she come's to me
she's cold, she's afraid
she's sweet , my sister
she's ah, .. a dream

mom an dad are away
she needs love and care
I sent her to my bed
It's warm there

baby dolls she wears
Iight blue to the eye
jumping in my bed
her legs part , sigh

my attention gotten
turning my head I see
my sweet little sweet
ooooh eeee

her skin smooth
her shape young
breasts a' budding
a young women

what are you doing
she ask's me
game-ing I tell her
a white lie you see

flexing my tongue
surfing the NET
porn on my mind
I've not had sex

surfing on the computer
my mind is a sexual web
I turn off the computer
I slip into bed

me in my undies
she in her baby dolls
lust is the Devil's
deguise this night

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2011-11-16 04:53:31
I'm shkoced that I found this info so easily.

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