This is a story of one of many events in my preteen life. I plan on writing more of not only my preteen but teenage life as well. Hope you enjoy.
I had just gotten out of the shower and walked down the hallway to my bedroom. I closed the door behind me and twirled around. The towel wrapped around my body dropped to the floor and I admired myself in the mirror. I had never really taken notice of my body until I started puberty a few months before. I was 12 years old and loved the fact that my chest was budding out and that I had peach fuzz on my pussy.

“Oh, that’s new,” I said to myself. I noticed a few light brown hairs poking out from my mound. I pulled on them a little bit to see how long they were and then I trotted over to my bed and laid down. I put my middle finger on my slit and started to rub it up and down. I always enjoyed touching myself right out of the shower. It was so relaxing to me. I was still a little wet and I felt cool as a breeze from the window covered my body and made my pink nipples harden up.

“Mmm,” I moaned. I let my fingertip intrude into my pussy lips and felt the moisture surrounding it. I dug the finger a little deeper and let it move around. I used my other hand to trace a line up from my belly button to my chest. My skin felt so smooth and my nipple invited my touch as I circled around it and then pinched with my fingers. I spread my legs a little bit to let another finger have a try within my lips. I wouldn’t do though because I was simply too tight to allow two fingers. So, one would have to do even though I was now very lubricated with my juices. I bit my lower lip as my middle finger met with my clit and started to flick it around. “Ah yes,” I gasped.

“Heather what are you doing?”

I turned my head to the side and saw my little sister standing by the door.

“I’m not doing anything Sarah,” I said as I stood up from the bed.

“But you’re naked and I saw you touching your pee hole,” she giggled.

“Lots of girls do that Sarah.” I sat down on my bed and motioned my sister to sit next to me. “Haven’t you ever touched yourself?”

“No,” she said as she shook her head.

“Hmm,” I said. “Well you’re starting to become a big girl. How old are you? 10? 11?”

“I’m six,” she said as she held up six fingers.

“Oh, right,” I said acting surprised. “You still look like a big girl though.”


“Yeah. I bet you have little boobs and have hair like me too,” I said as I pointed out the small hairs on my crotch. She looked down with wide eyes and opened her mouth with a ‘wow’ as she saw the hair. She told me she didn’t have anything like that but I pretended not to believe her.

I had her lay back on the bed and I kneeled down to pull her shorts and panties off. I put them on the floor and stared at her plump pussy. I pulled her shirt up to her neck and looked at her tiny nipples. I pressed one hand on her chest and moved it down to her tummy. Then I moved it down right over her slit and pressed my thumb onto her clit. She shuddered a little bit.

“Does this feel okay Sarah?” I asked.

“Uh huh,” she responded.

I continued to rub my thumb on her clit and then spread her legs a little bit. I put my face right over her pussy and sniffed. The scent was so fresh and sweet. I pressed my lips against it and gave it a little kiss. I looked up with my eyes and saw Sarah with her eyes closed and her tummy moving up and down. She was relaxed. I poked my tongue onto her lips and then let it slide in. The mixture of my saliva and her wetness gave for an easy entrance. I slid my tongue up and down making sure to hit every crevice inside her. I remembered not being able to finish my own vaginal exploration and let one of my hands slide between my legs as I continued slurping up my six year old sister’s juices. I started feeling a stimulated high when my worst fears were realized. I heard a voice I did not want to hear.

“Heather Anne, what do you think you are doing?!” yelled the voice of my mother.

I immediately turned around and saw my mother with a shocked face staring right at me. It slipped my mind that she would be home at any time and not locking let alone closing my door was a big mistake as well. I only stared at my mother because I had no words to say and didn’t think anything I could say would get me out of the situation.

“Do you have any explanation for what you are doing?” she said. She walked up to Sarah without taking her eyes off of me and led her off the bed to the door. She gave her the discarded panties and shorts that were on the floor and told her to go to her room. Once Sarah left mother turned around and looked at me. “Well?”

“I don’t know what to say.” I stood up and sat on my bed still completely naked.

“There isn’t anything you can say is there?” she said. She grabbed a shirt from my dresser and threw it at me to put on. I pulled it on and continued to look at my mother. She shook her head and told me she didn’t know what she was going to do. “This is disgusting Heather. Taking advantage of your younger sister? What is the matter with you?”

I still sat on my bed with nothing to say. My mother looked at me one more time and then left the room. I can’t say that what I did was wrong. Well, it wasn’t wrong to me. This wasn’t the first time I had touched my sister. I always found a way to slip my hand into her panties or taste her a little bit when she was napping. This was just the first time I was caught.

I didn’t want to stick around and see what my mom might have thought up to punish me so I called my boyfriend to see if I could come over his house. He told me I could so I hurried up and got dressed and snuck out of the house. He only lived a few blocks away and I didn’t mind having to walk. My mother didn’t know I had a boyfriend so it would have been impossible to find me if she noticed I was gone. Besides, I wasn’t running away. I was just going to have a little fun with him before going back home.

I only had to knock on the door a couple times when I arrived before it opened. Eric, my boyfriend, was standing there and let me in. He looked so hot. He was a sixteen year old swimmer at the local high school. He was a tall boy and had a lean toned body. His hair was short and just as blonde as mine. His eyes were so beautiful though. They were such a vibrant blue they reminded me of sapphire. That’s not what I usually stared at though. He noticed my eyes fell down to his bare chest and then to his cut abdominals. They stopped right on the buldge of his pajama pants.

“So what brings you here today?” he said playfully.

“Some drama at home,” I told him, “and I always feel better once I see you.”

“I bet,” he said.

If you were wondering how we met it was quite simple. It was during the summer. I was at the beach with my friend and Eric happened to be at the beach too. He was one of the life guards. I wasn’t drowning when he noticed me. I just happened to be walking by his life guard chair and I guess it’s hard not to notice a girl who is wearing a bathing suit that has her butt cheeks showing and occasionally her slit poking through. He started flirting with me and even though he knew how old I was, he still asked me out.

He sat down on the couch next to me and immediately started placing kisses on my lips. I returned them and soon his tongue was wrestling with mine. I put my hands on his chest and he leaned back as I laid on top of him and continued making out with him. I felt his hands on the bottom of my back move down to my butt. He grasped each cheek and squeezed. I let out a moan and I moved my hand down to his crotch and gave it a squeeze.

“Whoa-ho,” he said. “You’re a little feisty huh?”

“I’m just horny,” I told him with a giggle.

“Let’s continue this in my room,” he said.

“Are your parents’ home?” I asked as we started walking toward the stairs.

“No, but I think my bed is more comfortable than the couch don’t you think?” he said with a wink.

Once we got to his bedroom I laid down on the bed and he was immediately on top of me. We continued where we started off with making out and I felt Eric move his hand into my t-shirt. He cupped my left breast in his hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. I gasped and he moved his kisses from my lips down to my neck. He started to pull my shirt off of me and tossed it to the side. He put his mouth over my nipple and gave it a little bite.

“Mmm, Eric,” I moaned.

His tongue started to make a trail from my nipple following the crease in the middle of my tummy down to my waste. He put his fingers in the band of my shorts and panties and pulled them down. His tongue continued down over my clit and rested on the bottom of my slit. He flicked his tongue up with a swift motion and dug it deep between my lips. I couldn’t help but move my legs and grab onto the sheets. He held onto my thighs to keep them steady and continued to eat out my pussy with a thirst.

“Please don’t tease me Eric,” I gasped. “Put it in me now.”

“Are you sure babe?” he asked, only taking a momentary break from my pussy and then immediately digging back in.

“Yes please!” I begged. “I’m so wet. Put it in now!”

Eric stood and pulled his pajama pants down. His cock immediately popped straight up. I had the pleasure of being able to measure it before and knew I would have an eight inch piece of meat buried inside me. He rubbed his shaft over my slit and got it lathered up with my juices. My hole was throbbing to be stuffed. I yelled at him to put it in and he finally did. He was gentle about it. He charged his penis into my pussy and my body hopped up in shock and a scream escaped my lips. He spread my legs wide and thrusted again into my body. I held onto the sheets tight as I felt fire between my legs.

“That’s it Heather,” he said with another powerful thrust. “You’re taking it fine.”

I screamed in pain and felt tears swell in my eyes. This wasn’t the first time I had sex with Eric, but my tight pussy was still not used to the pole that was fiercely attacking it. He grabbed my right breasts and squeezed it in his hand as he pushed again. I knew my juices were coated around his cock because it was now sliding in faster. He would thrust in again. I would scream. He would thrust again. Another scream. The bed springs were competing with my voice.

There were so many noises going around the room; Eric’s constant grunts with each thrust of his hips, my screams and moans and the pain and pleasure my pussy embraced, the sound of his sac slapping against my flesh, the bed hitting the wall, the springs bouncing up and down. I couldn’t take it. My orgasm was here. It was taking over my body.

“Do it now!” I screamed.

Eric gave one final thrust. He kept his cock buried inside me and I felt warm cum filling my pussy. I screamed with my orgasm and felt my lips squeezing his cock making sure not to let it go until every drop was deposited in me. I finally stopped moaning and let my body totally collapse with exhaustion. There were beads of sweat covering my body and my hair was a mess in my face. Eric pulled his cock out my pussy and I could feel it throbbing red. I only heard the doorbell ring before I passed out and fell asleep.

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