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A painting discovered in the motel where Olivia and Scott used to meet was searched by police, everything in the room owned by the motel other than a painting on the wall...
Walter Bishop opened the doors to the chamber, Olivia Dunham, not wanting to waste any more time, stripped quickly out of her clothes, removing her shoes, and hair band first, before peeling the socks off her feet and then undoing the button on her tight black trousers, she wiggled her hips to and fro, sliding the soft black fabric down her thighs, over her knees and then letting them fall to the ground, lifting one foot out of them at a time, the supple smooth skin of her toes touching the cold marble floor before resting the sole. Olivia noticed Peter watching from the other side of the room in a trance-like state, he noticed he had been spotted and snapped back into reality, looking away in a twitchy fashion, she smiled, as she didn’t really mind, she was quite confident about her body, but the sight of her black panties around Dr Walter Bishop did concern her slightly. Getting back to the task at hand, Olivia slid her black jacket off her shoulders and onto the chair, and began unbuttoning her thin white shirt. Walter Bishop turned to look at her impatiently as he prepped the computers, he didn’t seem happy about the arrangement; Olivia wished she had worn a vest. As she released the button from the third whole in her shirt, she reminded herself, the water would have to come into as much contact with her skin as possible in order for her to share the memories of her ex-lover John Scott. She undid the last button, moving her attention to her wrists, where more buttons restricted her from removing the last item of clothing. Peter found an interesting angle through use of a reflective table to continue looking at Olivia Dunham undressing without being noticed, he pretended to be reading a case file, the sight of her in skimpy black underwear wearing a white shirt, just a tad to long for her was enough to create a bulge in his jeans, he hoped the button she was attempting to undo would take a while longer, but then disregarded the thought as he remembered a man’s life was at risk. Smiling again as he remembered the CCTV was active. Olivia undid the last button, freeing her body from the shirt and gently walking towards the chamber. After Walter had finished whatever it was he was doing, he instructed for her to get in the chamber, she lowered herself into the lukewarm water, as Peter attached wires and sensors to her body they each secretly enjoyed the sensations whenever their skin would accidentally meet, the room was cold, and Peter tried not to smile as he noticed the small bumps in Olivia’s bra. “Be careful” said Peter as she fell back into the water. Peter closed the doors behind her. The water temperature was a severe contrast from the cold air of the lab, she listened to the sound of Walter Bishop instructing her, listening intently and then slowly drifting off to sleep.


Olivia was pulled out of the chamber by the Bishops; she stood their shocked from what she had seen and the sudden freezing cold temperature of the room. This time, none of the three had any alternate thoughts or motives other than making sure Olivia was okay. They wrapped her in a towel as the computers beeped and reported errors.


Peter sat in an office within the main lab, he was looking through old CCTV tapes, finding the log from a few days ago, he re-played the video, watching as Olivia Dunham undressed. As more and more of her perfect slender body came into view, his hand slipped further and further down his chest. Her perfect smooth thighs came into view, revealing more and more of her sexy legs, his hand grew close to his throbbing member just as his finger touched his pulsing cock, the door swung open, he tried to withdraw his hand quickly but the angle was all wrong and he didn’t manage it quick enough. It was Dunham at the door, but as Peter was behind a desk, she couldn’t see what he was watching, nor where his hand was, he decided not to move the hand in case she noticed where it was. “I just finished the paperwork for the John Scott investigation…” she said, Peter smiled, giving himself time to calm down and think, “Did you get him?” he asked. She smiled, obviously pleased with her achievement, “Yeah I did… I just got a call from Broyles; he’s got another case that requires our attention…” Peter didn’t look to happy about this, “What case is that?”. Olivia Dunham closed the door walking a little further into the room, Peter’s hand still out of sight, “He thinks it may be connected, and if it means closing this case for good then I welcome it.” She told him, “It’s a painting found in the motel room Scott had prepaid for, everything in the room is owned by the motel except for the painting which we assume to be Scott’s. It’s not that significant except for the fact it’s worth 200 dollars.” Peter discreetly stroked his hard rod, watching the tight white material on her slender belly raise and lower, “What’s so interesting about that?” Olivia knew this question would be asked, “Because according to an email received from a Grevorski Dreves, it was bought for nearly 2 million dollars by John… as far as we can tell, it’s not stolen, but it’s one of the few possessions of his we have and… in the case of John Scott, we can’t leave anything to the regular cops…” Peter nodded, as Dunham turned grasping the door handle with her long sensual fingers, her polished fingernails reflecting the light from the corner lamp, “It’s here in the lab already…” Peter realised he hadn’t spoken for a while, “I’ll be out in two secs…” he smiled, she nodded closing he door behind her, Peter getting a glimpse of her firm buttocks. He turned off the computer, removing his hands from his jeans carefully and walking into the lab, annoyed he hadn’t been able to finish.

Walter was taking a look at the painting, “Well they where right to give it to us, there’s traces of all kinds of ridiculous chemicals on this canvas… and the frame is made of a metal I’ve never seen before. It reminds me of the paper I used to use to do my equations on in the asylum…” Olivia seem puzzled, “Why? Are they at all similar?” Walter was even more puzzled, “No, why would you say that?”. Peter walked in from the office, “Don’t mind him, his mind just doesn’t work in straight lines…” Peter reached the table touching the frame of the picture as he neared, the rim lit up immediately turning red, Peter withdrew his hand quickly, gasping in pain, Olivia grabbed his wrist, “Did it hurt?” Peter winced, “Yeah, a bit…”. Walter Bishop assessed it’s molecular structure shown on the computer, “The metal must act as some kind of sensor, creating a security measure…”. “Now you tell me…” chuckled Peter. They worked on it for a few more hours; Olivia Dunham took notes on various pieces of paper, whilst Walter made notes of his own on the whiteboard, noting the canvas seemed to be holding a chemical behind it which couldn’t be released, though there was a tap-like device at the top, concealed in the frame, he couldn’t work out how it worked. Walter finished the notes and left to go home, Olivia decided to stay at the lab until she had finished up, copying down various things from the board about the case. Walter walked in to the office into the office Peter was sitting in before leaving, “I'm ready to go now…” Peter looked up from the computer, “I actually have a bit more to do but, here, you take my keys and head back to my place.” Walter smiled politely, and headed off. Peter was relieved everyone was finally gone, unaware Olivia was still in the lab. He once again brought up the CCTV log, watching the sexy blond goddess as she stood wearing nothing but her underwear and a thin white shirt. He undid the button and zip on his jeans and grasped his hot member fully, rubbing it slowly.

Olivia’s pen scrapped across the paper without leaving a mark, Olivia held it up to the light, realising it had run out of ink. She sighed loudly, looking at the time. Balancing her shoe on the end of her toes, she decided whether to leave the paperwork till the next day or get it out the way now. She rocked the shoe back and forth, a habit of hers when she was stressed. The shoes fell to the floor as she threw down the empty pen, annoyed she lacked the energy to go on. Picking up the board marker she wrote on the board “DO NOT ERASE – DUNHAM”, smiling she put down the pen, putting the notes in her bag, and went to say goodbye to Peter in her small white trainer socks, her shoes still under the table, the picture frame shook slightly, as a little of the chemical within the canvas-like container was released, Dunham instantly became a little turned on, her nipples hardened quickly and moisture began to grow in her panties, she smiled, looking forward to getting home and pleasuring herself in bed, she imagined her hands slipping into the soaked panties, his fingers grazing over her pulsating citreous. As she neared the office entrance and pushed the ajar door open, walking into the room. Peter withdrew his hand, shocked and speechless, his open jeans only just out of vision from Olivia, “You should have gone home long ago…” she said walking around the desk, and stopping as she saw his jeans wide open, with the sight of herself undressing on the screen. Her horniness stepped up another level. Peter shifted uncomfortably, “Um… I don’t really know what to say here.” He almost chuckled. A small smile was just visible on Olivia’s face, but it faded quickly, “So, you like watching me do you?” Peter was clearly very uncomfortable but yet, his cock only grew harder, “No it’s not that, I was looking at something else on the screen and the CCTV was just in another window…” Olivia moved the mouse on the screen, “Nothing else is open Peter…”. He swallowed hard, “You actually used the CCTV to film me stripping?” Peter, rolled back on the office chair a little, “No, no, it’s not like that, it records automatically…” he noticed the small wet patch near Olivia’s groin and the large points in her white shirt. Olivia’s tongue licked across her upper lip, “Right…” she said, clearly unsure what to say, he stood up, his cock bouncing, still clearly visible, “Think what you want…” he said, moving to walk around her, she turned, pulling him towards her, their face inches apart, “I was just thinking, that you might prefer a live performance…” she said, biting her lower lip as she finished the sentence, in shock of the words that had come out of her mouth, her body longed for his touch, the pre-cum on the tip of his penis glistened. Peter moved in, kissing her hard, his tongue exploring her mouth as she explored his, she was pushed back onto the desk, as Peter’s cock ran down her leg. Whilst she lay back on the metal table, he stood, sliding his hand along the bottom of her leg, he reached her foot, pulling away the small sock that clung to it, planting a kiss on the top of it, licking down to her toes, and sucking on the largest one, she put her head back, letting out an evocative moan, she had never responded this way to someone sucking her toes, she gasped as he ran his tongue along the creases on the bottom of her foot, something about this experience made every touch between them sensual.

Peter moved to the other foot, picking it up gently, he didn’t usually have sex this way, but everything was just so sexy, he used his tongue to explore her every crevice, running his tongue along every perfect molecule of her skin. Her very essence turned him on as he ran his fingers up the inner part of her thigh, rubbing her mound through the damp black cloth. “Please… fuck… me…” escaped her lips, every word dripping with pure lust, words she never used before. He moved his hand up to her zip, moving his face away from her foot and over to her pelvis, where the smell of pure sex engulfed his senses. Olivia got up quickly, “No… I’ll do the rest.” She smiled seductively, getting up and undoing a few of her shirt buttons, taking out her hair band, letting her soft blond hair fall around her shoulders. Olivia took Peter’s pounding cock in her right hand, feeling the supple sensitive skin against her palm, she brought it to a 45 degree angle where she took the tip in her mouth, circling the end with her tongue, Peter closed his eyes and breathed heavily, she gently lowered her hand, taking the whole rod in her mouth for a second before dragging her silky lips up his shaft. She proceeded to undo the buttons of her shirt till the two sides of the blouse fell apart from each other, revealing her slim sexy abdomen and her pink lacy bra, with a little bit of her soaked pink matching panties in view. She then undid the button on her trousers, undoing the zip and letting it fall sensually down her legs and onto the floor. Peter got up quickly; moving right up against her body, pushing her up against the cool concrete wall. As they shared a passionate kiss, Olivia pushed his open shirt off his shoulders and then broke the exchange of passion in order to remove the t-shirt he wore beneath, his underwear and jeans fell to the ground as he stepped out of them, his grey socks and shoes, not leaving the heap. They kissed again, harder this time, as Peter pulled down Olivia’s sexy pink panties, when they reached the ground, without second thought he thrust forward, his member entering her love hole, slowly sliding deeper into her. Olivia opened her mouth wide as she felt him inside of her, his warm blood passing just millimetres away from hers. She ran her white painted nails through her hair, trying to stay quiet, “Oh god, please… please let me cum…” she whispered, Peter’s warm breath touched her neck before he took her tongue in his mouth again, sharing another avid kiss. Olivia was filled by Peter’s pulsating cock, his hard abdomen pressed against her stomach, she pulled her legs up, wrapping them around his waist, and enveloping his shoulders with her arms, Peter slowly pulled his cock out of her, before sliding it back in, she bit her lower lip hard, “Faster” she pleaded, as he began to quicken his pace. Their breathing got heavier and quicker, as neither of their eyes where open, concentrating on the feeling of each others skin. Peter’s hand was around Olivia’s head, after their kiss he hadn’t removed it, but now it began to brush down her neck, skimming along the skin of her upper chest, then smoothly running over the bra-covered breasts which urged to be touched, the nipple attempting to penetrate through the fabric. His hand went even lower, passing over her slender belly, she gasped from the sensation, “Oh god, right there…” she moaned uncontrollably, shocked at what was happening.

Peter’s hand reached its destination, his middle and forefinger pressing against her enlarged citreous and rubbing it sensually. “Oh god no…” she pleaded, “Not now, I want more, more!” she winced as a huge orgasm built up inside her, her fantastic powerful legs pulling him towards her harder than ever before, as she screamed for more, “Uhn, Uhn, Uhn… No, please, I don’t want to…” She came hard, her legs weakening immediately, her face contorted in pure pleasure, but Peter was far from finished, continuing to hump her, her juices running down his leg. She winced in pain, “I didn’t want to cum…” she said, “I want it to go on forever…”. Peter smiled, “I’ll do my best…” he pulled away, her spongy feet came back into contact with the floor, attempting to stand, but instead her legs buckled slightly, he lifted her up, as she grabbed his cock, taking it in her mouth, tasting herself on his dick, she ran her lips up and down his shaft, wanting more of the sweet taste… “I’m gonna make you cum… I want you to cum.” She begged. He smiled, enjoying seeing her like this, “Not a chance, not just yet…” She began giving him a blowjob, utilizing her tongue to explore the rugged edges of his rod, and her velvety lips to bring him closer to cumming. He admitted to himself that it was amazing, breathing in heavily and balancing himself on the table, but he soon decided enough was enough, lifting her up and bending her over the table, “No…” she yelped, but showed no physical signs of resistance as he gently pulled the shirt collar away from her neck and watched the shirt fall delicately to the ground.

Peter came up behind her, pushing his cock into her soaked pussy, he fucked her faster and faster, stroking his large, rough hands over the small of her back. She moaned in absolute ecstasy, looking up to see the CCTV camera in the corner and smiling, the desk was high and she had to be on her toes in order to maintain her sexy position. Peter fucked her quicker and quicker as she screamed out his name. The concept of their lab assistant Astrid being in the other room not even crossing their mind. Not only could Astrid hear them, but she could see them on the computer in the other office where she lay back on the chair, her legs spread wide, resting on the desk as she plunged her fingers in and out of her pussy, caressing her inflamed clit and rubbing her exposed nipple. “My breasts… you have to touch them… oh please Peter, please…” ordered the sexy blond goddess. Peter reached forward, unhooking the sexy pink bra strap, the bra falling onto the table and the heavy metal buckle dragging it to the floor, for the first time, they where both completely naked, Peter massaging her left breast and flicking over her right nipple with either of his hands, this drove Olivia insane, the fucking and the touching was bringing her to the biggest climax she had ever experienced, her toes curled hard and she arched her back, half-scared of the oncoming wave of blissful pleasure. She grabbed the edge of the desk with both hands, shutting her eyes tight and whispering “Fuck…”. As the orgasm grew, so did the volume of her cursing, “Fuck, FUCK, FUCK! FUCK!!!” until she was screaming the words, Peter felt himself reaching a similar conclusion, he began shagging her harder and faster, kissing her neck and shoulders, feeling her vaginal walls contracting around his rock hard cock, he released the steaming fluid deep inside her, as Astrid quickened her movements, her body shaking under the immense pressure of the orgasm, she’d had sex a few times, but never pleasuring herself, until now, after hearing the noises coming from the room earlier as she came to collect her things, she couldn’t help but hide away and continue listening, not knowing what to do with herself, she switched on the computer and had seen them fucking relentlessly, her hand instinctively crept into her pants, until she was completely naked, spread over the desk and chair, watching them on the screen, hearing them through the walls, her every muscle reacting to the surge of immense gratification, she came hard, her face contorting into a blissful expression as she pulled her legs in, towards her body, screaming silently. Her sex juice coated her fingers and dripped onto the floor. She stopped moving, breathing heavily with her eyes firmly shut, her petite frame raising and lowering with each movement of her diaphragm.

Olivia lay back on the desk, running both her hands through her hair, “That was fantastic….” She told him, almost completely out of breath. He collapsed beside her onto his back, “Out of this world…” he chuckled, as she moved over, wrapping her hands around him, her tender tits pressed against his chest.

Astrid checked the screen. Seeing they where resting, she turned off the computer and began to re-dress in a hurry, wanting to sneak-out unseen. The chemical released by the picture frame was beginning to wear off. Unbeknown to Astrid, Peter began thinking rationally, realising Walter was at home by himself; he got up, lifting Dunham with him. “Come on, let’s head home…” She stood up in a stroppy fashion, “No… don’t go…” The unknown compound had aroused them into doing things they wouldn’t have done under normal circumstances, the effects where temporary, the horniness wore off after a while, but the feelings that had already been there remained. “Please stay…” She pleaded. As he seemingly ignored her, continuing to dress, “I can’t; we’ll do this another time I promise…” he told her, caressing her ass with his hand. Olivia began to see sense, and re-dressed. She put on her socks, panties and trousers, grabbing her bra off the floor and putting it on too, as Peter fastened it after pulling on the boxers, jeans, socks and shoes strewn about the room. Olivia put on her shirt before going to retrieve her jacket and shoes from the lab. Peter slung his shirts over his right shoulder, holding them with his right hand, whilst putting his left arm around Olivia and escorting her into the lab.

Astrid fastened her Bra and smelt her thong before sliding it back up her smooth skin to her groin. Before rolling the tights seductively back onto her legs and manoeuvring her hips in order to get her short grey skirt on, she grabbed her coat, bag and shirt in a heap with one hand, slipping her shoes on and then dashing out the door only to be caught by Peter and Olivia as they left the room. They all stood there with equal confusion, as Astrid had thought they where resting. The picture frame shook slightly, going unnoticed by all in the room. Peter, couldn’t help but stare at Astrid, who he hadn’t given a second look at before but now seeing her in just a bra, skirt and tights could appreciate her remarkable figure and wonderfully smooth coffee coloured skin. The three of the dropped their things as Olivia asked what Astrid had been doing in the lab, “I’m sorry it’s just…” She paused, “I heard you two and… I couldn’t help but…” Olivia was approaching Astrid as she put a finger to her lip. Peter walked over appreciating the two astonishingly stunning women he had before him, before he slid his hands around the hips of either girl, his left hand on Olivia, his right on Astrid, he ran his hands around to their back, pushing slightly into their underwear before gently rubbing the two sexy arse cheeks. The two of them moaned as they each reached a hand into his jeans grabbing his solid cock.

The picture frame sensed the presence of Olivia Dunham and released another dosage of the arousing chemical; the gap between releases was speeding up as the machine had been booting up slowly since earlier that afternoon when it had been activated by Peter. In order to form a better relationship with his partner, John Scott purchased an arousing chemical dispenser in the disguise of a picture frame. After bringing Olivia Dunham to the motel room for a stake-out one night which he had rigged, the picture frame released the chemical resulting in a night of amazing sex, as it had been triggered to detect Olivia Dunham’s presence. Getting close to Olivia was vital, well worth 2 millions pounds of his money on something that wouldn’t stand out in the hotel; he knew Olivia would check the room thoroughly for bugs on their arrival, so it had to be well disguised. Little did he know when he bought it; what an amazing night of non-stop sex he would create for the three of them.


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