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As I pulled into the driveway of our home in the foothills of California’s Sierra Madres, I could see that something was going on. The sun had dipped behind the hills, and the last vestiges of soft summer twilight were just enough to reveal my wife standing at the side of our house, peering into the window of my youngest daughter’s bedroom. Yep, something going on alright!

We live in the country on 36 acres, in a large comfortable home set back off the road far enough to ensure privacy. Our nearest neighbors are almost two miles down the road. We love the freedom of being able to do whatever we want, whenever we want, far away from the nosiness of others.

My wife, Dianna, is a lovely thirty-five year old mother of three. She is tall, leggy and lean, with naturally auburn hair and small, firm breasts, capped with the most lovely pink nipples I’ve ever seen. People are often surprised that she has borne children at all, let alone three. But Dianna has spent ample time at the gym making sure that her body is in peak condition.

Our children, Cindy, age 14, Rob, age 12 and Mindy, age 11 are typical California adolescents. They play soccer in the local city league and have many friends in their age group around the small town near our home, but they are home-schooled. Dianna has a degree in elementary education and is a fabulous teacher. All three kids have immense IQ’s and are working well beyond their grade levels. I suspected that what was going on tonight was another “lab” session for the sex education portion of their curriculum.

Dianna and I have always been very liberated sexually. We met in college and knew immediately that we were made for each other. We explored sexuality like the most intrepid of pioneers: every position in the Kama Sutra, oral, anal, spanking, other boys and girls, groups, even Dianna’s Pomeranian, with a long tongue that drove her crazy with lust. There was nothing pleasurable that was off-limits. We took that same openness into our marriage and bought our country home early on to facilitate our freedom of sexual lifestyle.

Our children have regularly seen both my wife and me naked, not only when they were little, but to this day. They each are comfortable with their own bodies and think nothing of being naked in front of Dianna and me or each other. We have encouraged them to masturbate whenever and wherever they wish within the confines of our home, whenever no guests are present, and to engage in examining each other, “playing doctor”. There is no guilt or shame of any kind in their sexual play. They also are totally aware of the judgments of others and are committed to keeping our lifestyle choices private, within the confines of our family. They are extremely loyal to us as their parents and to each other.

Now that they are adolescents, Dianna has been teaching them the details of sexuality, not only functionally and technically, but in all of the ways that men and women can pleasure themselves and each other. They are given “homework”, which consists of reading, watching videos and conducting “lab experiments” where they practice the things they are learning from the books and DVDs. They have also watched Dianna and me make love to each other in almost every way imaginable. All three become extremely aroused as they watch us. They masturbate themselves and sometimes each other. Dianna especially enjoys it when she looks over and sees our daughters fondling and rubbing themselves and each other. I like to watch my daughters rubbing my son’s penis until he squirts.

When Dianna gives the kids a lab assignment in sexual education, she usually does not join them, allowing them the space to act and react freely, but she frequently acts as an outside observer and watches through the windows. In class the next day, she will critique and instruct regarding her observations.

As I got out of the car and walked up the sidewalk at the side of the house, I could see that Dianna was dressed, as usual in brief cutoff jeans and a blouse with no bra, which was usually tied above her midriff, but tonight was unbuttoned. Her feet were bare. She was, as yet, oblivious to my presence, her attention fully focused on what was going on in my daughter’s bedroom. I could see that she was fondling her bare breasts with one hand. The other was busy inside the front of her jeans.

As I approached from behind, I put my arms around her and kissed the back of her neck. She jumped slightly in reaction to my unexpected and sudden appearance, but immediately relaxed into my embrace, resting the back of her head on my shoulder.

“Homework?” I asked softly.

“Oral sex lab,” she responded. “I think they’re getting the hang of it!”

She moved my hands from her waist up to her soft breasts. It was a warm night, and I could feel a light sheen of perspiration as I cupped her titties in my hands. My thumbs grazed her nipples, which were already as hard as two little pebbles. As I fondled her, she pushed her right hand into the front of her cutoffs again and started playing with herself, producing a wet, squishy sound. Her left hand reached back to fondle my cock, which was already erect.

My dick got even harder as my gaze was drawn to the window and saw what was occurring in the bedroom. My son was sprawled, naked, on Mindy’s bed. My youngest daughter’s pink tongue was licking in circles around the head of Rob’s penis. She was also completely naked and was up on the bed with him on her knees, bent forward to lick him. Her legs were spread apart and her hairless, pink pussy and anus were in full view. Her breasts, just starting to develop, featured pale pink nipples, which were now slightly distended. Our 14-year old, Cindy, was also there, still dressed in shorts and a halter top. She was standing by the bed giving instructions to her sister. Through the partially open window, we could hear every word:

“Lick the sides like an ice cream cone.” “Lick the very tip of it real slow.” “Put just the tip of it in your mouth and lick circles around it.” “Put as much of it in your mouth as you can.” “Move your mouth up and down on it.” “Lick his little nuts for him.” “Put one of his balls in your mouth and suck on it really easy.”

Mindy followed each instruction to the letter. Watching my son getting a blow job as I fondled my wife’s little titties and she stroked my cock was so tremendously erotic! Suddenly my wife stiffened and her body began to tremble as she had an orgasm. I knew that would only be the first of many this evening, and as if to confirm this, Dianna’s hand continued moving beneath her cutoffs and quickly triggered a second climax..

As we continued to watch, Dianna stopped rubbing herself and removed her blouse and cutoffs. I undressed as well, and we returned to our original position with me standing behind her. She resumed her fondling of my now naked penis and I played with her breasts with one hand, while the other took over rubbing her wet pussy, which she keeps shaved as bald and soft as our daughter Mindy’s is naturally. We continued to play and watch for about a half hour.

As we watched, I became aware that a rather mean game was being played in the bedroom. Cindy issued instructions to Mindy, who did exactly as she was told. Mindy was now sliding her hand up and down the lower part of Rob’s shaft at the same time she was moving her mouth up and down the top half. Rob was obviously ready to come, his hips moving, fucking his little sister’s hand and mouth, his eyes closed and his face scrunched up in ecstasy. But his climax was not to be.

“Stop!” Cindy exclaimed. Mindy, ever the good little student, complied immediately. Rob’s hips continued to gyrate, but his sister’s hand and mouth were suddenly gone.

“Why did you stop, Mindy? I was just about to pop,” Rob groaned.

“Cause Cindy said so,” my youngest replied.

“Aw, c’mon, give me a break, finish me up,” Rob pleaded.

“Not till you agree to do all of our chores for a week,” Cindy demanded.

“No way!” Rob protested. “C’mon, Mindy, PLEASE!!!

“Go ahead and do what you were doing,” Cindy ordered smugly.

Mindy’s hand and mouth resumed their erotic task and Rob quickly built toward his orgasm again, only to have his older sister call a halt just at the critical moment.

Rob protested loudly again and Cindy responded, “I told you before that if you want what you want, you have to give us what we want…chores for a week!”

“OK, OK, I’ll do your chores! Just let Mindy finish me off now!”

“Tell ya what, little brother,” Cindy said, now firmly in control, “do our chores for TWO weeks and I’ll let you come right in Mindy’s mouth, right on her little pink tongue.”

“OK, OK, whatever!” Rob agreed, “I just want to come!”

Outside, Dianna murmured, “Our daughter can be such a little bitch! I think she needs and deserves a good lesson about not using sex to tease and extort!”

“I agree,” I said and we both headed inside where we put a prompt halt to the proceedings. Mindy and Rob both sat up on the bed, surprised to see us there.
Cindy, equally taken aback, stepped away from the bed to the corner of the room.

Dianna said to Cindy, “You know, Cindy, sex is a wonderful thing and can produce much pleasure, intimacy and love, but it also is extremely powerful. It is vital that you learn never to misuse it to mistreat or extort or blackmail anyone! We have decided to teach you a lesson you will not forget.”

She turned to Mindy, “And you, young lady, need a lesson too! You willingly participated with your sister in trying to get Rob to do your chores. So what I’ve decided to do, if your father agrees, is to let Rob administer your punishment, since he is the one you both mistreated. Your father and I will supervise, but Rob will deal with you.”

Dianna looked at me questioningly and I nodded my agreement.

Now my wife addressed our son, “Rob, what do you think we should do with these two mean sisters of yours?”

“Well, I guess they could do MY chores for two weeks,” Rob responded with a grin.

“Good!” Dianna exclaimed, but I think that lets them off too easily! Do you mind if I make some suggestions?”

“Sure, go ahead,” Rob agreed readily.

Dianna turned back to our two daughters. “Well, Mindy is all ready for what’s next,” she said, “but you need to get those clothes off right now, Cindy!”

Somewhat abashed, Cindy complied and began to remove her clothing until she was fully undressed, as were the rest of the family. I sat down on a chair in the corner to observe as Dianna began to direct the children.

“You two girls get right up here on your knees on the foot of the bed facing toward the head. That’s right. Now just keep your butts up in the air and rest your head and your boobies on the bed. Good! Do you need pillows for your heads?”

Now the girls were arranged so that sitting in the chair at the foot of the bed, I could see my daughters’ charms laid open and bare before me. Cindy, the oldest, is a bit darker-complected than Mindy, taking more after me than Dianna. She has perky breasts with darker colored areolas, and her pussy is a gorgeous coral color, framed by a sprinkling of brunette fuzz. Her bottom hole is the same rich color as her puss.

“OK, Rob,” my wife began, “I think we should start with an inspection of the premises! Why don’t you give Cindy’s pussy a little tickle and I’ll do Mindy’s.”

Rob grinned and immediately pulled the lips of his big sister’s pussy apart and began to gaze intently at it. Even with all the playing they had done, he had never had Cindy in as vulnerable a position or as exposed to his view as she was now. Cindy looked back between her legs as her brother spread her open wide and I could see that her face was crimson, whether with desire or embarrassment I couldn’t tell. But her sweet little muffin DID tell the tale as a drop of clear liquid oozed slowly out of her open hole and ran down the lips of her pussy toward her clit.

Rob captured the moist, tiny jewel on the fingertip of one hand and began to gently rub it up and down the slit of his sister’s pussy. This produced a quiet moan from Cindy almost immediately. The moist fingertip lost no time in contacting Cindy’s clit and rubbing in circles, as he had been taught in class. The increasing wetness dripping from her pussy was evident, and Rob inserted the middle finger of his other hand into the hole and began moving it in and out as he continued to manipulate her clit.

Dianna, who was busily delving into Mindy’s wet puss, looked over and said, “Don’t make her come yet! She doesn’t deserve it! In fact, watch me!”

My wife scooped some wetness from Mindy’s pussy with her finger and spread it on Mindy’s asshole. Then she rubbed the exposed anus with her fingertip and then pressed her index finger into her daughter’s asshole and began to fingerfuck her ass. Mindy yelped at the first intrusion, but then allowed her mother to continue her digital invasion at will.

On the other side of the bed, my son, who is a quick learner, had his finger deep in his older sister’s asshole and seemed to be making circles with his finger inside her rectum. Cindy appeared to be enjoying the process immensely, if the juice seeping from her pussy was any indication.

After several minutes, my wife suggested that she and Rob trade places and she moved over to insert her middle finger up her eldest daughter’s bottom, while our son began his fingering of Mindy’s upturned, pink little asshole.

After several more minutes passed, with only the slurpy sounds of fingers moving in wet assholes, Dianna moved on the next portion of the lesson.

“Do you remember, Rob, when I was mean to your dad one time, we let you kids watch while we played slap and tickle, so I’d remember to be nicer?”

“Ummm, it would be pretty hard to forget that, Mom!” Rob exclaimed.

“Well, I think your sisters both need the same lesson…and I think they should do each other while we tell them what to do!”

“OK, works for me,” Rob said, feigning indifference. I could tell he was thinking Oh, Boy!

“OK, Mindy,” Dianna ordered. “You stay right where you are, and Cindy, you get up. You’re going to be the first giver. Your sister will be the receiver. Remember, you’ll change places later!”

“Fingers or tongues, Rob?” I remembered that I had used my tongue on Dianna as the kids had watched.

“Tongues,” Rob decided.

“OK, tell your sister what she must do,” Dianna directed.

“Lick her asshole, Cindy!” Rob ordered. For a moment, I wasn’t sure my daughter was going to comply, but then she sighed and knelt behind Mindy on the bed, he knees between Mindy’s legs, lowered her mouth to Mindy’s bottom and began to lap at her little sister’s anus. Rob and I began to rub our penises as we watched, and Dianna’s hand was, once again, busy between her own legs.

Rob issued another instruction: “Put your tongue as far up inside her bottom as it will go.”

No hesitation this time. Cindy, who was already running her tongue around the outside of Mindy’s asshole, pressed her tongue inside and began to tongue fuck her sister.” Mindy was moaning with pleasure, and her sweet young pussy was drenched with moisture.

Suddenly Rob said, “Hold it!” Cindy immediately did as she was told.

“Ten swats, five on each cheek!” Rob ordered and Cindy obediently administered five stinging slaps to each of Mindy’s cheeks, bringing oohs, aahs and ouches from her.

“Tickle! Your tongue in her pussy this time. Suck her clit!”

Cindy was into the game completely now. She kissed and sucked Mindy’s pussy and licked her clitoris until Mindy was moaning out loud.

“Stop! Ten more swats! Make her butt red!”

Cindy slapped her sister’s bare bottom vigorously, and indeed, it did produce some redness and a few tears as well.

“Tickle! Pussy and asshole now.”

Cindy began to lave her sister’s entire crotch…the insides of her thighs, gently on the lips of her pussy and then up inside the wet, pink hole. Then working up to her bottom, licking each cheek, licking up and down her crack, kissing and licking and rimming her anus and then another intense session of fucking Mindy’s asshole with her tongue. Finally she worked her way back down to her sister’s clit and sucked on it until Mindy was beside herself and about to come.

“Stop! Ten more spanks. Go slow and they better be good ones!”

Cindy spanked her sister with abandon now. The sounds of palm against bottom flesh and squeals and cries filled the room. Finally Mindy’s ordeal was over.

Now it was Cindy’s turn.

“Trade places,” Dianna ordered, and now Cindy was bottoms up on the bed.

“Cindy is older, and actually the responsible one in this case,” Dianna said to Rob, so I think her punishment should be a bit more.

Cindy’s slap and tickle session began, as Mindy, who had wiped the tears from her eyes, now seemed anxious to pay her big sister back.

Rob made Mindy eat her sister’s ass, and told her to tickle the soles of Cindy’s feet at the same time, which we all knew drove Cindy absolutely wild. Dianna and I had to climb on the bed to hold Cindy down in place as Mindy tongue fucked her asshole and tickled the soles of her feet unmercifully.

“Wait!” Rob commanded.

Mindy, go get your ruler out of your room real quick. Mindy ran down the hall and was back in a flash with her one foot ruler.

“Ten on each cheek with the ruler,” Rob ordered.

With great relish, Mindy paddled her big sister’s naked rear end with the ruler.” Cindy screeched and carried on like she was being killed, but obviously no damage was actually being incurred.

Next it was tongue and fingers in Cindy’s pussy, then 20 more swats with the ruler, which Cindy protested loudly and Mindy obviously relished. Then a clit sucking episode with a finger up Cindy’s bottom and more tickling the soles of the feet. Finally 20 more swats with the ruler, which produced protestations and tears, and amazingly, a copious flood of fluid from Cindy’s puss.

“Now, did you girls learn our lessons?” Dianna inquired.

“Yes,” they chorused. “We’re sorry!”

“Would you like to have orgasms now?” my wife queried.

“Yeah, I would,” Cindy replied. “Me too,” her little sister echoed.

“OK, but first you will take care of your brother’s needs.

Under my wife’s instruction, my oldest daughter laid down with her head toward the foot of the bed. My son was arranged as the girls had been, on his knees, but with his head between Cindy’s legs in a 69 position. Mindy was told to stand at the foot of the bed behind her brother.

“Now, Cindy, since you so generously offered your brother the opportunity to come in Mindy’s mouth, YOU are going to suck on your little brother’s penis until he shoots his sperm into your mouth. When he does, you are to swallow every single drop. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mom,” Cindy replied.

Mindy, you are to lick and suck on your brother’s testicles while your sister sucks him off, and you will also lick his bottom hole and put your tongue up inside it. Do you understand?

“OK, Mom,” Mindy answered meekly.

“Rob, you can just lay there and enjoy yourself, or you can play with and lick your sister’s pussy if you want to. Begin now!”

Cindy took Rob’s penis deep in her mouth and began to suck and lick him. Mindy immediately began to lick his anus and play with his balls at the same time. My wife came over to where I was sitting in the chair. Standing a bit to one side so as not to block my view of the scene being played out on the bed, Dianna bent over and inserted her middle finger of one hand into her asshole and began to move it in and out. With her other hand, she played with my cock while we watched our daughters pleasure our son. I reached over and played with her pussy and clit.

Rob had decided against the passive role and was licking Cindy’s clit as she sucked on him. Mindy now had both of Rob’s tight nuts in her mouth and was playing with her own pussy as she gently sucked her brother’s sack. After a few minutes she moved back to his anus and pushed her tongue up inside.

My wife had massive orgasms and I shot my sperm into the air and onto her hand as we watched my son have an orgasm in his sister’s sucking mouth. Per Dianna’s instructions, Cindy gulped and swallowed Rob’s cum until he was completely emptied out.

As the kids untangled, Dianna issued one more order. “You girls get to come now, but one at a time, and your brother’s cock will be up your bottom hole when you do. This was a first. They had all seen my wife and I engage in anal sex, but they had not done it with each other as far as I know.

“Mindy, get up on the bed on your hands and knees. Cindy, lick her asshole and get it nice and wet for your brother.”

Cindy licked and sucked on her sister’s ass and saliva got Mindy well lubricated.

After a few minutes of closely watching Cindy lick Mindy’s anus, my son’s slender cock had fully recovered from his orgasm and was hard again at the prospect of putting it in his little sister’s ass. Ah, to be so young again! It slipped inside Mindy easily, and he began to fuck her bottom. Mindy began to play with herself and panted and moaned.

“Cindy, play with her titties,” Rob said, and Cindy did so immediately.

A few minutes later, Mindy had an earth-shattering orgasm. Rob pushed his penis deep in her bottom as she came.

“Gosh, I can feel it grabbing my cock!” he exclaimed.

“OK,” Dianna said a few moments later, “change places.

Mindy got up and Cindy quickly took her place. Mindy licked and sucked Cindy’s asshole to get it ready for my son’s cock. When Rob had entered her, Mindy began to play with her sister’s boobies as Cindy reached back to rub her own swollen pussy. After a few minutes, Cindy began to moan and toss her head from side to side.

“Rob, go faster! Go faster Robbie! C’mon, fuck my little asshole fast and hard.

Rob’s penis pistoned in and out of Cindy’s bottom faster and faster. Mindy played with her big sister’s nipples, tugging on them, rolling them in her fingers and even flicking them back and forth. Cindy’s hand was a blur now as she rubbed her clit. Rob groaned and came, filling Cindy’s rectum with his hot sperm. Cindy screamed and then broke down and began to sob as her orgasm took her completely.

A few minutes later, the kids got up, kissed and hugged each other. Dianna made the girls promise that they would, in fact, do Rob’s chores for the next two weeks. Then all three headed for their showers and bed.

Dianna and I took a shower together and then made love slowly and gently one more time, before drifting off to sleep in one another’s arms, in love with each other, proud of our children and truly pleased with our lives.

Disclaimer: This story is strictly a work of fiction and fantasy from my somewhat crazy psyche, and is intended for adults ONLY! Any resemblance of my characters to anyone, dead or living, is purely coincidental and unintentional. I hope some of my readers will enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. If so, please let me know. If you did not enjoy it or if you were offended by it, please know that it is absolutely impossible to please everyone, and you should probably find other writers on this site more to your liking.

All the best


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