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Shoulda paid more attention to the newsletters... but I'm glad i didn't...
So the heat wave in England has finally struck! I live in one of the coldest places in London; so the college I go to has heating systems and rain shelters but what it certainly doesn’t have is an air conditioner or even a few fans… So I’m here sitting in the classroom listening to this boring teacher who’s rambling on about WWI poetry, but no-one’s taking notes; too busy fanning themselves with their pads and folders to write anything. Funnily enough, the room didn’t smell too bad at all, in fact; a weird concoction of various girly and manly deodorants filled my nostrils and was actually quite pleasant; and the view wasn’t bad. Holly Topkins; THE hottest girl in an otherwise ugly class. All the chavy girls wore tracksuits and baggy t-shirts which revealed nothing or even gave off the slightest curious thought about what lay underneath, there was nothing attractive about yellow teeth and complete ignorance, but on the bright side, there wasn’t much in the way of competition; most of the guys where gay or complete dogs; too busy fucking about with their hair and various Nike/Adidas combinations to give a damn about the girls.

But Holly Topkins was a gem within the shit pile, always wearing a low cut top which never quite met the top of her jeans, leaving very little to imagination. Usually wearing tight denim jeans and tiny pink trainers but on a hot day like this; the smallest shorts known to man and the prettiest pink sandals you ever will see. I was being pretty discreet, but I couldn’t stop staring, everything about her was perfect; smooth long legs, nice big breasts and a firm toned stomach. She was beautiful and her hair draped down her shoulders like a goddess. On top of all that, she is actually one of the nicest people I’ve met, despite the occasional chavy phrase; she’s smart (One of the few actually looking to pass in my year) and we share a pretty similar sense of humour but I rarely find myself in a conversation with her. One small problem, she was seeing someone; in quite a serious relationship with, would you guess it, an absolute cock of a boyfriend, cheated on her 4 times now, I don’t know him personally but I’ve seen him around.

Little did I know that Holly was desperate to get home; ridiculously horny from the shaky bus ride to college, she couldn’t wait to see her boyfriend after college or even dig out her dildo when she got home.

“Okay, that’s it for today, you can come and collect your marked papers from room 115 at 5:00 if your in, otherwise I’ll have them for you tomorrow!” Said my teacher, the majority of the class darting out the door. I was in till 4.30 today so I decided to come collect my paper a little later but I was sure that no-one else would be too bothered about waiting till tomorrow.

At 5:00 I showed up at room 115, the room was empty so I sat on the floor outside waiting for miss. Holly came jogging around the corner; “Just me and you again is it?” she chuckled. As we were pretty much the only two in our Lit class that cared for the subject, anything that required a bit of extra effort often resulted in me and Holly standing in a room with a teacher. “Sorry can I use your phone; I need to contact my mum and tell her I’ve left my mobile at home?” She asked; I nodded handing it over with a smile on my face “I don’t think I’ve got much battery left so you might wanna call,” See usually she’s busy texting so we never really talk at these points but now she was without it, maybe I could get a word in. “Is it locked?” She asked; pushing the door to go in whilst pressing the phone to her ear. I didn’t bother answering as the door slid right open. We went in; she sat on one side of the class while I sat on the other using a leaflet I found on the table to keep myself cool. “Hi mum!” she cheerily spoke over the phone. The conversation went on about 7 minutes before my phone began beeping erratically; Holly giving a frantic goodbye before my phone died. “I’m really sorry, she wouldn’t stop going on about East Enders!” she giggled; chucking the phone over to me. “Don’t worry about it… but you might wanna worry about the East Enders thing; that show is god awful!” I replied.
“Isn’t it just!” she giggled, fanning herself with a book.
“Don’t think Miss is coming do you?” I asked her, this often being the case with the old lady who taught us on Friday’s. “I reckon she’s forgotten…”
“Yeah, we’ll give it another 2 minutes though yeah?” she suggested, unaware of the fate that awaited her.

See the campus was pretty new, the card readers had only started working over the last few months and the building was designed to lock the classrooms automatically at 5:10 as all classes ended at 4.30. Of course when the college opened this never worked but for the first time; the system was finally up and running; teachers had to leave offices by 5 and posters had been put up around corridors to warn people of the change but few had stopped to read them; and therefore those two minutes cost them dearly as at 5:11 when they got up to leave, they pulled the door realising it was locked. “What the hell!?” Holly shrieked. Pulling at the door before the lights went out, the only illumination coming from the window (Which was more like a small slit at the top of the rear wall which didn’t open) as it began to get quite dark outside. “I didn’t hear anyone come and lock the doors did you!?” I asked. Holly shaking her head as I got out my phone; trying to turn it on.
“Your phone working?” She asked, simply shaking my head in reply. “Maybe that automatic door lock they were talking about ages ago is finally working?” She suggested, I shrugged in annoyance.
“Will your mum be worried?” I asked her, knowing my parents were out of town.
“No, I was meant to go back to my boyfriend’s tonight anyway and he won’t be too worried if I don’t show!” She sniggered. And for a long time we sat in silence. Until I decided to do something constructive; “Well it looks like we’re gonna be spending the night, so maybe we should find something to sleep on?” I suggested, having never been in this classroom before I opened the cupboards finding various whiteboard equipment and board games in one, and sports equipment in the other, some tennis rackets, balls and some big blue pads that gymnastics were often done on back in primary school. I tugged three of them out then closed the cupboard.

“Whoa! Re-sult!” She chuckled, jumping up to help me lug them over the tables.
“I got an idea!” I told her, pulling 6 tables together in a rectangular shape then pulling a pad on top of them, covering all four tables perfectly before pilling two other blue pads on top. “Awesome!” she laughed, jumping up onto them. I grabbed my rucksack, putting it at the head of the ‘bed’ like a pillow and she did the same with hers. After all the movement I was sweating badly in the heat, using the deodorant to avoid a bad smell which she mimicked. “Do you mind if I take my shirt off? I’m boiling!” I asked her, tugging it off before she answered but she said yes anyway,
“As long as you don’t mind me doing the same…” she continued, pulling off her sandals and her pink top to reveal a small white t-shirt underneath. Watching her; I got a bit carried away; usually when a girl is undressing, we’re in my room and I’m undressing with her; so I automatically take off my jeans without even realising. Fortunately I had some pretty cool boxers on; “Whoa, steady on there mate!” She laughed her face barely visible as the sun went down and the moon supplied all the light into the room.
“Woops! I think I got a bit carried away!” I chuckled, pulling of my trainers and socks; I was so much cooler now there was no way the jeans were coming back on. “Don’t worry…” She assured me, pulling off her white top as if I had started a craze. It was then a bright light shone over the window in the door, the two of us running to it, seeing a security guard wandering around the corridors, obviously meant to check the rooms for people but not doing it very well; merely pointing his torch at the door and walking on. The two of us banged on the wood trying to get his attention but I could see his headphones in; looked like we weren’t getting out,,,

“Fucking idiot!” she cursed, leaning against the door.
“Come on; it isn’t too bad, it could be fun camping out at college! There’s a teachers meeting every Saturday so we’re only in here the night… we’ll sleep through most of it anyway!” I tried to cheer her up, offering my hand to help her up as my eyes began to adjust the lack of light, it seems her eyes were doing much the same.
“Wow Zack, do you work out?” she asked, pressing her hands against my relatively toned upper body.
“Not at all, I don’t even do sports! I think it’s just because of all the lifting I do at work.” I told her, explaining I worked at this big warehouse where lifting, stacking and loading were all in a days work. “You can talk; look at you! Are you one of those ‘jog every morning’ types?” I chuckled, admiring her fantastic slim figure and her boobs almost desperate to escape her bra. I realised that although all the boys talked about her wearing a push up bra to hold up her tits, she actually wore an everyday pink bra that did nothing of the sort, her breasts were just perfect.
“Yeah, every morning I just do a lap around the block; except today, it’s fucking boiling!” she replied as I hoped up onto the bed; laying on my stomach to try and hide my growing erection, she lay next to me doing the same.

“So… have you got a girlfriend or… you know?” She asked
“No, nor a boyfriend, I’m straight but just not seeing anyone right now.” I answered, trying to remove the images of her naked from my mind. “You’re seeing that Jerry guy right?”
“John,” She corrected me, “been like 6 months now!” She told me; the boring deions of her other half shrinking my cock back to size as I rolled onto my stomach. As conversation died down I heard Holly falling asleep, looking over I saw the slender small of her back arched. I could smell her sex, she must be a bit wet from whatever dream she was having and it was turning me on, I ran my hand down her back, rubbing it gently before she stirred suddenly, attempting to roll onto her back; but the bed was so small that she almost fell off, shifting herself into me and wrapping her arm around me and nuzzling into my neck as she brought her leg over me and pressed her thigh into my raging hard on.

I was paralysed, not knowing what to do I pretended to be asleep before subtly blowing in her face to wake her up. She did so suddenly; I could feel her lifting her head. After a few seconds hearing a; “Shit!” whispered as she realised she was nuzzled into me, “Zack?” she whispered, feeling my cock against her thigh she giggled, reaching down and lifting my boxers to have a look at my cock; I couldn’t believe it! “What are you doing?” I asked her, amused at her reaction.
“Shit! You scared the hell out of me!” She shrieked, returning to her normal speaking voice. “Sorry, I was just, curious about the size…” she explained shamefully.
“I can tell,” I laughed, moving my left thigh to reveal the moisture from her pussy had leaked out the bottom of her jeans and was now on my leg. “Shit, I’m sorry!” she blushed. “I was meant to go see my bf today so I’m a little horny! But you can’t exactly ride the high horse Mr Hard on!” she said.

Not knowing how to respond I jokingly rolled her off me, pressing myself against her I got on top of her, grinding my groin into hers, “Well maybe we can help each other out?” I giggled. Holly’s face in shock,
“Zack! No! I have a boyfriend! Get off!” she yelled. Getting off her and laying down on my back again; congratulating myself on trying. For the next 8 minutes we lay in silence trying to get to sleep but feeling too uncomfortable and embarrassed. Holly whimpered before sitting up, “Look I am seriously horny but I’m not the type to cheat so… maybe… I dunno we can, pleasure ourselves just to get it out our system and then finally get some sleep; yeah?”
“That makes sense, okay… that’s fine.” I told her. Standing up and pulling off my boxer shorts
“What are you doing!?” She asked in shock.
“Well I can’t wank with them on can I!?” I told her, throwing them aside and laying back down,
“That’s pretty big…” She told me, staring at my dick,
“Uh, thanks…” I replied, an awkward silence filling the room
“Can I… touch it?” she asked, reaching out and stroking it gently. She began rubbing slowly up and down the rod with the tips of her fingers before gripping it properly and leisurely jerking me off, she leant forward, licking the tip seductively before taking my cock in her mouth and sucking on me properly, using her tongue to explore every bump of my circumcised cock. I slid around, positioning myself between her knees, undoing the button on her shorts and sliding them off her legs, she pulled the dick out her mouth; “What are you doing!?” She cried, still jerking me off.
“Returning the favour…” I replied, pulling down her thong then pulling her wet cunt into my face, licking frantically at the sweet juices whilst fingering her pussy. She moaned loudly, continuing to suck my cock as I grunted, exploding in her mouth as she swallowed my cum, sitting up suddenly, “Mmmm, yeah that’s good!” she moaned, licking her lips and grinding her pussy further into my face. “YES! YES!” she screamed, before suddenly changing her mind, “NO! WAIT! I wanna fuck you! GOD YES, I WANT THAT HUGE COCK IN ME!” she cried, pulling her cunt off me as I scrambled to the floor, pulling my wallet out my jeans and putting on the condom I had in there. As I stood she pressed her body into me; my cock slowly seeping into her snatch inch by inch until I was nearly all in, laying her back on the bed and climbing on top of her.
“Any weird fetishes I should know about?” I asked. Clearly thinking it through she replied,
“Well my boyfriend can’t usually do it but; I loved to be done against the wall!” she giggled as we stood; my dick never leaving her wet pussy. I then began backing her into the wall as she wrapped her legs around my waist, balancing her arms on my shoulders as I pressed her into the concrete. I slid out of her slowly before thrusting back into her, her legs pumping me in and out with speed as she moaned and cried out my name, “OH GOD YES! ZACK! OH ZACK! OH ZACK!”. I reached up, massaging her tits through the soft fabric of her bra before reaching behind her to squeeze her fantastic ass, then sliding my hands up her back to unclasp her bra, the pink material falling to the floor as I rubbed her breasts, taking the nub of her nipples between my nipples and rubbing them as she screamed, moaned and came all within a second of each other, her back arching and her toes curling as she threw back her head and screamed, going limp before I was ready to cum.

“Any weird fetishes you like?” she asked me, aware of how I was yet to cum. I hesitated before feebly telling her about my obsession with girls’ feet. “Really? That’s kinda weird…” she told me, my heart sinking. “I’ll give it a go though…” she said, laying back on the floor and reaching out her foot to my face, I took a toe inside my mouth sucking it gently and savouring the weird feeling, I then began licking the next, running my tongue over the moist soft skin of her sole, a small moan escaped her lips; “Not bad… kinda like a wet pedicure!” She giggled as I intensified my sucking, taking 2 toes into my mouth and gently massaging her foot with my hand before reaching down and rubbing her clit gently. “UHH!” She moaned, leaning forward and pulling me on top of her; “I wanna feel your dick between my tits!” she chuckled, “I’ve always wanted to try this!” So I crouched down, resting my butt on her slender stomach as she lay there, pushing her huge breasts together as I placed my rod between them, “Mmmm, warm!” She giggled as I slipped off the condom and began fucking her breasts, my speed grew quickly as she moaned, clearly loving it. “Shit, I’m gonna cum in your face…” I warned her without stopping, “Oh fuck, please don’t; don’t get any of that stuff on my face…” She looked me in the eye as I told her I would have to stop; “No! No please don’t stop!” she moaned sexually, pushing her boobs together harder as I continued, “Oh shit I’m cummin!” I shouted, as she winced screaming “NO! NO!” again and again as I shot warm jiz all over her chin and face. I immediately stood up as she flailed about, trying to wipe the goo off her face she picked up her shirt and wiped her face on it. “Eww, was that my shirt! What the hell am I gonna wear tomorrow?!” she asked as I laughed at her, she slapped me playfully and we kissed passionately.

A few minutes later was sat side by side in bed again looking out the tiny slit window naked. My arm was around her and we lay talking for a bit before she rolled over and pushed my hardening cock into her again as she lay stationary on top of me, the warmth of her skin pressed against mine. “Whatcha doin?” I asked her looking into her beautiful eyes. “It just feels so good inside me… like it belongs there, so deep inside me…” her sentence trailed off into a low moan. She raised her hips slowly, shivering from the sensitivity before lowering her hips again. “Oh god…” she muttered.
“Holly we can’t, I don’t have any more condoms!” I told her, which just egged her on.
“I know! Isn’t it… wrong!” She giggled, sitting up slightly to ride me properly. “It’s taboo! Frowned upon! Naughty!!” She giggled louder, kissing me and releasing her warm tongue into my mouth as our hips clashed together; grinding for just a second before pulling away once more. “Oh shit Holly, you’re impossible!” I groaned. Unable to stop fucking her; I rolled on top of her, taking a nipple between my lips as I thrust my cock in and out of her. “YEAH! YES! YESSS!” she screeched, wrapping her glossy legs around me and steadying my pace as I bit down gently on the nub between my teeth. “UHH!” She uttered, my monster dick driving her up the wall. “Oh god! YEAH! YEAH! SO CLOSE!” She screamed, just before I pulled out, spinning her over onto her hands and knees.

“NO! NO! I was so close! Oh god give it to me! MORE!!! MORE!” she cried, as I stuck my dick between her legs and into her cunt, riding her doggie style as she screamed my name, seconds prior to cumming hard, spraying her juice all over the “Mattress” and sitting up suddenly, my dick going up vertically into her as she continued to move up and down, her ass against my abdomen as fucked me. “Shit, I’m gonna cum!” I shouted, hearing her sudden fear come out in screams of protest just before my warm spunk filled her up. She jumped off me a second too late, pressing her back against the blue pad and looking up at me in horror, as she shifted her weight left to right, bringing her knee’s up and down as she felt the goo squelch around inside her, “That feels kinda good…” she whispered, biting her lower lip. It was so weird watching her shift around with her eyes closed, “Well enjoy it, cause you’re not getting any more…” I told her; her eyes suddenly opening;
“Oh god, I may not feel this again for years, till like, I decide to have a baby or something! Since I’m gonna have to buy a morning after pill tomorrow, might as well get my money’s worth?” she chuckled.
“Right now? Are you kidding me?” I asked, my slowly shrinking dick beginning to harden once more.
“Well why not? Come on! One last time…” she ran her hands down my chest, her nails skimming over my skin. “but we gotta make it interesting, what else can we do?” she asked, this time sitting down and pondering. We sat in silence for several minutes.
“Ooh, I got it…” She said, looking at me deviously and biting her upper lip, “You could tie me up!” she giggled, admitting it might be fun to try.
“With what? The spare rope in the cupboard?” I asked sarcastically, Holly smiling at me; reaching down and picking up her t-shirt and a bra – “how about these?” she giggled, waving them in the air.

A few minutes later I had tied Holly’s bra around her wrists above her head. There were some coat hangers screwed to the wall by the door which I tied her to; the coat hangers were so high I doubted she could get down without my help even if she jumped; she was on her tippy toes as it was; the idea being she would wrap her slender legs around me when we fucked. The next bit I wanted to be a surprise. She was already wet with rigid nipples, so it didn’t take much convincing for me to get her to close her eyes. A few seconds later I kissed her, passionately and slowly, hearing her groan without opening her eyes; shifting her weight from foot to foot before I withdrew my lips; pushing her damp panties into her open mouth, she tried to spit them out immediately in shock; but I threw her shirt around the back of her head, using the sleeves to tie them and provide a gag which didn’t let her spit the panties out. She looked at me laughing, I just managed to understand the “Take them out!” through her gag but I ignored her smiling, sucking on her nipples as she moaned.

She could have easily kicked or tapped me with her feet if she’d wanted me to seriously take out the wet underwear but I think she kinda enjoyed the kinkiness. Before I knew it her legs were around me, guiding my cock into her wet snatch but I held back, kissing slowly up her neck and down her shoulders, running my hands gently around her smooth body. I then entered her slowly; caressing her breasts with my hand and using my spare to hold up her bubble butt, rubbing it softly. I could feel her getting close already, her back arching ever-so-slightly and her low moans. She was trying to speed me up which I complied to, feeling her toes curl behind me and her groans getting louder through the gag.

I untied the gag, pulling it off and thrusting into her hard, pressing her hot tight body against the wall and holding for pause as she spit the now soaked panties out at me, “What!? No, don’t stop!” She pleaded, revealing my own devious smile.
“Beg me!” I whispered, her face brightening up instantly as she licked up my cheek, sucking on my earlobe and biting on it playfully before whispering seductively in my ear “Oh god Zack, please… fuck me so good!” she groaned, each word dripping with lust as I thrust back slowly, gradually pushing back into her, “Oh god! Faster, please go faster!” she groaned.
“Do what faster?” I asked cynically
“Fuck me! Fuck me faster!” She screamed trying desperately to thrust me into her with her glossy legs; but I place my hands on her hips to slow her down, gradually building up a pace. “Oh god, please, rub my clit Zack!” she asked, once again I mockingly pretended I couldn’t hear her, touching my finger to my ear whilst frowning inquisitively. “Please Master! Rub my clit!” she screamed.
“Master… I kinda like that!” I smiled, not liking the idea of her as a slave but certainly enjoying the control. I reached a hand down and rubbed her clit with immense speed, fucking her a little faster until I could hear her groaning louder and louder, her grunts becoming a continuous chant as our lips locked in passion once more before I felt her cunt contract around my member, her legs squeezing me hard as I tried to get myself off, quite close but no quite there, she fell limp expecting me to cum straight after her. Instead I just continued fucking her.

“Ahh… shit Zack aren’t you done! This kinda hurts!” she winced, breathing in sharply through gritted teeth. I shook my head, pounding into her again and again, licking my forefinger and then sliding it into her anus slowly “Ahh! Ouch what are you doing!?” She cried, as I continued to slowly slide it in and out of her. “That feels weird! Stop it!” She moaned.
“Whatcha gonna do about it!?” I asked teasingly as she swallowed hard, realising there wasn’t much and it wasn’t bad enough for her to want to kick me. After a while she actually seemed to kinda like it, moaning softly as I prepared to cum again. I began rubbing her clit like she’d asked before, hoping I might be able to give her a second orgasm, I began sucking on her nipples, getting her off slowly as she began moaning loud, my cum filling her up with a loud grunt as it flooded her insides, I continued fucking for a few thrusts till she too came, her juices dripping down her great thighs before I pulled gradually out of her.

I jokingly lay on the floor and pretended to fall asleep. “Hey! Hey!!!” she called, outstretched on her tippy toes again and too tired to stand. I laughed; standing up and admiring her beautiful outstretched body before untying her hands and carrying her over to the “bed” in a bride & groom kinda way. As I laid her down the lay next to her, we snuggled up, her arm gripping my body to her breasts, her head nestled into my neck and her leg draped over mine as we fell to sleep. We had a short conversation as we drifted off due to exhaustion, “Shit, what are we gonna do in the morning?” I asked her, on the edge of sleep.
“My phone alarm will wake us up and then we’ll get dressed, put everything back and complain about how we were locked in…” she explained
“Well they don’t call you the smart one for nothing” I groaned half asleep, feeling her lips against mine once more before drifting off.


Unfortunately Holly had forgotten one of the main reasons we were trapped in the room was because our phones were out of battery therefore there was no alarm to wake us. In fact, at 8:00 the door automatically unlocked quietly, at 8:30 the caretaker walked around to do a quick sweep to make sure the doors were unlocked, cursing the fact today he had to clean the rooms later that day. He pushed the handle of each door briefly to ensure the new system had worked, not caring to look inside the dark unlit rooms as yet and therefore missing the naked couple in room 115. The two of us even slept through the sound of college students gathering outside the window. What did wake us however, was the group of 5 AS students who walked into the class, turning on the light for their first lesson and shouting “HOLY SHIT!” as they saw the two of us lying naked in front of them. The group of black hoodies chuckling as we jumped up to see them, they left the classroom shaking their heads and announcing “Day-um!” stereotypically much like every other kid in the college, even the white ones. “Shit! We didn’t wake up!” Holly screamed, leaping up and pulling on her clothes. “Where the fuck is my shirt!” I asked, scanning the floor. She threw them over to me as I pulled them on. Watching her dress in her scanty clothing was pretty hot.
“Think anyone will notice we’re wearing the same stuff?” She asked, doing up her hair with an elastic hair band.
“Well aren’t we gonna tell them we got locked in to the classroom?” I answered with a question.
“No way… those boys don’t know our names but they’re gonna go around telling their mates what they saw in room 115, we gotta just pretend we came in with the crowd…” she explained, making a lot of sense as usual. “Shit! I just remembered my phone’s out of charge…”
“That’s why we didn’t get up, no alarm…” I nodded finally understanding as I threw the pads in the closet and re-arranged the desks. “Good thing these rooms don’t have CCTV” I laughed, putting the final desk in place as Holly tugged on her last sandal. “Let’s go!” I announced.
“One sec…” She replied, spinning me around and kissing me hard with her arms around my neck as we shared one last kiss. When it was over she reached into her huge bag, pulling out a pen and writing a series of numbers on my hand. “Text me sometime…” she giggled. Leaving the room shortly after as I explained I’d wait a few minutes before exiting, she still had a boyfriend…

The rest of that day continued without incident, no-one noticed we were in the same clothes and those 5 kids didn’t seem to recognise us when we saw them around school; I guess they weren’t really looking at our faces. The rumour sure spread fast though about two kids in room 115. Me and Holly decided to spread our own rumour about it being these two other people in our class that got locked in over night. Great thing is, from time to time we like to mess around in classes, rubbing and touching each other up discreetly, so far no-one’s notice because we’re pretty discreet since Holly’s staying with her boyfriend and to be honest, there’s this girl in my film glass who I’ve Ben hanging around with a lot recently; but it great that we can pop over to see each other when we’re horny, and we’ve become good friends too... We bought a morning after pill the next day and a few days later we got a couple of pregnancy tests and she turned out negative, needless-to-say we didn't fuck without a condom again but i'll never forget the feeling of proper skin-to-skin sex.

After the lock-in rumour, the college decided to make the locking time a little later and they also added a little beep to sound a minute before it locked with Janitor’s going around checking each room properly afterwards. Even so, that didn’t stop us sneaking in a few more times afterwards…

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