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The staff finally realise their manager is a total whore
Fiona positioned herself on the floor like instructed, around about 5ft from the office door. I carried on telling Fiona to plough her cunt with the big black rubber cock. From the position of the webcam on the filing cabinet I had a perfect view.

“That’s it Fiona pull on your hard nipples as well slut, yeah that’s it really moan, moan as you fuck your cunt. That’s it slut moan as loud as possible, let the others hear you acting like a whore”.

Fiona pulled her nipples and plunged the black rubber cock deep into her wanton pussy.


“That’s it slut I’m sure your colleagues just heard you Cumming, yes Fiona I can see movement through the glass, fuck yourself harder cum again louder slut”.

I could see on the monitor slight movement outside Fiona’s office, just a few shadows moving around. I had no doubt that it’d be her colleagues trying to hear their manager fucking herself with the big black monster. The parcel they had quite clearly spotted in the hands of the fake delivery guy.
Wanting Fiona to get caught and fucked I urged her on to come again, louder than before.


Fiona came nosily and I could see the dildo glisten as it slipped from her sloppy cunt. Fiona lazily slipped the cock in and out of her cunt for a few minutes, and then stopped suddenly. I’d heard it to, a knock on her door.

Fiona looked anxiously towards the webcam as if waiting for my next instruction.
The door knocked again, only louder this time. Fiona went to get up and come away.

“Get back down there slut, you know the rules. Open your legs fuck your pussy and shout come in”.

Fiona got down on the floor and spread her legs again, the cock disappeared into her hole once more. On the screen I could see the door clearly and whoever was about to enter would have the shock of his life, and it’d be all on screen for me to see.

“Come in”. Fiona sounded really nervous about what she was about to embark on. This could go badly wrong and my actions could cost Fiona her job.

The door opened slowly and as it was pushed fully open a man came into view. His face was a picture of shock for a brief moment, then a smirk spread across his face and I knew that Fiona wouldn’t have a problem. Apart from this guys cock that was rapidly growing in his trousers. The guy stepped into Fiona’s office rubbing his cock through his trousers, he stopped when he was between his managers spread legs and watched Fiona fucking her wet hole. The bloke had entered the room and left the door open.
I then decided to give Fiona her next order over the speaker phone.

“Fiona you slut, suck the man’s cock, then fuck his cock like the whore you are. If any more cocks come through that door you suck and fuck them too. Is that understood slut?”

“Yes, yes I understand”. The bloke looked totally bemused and shocked so I spoke directly to him next.
“Pal, Fiona will now suck and fuck your cock and any other cock that presents itself. As you can see I’m

Fiona’s keeper I tell her what to do ok? If you look up here on the cabinet this is where I’m watching from. Anytime you or any other member of the office wants to use these whores’ holes it happens in here on cam so I can watch or record it understood?”

“Totally, 100%”
“Now enjoy, and leave the door open. Fiona suck his fucking dick”.

Fiona removed the dildo and knelt in front of her colleague. He was a fairly large man, maybe 6ft and in the region of 17st. He was also older than Fiona probably late 50s. The look on his face was unbelievable as his manager pulled his trousers round his ankles. I could see the large bulge in his boxer shorts and I was eager to see what Fiona would be taking. I didn’t have to wait long as Fiona pulled them down to join his trousers.

A big thick cock sprung out and hit Fiona’s forehead. Over the last few months Fiona had regularly been fucked by my short but very thick cock, and Daz’s longer 8”. Before that she’d been a neglected wife having not had a cock in her for over 6yrs. Her sexual desires eventually getting the better of her and gave herself to me, her daughter’s boyfriend, and know her keeper.

The cock now on offer to Fiona was about 8” and pretty thick, she was going to enjoy this. She knelt up a bit higher and opened her mouth ready for the helmet. Her employee grabbed her head and fed his shaft down her throat. He was now receiving what I can only describe as a great great blowjob.

Whilst this scene was unfolding on my screen I had a fantastic slow wank, seeing my mother in law whoring herself at work had me spunking in minutes. From this day on i knew I’d be finding more and more cock for Fiona to service.

Watching Fiona expertly suck the come from this guys cock made me forget to keep an eye on the top of the screen, the open door. 3 blokes were now stood in the door way watching their manager sucking on their mates cock. I watched and didn’t need to say anymore, my orders had been quite clear. The chap about to blow his nut in Fiona’s mouth could pass on the rules.

“AH AH OH fuck yeah AH AH AH faster bitch, AAAARRRGGHH”

He blew his load into Fiona’s mouth. Holding the back of her head in place as he filled her throat, only when he’d finished did he remove his slimly spent dick. Thick white sperm oozed from Fiona’s mouth and dribbled onto her cleavage. The bloke then noticed his buddies and stepped away. He left Fiona knelt in the middle of the office, tits and wet cunt fully exposed and come dribbling down her face. The 3 other employees looked at her with tents in their suit trousers.

“Go on guys fill your boots, our manger here is a pimped out whore and we get to fuck it”. He then sat down on a chair and began wanking his cock back to life.

The guys at the door approached Fiona shedding clothes at the same time. Soon enough 3 hard dicks surrounded her and she grabbed at two and sunk her lips over the other. Again the door remained open.
Throughout the next 15 mins Fiona was made to deep throat the 3 cocks in turn, when she wasn’t sucking she wanked them and fondled their come heavy balls. Eventually she had another cock to entertain as the first guy got back involved.

One lad who they called Sid was maybe 23yrs and small and stocky. He probably weighed 13st and had a pretty small cock, about 5” I’d guess at. The first guy that had used Fiona already was called Brian.
The other 2 blokes were in their thirties I think both around 5’10 and 15 odd stone. None of the blokes were particularly good looking, but they had dicks and Fiona had holes to fill. One bloke was called roger and he had a pretty impressive tool on him probably the longest and thickest of the four at over 8”. Steve the final bloke had a steady 7” and was slamming in and out of Fiona’s mouth.

Brian began to remove Fiona’s clothes, chucking them all over the office and even her bra out the door.
All of a sudden Sid stepped in closer to his manager and busts his aching nuts all over the side of her face. Spunk splattered her cheeks and landed in her hair. Seeing this tipped Steve over the edge and he sprayed her face again, covering her nose, eyes and lips. She looked amazing covered in spunk. Roger was still getting sucked off when Brian picked Fiona up from her knees. Pushing her head forward back onto Rogers long cock.

Brian got in behind Fiona and nudged his cock at her very wet entrance. In one swift movement his cock disappeared into the lovely warm wet hole of his whore manager. Fiona lifted of Rogers cock and let out a long loud gasp.

“Oh yeah that’s it fuck my pussy, fuck your managers cunt Brian”.

Bent over in the door way Fiona was double ended, with every hard thrust from Brian, Rogers cock hit the back of Fiona’s throat. Steve and Sid mauled her swinging tits and rubbed her sensitive clit into a frenzy, soon Fiona shook her knees nearly giving way as her first colleague induced orgasm ripped through her mature body.

Roger tensed up and his big cock twitched, once, twice and a third time then he pulled out of her eager mouth. A massive load of gooey white come spewed out of Fiona’s mouth onto her office floor. I thought another dick would fill her vacant mouth but instead the guys lined up behind Brian. They were going to wait in line to have a go at their managers abused cunt.

Anybody walking by the office would of seen Fiona bent over, tits swinging and come dripping from her mouth and face as 4 of her staff lined up to plough her holes. I shot a massive load of come into Alice’s knickers that I was using to wank into. Brain continued his relentless battering of her pussy, almost knocking her to her knees with the force of his thrusts. After 3 more powerful strokes he filled her cunt with a load of sperm. As he pulled out he spun her round so her arse was pointing at the cam and her head was pointing towards the door.

I watched his come dribble out of her wet cunt and down her thighs, I’m sure he was thanking me for letting the work force use Fiona as a whore. Steve slid in to Fiona next and gave her a quick 5min hard fuck before he deposited load number 2 into her wanton hole. Again i watched another load dribble out and coat her sticky thighs.

Sid pushed Fiona onto the desk on her back and got between her legs. Brian and Steve stood either side and pulled her legs apart, stretching her well used cunt open. Sid wasn’t to interested in her pussy though, he stuffed 3 fingers into her cunt and pulled them out covered in pussy juice and come. He then smeared it round Fiona’s puckered asshole slipping a finger in as he did so.

Sid nudged his little 5” cock at her tight entrance; he received no resistance from Fiona which I knew anyway. The whore loves cock in her ass.

“Go on Sid fuck Fiona’s dirty butthole shouted Brian”.

Sids little cock was soon in Fiona’s darkest hole, it didn’t take too much effort as the black dildo had opened her up a fair bit. Fiona seemed to enjoy his little dick in her ass and soon came hard, a little bit of juice leaked from her cunt and ran down to her ass offering more natural lube.

I noticed movement behind the scene at the front of the camera; I could just make out 5 different heads popping round the door taking in the scene. I’d already mentioned in part1 that Fiona was a manager in a large organisation, and a lot of staff were assigned to her office. My plan had worked perfectly she would be the talk of the office by the end of play and from here on in she would be the boss of the work, but she is also going to be the office whore.

Fiona was unaware that a lot of blokes were gathering at the door and watching, I also noticed a few women have a quick look before skulking of embarrassed.
It didn’t take long for Roger to notice the large crowd of his colleagues.

“Hey Fiona looks like we’ve got quite an audience, show her lads”.

Fiona was lifted off her back and looked towards the door. At least 15 or more blokes from her staff stood grinning at her. She was laid back down on the desk and Sid plunged his cock back into her arse and hammered away, much to the delight of the workforce. Obscenities began to be hurled at Fiona.

“Hey Fiona I can’t wait to fuck you, maybe you can manage my cock from now on”. Or
“fuck the whore”.
“show her who’s boss now”.
“when’s my turn whore”.

Things along these lines. Her authority was now gone for good. She was just the whore manager.
Sid and Steve both came in her arse before dressing and joining the watching crowd. Brian was next to abuse his bosses anus and fill her rectum for the third time. As Brian joined the group he made an announcement

“Guys if you look up on the cabinet you’ll see the webcam”. Shocked gasps and looks filled the screen.....
“There is someone I’d like you to hear from on the end of the phone”.
I didn’t plan to say anything again but thought it best as Brian obviously didn’t want to relay the rules.

“I am Fiona’s keeper, her main lover and she does as I tell her. I want you all to enjoy Fiona as your office whore. The only condition is this. Whenever you want to use Fiona she is used in this office so I can watch and record all goings on. She is a complete slut that loves cock in all her holes and loves come. Enjoy”.

The crowd were silent for a whole minute taking in what had just been said. Only the sound of Roger feeding his large cock filled the room as Fiona came loudly. The crowd soon realised I was serious and gathered closer. Fiona’s office was now full of men from her staff. A lot had their cocks out and wanked as Roger tore her passage open. He was clearly a good fuck and had stamina. H e continued fucking her arsehole as the men in the room wanked their various dicks over her body. Fiona was sort of being branded by them, marked with their come. She was covered. Tits, face, hair, stomach, legs, all received come from a member of staff.

I’d totally forgot about the dildo until one of the new guys picked it up. He walked up to the desk with it waving it around.

“I wonder where Fiona wants this big black monster”.
“Stick it in her cunt, I bet the whore can take it”.

Roger stopped fucking her for a moment and pulled out. The lad rubbed the dildo round her wet hole a few times. Without warning he rammed it up into her womb until the black balls rested on her clit. He then held it in place with the palm of his hand as Roger filled her bottom. She now had over 17” of real and plastic cock stretching her holes.

Fiona loved it and came 3 times. As Roger plunged in the dildo was removed as he pulled out the dildo was plunged back in.

Roger exploded in the depths of her violated rectum oozing sperm into her. The last guy wanked a load on her body then she was left, covered in come and sore holes.
As the men cleared the office and headed home 4 off the women walked past and had a lingering stare at their well fucked manager. They left shortly after.

From that day forward Fiona has been the managing whore. She is regularly used and abused by all 26 of the male staff and I get the pleasure of watching. Recently her overheads have found out though and Fiona was in a lot of trouble.

More the the family of whores soon........where Fiona’s whore lifestyle gets her daughter into trouble............but also my cock in her daughters cunt.

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