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: Sister who listens and obeys her daddy even her playmates come over for some fun to listen and obey.
The next day I woke the girls up. When I walked in they were already up. They said Uncle Andrew we have to go potty. I said ok girls get out of bed I will take you to the little Dora explorer potty. Once out of bed we started walking towards the bathroom were the potty was. Rachel Amy and Stacy all at once started to kick me. Girls stop that kicking at once! If you don’t stop you’re going to get an enema. They didn’t stop kicking. We reached the bathroom and I took there pajamas off. Ok Amy you’re first. She sat naked on the little potty. First she peed then she pooped a lot. Uncle Andrew all done going potty. She got up off the potty and I wiped her clean. Ok Rachel your turn she peed and pooped more then Amy. Then I wiped her clean. Stacy your turn she peed a lot and pooped very little. I wiped her clean. OK girls you’re staying naked because after breakfast its enema time and you must hold it in for four hours.

Yes Uncle Andrew. I took them down to the kitchen and sat them at the table. I gave them each a sippy cup with orange juice. They were drinking while I made them each a piece of toast with eggs. After there food was done I put it on the table and they started eating. When they were done I marched there cute little bottoms into the downstairs bathroom where I had three bags full of hot water ready for them. I told them each bend over and spread your butt cheeks while I took the nozzle up and inserted into there cute little rosebud assholes. Once the nozzles were inserted I let the water loose and it was filling there little bottoms. I was watching the bags and they were almost empty. In almost two minutes the bags were empty and starting now girls its 10am now you can’t go potty until 2pm. The girls looked they were about burst. Girls you will remain naked until 2pm. Now go into the playroom and play with your toys. They went into play with the toys. Oh and so I don’t want to hear more complaints from you I’m giving you each a pacifier to suck on. They took a pacifier from my hand and started sucking on them. I went and cleaned the kitchen

After the kitchen was clean I went to the playroom so I could keep an eye on the girls. Amy turned around I could see her cute butt and came over to me and said Uncle Andrew I really need to go potty. You’re not allowed to go until 2pm hunnie its 11:30am. She went back and played with the toys. The girls were playing with there backs towards to me so I could watch there cute sexy butts. OK girls its 12pm and lunch time come with me into the kitchen for some lunch. They all followed me in and were all doing the potty dance but knew they had to hold it in until 2pm. I sat them at the table heated up some Mac and cheese and poured them each a sippy cup of apple juice. Eat up girl’s first take out your pacifier. They had trouble eating due to the intense sensations coming from the enema. We are done Uncle Andrew. The time is now 12:45pm and they are all doing so well. I cleaned up from lunch then took them back to the playroom to play and I put on there favorite channel. They all sat and watched tv while sucking on there pacifiers.

The time was now 1:30pm and they all got up to stretch and started to do they potty dance twitching turning around and showing off there cute butts. They all said Uncle Andrew can we go potty now. I said not for another half hour. Sit back down and watch tv. They listened to me and sat back down and watched tv. After there show was over it was now 2pm and told them they were going to now go potty on the little Dora potty. Ok girls back to the bathroom were the Dora potty is. I cleaned the potty up after they first used it. They followed me and were kicking me again. Ok Amy you can go potty now. Once she sat down on it she released a lot off poop and was happy to get it all out. Now Stacy your turn she sat down and let out more poop then Amy did. And finally Rachel was up next she sat down did a huge load more then Amy and Stacy. Ok girls now that your down let me wipe you clean and get you ready for a trip to the doctor because its check up day today. Ok Uncle Andrew. I took them into there bedroom and dressed them each cute Disney princess matching outfits and had there pacifiers hanging around there necks. Then I took them to the car strapped them in and started driving to the doctors office.

Once we arrived at the office I signed in and we waited for them to be called. It was 15 minutes before they called us back. The nurse showed us to a room and the all sat on big examination table like good girls. The doctor came is and started to ask me questions about there health then he took them one at time and checked there ears nose throat, pussy, ass. First he examined Rachel. He slid his stethoscope under her shirt and checked her heart. Then he had her take her pants and panties off and examined her pussy for any unhealthy signs. After that he had her turn over so he could check her ass out. After he did that he quickly checked her ears then told her to get dressed. He told me she is very healthy. Ok Amy was next he did the same things he did to Rachel to Amy and said she is very healthy. Now it was Stacey’s turn and Rachel and Amy were misbehaving by kicking one another and doing a lot of name calling toward one another. Girls stop at once! When we get home your both getting spankings. Suck on your pacifiers now. Yes Uncle Andrew So the doctor checked Stacey out the same way he did Amy and Rachel. He told me to that she was very healthy. OK girls suck on your pacifiers while I talk to the doctor. They each put them in there mouth and started sucking. There pacifiers were all pink colored. They doctor was done talking to me and gave them each a lollipop to take home then we headed home. I got them back in the car put there seatbelts on there carseats they were throwing a temper tantrum and kicking the floor.

Once at home they all started throw a temper tantrum. Girls what’s wrong. They were all fighting over each others different flavored lollipop. That’s enough girls! If you don’t stop this fighting you’re each getting a good spanking. They didn’t stop. So I had them come with me to the playroom sat on the couch and first told them to strip there clothes off and then Stacey and Rachel will wait in the corner with there nose in the wall so I see there butts facing out at me while Amy gets her spanking. They were now naked and Stacey and Rachel were facing the wall like I told them to do. You are each getting 50 spankings. Yes Uncle Andrew. Amy over my lap now! She got over my lap and I started the spanking. Smack 1, smack 2, smack 3, smack 4, smack 5, smack 6, smack 7, smack 8, smack 9, smack 10, her butt was starting to get really red she also started to cry. Smack 11, Uncle Andrew I will be a good girl I promise. Smack 12, smack 13, smack 14, smack 15, smack 16, smack 17, smack 18, smack 19, smack 20, smack 21, smack 22, smack 23, smack 24, smack 25, smack 26, smack 27, smack 28, smack 29, smack 30, smack 31, smack 32, smack 33, smack 34, smack 35, smack 36, smack 37, smack 38, smack 39, smack 40, smack 41, smack 42, smack 43, smack 44, smack 45, smack 46, smack 47, smack 48 smack 49, smack 50. Amy was crying really hard. I told her to go stand in there coroner and wait there until Stacey and Rachel have had there spankings. Yes Uncle Andrew. She walked over the coroner you could her butt was red and on fire. Ok now Rachel get your ass over my lap now! She walked over to me and layed across my lap. I started her spanking. Smack 1, smack 2, smack 3, smack 4, smack 5, smack 6, smack 7, smack 8, smack 9, smack 10, smack 11, smack 12, she was starting to cry and her butt was almost crimson red. Smack 13, smack 14, smack 15, smack 16, smack 17, smack 18, smack 19, smack 20, smack 21, smack 22, smack 23, smack 24, smack 25, she said uncle Andrew I will be good I wont fight with Amy and Rachel. Tears were coming out of her eyes when she said that. Smack 26, smack 27, smack 28, smack 29, smack 30, smack 31, smack 32, smack 33, smack 34, smack 35, smack 36, smack 37, smack 38, smack 39, smack 40, smack 41, smack 42, smack 43, smack 44, smack 45, smack 46, smack 48, smack 49, smack 50. OK now up and in to the corner stand next to Amy buts facing out. Yes Uncle Andrew. She went and stood next to Amy. Her butt was really red and she was crying really hard. They were standing next to each other and looked so hot with there butts bright red. Rachel you’re up. Get over my knee now! She listened to me and I started her spanking. By this point my hand was hurting but they needed this spanking for there misbehavior earlier once we got home. Smack 1, smack 2, smack 3, smack 3, smack 4, smack 5, smack 6, smack 7, smack 8, smack 9, smack 10, smack 11, smack 12. Rachel’s butt was turning red and she to was also crying. Smack 13, smack 14, smack 15, smack 16, smack 15, smack 16, smack 17, smack 18, smack 19, smack 20, smack 21, smack 22, smack 23, smack 24, smack 25, smack 26, smack 27, smack 28, smack 29, smack 30, smack 31, smack 32, smack 33, smack 34, smack 35, smack 36, smack 37, smack 38, smack 39, smack 40, smack 41, smack 42, smack 43, smack 44, smack 45, smack 46, smack 47, smack 48, smack 49, smack 50. Ok now stand in the corner with Amy and Rachel. She walked over the wall where Amy and Rachel were and stood next to Stacey. You could see that all there butts were a nice bright burning red color. They were each still bawling there eyes saying that they will be good girls. So I told them to stay put and think about there actions until I could decide on what to do next.

OK girls get out of the corner and get dressed because we are going back to the doctor after we are done playing in the park. I got them dressed and put them in the car put there seat belts on and drove to the park. Once at the park I let them play. Now girls don’t get dirty. They said ok Uncle Andrew. They went and played on the swings and monkey bars. They were going down slide that had mud at the bottom of it. I was sitting on the bench watching them. I noticed that there clothes were really dirty. Girls get over here now! Yes uncle Andrew. I thought I told you to stay clean. We’re sorry. They also had mud all over there butts. They went and played in the sandbox. They looked cute sitting there playing in the sand. Stacey came up to me she had sand all over clothes. She said uncle Andrew me Rachel and Amy can’t poop. OK well once we get the doctors office I will have him each give you girls an enema. Girls time to go the doctors office. They got out of the sandbox and I brought them to the car all dirty and got them back in the car and strapped them into there carseat with the seat belts.. Once I got them got them in there carseats I noticed that they were covered in mud and sand. I thought I told you girls to stay clean. Fine you will just have to go all dirty. I got them back in the carseat, put there seat belts on and drove to the doctors office. Once there I signed in waited 10 minutes until the nurse called us back and put us in a room. The doctor came in and I told him you need to check Amys ears I think she has wax build up, and also the girls need to be fingered and given an enema they are having trouble pooping.. He said ok. He looked in her ears and said she most defiantly has a lot wax in there. Now lay down and get the wax out. Now lay down on the table while I pull your pants and panties down and finger your pussy. He started with one finger slowly moving it in and out of her pussy then he stuck in two fingers and then made his way to three. She was moaning really good. He was going at faster pace and she asked if she was allowed to cum Can I please cum now. The doctor said yes you can. She sprayed a lot cum juice out of her pussy. Ok wait here while I get the bags for girls. He left the for a couple minutes. He came back with three enema bags. Ok Rachel, Stacy pull your pants and panties down so the doctor can insert the nozzle into your butts. They listened to me. The doctor had them each standing up with there cute butts facing towards him. He inserted the nozzle into each of the girls butts. It took 30 minutes until the bags were all done and emptied. The doctor also brought a little kids potty for them to release the enema into. Ok now Rachel you go and sit on the potty and go potty. She sat on the potty and a huge load came out of her ass. She got up and looked in the little potty and said I made a messy. Next was Amy she sat down and let out a lot more then Rachel. She got and looked at it said I made bigger messy. Finally Stacy’s turn. She sat down and let out a huge huge huge load. She got up looked at her mess and said my mess is way bigger. Good job girls lets get you dressed and head home. So I got them dressed and wiped there butts clean with baby wipes the doctor gave me. Then we headed home.

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This is. A sexual story. U should b arrested

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