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The sun beat down on Matt’s dark suit, heating his now perspiring frame. The wedding service seemed to have been going on for hours, though a cursory glance at his watch revealed it had only been 40 minutes. The bride and groom stood in front of the altar, grinning at each other, completely oblivious to the discomfort of their assorted guests.

Matt tugged at his collar for the umpteenth time and let out a silent sigh, willing the proceedings to disappear before his eyes. His eyes began to roam through the assembled throng. There was gathered the usual gallery of wedding guests; restless kids, old women in big hats, bored-looking men (amongst whose number he certainly counted himself) and attractive but terribly serious looking blonde women who hadn’t gone on diets and had their hair straightened for hours to look, in any way, as if they were enjoying themselves.

To his left, a lady in a ridiculous plume-feathered effort, shifted in her seat and removed her head-piece to cool off. At this point Matt was able to see beyond her and thus he laid eyes upon a familiar face. He was wearing shades but Aimee must have felt his eyes upon her. She turned her head slightly in his direction and from behind her own sunglasses she mouthed a simple ‘Hi’.

The day was suddenly saved from oblivion as Matt recognised his pretty friend from law school. Small, curvy and impossibly attractive, Aimee had always been classed by him as 'the one that got away'. He cursed himself on a regular basis that he’d never properly closed with her in spite of his ample opportunities. She had been in his class for two years, yet he’d spent the first of those moping over the girl from school who had broken his heart and the second chasing the unattainable beauty of the junior attorney with whom he worked for a summer at the end of that academic year. Aimee, meanwhile, had been right under his nose. For much of that time however she herself was mixed up with a lanky, vacant football player who appeared in their classes just enough to pass his exams.

They had always been on good terms though and often saw each other at parties and at bars, yet by the time their third year rolled around, Aimee had fled to Spain for a semester to study. When she came back, Matt was graduated and out in the world of work. They lost contact until meeting up again in a club one night. They chatted for hours and he, now free of all stupid emotional constraints, took her number.

They went on a couple of dates but she had soon made her way to London for more studies. Matt was frustrated by the lack of progress with a girl he genuinely liked. He saw her intermittently when she was home but was unable to make any headway in their relationship. Eventually he gave up when her education next took her to Strasbourg. He couldn't be bothered any longer. It looked to be over when she took a job in Brussels and Matt expected little further contact.

But now she was sitting 20 feet away and looking rather stunning. She had always looked good but Aimee had really gone all out today. She wore a strapless cream dress decorated with a pink and dark green flower motif. Her large boobs were pushed upwards by a tight, low-cut neckline. She wore a small, single blue pearl necklace that was cradled in her cleavage and her brown hair was curled only slightly; in stark contrast to the severe hair treatments of most other women at the event, including the bride. Her large sunglasses rested elegantly on her cute, angular nose and the gorgeous little mole that decorated her left cheek peeked out from beneath the frame.

The ceremony finished, suddenly but mercifully. As the crowd dispersed, beating a path to the shade of the reception room, Aimee made her way towards him, a large grin showing off her neat row of pearly white teeth.

"Hello you!" she said in a semi-surprised tone. "What brings you to this?"
"I'm a friend of the groom. What about you?"
"The bride" she said smiling, before fanning herself with the order of service.
"It's too fucking hot out here, let's go in and catch up..." Matt muttered as he led the way to the cool of the indoors.

Aimee followed him in, towards the reception room, where he stopped to check the table arrangements. They were placed on separate tables however most people were mulling around the lobby and bar still.
"I'll take my chance and sit next to you then. I'll just tell anyone who comes to sit in my seat that we're a couple and a mix-up has seen us placed apart" Matt proposed.
"That's great. And I'll do my very best to look attached" she giggled.

They entered the large room and made their way to the table assigned to Aimee and quickly took their seats. Almost immediately a hulking man with a moustache and beads of sweat peppering his brow arrived at the table, a large pint of beer in his hand. He confusedly circled and ended up behind Matt's seat, tapping him on the shoulder.
"You're in my seat I believe" he grumbled.
Matt stood up and flashed a smile, "Sorry buddy, the table plan separated me from my girl. I'm sure you understand."
The large man ran his eyes over Aimee who sat serenely, looking up at him. While obviously being impressed with what he saw, he had no choice but accept the change of plan.
"Aye alright. No problem."
He shuffled off in the direction of the corner, nearly tripping over a stray chair leg.

"Phew" she gasped, feigning severe relief. "That was a close one!"
She had a habit of pulling her head down into her shoulders slightly as she giggled. She did this now as Matt perched himself on the seat next to her.

For the remainder of the afternoon and into the evening the two of them stayed where they were, catching up with each other and enjoying the company of a familiar face. Matt was refraining from alcohol, however Aimee quickly became tipsy enough that he had to settle her down with a cup of coffee. In truth, he had designs on making the night last longer but had no intention of going to bed with a drunk girl.

As midnight approached and the party started to tail off, he leaned in and touched her on the leg.
"You know, I really liked you back when we were at uni. I should have closed the deal I guess. What an idiot!" he said looking her straight in the eye, his hand gently rubbing her exposed knee.
"Who says you would have closed any deal?" Aimee whispered coyly.

She then leaned in towards him also, her cleavage radiating allure. Matt, who had so far tried to look only at her face for fear of being the guy who eyes only the chest of large breasted woman, couldn't resist now. He took in a long stare; aware of her eyes on his.

"Where are you staying tonight?" he said quietly. It was now or never.
"Here" was Aimee's answer. Then with a hint of knowledge she mumbled "Why?"
Matt couldn't believe such a cheesy line would be appropriate, but he went for it anyway.
"I want to close that deal..."

She sat back in her seat and Matt thought he'd blown it. She reached for her purse and stood up from the table. With a slight motion of her pretty head she directed him to follow. They proceeded to the lobby where she stopped in a quiet corner and went to whisper something in his ear, making him stoop to hear it.
"Room 96. 5 minutes."
"Keep that dress on" was his only reply.
With a slight flick of her fragrant brown hair she stepped away and disappeared off towards the stairwell.

He gave it 10 minutes and made his way upstairs. The door clicked open and Aimee quietly let him into the dimly room. As suggested she’d kept her dress on, keenly aware now of his desire to undress her completely, exposing her sumptuous body to his eyes inch by inch. Matt stooped to kiss her glossy lips, and tasted fresh mouthwash on her tongue. He moved hungrily to her soft neck, nudging aside her wavy brown hair to allow himself better coverage. Aimee moaned slightly as he made his way slowly down to her outrageous cleavage. His hands pushed her tits together from underneath her bust, straining her dress even more. Her boobs almost popped out as they were forced together and Matt felt his dick harden as he stared again into the deep warm cleavage in front of him.

He blew faintly into the large crease and heard her gasp as the cold air circled in around her magnificent tits. Slowly, and with no little relish, he kissed her large mounds, breathing in her fragrance, savouring every second of promise before pushing her breasts upwards even further, exposing the top of each nipple. His tongue ran up the now almost comical cleft in her chest and back towards her mouth before eventually settling on her lips again. He pulled back to survey her gorgeous face. A look of excited approval danced across it as she slowly stroked his erect penis through his trousers.

Matt's hands crept lightly down the silky skin of her arms and round to her rear. He moved to start unbuttoning her dress but decided instead to keep it on until last. With that his fingers found their way under the hem of her dress via the slit at the back. Aimee's legs were warm and smooth, her relatively small stature made his route up the back of her thigh to her tight ass straightforward. She herself had now worked her fingers inside his trousers and was slowly rubbing his dick with her eyes half closed and her teeth set partially onto her bottom lip. She let out a little yelp as he playfully snapped the elastic of her lace thong and felt his hand slowly groping at the flesh of her behind.
'Oh my God...' she whispered.

He smiled at her before tugging at the thong, pulling it steadily down to her knees and then letting it drop to the ground. He forced Aimee back against the wall and moved his hand around under her dress to her pussy. His fingertips told him she'd shaved very recently, leaving only a small patch just above her clitoris. By this point, she had unbuttoned the crotch of his boxers and now had his huge cock held lightly between her fingers, massaging gently up and down his shaft

Matt slipped his middle finger inside her tight snatch, causing her to gasp loudly. He grinned as Aimee shifted her crotch towards him, willing deeper penetration, his bulging erection still held in her little hand. He gave her a few solid pokes but quickly pulled out of her, not wishing to spoil her or indeed make himself come before he'd had the chance to be inside her.

It dawned on him then that he now wished to see her naked, in spite of all this sweaty fumbling. Without wasting any more time he quickly concentrated his attention on the buttons of her dress, running down her back. He planted a further hungry kiss on her cleavage before undoing the top clasp, stroking the skin between her shoulder blades as he went.

The fastenings opened easily enough and he slid his right hand onto her bare back and down onto her buttocks again. The dress was now staying on only by virtue of the fact that her boobs held the front in place. He slowly stroked her ass, and with his left hand cocked her chin towards his mouth. They kissed once more.

Aimee pulled away and stepped back towards the bed. She reached up towards to her chest where her outfit ended and pushed downwards, sending the dress to join her panties on the floor.

Even in the light cast by two small wall lamps Matt was able to make out the contours and details of her figure. Her tits were indeed beautiful. Big, soft and natural; they sagged only slightly, leaving a large gap in the middle. Her pink nipples stood out pertly and she moved her hands upward to twist them slightly, a lustful little grin on her face. Clearly proud of her curves, she made no attempt to hide the plump little midriff that comes with being petit yet buxom. Yet Aimee was far from fat. In fact she looked like an old-fashioned pin-up with her curled locks and huge breasts, her curvy body simply begging to be fondled and caressed.

His eyes drifted down to her crotch where a neatly trimmed triangle of wiry black hair sat temptingly above her little slit. At this point Aimee raised her arms and clasped her hands behind her head. Giggling again, she struck a coy pose, cocking her leg sideways to hide most of her public hair and turning her tits slightly away from his gaze.

Matt felt yet more blood rush to his penis. He unbuttoned his shirt and kicked off his shoes. His dick was already protruding intensely from the hole in his boxers and so he made little effort to prolong his undressing for the sake of foreplay. Standing naked before her, his throbbing manhood rigid and ready, Matt soaked in the sheer eroticism of the moment.

He advanced towards Aimee, pulling her smooth tits into him. Their warmth pressed against his abs. She gave a little whimper as she felt Matt's cock rub in between her legs, prodding along the length of her slowly moistening snatch.

He grabbed her buttocks and picked her up so that she could wrap her legs around his waist. He slowly walked her to the bed and laid her on her back. The sensation of her pussy rubbing against his stomach was entirely pleasurable and he slowly moved his torso up and down her crotch feeling the coarseness of her pubes giving way to her slick lips.

'Will you go down on me?' she whispered, joining her hands behind his head and slowly forcing him downwards.
'You don't have to ask me twice' Matt mumbled from between her boobs, 'but only if you do the same for me.'

Evidently she liked the idea because no sooner had he said it than she forcing him onto his back, her tits wobbling as she postioned herself into a prone position on top of him. Her ass faced him, her pussy rested, temptingly, just inches from his chin. With her right hand Aimee slowly massaged his cock and slipped it inside her flawless little mouth.

Matt almost exploded there and then, such was the pleasure derived from the feel of her tongue and lips on his shaft. He groaned as she sucked slowly and carefully and he could have remained there for hours but he had promised her pleasure also and wasn't about to selfishly let her down. He laid his hands on her buttocks and gently squeezed them together, lovingly planting a kiss on each. This caused Aimee to pause and she further gasped her approval when her lover's lips and tongue found their way to her tender snatch.

He had raised his head and now flickered his tongue over her clit. She gasped again and reached down to touch herself while his tongue slipped inside her. He continued this for about five minutes while she fellated him. It was glorious for them both. Aimee herself was thrilled by the stiffness of his cock. It affirmed, in many ways, her sexual allure and prowess. His delicate lips and tongue fulfilled her own urges and in turn she made every effort to be as attentive in her own performance, running her mouth down the length of his large dick, kissing and stimulating the head.

'Don't make me come!' Matt whispered urgently. 'I don't want to be spoiled before fucking you'.
Aimee turned and straddled him, pressing her moist pussy onto his smooth stomach.
'Very sensible' she said. 'You're so hard! I want you inside me just like this!'

She took hold of his hands then and moved them up to her boobs, encouraging him to grope and fondle at his leisure. This he did, pushing them together again and sitting up to bury his lips in the luscious cleavage.

Matt couldn't take it any more. His cock was as hard as he'd ever know it and he felt a deep, animal desire to make his lover remember this night for some time. He wrapped his arms around her waist and rolled sideways, forcing Aimee onto her back. She knew what was coming and made herself comfortable, adjusting the pillow behind her head.

Matt sat up on his knees momentarily, his hard-on balanced a few inches above Aimee's pussy, and drank in a sight he would always want to have in his mind. The object of his desire lay there waiting for him to drive himself inside, her legs were spread, her slit invited him. With one hand Aimee stroked the smooth area to the side of her pubic patch and with the other she caressed her right breast. A look of quiet expectancy sat on her lips, her eyes moving between his face and his groin. She bit her bottom lip.

With a swift movement he dropped onto her, guiding himself up into her snatch. His action was gentle but firm and she instantly tensed up, throwing her head backwards and closing her eyes. She pulled her legs up slightly around his buttocks. He began to kiss her exposed neck and moved down to her tits, all while thrusting his hips in and out of her crotch. Her smooth inner thighs brushed against the sides of his torso as he drove into her pussy, steadily building up his rhythm.

Aimee, for her part, just lay there enjoying the sensation of his large cock filling her, stimulating her clit. With Matt's hot breath warming her boobs, she reached out and clawed slightly at his back moving her hands from his strong shoulders to his thick hair and back again. She let out a small yelp as he sent a wave through her that rippled outwards from her loins.

He looked up from her tits and reached out to kiss her. She instead poked her her tongue out slightly and Matt responded, brushing the tip of his own tongue against hers. He was now well into his groove and couldn't help groaning as he felt himself edging closer to climax.

In attempt to have Aimee get there at the same time, Matt slipped out of her momentarily and lay on his side. He moved himself in behind and lifted her right leg up so that he could enter her pussy again. He began to thrust up into her once more but now rubbed her clit rapidly at the same to time to really stimulate her into coming faster.

It worked. She began to moan, slightly at first before giving into a steady wail as his cock and finger worked her pussy mercilessly. She raised her right arm and wrapped it around his neck, pulling his face into her hair. Matt breathed in the rich scent of her curls and looked down at her steadily bouncing chest. He himself started to groan louder.

Suddenly Matt felt the warmth spreading through his groin and spurred on by Aimee's erotic wailing surely felt himself coming. He pulled out and positioned himself over her boobs. She got up onto her knees, leaned back and closed her eyes, arching her back so that her tits stood out like melons. Matt let out one final loud grunt and proceeded to cum onto her chest, all the while she wore an orgasmic, slightly intoxicated grin.

When he was finished, Matt lay back onto the bed and watched Aimee smirk at him and lean over to lick clean the tip of his still rigid penis.

Slowly then she slid off the bed and made her way to the bathroom, pausing before entering and turning to look over her shoulder.
'You've got 2 minutes, ' she said firmly. 'I want you. In here. In the shower. In me. You have 2 minutes'.

Matt simply looked at her, amazed at the sexy, commanding woman she had turned into. Her sex drive seemed insatiable.

He waited no more than a minute and felt his cock settling slightly. He stood and made his way to the half closed door. The sound of the shower greeted him and he entered to find Aimee sitting on the frame of the bath, her legs slightly open, her fingers on her nipples. And that look of lustful expectancy on her face.

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