Alice was in an exceptionally horny mood,
Chapter 5 (Alice gets to fuck Pauls friend Bernie Clayton)
(all people in my stories are over 18)

The following Saturday morning when her husband took the twins with him
on a business trip to a nearby town, Alice slept in later than usual.
Waking up and knowing no one else was in the house, she went down to
the kitchen for some coffee, wearing nothing but a bra and panties.

Alice was in an exceptionally horny mood, and she could feel the hot
juices oozing out from between her legs as she sipped her coffee.
Looking down at Max as he lay on the floor by her feet, Alice had just
decided to take him up to her room for a hot fuck when the doorbell

Glancing through the window, she saw.that it was her husband's friend,
Bernie Clayton. She was just about to run upstairs and put on a wrap
before answering the door when she sud- denly changed her mind. She'd
always thought Bernie Clayton was one of the most handsome men she'd
ever met, and being in a horny mood this morning, she decided it would
be exciting to let him see her in the brief undies she was wearing.

"Hi, Bernie," she greeted as she brazenly opened the door. "Come on

She was more than pleased with the expres- sion in his eyes as he
stared at her deliciously- exposed body.

"Is Paul h-h-home?" he stammered, step- ping into the room.

"I'm sorry," said Alice, brushing her long, blonde hair back from her
face. "He drove over to Midvale and won't be back until late this
afternoon, but how about joining me for a cup of coffee?"

"I s-s-suppose so," he nervously stam- mered, unable to understand
Alice's wanton boldness.

Alice could feel his eyes on her panty-clad ass as he followed her into
the kitchen.

"Sugar or cream?" she asked as she picked up the pot.

"Just black," gulped the man, dropping into a chair.

After pouring his coffee, Alice sat down across from him, her big, rosy
nipples brazenly visible through the almost-transparent material of her

"I hope you don't mind the way I'm dressed." She smiled at him with a
warm glow in her eyes. "I wasn't expecting company."

"That's all right." He blushed, trying to avert his eyes from the
delicious, big tits that were almost falling out of her bra.

Alice was pleased with his obvious excita- tion as they idly chatted
across the kitchen table. Watching the man as they talked, the horny
woman began wondering if she could get him to fuck her. She realized he
was her husband's friend, but from the look in his eyes, Alice could
see he was secretly lusting over her nearly-naked body.

"More?" she asked when he'd emptied his cup.

"Please," he nervously answered.

Picking up the pot from the counter, Alice walked back and gently
pressed her warm body against his shoulder as she refilled his cup.

"Am I making you nervous?" she whispered, placing her hand on his arm.

"Of course not," he stammered. "Why?"

"You act like you're afraid I'm'going to rape you," giggled Alice as
she returned the pot to the counter.

"Why do you say that?" he asked as she walked back to the table.

"I guess because I feel like being raped," she whispered in a naughty
little voice, step- ping in front of him rather than sitting down in
her chair.

She could see Bernie's hand trembling as he tried to lift the cup to
his mouth.

"See how hot I am," she softly cooed, tak- ing his other hand and
pressing it against the warm, moist crotch of her soaked panties. "What
I need is a wild fuck."

Unable to control his lust any longer, Bernie jumped up and took the
lovely blonde in his arms.

"Am I gonna get fucked?" she giggled, her eyes filled with mischief as
she felt his hard boner throbbing against her steaming pussy.

The man just stared at her in a stunned silence until Alice took his
hand and led him up to her room. Throwing herself across the bed, she
watched him start undressing. Feeling the hot juices oozing out from
between her legs, she excitedly studied the wild lust on his face as he
fumbled with his clothes.

The horny blonde began shivering with anticipation when he dropped his
shorts, deliciously revealing his hard cock. Seeing how long and thick
it was, Alice knew this prick would give her exactly what she needed.

"God, that's a beautiful cock," she whispered, anxious to feel his
prick buried in her seething depths.

As the naked man leaned over to kiss her, Alice threw her arms around
him and pulled him down onto the bed.

"God, you're lovely," he panted, fumbling with the straps on her bra.

Aware that the man was having trouble with the hooks, Alice reached
back and unfastened them herself, letting her luscious, big tits spill
out in front of his ogling eyes. Lying back and arching her hips up,
she excitedly watched him peel her panties down over her softly-rounded
hips and legs.

Trembling as he leaned over the delightfully- naked blonde, he began,
sucking voraciously on one of her big, turgid nipples, and his hand
roamed over the soft, vibrant flesh of her bare thighs and hips.

"Oh, yes, Bernie," she passionately whispered as his lips worked over
the super- sensitive flesh of her tits. "Oh, God, how I need your big,
hard cock in me."

Little tingling goose bumps were popping out all around her erectly-
swollen nipples as his tongue sucked and pulled on them. The man's
passionate suction on her tits and the way his hands were hotly
caressing her heated flesh was almost blowing Alice's mind. The warm
moisture oozing out from between her legs was soaking her golden cunt
hair, adding to the intense lust that was flaming throughout her
writhing body.

"Oh, sweet Jesus," she moaned in rapture, feeling his hand squeezing
her tingling boobs as he continued sucking on the stiffened flesh of
her hard nipples with his feverishly-hot lips.

Most of the men she'd known had all been wonderful lovers, but none of
them could compare to this passionate man. Every other sexual
experience was completely forgotten as this new lover pressed his
strong body against her deliciously-naked flesh, his hands moving down
over her hips and goosing into the wiggly crack between her soft

"Yes! Yes!" she panted, winding her arms around his body, pulling his
masculine hard- ness against her nakedly writhing body.

Panting with lust, the man suddenly heaved himself on top of her,
trapping his thickly- throbbing cock between their hot, bare bellies.
Violently shaking with lust, Bernie began urgently pumping his swollen
prick back and forth between their stomachs.

"Oh, you big-cocked beauty!" Alice hotly whispered, reaching between
them and grasp- ing the thick root of his prick in her hand. Feeling
his cock throbbing wildly in her fingers, the passionately-aroused
blonde eased the bloated knob between her hotly-waiting cuntlips. When
his prick was firmly lodged in the steaming entrance of her over-heated
pussy, Alice reached back and firmly grasped his hard, sinewy

Closing her eyes in rapturous anticipation, she arched her hips up and
tugged him toward her. Lying with her thighs wantonly spread for him,
she could feel his thick cock hotly parting the slippery lips of her
steaming cunt.

"Fuck," she whimpered. "For God's sake, ram your cock in."

Crouched above her, about to impale the woman, Bernie could hardly
believe this was happening to him. It seemed unreal that his friend's
beautiful wife was actually begging him to fuck her.

"Ooooooooh, yes...yes," whimpered Alice, feeling the delicious pressure
of his bloated cockhead starting to spread her cuntlips farther apart.

The horny woman let out a soft moan of delight when she felt his big,
hard prick slip deeper into her slippery cunt, spreading her juicy
opening wider and wider. As his cock slowly sank in, the pressure
against her widely- stretched cunt walls was the most exciting thing
she'd ever felt.

"Oh, fuck," she whispered as his prick moved deeper into her tight, hot
channel. "More...more! Give me all of your cock...all of your prick!"

Shuddering with lust and seeing the wanton desire in the beautiful
woman's pleading eyes, the man continued slowly easing his massive cock
into the sucking hotness of her deliciously-tight pussy. He'd never
found a cunt this hot before in his life. Lunging for- ward with all
his strength, he could feel his bloated prick powering deeper into her,
spreading the tight, moist flesh apart as his cock advanced. Finally
feeling his balls pressed between the soft cheeks of her sweet ass, he
realized he'd finally penetrated her hotly- sucking cunt. With her
shapely legs spread wantonly on either side of him, he could feel Alice
writhing her hips up, wanting to make sure she had every inch of his
hard prick embedded in her hot juicy fuckhole.

Alice had never felt so deliciously full of cock in her life. The
hotly-bloated head of his prick was stuffed so far into her trembling
body that she wondered if his cock might lodge in her throat. She could
feel every vein and sinew of his thick prick as the soft, sensitive
walls of her cunt clung passionately to the entire throbbing length of
his cock.

Pressing his mouth against her moistly- parted lips, he sensually
entwined his tongue around hers as he began rocking back and forth
between her soft, smooth thighs. He could feel her naked body
responding deliciously to his body as he fucked his cock in and out
with short, smooth strokes.

Writhing and twisting beneath him as her squeezing pussy deliciously
swallowed and ex- pelled his thrilling thrusts, she involuntarily
reacted to the man by rhythmically fucking back at him. As the slow,
sensual fucking con- tinued, she began responding even more pas-
sionately to the moistly-hot strokes of his heavenly prick.

Feeling the woman fucking back so lustily beneath him, the wildly-
aroused man began increasing the tempo of his thrusts.

"Yes! Yes!" Alice squealed with delight. "Fuck it to me, Bernie!"

Deciding to insert a little variety into their fucking, the man slowed
down and eased the length of his bloated boner out until only his big
knob remained between her hotly-grasping cuntlips. Then, after just a
short pause, he rammed all the way back into her with all his strength.
Loud animal-like cries came from deep in her throat as he did it again
and again. The loud slap of his loins hitting the sodden plane of her
belly resounded throughout the room. The squealing woman had never been
so violently and deliciously fucked in her life.

"Oh, sweet fuckin' baby!" she cried out with delight as the tumultuous
fucking con- tinued. "Fuck it to me, Bernie!"

Wrapping her arms around his broad shoulders, she began slamming her
crotch up against him, spiraling her pussy up to meet his every
downward plunge. The sound of his weighty balls slapping against her
juice- smeared ass seemed to increase the excitement for the horny
woman. Sinking her nails into his muscular back, she began slamming her
cunt up harder against him, trying to get even more of his thrusting
cock into her fiery depths.

"OH, SHIT, BERNIE!" she hysterically screamed as the man rhythmically
pounded his cock deeper into her. "FUCK ME, BABY! FUCK ME GOOD! FUCK!

Bernie was aware that the wildly-aroused woman was rapidly approaching
an orgasm and hoped he could hold back his own ejacula- tion until she
could come. Wanting to bring her off before he shot his load, he was
grunt- ing and puffing, speeding up his long, wild strokes, sinking his
massive prick even deeper into the shuddering woman's fiery pussy.

Writhing and squealing beneath him, Alice had never experienced such
thrilling pleasure. She was enjoying this fuck more than any she'd ever
had, and she felt certain the man would give her an orgasm that she'd
never forget. Almost out of her mind from the in- tense ecstasy she was
feeling, she was aware of nothing but the delicious hot waves of
burning pleasure that were searing through her loins.

Screaming with joy, Alice suddenly felt her climax rapidly approaching
as his bloated cockhead slammed into her scalding depths like a runaway
pile driver.

"OH, JESUS!" she suddenly shrieked. "I'M GONNA COME! GONNA COME!"

Alice's body suddenly stiffened, and with her pussy spasming wildly
around the length of his plunging cock, her fuck-juices began flow- ing
hotly over his stiff prick.

"OOOOOOOH, GOD! I'M COMING! COMING!" she squealed, her entire body
shuddering and lurching beneath him as the glorious orgasm seemed to
grab at every raw nerve end.

When her wild climax finally began sub- siding, she slowly became aware
of Bernie's big prick still slamming in and out of her cunt.

"Oh, yes!" she moaned with joy. "Make me come again, honey! Make me
come again!"

Dying to experience another orgasm like the last one, Alice was almost
out of her mind with ecstasy as his fantastic cock rubbed against every
nerve in her tight little pussy. From the first moment the woman had
met Bernie, she'd always thought he'd be a great fuck, but she hadn't
dreamed he'd be this fantastic. Want- ing him to bring her off again,
she was thrusting her cunt up to meet every delicious plunge of his
bloated prick. Grasping his sinewey asscheeks in her hands, Alice was
pull- ing him violently toward her, arching her hips up to receive the
full length of his hard cock.

As their slippery bodies slapped frantically together, he began ramming
his cock faster and deeper into her juicy fuckhole, wanting to bring
her off once more before shooting his own wad.

"OH, SHIT, BERNIE!" she squealed with rapture. "FUCK ME HARDER, HONEY!

Frantically increasing the tempo of his lusty strokes, the man could
feel that unmistakable sensation building up in his balls and knew he
was being rapidly hurled toward a wild climax.

"Oh, sweet fuckin' Jesus!" panted the hotly-aroused blonde, pulling her
knees back almost to her shoulders, exposing the entire length of her
open slit to his plunging cock. "Fuck it to me, baby! I'm almost there
again ...almost there!"

The pleasure in Alice's loins was further in- tensified when her
lover's prick began violent- ly erupting his thick, hot cum into the
depths of her writhing cunt, mixing frothily with her fuck-juices.



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