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A teenage girl discovers the joys of masturbation
Discovery Part 1

It was on that Thursday in June last year that Lauren’s life completely changed. It was coming up to their school’s prom and a boy called James had recently asked her out, and on the Wednesday night he had taken her on her first date to the cinema. The film was average but Lauren had hardly noticed because of the close attention that James had been paying to her. It had started off with the ‘yawn-arm round the shoulder’ and by the end of the film this had evolved through cuddling up to full on kissing. It was while James was embracing his lips with hers that Lauren felt a tingle down in her belly. Now it was normal for a girl of her age to get occasional tingles throughout her body but this was different to anything she had experienced before; it felt good and when James finally broke off their kissing as the film ended, she felt disappointed that the feeling had disappeared.

She enjoyed the rest of the evening, with James treating her to a romantic meal before walking her home holding each other’s hands. They embraced outside her door and exchanged one last kiss, during which Lauren felt that same tingle briefly deep down in her abdomen. She waved, then turned and unlocked the front door, stepping inside and was immediately besieged by her mother, Elena, who was desperate to know how her daughter’s first date had gone. After fighting off the immediate onslaught, Lauren climbed the stairs, tired but happy, but stopped when she saw her brother, Peter, come out of his room. She tried to hide in the shadows but was spotted and prepared herself for the teasing that would follow.

‘Hey lozzy, did u enjoy your first date. Hope it didn’t go too badly.’

Lauren kept going trying to block out Peter’s words but they wormed their way inside her head, taunting her in a way that only siblings can achieve.

‘Bet he dumped you didn’t he. Why would anyone want to go out with someone as annoying as you?’

Opening her door, Lauren thought to herself, ‘Just ignore him, he’s just jealous.’ The problem was though that jealous or not, Peter’s teasing could not be ignored and as he opened his mouth to speak again, Lauren finally cracked, hurling a hairbrush from her desk inside the door at his head. It connected with a thump, causing Peter to shout with pain as she slammed her door in his face and locked it. Removing her shoes and tossing them into her wardrobe, Lauren turned on her stereo and adjusted the volume so that her brother’s moans of pain and curses from outside were blocked out. She knew that he wouldn’t tell their mum because telling tales wasn’t his sort of thing; he would wait and get revenge on Lauren at some later time, as he always tried and usually failed to do.

As she closed her bedroom curtains, she looked at her clock: 10:00pm. Usually she would have a shower in the evening but as he had been out on her date she decided to give it a miss until the following morning. Sitting down at her desk and looking in her TV-sized mirror, she started removing the little makeup that she had applied earlier. Elena had insisted against Lauren completely smothering herself in makeup, arguing that her daughter looked beautiful enough as it is. To be fair, her mother did have a point, she though. Standing up and stripping off her short and skimpy dress that Elena had not agreed with entirely, Lauren looked at her 15 year old figure clad in just a bra and panties.

Her face was not model-like and airbrushed like a good proportion of the girls at school, but her pretty features did attract the odd stare from occasional fit boys at her school. Lauren especially loved her eyes; they were bright green and had a constant sparkle that made them shine like some precious stone. Her long brown hair flowed to just under shoulder height but she never wore it back in a pony tail. She enjoyed the feel of it brushing her shoulders and her back. Standing at about 5’ 8”, she was not the tallest girl but not the shortest either, average height as she liked to think.

Looking at herself, she was glad that puberty had hit her at a good time so she fitted in with her friends. Her bra held a pair of perky 34C breasts with nipples that any boy would describe as being perfect, while her body curved gracefully before reaching a pair of wide hips that gave Lauren a perfect hourglass figure that some of her friends envied immensely. Her panties hide a set of well developed but unused pussy lips, and a small covering of light brown pubic hair lay on the front of her pubic area. Lauren had thought about shaving it as she had spied her mother do before, but in her opinion she didn’t really have enough yet to warrant a shave.

Lauren stripped off her underwear to stand naked in her mirror for a moment, before she walked over to her bed and retrieved her folded pair of pyjamas sporting a ‘cool chick’ logo on the front. Even with the baggy pyjamas on, her figure still would cause boys to stop and stare if she walked past. Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock on her door as Elena asked if she could come in.
Unlocking and opening the door, Lauren let her mother enter her room and turned to climb into bed.

‘Lauren, you know how many times I’ve asked you to stop locking your door at night. I know you want your privacy but what if there was a fire and you got trapped.’

‘I know mum, but it was to stop Peter coming in and annoying me again.’

Elena adopted a motherly tone before continuing, ‘I do wish that you two could just get on with each other.’
‘Dur mum, we’re brother and sister. We’re supposed to not get along, it’s natural.’

‘I know darling. It’s just that ever since your father left, life has got so much more difficult and it would make my job easier if you two weren’t constantly bickering,’ sighed Elena, as she turned to leave. ‘Night Lauren. Hope you enjoyed yourself today.’

‘Night mum,’ replied Lauren, and with that her mother turned off the light and left the room, closing the door behind her. Lauren climbed into bed and for once, she felt contented with the day’s events as she drifted off to sleep, recalling the tingling sensation she felt when James kissed her.


It was at 7.15 the next morning that Lauren finally gave in and hauled herself out of bed to turn off her alarm clock. As she moved, she recalled the dream she had had during the night: it had been a replay of her date with James the previous evening, although her mind kept jumping to the bit where they both kissed. Bringing herself back to the real world, she felt a wet sensation between her legs when her pyjama bottoms rubbed against her crotch. Feeling slightly bemused, Lauren switched off her alarm clock and sat on the end of her bed, pulling down her pyjama bottoms as she did so. She noticed a small wet spot on the front of them as she dropped them onto her bed so she leaned forward to look between her legs.

Lauren’s pussy lips where much more open than usual but this was not the most unusual thing in her opinion. Her small strip of pubic hair was glistening with some sort of liquid substance that was sticky to her fingers when she reached down to feel it. She also found the same shining liquid all over her vulva and inside the pussy lips themselves. Just as she was about to slip a single finger to explore the previously undiscovered are inside her lips, her mums voice sounded from down the hall way announcing breakfast.

Quick as a flash, Lauren leapt off her bed, pulled on her pyjama bottoms in what must have been world record time and dashed out of the door. She paused at the bottom of the stairs, glanced at her crotch briefly before walking casually into the dining room, taking care to keep her wet spot on her pyjamas out of view from her family. Sitting down at the table, she ate a hearty breakfast with her mum and her brother, after which she bounded back upstairs to quickly shower and get dressed for school.

The school day passed much slower as usual, Lauren thought. She still had the wet feeling between her legs so she had to keep her legs shut to stop it from trickling down the inside of her thigh. Lauren did not know what was happening to her and was desperate to get home so that she could find out what was causing her pussy to be so wet with the shiny liquid. When the school bell rang at the end of the day, Lauren said a quick goodbye to her friends before setting off at a fast walk for her house.

Unlocking the front door, Lauren entered to find the house deserted. She wondered where Peter could have got to, as he was always home before her, before remembering that he had gone round to a friend’s house. Dumping her bag in the hallway, she climbed the stairs to her room and collapsed onto her bed, thinking how good it was be to be home. Then her mind went back to the more pressing matter in hand, so she sat up and removed her blazer, tie and socks, then hitched up her skirt and quickly whipped off her now-sodden panties.

A shiver ran through her body as she felt the breeze brush across her pussy lips and she momentarily felt the same tingle she had felt when she had kissed James. She decided that she would sit in front of her big mirror so that she could better see between her legs so she sat down, spreading her legs and lifting her skirt up.

The glistening liquid seemed to be all over her crotch. Her pubic hair sparkled in the mirror and her pussy lips were spread wide revealing its contents to Lauren’s eager eyes. Just below her pubic hair was a small little pink orb that was poking out of a fold of skin, what she would later come to know as her clitoris. Underneath this was the tiny opening of her urethra but this was nothing compared to the much bigger opening that lay beneath this. Gazing upon the bright pink hole which appeared to be leaking the same liquid that had covered the rest of her genitals, Lauren gasped as she realised that this was her vagina.
When she had explored herself before, after having her first period, she had barely been able to find her vagina within the tight folds of skin that protected it. Now however, it looked completely different to how it had looked before and her vagina looked quite open now. Lauren decided to she what it felt like with her finger, so she reached down between her legs and placed her finger on the outside of her vagina, but it was so lubricated with her natural juices that her finger slipped straight in up to the knuckle and Lauren let out a gasp as a wave of pleasure swept through her brain.

As she withdrew her finger, the pleasure subsided, so she slipped it back in again. Within a minute or two, Lauren had begun to slide her single finger in and out of her vagina, and moans began to escape from her lips as she began to masturbate for the first time in her life. Quickly she decided to see if another finger would work, so she slipped that in too. Then a third. It didn’t take long before she was pumping her three fingers in and out of herself, and her moaning was getting louder and louder.
Lauren felt a strange thing happening to her; her pleasure was slowly building and building until it reached a point where it needed a release. She tried to slip in a thumb as well, but it brushed against the little pink orb she had seen earlier and her body began to spasm as she rocketing into her very first orgasm. Her back arched but she kept going, pumping her fingers in and out until she collapsed onto her bed exhausted and passed out.

End of Part 1

My first story, so any constructive critisism would be welcome for when i write part 2.


2010-08-30 01:45:39
a little unrealistic in her knowledge of sex and some grammatical and spelling errors, but overall a good story. can't wait for part two

Anonymous readerReport

2009-09-09 13:11:58
95% of all 15yo caucasian girls are between 5'-1" to 5'-8" tall.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-09-08 12:42:57
5'8 is pretty tall for a girl, I can't imagine a bunch of 6'0 tall girls because just kind of tall in her school.


2009-09-08 04:01:11
This has to be described as a disappointingly empty bunch of words. This "stpry" does not have any place in a group of erotic stories, there is just nothing at all erotic about it

Anonymous readerReport

2009-09-07 13:26:13
I loved it and the differences in wording makes it even better.

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