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A true story of Roamnce and Passion
The moment I laid my big blue eyes on him I knew that he is the man that I want, need and desire. He tells me that I am beautiful and thats what I wanted to hear him say. I had to wait and be patient as I persued him and hoped that I could have him for myself. After several weeks of talking and trying to tell him how I felt he came back to me. After a long three weeks apart and sharing pictures and thoughts of what we both wanted, he drove nine hours to be close to me. The anticipation of him was makeing me a little nervous. After a long night of waiting he finally arrives and my heart drops to my feet. He gets out of his car and I wait for him to come closer for I had a plan on how I would greet him. The closer he gets the more my heart races and before I can even get my thoughts together he grabs me and kisses me with the most powerful kiss I have ever felt. I can't control myself when I am with him. I don't want to control myself I just want to feel his touch and his breath on my face. As we get him settled in from his trip we can't stand the wait any longer. We both want eachother so badly that we tear eachothers clothes off and have incrediable sex. The days that came after that were unbelievable. He wanted me so badly and I want him so badly that we just can't keep our hands off eachother. After a long night of drinking my fears were gone and I wanted him to take me all of me. Takeing his shirt off and bounding my hands and just taking me, his hands all over my body and his toungue touching my sweet wet clit, I scream and moan, I have never had that feeling before. Looking up at him while at his mercey I ask him to make love to me. Those words have never come out of my mouth before to anyone but thats what I wanted him to do. He unties my hands and leads me to the room where he makes passionate and remembering love to me. From that moment I knew that he was the one that I had to be with for all of eternity. Playing is what he loves to do, the sexual things that we share and do make me sweat and tremble. Decideing to go to an adult store before a weekend get away gets me excited not knowing what he has planned for me. We look at the toy selection and lubricants and talk of role playing. We decide to purchase some straps for tieing eachother down and a blind fold and he gets a cock ring with some lube to keep him hard for hours longer than usual. Once we get to our destination and have our night out with our friends we go back to our suite and the playing begins. I tie him to the bed and blind fold him as I masterbate while sucking his hard cock. Fucking him was the ineviadable but I had to work him up a little more makeing him want me more than ever. After the weekend was over and we headed back home the experiences that we had were only getting better. After several weeks of playing and exploring eachothers bodies we take it a little further than we had up to that point. Laying beside him and my heart races so fast that I feel my whole body shakeing uncontrolably. The touch of his hands as they touch my stomache and slowly up my shirt towards my tits that are hard and waiting for the moment that he sucks and bites them. Finally he does and my legs quiver and I moan because its what I was waiting for. Before I can even fully react he takes the straps that are attached to the post of the bed and ties my hands and feet to the bed. He walks out of the room and leaves me nakid on the bed tied down and says nothing. Moments later he returns with a glass of ice and I get more excited beause I want him to touch me so badly and make me come. As I lay there he takes the ice and runs it all over my chest before he runs it across my nipples its so cold that it hurts in a way that I want him right now. Takeing the ice and running it across my belly and down my thighs as I just lay there and take it becasue I don't want him to stop. Finally he puts the ice in my pussy and it melts quickly as I am so hot and horny. I want him so badly that I orgasim at the thought of what comes next. Putting ice in his mouth and crunching it as he licks my swollen clit I moan with great relief that I have gotten what I had longed for.After several orgasims he gets up and grabs a sword and takes it from the case and runs the cold blade all over me makeing me squirm with excitment. Around my tits and down my stomache then down my thighs getting more forceful with every drag across my body. The erotic things that he does to me makes me beg for him to not stop and to call him my daddy as he caresses me and kisses me in all my sweet spots, spots I didn't even know that I had til he explored all of me. After several hours of being tied to the bed and him playing with me he stops and looks at me and says that he is done. I don't want him to be I want to feel his thick cock inside me. The way he smells and looks at me when he feels my tight pussy makes me peak multiple times. The orgasims that we both reach are powerful and intense. Every time I look at him I see the passion in his eyes. The things that he does to me is like nothing that I have ever experienced in my life. He is playful and has sexual fantasies that I want to fulfil with and for him. Now its my turn to play with him as I get him turned on by biteing him and kissing all down his thighs and around his waist. Getting to the point that he can't keep his hands off of me I tie him down and blind fold him that way he can't see what I am about to do to him. I love biteing him and listening to him moan and I lick him and grind my wet pussy across his hard cock. Tasteing my juices on him turns me on. Moveing down his shaft to his nuts and down to his asshole. He loves it and raises his ass for more. I lick it and taste it before I put my long tounge inside of him. He moans and squirms as he loves everything that I am doing to him. I want him to enjoy it more so I get my finger wet and I slide it deep into his ass milking him as I suck his thick hard cock. Just before his climax i remove myself from his ass and climb on top of him and put him inside of me, him still blindfolded and tied down. I grind myself harder and deeper then ever. Your moans are louder and more exciteing when you have no control. I can't take it anymore so I untie your hands and allow you to touch me as I sit on you. You turn me over and tell me not to come as you thrust me harder and harder makeing me almost scream with pleaseure. I hold back as much as I can wanting to squirt all over you but restraining myself so that we can come together because thats what you want. You tell me that i can release and I do as I FEEL your warm hot come filling my already wet pussy. It throbs from the multiple orgasisms that I have reached over the course of our playing. Every experience that we encounter is more exciteing than the one before. His touch is very powerful and orgasmic. I look forward to whateles he has in store for me in the years to come. The games that we can play and the different roles that we can take on as we explore our sexuality as a couple.He is my ultamite fantasy. He is my master and protector and I will obey him as he takes me. I will beg him to never stop touching me or loving me. I can't wait til the next time that he touches me again and tells me what he wants from me.

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2009-09-05 23:41:26
Use paragraphs!!!!!

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2009-09-04 21:55:54
Unbelievable - literally!

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