. Molly was wearing a T-shirt and shorts, not the sexy attire I was expecting to see.

Jen walked into the room naked, her nipples were still hard and clearly visible.

Jen walked over to Molly, threw her arms around Molly’s neck and gave her a long, long passionate kiss. Jen said “I’m so glad you got here early, I need you!”

“Now? Our boy friends will be here in 30 minutes”.

Jen said “Y E S n o w, 30 minutes is more than enough time, p l e a s e, I really need you”

Molly smiled, which was all the incentive Jen needed. Jen took hold of Molly’s hand and led her into the bedroom. Jen kissed Molly, then Jen helped Molly remove her t-shirt. Molly didn’t need any help wiggling out of her shorts. Another long passionate kiss, as they fell back on to the bed, Molly on top of Jen. Without breaking their kiss, Molly’s legs straddled Jen and Molly started lifting her self up onto her knees.

I zoomed in on Molly’s lovely raised butt, as the picture came into focus, I found my view of Molly’s pussy was blocked by flesh colored thong underwear, darn... Guess that view will have to wait ‘til later…

I switched to a wider angle view, one that let me watch both girls. Molly was kissing her way down Jen’s body, stopping long enough to suck each nipple, just a little, before continuing the journey to Jen’s pussy.

I couldn’t catch all the action, but from the position of Molly’s head, and Jen’s soft moans, I was sure Molly was busy licking Jen’s pussy and clit.

It seemed Molly had just started licking Jen, maybe a minute or two, when Jen’s body stiffened, her legs tightening around Molly’s head, holding on, keeping Molly’s head and tongue in place as Jen’s orgasm built to a body shaking climax, waves of which moved through both their bodies.

Jen had been at the brink of an orgasm before Molly arrived, so it wasn’t a surprise that Jen came so quickly..

The entire time Jen and Molly were getting it on, I was stoking my stiff cock, stopping short of cumming. There’d be time for that later…

Once the girls regained their composure, Jen said it’s time to get dressed for the party, and they stood…

Jen walked over to her dresser and pulled out flesh colored thong panties, which matched Molly’s.

Molly said “Jen, aren’t you going to dry yourself, you’re soaking wet”

Jen said “No, I want Pete to find me wild, wet, and willing!”

Then they walked over to the bedroom closet, Jen pulled out two knit white dresses and handed one to Molly.

Now that Molly had moved, I finally got a good look at her breasts, which looked like Jen’s, firm, self supporting, and about the same size as Jen’s. The only real noticeable difference between the girls was Molly had dark brown hair, like her mother, and Jen’s is sandy blond…

They put their dresses on, neither wore a bra, the short knit dress clung to her body, showing off every curve. Their hard nipples stretched the knit fabric, and the dresses were short and barely covered their butts. I was sure with even the slightest bend or stretch, and their ass cheeks would revile themselves.

I knew their boyfriends would be arriving any minute, and they’d have to walk past the garage window I opened earlier. I was hoping they’d want to talk before going in the house, and I wanted to ease drop on their conversation. So I grabbed my laptop and headed off to the garage. I selected a spot to wait, where I couldn’t be seen from the window. I was just in time, the sound of a closing car door told me the boys had been dropped off.

As I thought, Peter and Billy were talking, and as luck would have it, they stopped near the garage window and spoke freely, completely unaware anyone was listening. Billy asked about the drugs and how Peter planned to get the girls to take them. Peter said everything was already taken care of, the drugs were in two of the diet soda bottles, and said to Billy, he’d hand out the sodas.

Billy wanted to know more about the drugs and what would happen. Peter said he’d gotten the drugs from a mutual friend. The drugs were colorless, odorless, and tasteless, and slow acting at first, but once they stated to work, the girls would want sex and would be completely uninhibited. There’d be plenty of time, the drug’s effects last about 6-8 hours. Down side is if the dosage is wrong, the drugs could put the girls to sleep. But if it puts them to sleep, that could work to our advantage. Peter went on to say that he’d only use the drugs if the girls showed any reluctance. Either way, they’ll get fucked tonight!

Peter said “I don’t want to keep the girls waiting, so let’s go and see what happens.”

I turned my attention to the laptop and the family room cameras, Jen and Molly were sitting on the couch when the boys knocked and let themselves in. Pete was carrying two six packs of soda, one diet and one regular, and Billy carried the pizza.

Peter and Billy both said happy birthday.. The girls got right up and greeted their boyfriends with a hug and kiss. Billy almost dropped the pizza, but caught it just in time.

Just as I thought, a little bit of stretching caused the back of their dresses to ride up.

The girls made no attempt to cover their butts as they led the guys to a table. Where the boys put the pizza and soda down, then girls wrapped their arms around their guy’s neck and they kissed and hugged each other some more.

I watched the guy’s hands quickly moved down and cup the girl’s bare cheeks. I’m sure they would have fucked the girls on the spot if Jen hadn’t backed off a little, saying she’s starved, the pizza smells good, let’s eat.

Peter smiled, turned to Billy, and I think whispered “game on”. I was sure he was going to use the drugs..

Molly opened the pizza box, Jen got the paper plates, while Peter handed out the cold sodas. They sat down, ate, talked, and flirted with each other. Jen and Molly had two small pieces of pizza, Peter and Billy finished the rest. Once their drinks were finished, they got up, Jen walked over to the wall switch and dimmed the lights, than led Peter to the couch. Jen snuggled with Peter on the couch, Molly and Billy cuddled on the love seat.

Jen picked up the TV/DVD remote and started playing a movie, which no one watched..

The stage was set, I just had to wait for the action to begin.. By now I was back in the house. I had one camera focused on Jen and Peter, the other on Molly and Billy.

Peter’s hands were roaming all over Jen’s body, softly caressing her buns, before moving to her front. Although I couldn’t see, I was sure Jen’s tits were getting some attention. A few minutes later she was spreading her legs, giving Pete access to her covered pussy.

I switched to watch Molly and Billy, pretty much the same action taking place, although it seemed Billy wasn’t quite as aggressive as Peter. So I switched back to Jen and Peter.

Peter was lifting Jen’s dress up, Jen was protesting, saying Billy would see her. Peter said so what, Billy is too occupied with Molly to pay attention to you, besides all he’s going to see is you bare back. Finally Jen gave in and let Peter remove her dress. Five minutes later, Jen’s panties were gone, without any protest from Jen.

About the same time she lost her panties, Jen’s body seemed to go limp, I’m guessing she passed out from the drugs. Peter positioned her on her back, I could see Jen’s chest raise and fall with each breath, but no conscience movement.

I switched to Molly and Billy, Molly was nude, and she appeared to have passed out as well.

Peter and Bill laid the girls out on the chairs, stood, and walked towards each other.

Billy spoke first, asking Peter what he thought.

Peter said I guess the dugs were too strong for them, they’ve passed out. I’m sure they’ll wake up in the morning and be just fine.

Peter smiled, and said “Right now it looks like we can have our way with them, let’s not waste any time”. And they didn’t, without another word they stripped.

From what I could see, Peter was pretty well endowed, and Billy looked to be about average. They both played on the high school foot ball team, Peter a running back. Billy a line backer, although a bit light for that position. Both were muscular and in good shape.

Peter walked over to Jen, picked her up with ease, and placed her on the push carpet. Billy followed Peter’s lead, picked up Molly and placed her naked body on the floor close to Jen’s, but not to close.

Peter spread Jen’s legs and admired the view of her naked body, before running his hands over her tits and pussy. Jen didn’t move a muscle.

Then Peter switched places with Billy. Peter ran his hands over Molly’s pussy, Billy started to say something. Peter cut him off, don’t say anything, we may never get another opportunity like this again. So let’s take advantage of it.

Billy nodded in agreement, and started touching Jen’s tits. Then taking hold of Jen’s breasts, while licking and sucking on each nipple, and then worked his way down to her pussy. Billy inserted a finger into Jen’s pussy, and said “man is she wet, we’re gonna have no trouble penetrating her pussy.”

Peter had moved his hands to Molly’s breasts, feeling them, massaging them, and then sucking on her nipples, finishing with a kiss on her pussy lips as he moved away.

Peter said I want to be the first to do Jen, than you can do her.. Without another word Peter and Billy switched girls.

Peter got on his knees between Jen’s legs and lined himself up to take the plunge. Billy was right, Peter found Jen’s pussy was so wet that his cock easily slipped into her love tunnel.

There was no response from Jen as Peter began thrusting his cock in and out, pounding her like a sex starved savage. Peter pounded away for a good 10 minutes before saying I’m cumming, to no one in particular. Peter’s last few thrusts were slow and forceful, I watched as Jen’s body shuddered from each penetrating thrust.

Billy was gentle with Molly, making love to her as if she was conscious and it was his job to make it pleasurable for her. Billy came before Peter, and did so without any fan fair and he withdrew. Than watched as Peter finished fucking Jen.

Peter asked Billy if he’d like sloppy seconds, saying he’d sure like to do Molly next.

They switched and started fucking their each other’s girl.

Peter pounded away at Molly’s pussy, just like he’d done with Jan. While Billy made love to Jen. Billy came first, Peter seemed to last even longer than before. When Peter finished, he said lets switch again, I’m not done yet…

“Peter, I think I heard something.” In deed, Billy heard Amy car, and the garage door opening.

Amy was home. And like her daughter, freshly fucked.

Peter and Billy seem nervous. I doubt they knew who was coming home at that hour, and if anyone would walk in on them..

They decided to call it a night and got dressed.. Before they left, they grabbed a pillow and a blanket for each of the girls. They tried to make the girls comfortable and covered them. Then Peter and Billy quietly left through the rear door.

Amy walked in, said “Hello, how did the girl’s party go”.

I said “Fine, I didn’t hear anything, so I guess they had a good time. The boys just left, everything is quiet.”

Amy said “Good, than I’m off to bed, you joining me.”

“No, I have a few things I want to do, I’ll be another 30 minutes or so.”

“Okay, night…” And she was gone.

I looked at my laptop, the girls hadn’t moved, they were just as the boys had left them.

I waited 15 minutes, to be sure the boys weren’t coming back before heading down stairs to check on the girls and retrieve the cameras.

The lights were still on and dimly lit the room, I walked over to Jen and Molly. They were just as the boys left them, covered, breathing softly, and they appeared to be sleeping like babies.

I was staring at Jen and Molly, and thought back to what Peter had said earlier, “the drug’s effects last about 6-8 hours”, and it had been only 3 hours. And “we may never get another opportunity like this again. So let’s take advantage of it.” Then I thought, why waste this ‘opportunity’.

I removed the blankets from Jen and Molly before I stripped. I knelt between the girls, so I could feel one than the other without having to change my position. I touched Jen’s breast’s first, than Molly’s. Jen started to stir a little, her eyes didn’t open, but there was something.

I figured I better make this a couple of quickies, in and out, cum once in each girl, cover them up, grab the cameras, and I’m gone. Sounds like a plan.

I decided to fuck Jen first, after all she was the oldest, by two days.

I spread Jen’s legs wide and got in between them. Jen was still cum soaked and smelled of sex. I had no trouble slipping my stiff cock into Jen’s wet pussy, her pussy felt tight.

My cock had been semi hard to rock solid on and off for 3 hours, I’d wanted to cum earlier but held off, wanting to get the most out of the very private post party I hoped I’d have with Jen and Molly. Anyway it was no wonder that I only managed to get in a few thrusts before exploding, dumping my hot load of cum in Jen’s cunt. It felt so good, releasing all the sexual tension that that built up all evening.

I kept my cock in Jen’s cunt, savoring the moment for a minute or two. After I caught my breath, Jen stirred again. I withdrew and got out of the way just in time, Jen rolled onto her side, without being blocked by me. That was close…

Now Molly, I looked at her, naked and beautiful, and mine for the taking. I took hold of her legs, spread them, at the same time watching for any sign that she might be waking up. Nothing, perfectly still, so I continued, knowing I better make this quick.

By now my cock was fully erect again and at the ready. Like Jen, Molly’s love tunnel was wet from two loads of cum already deposited in her, which provided all the lubrication I needed. A gentle push, and I penetrated her easily. Luckily, Molly didn’t stir or react in to my penetration.

I began slowly moving my cock in and out, still looking for any sign of a reaction. None… So I picked up my pace and intensity, getting into a rhythm that was the most satisfying for me. Molly’s cunt was even tighter than Jen’s, and it felt soooooo good as her cunt fully enveloped my cock during each driving thrust..

I was excited, but there wasn’t the same urgency to climax that I had when I fucked Jen, still I wanted to be quick, but not to quick.

About five minutes later I add a sizeable load of cum to the cum already in Molly’s cunt. I withdrew, completely satisfied.

Before leaving, I covered the girls, grabbed the video cameras, and left the girls as I found them, covered and cum soaked…

Amy was asleep when I walked in our bedroom.

Now it was time for me to turn in and get some shut eye. As I dozed off, I thought back to the images of Jen’s and Molly’s naked bodies and my cum oozing out of both of my daughters at the same time… Wondering if they’d ever discover that they’re half sisters……...

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