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An old couple in their 80's went out to dinner to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary and ended up at the same restaurant they ate at while beginning their honeymoon. The old man takes a look outside the restaurant window and says to his wife, "remember that fence across the street? After we ate our dinner 60 years ago, I took you outside, placed your body across that fence, raised up your dress and made love to you from behind like there was no stopping me."
"Why yes, I sort of remember," his wife replied sheepishly, embarrassed at recalling this incident and amazed that the two of them were so indiscreet as to take such a reckless gamble out in public like this.
"Well how about you and me try it again then," the husband suggested. "Let's see if we can recapture the thrill and excitement of our wedding night."
His wife was very reluctant but sensed that she could make her husband very happy on their anniversary, so she agreed to it. So after dinner they went outside, crossed the street to the fence. Her husband got behind her while she spread her legs with body propped partially over the fence. The old man took his place behind her and proceeded to ravish her body with abandon making love to her like he was a teenager again. He banged her for at least 20 minutes and when they finished, they both collapsed on the ground right on the spot.
A policeman on foot patrol happened to be walking by and had observed the couple engaged in this rigorous display of sexuality and when they had finished, he proceeded right to the scene. He went over to the couple as they lay on the ground and said, "I saw what you were doing and I will have to write you both up for indecent exposure and fornicating in a public place. Do you have anything to say for yourself before I give you the ticket?"
"Yes, officer," says the old man, "you don't understand. My wife and I are celebrating our 60th wedding anniversary tonight. Just a moment ago, we had dinner over there at that restaurant, the same one we ate at on the first day of our honeymoon. Then we came over here to make love exactly the same way we did back then too. Please don't give us a ticket. It would be too embarrassing for us both and we didn't mean any harm by it."
The policeman is sympathetic to the old couple and decides not to give them any tickets but is still scratching his head over what he observed and learned from the old man and exclaims, "Boy from what I observed, the two of you must have really been something way back 60 years ago."
"Yeah we were, and 60 years ago there wasn't an electric fence here either," the old man responds back.
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