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This is my first story here so you should know that 1.My stories won't be hardcore 2. None of my stories will involve young children, nonconsensual sex, or anything else I don't like 3. I will develop characters; there will be as much story as sex. 4. My stories will mostly be in the fiction section so don’t complain about a lack of realism I write for myself not you. After all you are deviants who frequent pornography sites. I do however welcome critique but if all you have to say is FAIL or similar nonsense then just go play in traffic or something you are a plague.
Jimmy was dozing in the front seat of the full size van when he was awakened by the loud pop and swerving van. "Oh fuck me" Ms. Julie Orchard yelled as she brought the van to a stop on the side of the road, "flat tire" Jimmy offered, trying to be helpful. A sarcastic "very good" was all he got from the irate cheerleading coach. "Is everything alright" one of the five girls in the back asked Nadia he thought.

"Not great, no" was all Ms. Orchard answered, trying to calm down. The trip had gone badly from the start, the weather was getting worse, and she had grown increasingly concerned that she had taken a wrong turn at some point and now they had at least one flat tire.

"Stay here" she called to the girls as she joined Jimmy outside. He was crouched at the front left tire where she joined him. "Not good' he said "Not as bad as it could have been, but not good either, whatever you hit missed the back tire but the front is shredded." "Do you think you can fix it" She asked growing increasingly concerned. "Yeah with a spare and jack I'm sure I can" he answered as he headed to the hatch.

Julie went back into the van somewhat calmer to check on the girls. They were taking all of the excitement fairly well, better than she was truth be told. "What’s up" Nadia asked as the door slid open. "We got a flat tire noth-" She started when Jimmy suddenly called out "Are you fucking kidding me, what is this." What, What's happening" Julie asked as she ran to join him. "Not only is the useless but the spare is flat, you better call for help"
Jimmy slammed the hatch close and climbed back into the van out of the cold he finally, really noticed his surroundings. He opened his door and headed down the road a ways to investigate. "Fuck no" Ms. Orchard called out. The girls finally left the van, this new development to much ignore. "No signal" a now very concerned Ms. Orchard said "what about you guys" she asked the girls. "We left ours at the school like we were supposed to" Kelly answered.

Jimmy joined them, a drawn but somewhat amused look on his face. "Where the hell did you take us" he asked Ms. Orchard. "This is not the road we should be on, not even that close I would guess." The coach had figured that but for some reason she couldn't even begin to guess at now she had stubbornly continued to drive, hoping to figure her own way out. Ms. Orchard was near tears and couldn’t think of a response. Jimmy, interpreting her expression and silence for what it meant didn’t press the issue.

The cheerleaders weren’t in much better shape than their coach and Jimmy realized that they were very near panic. “Well,” he said facing the six women, “The situation isn’t so great. But it could be much worse so what were gonna do is get in the van where it’s warm, and we’re going to wait for someone to drive by.” Jimmy attempted to project a confidence he wasn’t feeling, they were in the fuck end of nowhere and the road wasn’t well traveled. There was a side road ahead and if nobody drove by within the hour he thought he would have to walk it looking for help which was not a pleasing prospect.

For the next thirty minutes the five women sat in the van talking about various things, they had calmed down after the initial moment of near panic. Jimmy however had grown more concerned, nobody had driven by, and he knew that a storm was coming in. Finally after ten more minutes of failing to take part in the strained small talk of his companions and working his nerves to the breaking point he decided to go before the promised snow started. “Alright guys I saw a side road about a quarter mile from here I’m gonna go check it out.”

As Jimmy left the van the back door opened and Kaley climbed out “I want to go with you.” His immediate response was a resounding “No” but the stubborn Kaley said “I wasn’t really asking. What qualifies you to do this, but not me, aside from your dick and your ego that is?” Jimmy had to admit at least to himself that there was no good reason she shouldn’t come. They would be in no more danger walking the road than in the van. To Kaley all he said was “Fine, don’t fall behind.” “Oh fuck you Jimmy I’m fast you keep up” she replied good naturedly Jimmy had to admit, to himself if not her, the trip would go better with the beautiful and companionable Kaley along.

They walked along for the next couple miles in a fairly comfortable when the snow started to fall lightly. “Fuck” Jimmy said quietly. Kaley heard him, but to her credit she decided to try to take the increasingly concerned Jimmy’s mind off of his worries by talking to him about the cheerleading competition they were currently missing. “They’re lucky really, the other teams I mean, without Me, Nadia, Julie, and Brie the team is gonna blow, it sucks though, and we would have won.” Though he didn’t give a ripe shit about what she was chattering about just the sound of Kaley’s voice made him feel better.

With the snow Jimmy knew that they would need to find somewhere that would provide better shelter than the van, or somebody to help them or they would be in very real trouble. They increased their pace and in about ten minutes they came to a opening with a large cabin and a smaller shed off to the side of it. “Come on” Jimmy said brightening considerably “Let’s see if anyone is home, hopefully an axe wielding psycho won’t want to wear our skin for suits.”

The two walked up to the cabin “doesn’t look like anyone lives here, I hope it hasn’t been abandoned for long” Kaley said. Jimmy responded “No it is too well maintained, probably some rich guy’s summer home.” He loudly knocked on the door and called out to see if anyone was there when no answer came he tried the door, it was locked. “Damn we have to get in there we can’t stay in the van all night if the storm gets bad I’m going to try the windows.” “You just want to break in, we can’t do that” Kaley said “Would you prefer risking arrest on a B&E or getting wheeled into the morgue from hypothermia.” Kaley glared at him but gave no further argument so Jimmy set about trying the windows. He circled the house until the last easily accessible window was unlocked “good I didn’t want to have to break a window to get in” he said “go around to the front door and I’ll let you in” he said to Kaley.

Jimmy climbed through the window into a large, but sparse bedroom with a large comfy looking bed. He left the room and went through the living room and opened the door to let Kaley in. “This is definitely some rich guys summer house” Jimmy said “let’s see if we can find a phone, if not we’ll have to go get everyone else and bunk down here until the storm passes. There’s electricity but didn’t look to have much in the way of furnishings it will definitely do.” Kaley just smiled at Jimmy and said “Ok I’ll take upstairs you do down here” Jimmy nodded and headed for a door on the other end of the large room when Kaley grabbed his arm and turned him. “You’ve been great tonight thanks” she said and then hugged him tightly and gave him a chaste, but lingering kiss on the mouth before heading for the stairs. “Umm ‘kay, cool” Jimmy said smiling as he went to find a phone.

Jimmy searched quickly and realized there wasn’t a phone, the guy who owned it probably brought his own quickly. He did discover that the cabin had a lot of non-perishable food and plenty of firewood; they could hole up here for months if necessary. He decided to go check on the shed just off the house before he joined back up with Kaley. The shed was in considerably worse shape than the house and inside was extra wood, an axe and a truly staggering amount of booze “things may be looking up after all” Jimmy laughed to himself as he went back to get Kaley and join up with the rest.

Four Hours Later

Jimmy was exhausted they were only about three miles from the van but making the trip three times, the last carrying fifty pounds of cheerleader's shit had wore him out. Than after they got their he had to start a fire in the front room's fire place, check on the food, the roof, and all the windows. He also had to help find, and move extra blankets for them if it got to cold. Finally he lay in his room ready to sleep for about ten hours when his door opened and Brie walked in. "What do you want Brie" Jimmy asked more sharply than he intended he suppressed his anger realizing that none of this was that girl's fault, in a softer voice he said "sorry what do you need." She stepped into the room and Jimmy had to do a double take, Brie was tall, about 5'10 and gorgeous by any standards. Right now she had only a very small shirt that ended about halfway between her smallish B-cup breasts and her toned belly button, and a pair of very tight "boy shorts" "I just wanted to thank you for everything you've done" she said. She walked to his bed and pulled him to the edge, kneeling in front of him. To say Jimmy was surprised was a significant understatement Jimmy didn't really know Brie and had never really talked to her except in passing, but right now she lightly stroking and kissing his quickly hardening dick. As her lips closed over him though all thoughts, even surprised quickly left his mind. Brie was very proud of her dicksucking skills and she was showing Jimmy why, she cradled his balls and ran her tongue along the length of his 7 inches and then took him into her mouth bobbing her head up and down his entire length and stroking with one hand she had Jimmy in heaven. Bries other hand found it's way down the front of her panties and began rubbing her quickly moistening pussy. Jimmy felt his balls start to tighten, "Oh fuck I'm about to cum Brie" he said, she just hummed happily around her mouth full of manhood and JImmy proved true to his word filling her mouth with several loads of hot cum. Brie happily swallowed the whole load and stood up "my turn she said stripping her clothes off and turning back to him "what do you think" she asked. Justin couldn't answer though as he was asleep with a large smile on his face.

I'll write a part two with a lot more sex if you guys like this one.

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2009-10-03 08:18:16
I want to know why is it being re-posted. It was on this site a couple of years ago.
Can't anyone write anything new ???
Only copy what others have written !!!!

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2009-10-03 06:11:28
A girl he doesn't even know just walks in and starts giving him a blow job, even though there are several other girls in the house that are probably still awake? ... Yeah. Right.


2009-10-02 19:33:44
If you have this much attitude (intro), I don't know why you bother to write for us "perverted freaks" who want to read sexual fiction. Maybe you need to find a tree with a hole in it and get off. Your fiction does not do that for any of the rest of us. Pretty lame! It doesn't take much to get you off if your stories excite you.

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2009-09-17 21:58:55
What was Jimmie doing on the trip? Is he cheerleading sqad manager?

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2009-09-09 10:12:09
mucker is not right, sentence tructure and other 9th grade english class verbige he can just get over it good story...on question i dont know if i missed it but who is justin boy at school coaches kid...someoens dad?

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