I left Nora near Four in the morning. We slept together for over Two hours. I gave her a kiss and we exchanged hugs. I ask her if we could do this again and she said she would think it over. Nora told me she had a great time but her faith needed to be considered in her decision.
I walked from the Motel to the Hotel in about Fifteen minutes. Security was still about but to a lesser degree. I saw no one who recognized me so that would save on the lying. I went straight to my room, showered and went to bed. Tomorrow is the Gift Opening and I want to be alert for that event.
Spent the morning chatting with Willie. He told me that we gleamed some information on prospective clients.
Gino received a big gift in the person of a U.S. House of Representatives member. Seems the Honorable member has a Drug habit. Bulls Eye.
Other than that, everything was same old.
And ... ' a big and ' ............. no one knows who I slept with last night.
Nothing doing so I head off for a late Breakfast. I walk into the Cafe and see my favourite Sister-in-law Doreen. I ask her if I may join her and she say's yes. Doreen seems not herself this day.
" What's up honey? ".......
" Oh, not much." ..... she answers.
" I thought Christians did not like to lie." ...............I said to her.
She just looked at me .............. " Later, maybe."
So Doreen and myself ate a light Breakfast and talked small talk. Mostly about the Wedding. We finish up and leave.
" Would you like to come to my room for a private talk Doreen.?" ...
She looks at me.... pauses ................. " Maybe " ...............
We get on the elevator and up we go. We pass Doreens floor so I know her answer. We get off the elevator and go to my room. Once inside I offer Doreen a drink.
" Sorry honey, I have no wine." .... I say to her.
" Thats ok, I'll just drink water thank you." ..
I sit on the bed near Doreen and look at her. She stands still, thinking.
" My husband never came home last night." ....she say's
" I don't know what to do Bob." ...
Now I know where he was but cannot say. I think for a bit. I cannot tell Doreen her husand was getting a BJ from another man.
" Is this the first time he has done this Doreen.?" ....I ask.
" He stays out late but never has he not come home .... to me at night."
"Maybe he is in your room now." .... "I could check with Willie an see if they have any idea where he is ...however ... "
" I know..... " ...Doreen interjects...cutting off any spoken words of infidelity.
Our conversation tails off and Doreen leaves my room.
' That is a tough one' .... I say to myself.
On my own volition I call Willie. He tells me that Doreen' husband is in the bushes behind the Motel bum fucking his lover.
" WHAT ! " ...... I blurt out.
Willie continues ............ "Doreen's husband and the other fellow are related. Cousins! .. "
Willie proceeds to tell me that they have been keeping tabs on him since I expressed interest in Doreen some months back. I listen to Willie for a good ten minnutes while he discloses details of Doreen' husband and his very un-Christian life style. I thank Willie. Sitting back in the chair I ponder what to do.
Human Beings. Here he is married to a very beautiful women with an ass the likes of which you rarely see, and he is bum fucking his male cousin. Not to mention the other things he is into which I think would make Doreen sick. I chuckle to myself. He is worse than I am.for Christ's sake. GOD must have one hell of a sense of humour.
Then I think of Doreen. Jeeeeeez, here she is with ... , I can never remember her husbands name ... , whats his name, and for seconds she has me. How did she put that ; .... "" would not be surprized if the Devil looked alot like me .''' ..... or something like that.
Funny lady ..... I think to myself..
My,my ........God is giving her a real test. I admire her strength though. Her faith sure stands by her.
I will have to let some time pass by before deciding what to do or say to Doreen on the subject of her husband.
On the other hand, I feel my chances with Doreen just grew exponentially. I call her my sister-in-law but she actually isn't. Her husbands cousin is my deceased wifes cousin, what ever in the hell that makes her.
The gift opening ceremony was well underway when I got there. Little Gino and Jessica where accompanied by their Maids and Groomsmen. Jessica and Gino hit it big. Big Gino, Willie and myself bought them a house in a upscale neighborhood. They will have a small mortage, no sense spoiling them. Plenty of gifts for these two young people. Little Gino' family are not well off and they are flabergasted at the haul the newly wedd's are getting.
I stand and watch. I feel a gentle tap on my arm from beside me. I look and there is llittle Angie.
" Do you think it would be alright if I watched the Gift Opening Ceremony Sir ?" ..she asks me.
I take out my wallet, pull out a business card and write Angie on the back of the card.
" There you are Angie, a personel invitation from me to you, Ok." .. .... " And you can stay for supper if you would like."
" OH ! .... OH! ..... thank you so much Sir." ....she say's and runs off to get a closer view.
She really has to be one of the sweetest young women I have ever met.
I amble over to the bar and fetch myself a Coor's ..... in a glass. I stand about getting into small talk with people near me. A few interesting stories. Drunken behaviour leads to much ado, mostly about nothing.
Snacks are brought out for the guests at the ceremony. Supper will be served in a couple of hours. There is over Two Hundred at the Gift Opening ceremony this Sunday afternoon. Once again we are holding the function at Janet's Hotel.
One of the more interesting things to come out of my casual conversations with people is how several of the other Hotel managers are wondering how Janet is doing so much business in this economic down turn. I just shrug my shoulders.
" Janet is a very good manager." ... was all I said.
I saw Kendra coming towards me so I move towards her after excusing myselff from the conversation I was in.
" Hello honey, how was your night.?" ...I say to her ..
She smiles .... " GREAT ! ..." We hug, maybe to long, but ..........
" I came by to tell you that Sally won't be here, her husband Brian is in the hospital. She tells me he had a great time last might but that triggered his problem."
" Oh !" ....... " Do you think I should go visit him Kendra.? ..I ask.
" No !, .... Sally said it will be just a few hours too one day and he will be out. Not even enough time to send flowers, etc.."
" Oh ! ......that is good news Kendra. "
" You going to be ok boss, you look a bit off for you..?"
" Yeah, I'll be alright honey. I hate to see people sick. " ........ " DAMN ! " ......... I say
" I've got to go now so I'll catch you on the flip side." ...
" See ya Kendra." ............ Off toddles Kendra.
I walk away from the gathering and head outside. The afternoon is warm and sunny. I walk for a bit and sit on a bench away from the Hotel. I want to clear my head. Alot has come down in the last few days. Doreen's husband, Jessica and me on her wedding day, Kendra wanting a baby. The loving I had with Nora. Jessica's wedding gift. The fight to save Angie' ass. And now, Brian, Sally's husband is sick.
" FUCK ! "
I smile to myself as I remember the Hotel room, watching her hold her head and thinking that I had been there ... Well here I am, head in hands.... ..but this time not from booze.
I hear a pop or soft bang. I pay no attention.
Usually I do not get bothered by other peoples problems.
I hear the pop again and feel something hit my arm. I look at my arm and see a piece of wood from the bench sticking into my suit jacket. How the hell did that get there .... I thought to myself. I pull it out and throw it to the ground. Something goes past my head and I hear the pop again.
I look up and see this odd fellow some one hundred feet away waying his arms around erraticaly. He points toward me and then I see a flash and then hear the pop.
" What the hell, the asshole is shooting at me. Christ is he erratic in his behavior." ..I say to myself ...
The shoot hit the tree tops above me ...Hell he misses by fifteen feet. I think to myself that this is some kind of trick someone is playing on me. I sit .. and look at hiim. God Damn he is odd looking. I figure he is an actor who someone hired to pull one over on me. I think to myself, " I will just sit here and not react ..mess up their prank. " ... I smile.
He aims and shoots. I feel a tug on my suit coat in the shoulder area. I look and there is a hole in the Suit Jacket near the shoulder pad they put in these things.
" God damn it. !" ... I say out load. I stand and head towards him. He is very weird. His arms never stop flapping about, His legs are in constant motion. He acts like he is on Coke. He squeels or yells and turns ... running, In doing so he throws the gun to the ground near himself.
I'm running after him ... he is slow. I used to play High School football so I have some speed.
I've never seen anyone run like he is ... arms flailing about, legs flipping outward like a girl. I slow my pace ...I am catching up quickly. Still, he amuses me with his comical way of running. Things seem to be getting bit dizzy.
There is Batman and Robin turning as they run towards the odd little man. Just like in the end of the movie before the credits hit the screen.
'Thats weird' .. I say to myself ... Batman and and Robin don't work for security.

There seems to be a light over head. A ceiling. I lower my yes and see a nurse's rear. What is she doing here.? I try to speak sounds unintelligable to my ears.
The nurse turns ..
" Awake are we. Good. I'll get the Doctor." she says ..
I look after her as she leaves. I must be in a hosipital. ' How did I end up in a hospital'. I ask myself. I feel week. I wait and no one comes. ' I'll just close my eyes for a minute.' ..I say to myself.

I waken to the feel of a hand touchig my face. Opening my eyes I see Sally. My heart jumps ... I reach for her and hold her hand.
" Hi " ... I say.
" Hello Bobbie, you look better today." ...she says ..
" Why am I in the hospital honey.?" ...
" You took one in the shoulder Bob, you lost alot of blood. ...."
" Oh ! " .....
" You passed out in the park while chasing the shooter. Security got to you in time, they stopped the bleeding and called and ambulance. "
I smiled at Sally. I said, " Your goin' to laugh, .. I must have been out .. becasue I saw Batman and Robin running after the shooter and tackling him hard."
Sally laughed .....and said, ' Batman and Robin eh, .... Close .... Walter and Monty were the security in your fantasy..... I'll be sure to tell them of their notoriety. '
"There is a lineup of people who want to see you ...starting with Gino and Willie. Plus a shit load of flowers ...I've donated most of them to the Hospital to place were the want."
" A Shit load. .... that is not like you to swear Sally. You ok.?"
" Yeah .. you know how I feel about this western tradition of killing flowers to send people."
" Yes I do. If your tense you could give me a blow job." ... I say to Sally
" With a catheter.?" .....
" You'll use any excuss to get out of it, eh!." I say in teasing her
" Whats with the ' eh ' ... ?" Bobbie
" Just bugging the Canadian in you." ..I reply.
" Hah ! " ..Sally gives a feigned laugh.
" Hey honey, are there any country's you don't have in your make-up.."
" YA ! ... American. " ... Sally sticks her tongue out at me .... again unusual for her to be silly.
" I thought your Great Great Grandfather was a Black American Sally honey."
" No, he was African ...we were just re-routed for a few generations."
" Cute. .... but a nice comback. " ... I say to her
" I'll start sending in the crowd Robert." ... Sally says,with a smile and a wink.

The rest of the afternoon is spent visiting. Gino and Willie spent fifteen minutes or so. We talked and laughed, of course Gino and Willie where alone in the room with me. They left so others could visit. Family and friends bunched into the room as best they could...coming and going as time permitted.
Sonia and Jenny visited also. I thought that was nice of young single women to take the time to visit. It is amazing how tired one gets lying in a bed talking with people. I had supper with family members, Sally, and Sheila, and fell asleep soon after supper.
I awoke to a gentle nudge. I look up and see a very pretty dark Nurse.
" Hello. I am your nurse for the night Mr. Smithe." ..........
" My name is Maggie." ........
" How are you feeling.?" ..she asks .. " I've come to give you your Med's and get you up for your wash." ...
" I'll be back in about half an hour or so ...near Midnight. Is that Ok with you Mr. Smithe.?"
" Yes. I answer." ............ I take three pills.
" I thought there was only two pills nurse.?" ..I asked.
" One special one for blood pressure she say's" ....and winks at me.
Cool nurse I thought to myself. She leaves the room with me looking after her. Wow, she is pretty. I lie back and look outside at the lights of the city. Nice view I thought.
Sure enough, right at Midnight Maggie enters my room. I thought I heard Sally's voice outside my door but figure I was wrong ..she would not be here at Midnight.
Maggie closes the door and locks it. Strange I thought. Must be hospital rules for patient privacy. Maggie removes her nurses hat. Nice short curly hair ... of course she is Black so that is natural. She approaches the bed and begins to remove bed clothes and my hospital garb. Now I am naked in front of a very pretty women.
Maggie washes me from head to toe, then turns her attention to my private area. She washes my balls and pinus with extra care I thought. I have a very firm hard on.
"I see your blood pressure is working." ... Maggie say's with a slight smile.
" Mr. Smithe ... "
" Call me Bob, Maggy, I do not think we need to be so formal." .. I interrupt
" I prefer Mr. Smithe. You are an important man and deserve that respect. "
I just look at her in disbelief. Then I smile to show my appreciation.
" Look at me and tell me what you think Mr. Smithe."
I look at Maggie. " you are a ten." ......
Maggie smiles .. she leans forward and pulls the hospital gown off me. She touches my wound.
" Your wound is healing nicely Mr. Smithe." .... Maggie kisses my chest, finding places to bite me gently. Maggie kisses one nipple and then the other nipple. She moves her mouth to my ear and nibbles on the lobe. Lobe to lobe, nipple to nipple, Maggie tastes my body. She nuzzles my neck and face, kissing my lips as she moves by my mouth.
She kisses me. She pushes her lovely soft lips to mine. I kiss Maggie.
Maggie moves her mouth to my healthy shoulder, biting my muscles, nibbling on my upper arm, then back to the shoulder. She leans forward and drags her chest across my chest, focusing on nipple to nipple contact. Maggies nipples a erect, her excitement is obvious. Her nipples stick out visibily through her uniform.
Maggie rises up an pulls the bedding off me, pushing it to the floor. She desends to my stomach an kisses my stomach all over, stopping only to rub her face on my body, tracing paths over my abdomen with her tongue. Her aroused nipples arouse me as they touch my skin. I get shivers in my spine. Maggie breathes in slow, ..... long, ......deep breaths.

As I watched Maggie the most wonderful thing happens. She touchs the tip of my pinus with her tongue. She looks at me and I smiled at her. Maggie slides my very happy pinus into her very beautiful mouth. Oh the feeling .... her warm wet mouth, gently massaging my dick with her mouth. Her lips are in control as they slid over me. Gliding over me sucking, licking, clamping down on me with her mouth. I wanted to cum in her loverly mouth but I seemed to not be able too. ..................... tapping.
" Sally" ... Maggie says to me. Maggie pulls away from me and goes to the door walks Sally.
" Hello you, I'll just watch and be a witness for the defence if necessary."
I smiled at Sally .... " Sure, .... you arrange this.?" .....
" NO! ...but I did assist with the planning."
Maggie comes to the edge of the bed and resumes sucking on me. She moves up and down the length of my shaft, slowly licking me, looking past my dick to my face watching for reactions. Maggie finds a sensitive spot. She purses her lips and drags her lips over the sensitive area of my pinus whilst touching me with her tongue.The warnth of her mouth, the warm moistness of her mouth. She slides me deep into her mouth, pulls back slowly, sucking, I feel a tightness around my cock from her mouth. Maggie repeats this again. My cock is wrapped in her mouth. She continues to slowly suck on me. Slow withdrawls, slow penetrations. Maggie is tasting every inch of my pinus.
I lie there watching Maggie suck and llick me. She is in a zone all her own. I do not seem to be able to cum I watch my prick being sucked by a beautiful women.
Maggie pulls up.
" My jaw is getting sore Mr Smithe, Ok if I fuck you.?" ..
" Ya sure, help yourself." ...
Maggie picks up her hem and down come her white panties, sliding down a very shapely pair of dark legs. The contrast between her dark legs and white panties is very sexy. Her panties slide to the floor. Maggie steps out of her panties and gets on me. I slip into her wet pussy with ease. Down and down she goes ... in and in I go. Straddling me. Maggie is not tight, she is very comfortable. She slides over me with continuous motion. My cock is inside the pussy of as sexy a women as I've ever seen. Up and down, small circles, she digs in, releases me, drives down on me again and again.
" Your getting spoiled tonight Boss." ..Sally say's.
" I thiink so too." ... in reply.
Maggie speaks, " I've never had a white man in me Mr. Smithe, and I've never had a man of power in me either. Some of us ladies like powerful men Mr.Smithe. I'm go'ng to have both tonight with you. I'll ask you to forgive me ahead of time, I have only been with two men so I might get a lilttle over excited. "
" Sally and my co-workers will cover for us. We've got two or three hours Mr.Smithe, don't rush me through my fantasy please. "
" Ok, take all the time you want honey. I am in awe, and my cock is in Pinus Heaven." ...
I hear a chuckle from Sally, Maggie returns to her quest of fucking a powerfull white man. This powerful WASP is humbled by the honor bestowed upon him by this very beautiful Black lady.
Puzzled by my inability to cum, I watch Maggie use my body. She slides about tasting me, drinking-in every single sensation her body extracts from my body.
Maggie pulls away from me, then pushes me back inside her soft. warm, wet vagina. She pulls away again, tastes a nipple, kisses my mouth, sucks on my nose, pushes me back inside her again. Over and over again she uses her body to taste carnal love. My cock is so hard it hurts, I love the feeling of re-entering Maggie, her opening, her warmth, her motion. Slipping in and out, feeling of being inside a creature with a near perfect body, a body that could only have been made in heaven. Her lust for me, controlled, her desire to keep us on the tip of orgasm.
I smile to myself, tantric sex. My first partner with this style of love making. Although Sally is that way, she has never treated me.
Maggie moves over me, rubbing herself against my skin. Her pubic hair is soft, adding so much more to the thrill of contact with her. I feel her lips protruding as they rub my skin, her breathing is laboured, rhythmic. Each new thrill matched with gasps, controlled responses, and when she nears orgasm, Maggie ends contact, slows her response, then titillates herself to the next near orgasm. Over and over again she does this .................
" I'm so hard it hurts" ...
Sally rises and goes to the bathrom, I hear water run and then Sally returns to the bed. She hands a wet wash clothe to Maggiie who proceeds to wipe my pinus and balls with it me ...the warm washcloth has taken the ache away .... I feel relaxed and yet I am so hard.
Maggie engulfs my cock in her mouth again, sucking on it, licking it, pressuring my cock with her lips as she sucks .......
"My jaw hurts, I can't do this anymore .........I'll just have to fuck you Mr. Smithe." ... Maggie smiles at me with a sparckle in those beautiful eyes.
I enter her again, Maggie slides slowly over my pinus, the warmth of her is llike the warm wet wash clothe. I feel an urge to cum, and yet cannot. Instead of aching, the warmth of her vagina around my pinus excites and soothes at the same time. I reach my maximim penetration, then Maggie slowly slides upward and my pinus feels her vagina moving over it ...........
Time and again she repeats this ...... as she nears orgasm her breathing changes, sharp inhalations, short rapid lilttle gasps accompany her titillations.
I see Sally approach, she touches Maggie and Maggie rises up, rearing her head ....
" Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa ........................ Oh my fucking Lord ............. "
I grab Maggies hips just in time to keep me from exiting her.
Sally pushes Maggie' back downward, pushing my pinus deeper ..........
"Lift your hips and hold her tight Bob." ............ Sally instructs
I do as instructed ... Maggie gasps again, a loud gasp ......... Sally is behind her ...... Maggie once again rears her head ...
" Oh My GOD ! " .............................
" Uuuuuuughhhh, Uuuuhhh ....... Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ... "
Maggie roars .... her spasms match her hip movements and her gasps for breathe.
I feel the vibrator in Maggies ass. It feels good to me, and yet I am a distant lover, I am in awe as I watch this beautiful lady reach her climax. Her fantasy coming true, her orgasm is violent. Maggie bucks and thrashes about, her head reared, her leg and bum muscles contracting in unison with her orgasmic spasms. Sally has the vibrator in her rectum... the vibrator and my pinus are adjacent. ...... pressing on Maggie.
I feel the wetness from Maggie as it runs over my body ...
HER orgasm ends with Maggie lying on me .... exhausted.
The buzz of the vibrator ceases .......
....... all is quiet ....... then I hear clapping and some muffled chears .. ... I look at Maggie ..her eyes are closed .... Sally goes out of the room ... I hear excited voices .......
A nurse appears at the door, she enters the room ............... then several more nurses come into the room .. suddenly I am surrounded by nurses, all a flutter.
Hugs and kisses are given to both of us ..... Maggie smiles in her exhausted state ... she lays upon me and is content.
Lastly a big dark nurse enters the room .. she peers at Maggies bottom, touches Maggie and places her finger tip in her mouth ...............
" I always wanted to taste you girl." ...she says .........
Maggie smiles and holds me tight.
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