This was written as a fantasy for my beautiful slut, Yvonne. Names have been changed to protect the innocent -- and my slut is NOT among the innocent. LOL.
Part 1: The Adventure Begins

Convergence can be a wonderful thing, and I could sense convergence in the air.

I watch you pack for our weekend trip to a hotel two hours drive away -- knowing that we will not only be getting a much-delayed honeymoon to celebrate our marriage, but also a chance to fulfill some of your deepest desires.

You only know I have been planning this for several weeks. You're anticipating a relaxed weekend together -- a big suite at a nice hotel...a fluffy bed...a hot tub in the service...making love, cuddling and lounging, then making love some more.

I have that in mind, too...but I also have some other plans you don't know about. All the result of convergence.

For example, you don't know that your Uncle Frank had called a few weeks ago while you were out. He wanted you to know he'd be at a seminar and was hoping we could get together. I assured him we'd love to meet for drinks.

You also don't know that when I called to make a room reservation, I learned the same hotel is also hosting a workshop for firefighters from around the state that same weekend -- and that the hotel will be packed with horny men, away from their wives and girlfriends.

I watch you, feeling such gratitude and pride...and such deep and abiding love...for the beautiful woman who has become my wife. Even as my heart fills with warmth and love, my cock stirs at the same time. If all goes according to plan, you will be fucked senseless in the coming hours -- not only by strangers, but also by a blood relative who you have waited far too long to take into your mouth and molten pussy.

I can hardly wait to give you to them, Yvonne!

Part 2: The Drive

After loading the suitcases in the car, I walk back into the bedroom to admire you in your cute shorts and top.

"I have something else I'd like to see you wear, Yvonne," I say. You look at me curiously, because "dressing you" is a first.

"Sure, Daniel," you reply.

"Strip naked," I tell you, and you do (of course). I take a moment to admire you beautiful nude fact, my admiration is so intense, you actually blush just a little.

Reaching into the closet, I pull out a small shopping bag and hand it to you. "Here you go, hon...just put these on. Nothing else."

You take it...realizing it weighs almost nothing. Sitting the bag on the bed, you pull out the clothes I want you to wear. Your breathing takes on a slightly shallower pitch when you realize how naked you will feel dressed only in a thin, silky white button-up blouse, a short silky black skirt with an elastic waistband and open sandals with just enough heel to keep the muscles in your legs defined.

"Just this, Daniel? The blouse will be almost transparent without a bra and shell underneath...and this skirt will barely cover my bottom, darling!"

"I want you to show off your beautiful nipples and ass, Yvonne." I wink playfully. "I'm sure the men around you won't mind, baby."

You pull the skirt on, then the flowing fabric of the blouse around you...buttoning it from the bottom. Four buttons from the collar, when you reach the button directly between your breasts, I lay my hand on yours.

"That's far enough, Yvonne." I feel you tremble a little, but you stop and step into the sandals. You feel utterly naked from the waist down...and my smile tells you that's exactly how I want you to feel.

"Well," I say, "you're ready. Let's go, honey!"

Walking to the car, the sunshine warming your skin, the breeze passing through your blouse as if it weren't there, making your very obvious nipples almost painfully hard...that same breeze reaching under the short skirt and playfully caressing your moist pussy...I watch as your arousal begins to kindle in a low heat at the center of your belly.

"You are such a beautiful SLUT," I whisper in your ear. The coal of desire glows a little brighter...and I smile.

I hold the car door open, and watch you struggle to not flash your muff to the neighborhood as take your seat. You click the seatbelt into place...and I open the back seat door, sliding in directly behind you.

What am I doing? you wonder, and the answer comes quickly. I gently pull your hands behind the seat, and bind your wrists together with a soft, silk scarf. You are now trapped in the seat, you chest thrust forward, your hands bound.

I lean in and whisper in your ear: "Can't have you interfering with the show, can I honey?"

It makes me chuckle when I see your nipples poke out even sticking through the thin silk blouse like a pair of fleshy ju-ju beans. Moving to the front seat, I slide in behind the wheel...and tweak those firm nips just for fun. You gasp, and I back out of the driveway.

Once we reach the freeway, I unbutton your blouse all the way, and pushing the material to the sides...exposing your pretty little breasts and turgid nipples. Another mile, and your skirt is bunched at your hips...putting your pussy on display too.

You my right hand begins to play gently in the wet folds of your cunt...but with your hands tied behind there is little you can do to stop me. Besides, the protests are traded for sighs when my fingers begin to stroke and tickle your clit.

Over and over, for the two hours we travel down the highway, I bring you to the verge of orgasm...then move my fingers away from your clit onto your soaked inner thighs...just short of release. You are barely aware of the truck drivers who leer at your virtually naked body writhing and twisting in the seat...or the men in SUVs who take 10 minutes to "pass" us.

Taking the exit the hotel, I release the knot in the scarf, button you back up, and pull your skirt down.

"We're almost there, Yvonne."

You look at me with hooded eyes...filled with need. I smile and stroke your hand.

"What a beautiful slut you are, Yvonne...but it'll take me weeks to clean all that fucking pussy juice off the seat." You squirm and shudder -- a tiny cum as we pull into the hotel parking lot.

Part 3: The Dinner Surprise

Checked in...bags chilling in the 'fridge...I'm sure you expect me to smooth off the edges of your horniness, Yvonne, by ramming my cock deep inside your belly the first chace we get. That's not what's I have on the menu for tonight, though.

You want a shower...the musky scent of wet pussy radiates faintly from you with every breath. You want to change...your skirt is moist with the juices that poured from your cunt during the drive. You want to FUCK...on an arousal scale of 1-to-10, you are at 11.

I stop any of that from happening with a single sentence: "We'd better go down to the restaurant, gorgeous. Our reservation is in 5 minutes."

Riding the elevator down, with only the two of us as passengers, I press you into the corner...kissing you deeply and passionately...exploring every corner of your mouth with my tongue...taking your breasts in my hands...pinching and rubbing your nipples into rock-hardness. Pulling my mouth from yours, I murmer in your ear: "Jesus, you look hot, Yvonne! Every man who sees you will want to pound your pussy, baby!"

When we reach the restaurant/lounge, the maitre 'd leads us to our table near the empty dance floor. You can't possibly have missed the way his eyes bugged out and locked on to the outline of your hard nipples poking into the thin silk of your blouse.

The waiter, a college-age boy with a teenager's face, awkwardly takes our order while trying not to be obvious about the way his eyes are ravishing you.

Three men at a nearby table...firefighters at the workshop judging from their you the way lions watch a gazelle -- raptly, hungrily, and with clear intent.

You lean in and speak low: "Daniel, if you wanted me so horny I'd do anything you ask, you've succeeded."

I smile, and answer immediately, "You may get the chance to prove that theory, Yvonne, my love -- over and over, in fact." You answer with a little, husky moan.

And then, the "main course" arrives -- I see your Uncle Frank at the door to the restaurant. I wave to catch his see the wave, and turn...and I hear you gasp when your eyes find Frank.

"Oh, God..." you say under your breath.

"Enjoy dinner, Yvonne," I whisper in your ear. "If I have my way, your loving Uncle will provide your dessert...served hot from his balls."

You turn and look at me with wide eyes. ""

Speaking of eyes, Uncle Frank's almost launch out of his head when he reaches the table and you stand to greet him! His eyes fix on your hard nipples and free breasts barely covered by flimsy silk...your legs bare almost to the muff...the ancient, instinctive knowledge of a sexually available female that radiates from you and connects somewhere deep in his brainstem.

I shake his hand, and the two of you hug. I can almost read his mind: "I wonder if anyone can tell how much I want to fuck my niece?" I love watching the subtle interplay of mutual desire and mutual denial that vibrates from each of you.

We make small talk through dinner and first one, then two bottles of wine. Finally, after a couple of fast-passing hours, you excuse yourself from the table for a visit to the ladies room.

Frank and I both watch your sexy legs and barely-covered ass cross the room (along with the three firefighting amigos at the next table). Your Uncle shakes his head ruefully. "You're a lucky man, Daniel. Yvonne is a beautiful woman...even if I AM saying that about my niece."

"She's amazing, Frank," I agree. "One of the most amazing things about her is how much she wants to fuck her Uncle."

He looks at me in shock. "I'm sorry...WHAT did you say?"

"You heard me, Frank. Don't pretend like you didn't hear...and don't already know that."

"Okay," he says, "I'll admit the thought has crossed my mind. But, she's my niece. It's wrong. It's incest. I feel guilty every time I think about it."

"Frank," I answer calmly, "it's a full-grown woman and a full-grown man who desire each other. She's not a little girl you need to protect, my friend. She's a sexual creature who wants YOU to fuck her!"

"I couldn't," he says in a low voice, head down.

"I want you to, Frank," I answer. His head snaps up and his eyes lock on mine.


"Frank, you're going to fuck my sexy wife...YOUR sexy niece...tonight! I want you to pound her raw...take her and use her like a slut. She wants that, Frank. So do I!"

I can see your Uncle's brain spinning at 100 miles per hour...trying to process this wild information...and the emotions play across his face:


You come around the corner and cross the floor...your face flushed (I wonder if you masturbated while you were gone)...

When you reach the table, Frank leaps up and tends to your chair. As he helps you slide back up to the table, his hands linger on your shoulders and stroke your hair. The message of those touches comes through loud and clear to you...and your breath takes on the shallow edge of full arousal.

Part 4: Another "Magic" Dance

The dinner crowd is thinning as the evening grows late...a DJ arrives and begins playing smooth, danceable jazz. I suggest that you and Frank should dance together...and you both look at me as if to say, "Are you sure?"

I convey permission to my beautiful, slut wife...and her horny Uncle. In less than a minute, the two of you are clinging to each other...lost in vertical foreplay...on the hardwood dance floor.

Seeing that the three firefighters have stuck around, and betting you are most of the reason, I walk over to their table and introduce myself. "Mind if I join you?"

The biggest one -- a swarthy, muscular man who looks like he could hold his own with an NFL linebacker -- invites me to take the empty chair. He also provides the introductions: "I'm called Hoser," he says. "If you know what the size of a nozzle on a firehose is, you can figure out why."

I raise my glass in a mock salute to Hoser.

"This one's Taco...'cuz his mama's a Mex...and 'cuz he eats the pink taco every chance he gets."

That brings a chuckle from me.

"An' over here is Griz. We call him that 'cuz of the Grizzly Adams, ya know?"

"Gotcha," I answer.

"That your wife?" Hoser asks.

"Yes, she is. Yvonne, is her name."

"She seems to be getting awful 'friendly' with that guy, bud."

"He's her Uncle," I say.

"Jesus Christ!" Taco exclaims. "They look more like they're gonna fuck than go to a family reunion."

I laugh out loud. "Taco, they ARE gonna fuck," I say. "You guys want to watch? I'm sure she wouldn't mind providing some entertainment for you."

Shaking their heads at the craziness of other people, all three chime in at the same time: "Hell, yeah!"

I move back to our table, and when you and Frank return from the dance you are both too drunk with lust, too lost in arousal, to even care that I have invited an "audience." Waving for the firefighters to follow us, we leave the lounge.

By the time the elevator reaches our floor, Frank and I have removed even the flimsy covering of your blouse, skirt and sandals (each in the hand of a firefighter, who will no doubt keep them as momentos for years to come.)

Utterly naked now, you are escorted from the elevator into our room by your loving husband, your dear Uncle, and three strangers who can't wait to see the "fucking slut who wants to fuck her Uncle" get banged deep and hard.

Part 5: The Dance Goes Horizontal

Frank leads you to the king-size bed, and lays you acoss it. Your hands go to his belt, tugging at the clasp, and his impressively hard cock springs free in all it's purple, turgid glory.

The three amigos and I pull up chairs...and watch as Frank kisses you in a way that tells us he has long-forgotten he is your Uncle...his hands roving over your breasts...his fingers pulling and twisting your nipples...the length of his cock rubbing over your engorged clit.

There are too many years of mutual desire and mutual want to be long denied, Yvonne...too much raging lust to wait through foreplay...after only a few heated moments, the head of his cock nestles into the wet blossom of your soaked, swollen pussy lips.

Slowly...with extreme effort to hold back...your Uncle pushes the mushroom head of his dick past those lips and into the molten heat of your most intimate cave. Quickly finding a rhythm, Frank slowly sinks to the root inside his niece -- my slutty wife -- and begins to piston in and out of the cunt he has wanted since you were moving from teen to adult.

Without even thinking about it, Hoser, Taco, Griz and I have all shed our clothes -- each of us stroking our cocks as we watch the obscene show being put on by my beautiful wife and her Uncle.

I walk around the bed, to the side where your head rolls back and forth in sexual abandon. Putting my hands gently on your face, I begin to whisper into your ear...going back and forth between filthy encouragement and loving phrases. I want you to feel loved and accepted, warm and adored...but whorish and wanton at the same time.

For a couple of minutes I murmer in your ear:

"I love you, are the love of my life. I love to see you enjoy so much pleasure."

"You are SUCH a beautiful SLUT, your whore pussy on your Uncle's cock, baby! Take him deep, slut! Cum on his fucking cock, you slut!"

Frank is lost completely in lust...his universe has shrunk down to only his own cock...inside a pussy...the jizz boiling in his balls like molten lava...the eruption he can't avoid for long...

He puts your legs over his shoulder, your ankles pinned behind his ears...spreading you wide open for the teeth-rattling thrusts straight into the wet tunnel of your sopping pussy. Groaning in release and frustration, his cock twitching and the mouth of his cockhead gasping like a guppy out of water, Uncle Frank spews a thick, hot, creamy coating of semen deep inside your writhing belly...painting the mouth of your cervix and the deep end of your pussy sheath in man-pudding.

Your own orgasm is triggered by the flooding of your cunt...and you roll and writhe through an explosive cum that shatters the quiet of room in gasps, moans, and screams of ecstacy.

Frank rolls to the side...exhausted and drained from the intensity of your first coupling...and I feed my hard cock into your mouth, even as you gasp from his hard fucking. Far away, as if in a dream, you hear my voice: " and the boys want a piece of this slut?"

Before you can even catch your breath from the earthquake of your orgasm on Frank's cock, you feel an immense pressure at the mouth of your pussy. Hoser wasn't exaggerating, honey -- he's HUGE. Easily 9 or 10 inches and as big around as your pretty wrist...

If it weren't for the gallons of slick pussy juice drowning your crotch...and the quarts of jizz your Uncle filled you with...Hoser might have split you wide open with his monster. But, with all that extra lubrication...he pushes in with little resistance.

You begin cumming almost immediately as his enormous pole stretches your slick, hot pussy open from mouth to cervix...filling you in a way you've never been filled before. Your mouth gives me the most mind-bending blowjob I've ever felt, frantically sucking at my cock as you roll from one orgasm to another so quickly it's almost like a continuous cum.

Soon, Hoser empties his heavy balls inside you...and the semen gushes from your cunt...over your asshole...and pools on the bed as he pulls his horse-cock out of you. He's barely out when Griz pushes your thighs apart and shoves his rod into you in one jarring stroke.

Showing it's resilience, even after being pried open by Hoser's log, your pussy grasps down on Griz's him the same pleasure as Frank and Hoser recieved. He pounds you hard and deep...using you like a fuck-doll...sweat dripping from him onto you...adding to the shiny sheen of saliva, semen, sweat and pussy juice that already coats your beautiful sexy body, Yvonne.

Looking at you, wanton and lovely, I lose my nut...shooting hot jizz down your spasming throat...groaning deep as my balls pump wave after wave of semen out my pulsing cock.

Exhausted by the intensity of my orgasm, I slump into a sitting position on the bed next to your head. Taco, grinning from ear to ear, says, "The slut's mouth looked pretty good, man! Mind if I fuck it?"

"All yours, Taco," I gasp.

Soon, he is fucking your wet, hot mouth the way Griz fucks your pussy...hard, deep thrusts that make you gag and choke as his cock head pushes into the top of your throat. Still cumming in an endless wave of orgasms crashing on the shore of your body, you hardly notice the way Taco's dick chokes you on every stroke. It's just another bit of stimulation to a body and a nervous system overwhelmed by sexual pleasure and exploding in orgasm.

Griz growls like a bear, and your mind registers -- dimly -- the flooding of your cunt by a third load of semen...and the sudden appearance of warm, sticky jizz in your mouth and throat. You swallow Taco's load...mingling it with mine in your stomach...and literally pass out as Griz pulls his pole out of your sloppy pussy.

Part 6: The Morning After

A knock on the door wakes us up...your pretty head laying on my chest...our arms around each other...resting in the warm embrace of our love. Sunlight streams through one of the windows, announcing the brilliance of the day.

I know it's the room service brunch I ordered when I made reservations. Slipping out of bed softly, I open the door and let the waiter set it up.

Hoser, Taco and Griz left just a few minutes after they pulled a fireman's train on your slut body. They tried to thank me, but I demurred. "That sexy lady is the one to thank," said. "Here's her email address. Let her know you enjoyed the show...and the fuck."

Frank left no long afterwards...promising to visit "often" in the future. I told him he was always welcome in our home -- and in your slut holes.

The waiter leaves, and I gently wake you up.

"Good morning, honey. They brought us brunch...why don't you clean up a little, sweetheart."

You look around...slowly remembering the night before -- thick, hard cakes of semen on your face and thighs a reminder of the sluttiness of your wanton fuckfest. Shuffling slowly, you disappear into the bathroom and I hear the shower start.

I could see the look of apprehension on your face -- and I know from your stories what you expect: recrimination and blame.

That's why I let the brunch wait...and why I enter the steamy enclosure of the shower...

It's why I take the wife I love into my arms...kiss you...stroke your face...and tell you the thing you always most need to know:

I adore the woman you are...AND the slut that lives inside you.

You melt in my arms, and I get the brunch I most wanted as we make love in the heat and steam of our shower.


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