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A young man comes home from the armed forces on leave for the first time, and his dad takes him out for a beer. When they get their beers, his dad asks him, "So son, how do you like the army so far?"
"Pretty good, dad," the son replies, "but I had a strange experience the other day during parachute jump training."
"What happened?" asked his dad.
"Well, we were up about 5000 feet, I was last in line, and when we got the green light, everyone jumped except me. I froze up in the door. The jumpmaster was about 6'7", 250-lbs, and gay. He said if I didn't jump, he was going to take me into the back of the plane and fuck me up the ass!"
"Well, did you jump?" asked his dad.
The son replied, "A little bit, at first."
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