Kissing Cousins
First time I saw a cock & I sucked it !

I got caught masturbating a bunch of times, but the one I remember the most was when I caught my cousin Louie when we were
in our teens. When we had a holiday we use to have a sleep over. So my parents didn’t have to drive 2 hours back home.
I use to sleep on the sofa in the TV room. When I sleep I like to have my feet stick out, this night I woke up and caught
Louie smelling my feet. When I woke up he sprung up quick and I saw is erect cock sticking out of his pajamas.
I said “What are you doing?”
He said, “Nothing”
I said “Why is your thingy sticking out?” That was the first time I saw one.
He said “I was playing with it”
I said “Play with it? I thought you just pee with it” He’s older than me, I was clueless.
He said “Watch, he proceeded to slap it back and forth and side to side.”
I said “You’re lucky I got nothing to play with”
He said “You want to play with it”
I said “Can I” He said “sure go ahead touch it.
I touched it like it was a dead fish, making it spring up and down.
He said, rub it up and down. So I did, but it was dry. He told me to spit in my hand and rub it. He liked it ; I
liked the way he reacted when I touched the head.
He said “Can I smell your feet again”
I said “That’s gross”
He said “No I like it, I would love to kiss them if that’s OK with you”
I said “OK but we can’t tell anyone” Then we went to the floor and I put my feet in is face and I played with his cock.
He said “You want to kiss it or lick it”
I said “why”
He said “because it will feel good and then my love juice will come out”
I said “what’s love juice”
He said “It’s a cream that comes out when I get real happy”
I was curious so I did what he said and I kissed it and licked it and he jumped.
He said “put it in your mouth like a ice cream cone”
So I did and he was pushing it in and out all while he was licking my little toes.
Then he shot his load in my mouth.
I said “Yuck” “It doesn’t taste like whipped cream it’s gross”
He said “Just go to the bathroom and rinse your mouth out.
So I did and when I got back he already went back to bed.

Kissing Cousins
The summer after I saw and sucked my first cock (my cousin Louie) we went to his house for a cook out. After everyone ate they went inside because it was so hot and humid. We swam in the above ground pool. Louie gave me a nickname of Boob Butt because my Boobs and butt were so big. I blossomed young plus being over weight helped. Every time I jumped in the pool from the deck he would chant Boob butt – Boob butt . When I dove in I swam under the water and pulled his swim trunks down. My other cousin Larry (his little bother) got a big kick out of it and was cracking up. He got mad and said, oh you want me again. I said “ I never wanted you in the first place you tricked me. Larry said, “What are you talking about? Louie said “When we slept over for Christmas “Candy sucked my dick” I said “ He tricked me and said cream came out like and it tasted gross. Nothing like cool whip. You better not tell anyone else, I’ll just tell them you raped me and stuck it in my mouth while I tried to sleep. He said “ I wouldn’t tell anyone. Larry said, “ I never did that, I didn’t even kiss a girl. Louie said Candy I dare you to kiss Larry. I figured we’re far away from the house if anyone came out we would hear the door slam and no one can see us. The pool was at the bottom of a hill. I said I dare you both to take your suit off and jump in the pool. Louie said OK, He took his suit off and got on the deck and he had a hard on and he let it slap back and forth. Then he jumped in the pool. He came up from behind me and rubbed his hard cock on my leg. He told Larry, It’s your turn. He said, “I don’t know, what if mom comes out. I said don’t worry they’re busy watching the ball game with the AC on. He slowly went to the latter and got on the deck, looking very embarrassed. Louie said, go ahead. So he slowly took it off and his dick sprung up, he was hard as a rock. He jumped in real fast. I swam right up to him before he could grab his suit and started to kiss him tongue and all. I stroked his rock hard prick. Louie was Horne as hell and he was humping me from behind with my suit still on. Grabbing my young breasts. I wanted them both. I never had sex before. I don’t think they did either. I took my top off and told Larry to suck my tits. He was all over them. Louie pulled my suit down and entered me from behind. Oh God, it felt so good. I kept on kissing Larry stroking his hard dick. He came right in my hand, Louie pulled out and came in the crack of my ass. It felt great even though it only lasted like 10 min. We got our suits back on fast and messed around in the water then we dried off and went into the house like nothing happened.

Uncle came in when I was taking a shower

When I saw the caught in the bathroom group it reminded me of what happened to me when I was getting ready for school. We had my Uncle(by marriage) staying with us from Italy for a wedding. They were like my age now (44) I was 18 at the time this happened.
I was taking a shower and all of sudden I hear someone peeing. I say "Hello I'm in here" He didn't speak a word of English and I didn't speak Italian. He started laughing, opened the shower door and started peeing on me saying something I didn't understand. Then he started stroking my breasts saying "Bella, Bella" pinching my nipples, then he started sucking them. I looked down and his cock was so fat and uncut. Not long but thick, like French bread. I figured OK if he's going to stroke me I'll do the same. At that moment, he took off the rest of his cloths and got in the shower. He stood behind me soaping up my tits with both hands with his thick cock going in my big ass cheeks. I was getting very hot. He was too; he was kissing my neck and humping my ass cheeks like a dog in heat. I wanted to feel his thickness inside me so I bent over and slipped him in my pussy. It felt like he was going to rip me open then it felt so good. He was pounding me so hard he almost lifted me off the floor. Then I felt him cum inside me, he was shaking he came so much. I thought he was going to fall down. He pulled his cock out said something I didn't understand, Got out shaking his head, closed the shower door. I finished washing my hair and got dressed for school.
He never touched me in front of anyone, didn’t even look at me in public. But, he did sneak in my room a couple times and gave me some more of that thick Italian sausage.
The night my Uncle joined me in the shower
He snuck into my bedroom when I was asleep. I felt the head of
his fat cock on my lips. I thought I was dreaming, but I
wasn't, My Uncle John wanted me to suck his dick. I licked it
from his nut sack to the tip. I wanted to taste his cum so bad.
He was loving it; Uncle John climbed into my bed and started
sucking my tits, I could feel his warm cock on my leg. I climed up and put my pussy in his face and sucked his cock again. He really knew how to eat pussy, I came like crazy all over his face, all while pumping his dick in my mouth. I sucked eack one of his balls, while stroking his dick covered with my spit and his pre cum. Then I knew his was going to cum so I pumped that fat cock back in my eager mouth he shot three loads down my throat. I rubbed that cock all over my face and hair. He was twitching each time I hit the head. Then he rolled over got out of bed put his boxers back on and said Good night in Italian.

(all people in my stories are over 18)

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Hi - I'm Jeanne, pappawlove (Bobby) is my brother. Your stories are good, I especially liked the pool story. You don't drag out a story with lots of meaningless detail, that's good. The shower story reminded me of me and my daddy. I want to read more of what you write. Thank you for writing.

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I liked the part when That young man dropped a dick in his jaw! Whoa! spurt

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Big full of crap....learn how to spell....Latter???


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Ppl are fukn stupid...get an editor..nobody is piblishing a damn book just writing out there fantasies and sex lifes i mean fuck come on...

Personally I feel that it wuz a great story and I've read other stoies you wrote and I enjoyed them all

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