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James has had enough of his sister's teasing.
He came. Hot spurts of jizz shot out of his young 9-inch cock, coating the underwear he had placed on the floor in white sperm. He panted, forcing himself to take each breath, for it was difficult to think straight with the massive amount of pleasure coming from his rigid penis. Then he simply couldn’t take it anymore. He collapsed, still stroking himself vigorously, as more and more cream slid out onto the ground. But all the while, James Parker kept his eyes on the t.v. screen, where his 11 year old sister, Sarah, was masturbating. It was a recording he had taken yesterday from the camera he had hidden in his sister’s bookshelf. Every night at 10:00, she stripped off her clothes. She started with her shorts, slowly revealing her innocent little pink panties. Then she took off her shirt. Sarah was more developed for her age, with small tits and perfect pink nipples. Somehow, she was tan all over, even her tits, and while James was no albino, Sarah blew him out of the water in the tan department. She would shake her small breasts then, pinch her nipples a bit, moan with pleasure. But she was just getting started.
The next part of her daily ritual would put her on the bed in just her panties. She would lie on her back with her head propped up on some pillows, and spread her beautifully tanned legs as far as she could. Her hand would find it’s way to her mouth, where she licked it and sucked it with vigor. Then, without hesitation, the hand would fly to her panty covered pussy, and dive deeply into her nubile cunt. Her fingers would play a nice little dance for a while, but eventually she knew she needed something more. So she would bring out a vibrator she had stolen from her mother’s room. For a while after she had taken it, she had had no idea of what to do with it. But after a few sessions on the bed, she found that perfect spot on her clit that would bring her over the edge. And so, stripped now down to her birthday suit, she could finally bring herself to orgasm. On her hands and knees, she would stick two or three fingers into her pussy with one hand, and rub the vibrator on her clit with a passion. After fifteen minutes, Sarah would start moaning louder and louder, until finally her muscles started to spasm. Her naked thighs would hold her hands in a vice-like grip as her vaginal fluids spurted out onto the sheets. Then she would just lay there, shaking with passion, not knowing that in the room next door, her brother was masturbating to her quivering, nubile body.
On the fifth night of his masturbations, James got a knock on the door.
“Just a second!” he called, hurriedly stuffing his erect rod into his pants as he turned off the video of his sister. He switched it to ESPN just in time, as Sarah opened the door.
“Oh, hey sis! What’s up?” he asked, watching her enter the room. She was in a simple nightgown, but he could easily see her erect nipples sticking out from the clothing. Not that it mattered much, however. James could clearly picture in his mind the shaved pussy between her crotch, and the perky tits on her blossoming chest. But something was up with her. Sarah bit her lip shyly as she came in, then closed the door secretly. Suddenly she turned and blurted out her intentions.
“James, can I see your cock?” Caught of guard by such a bold proclamation, James sat there for a minute, unthinking. Finally he managed to get his head into order, but by that time the decision was already made up for him. Sarah had reached down and yanked off his hastily zipped pants in one fluid movement. Now, his 9-inch cock stood erect for his sister’s greedy eyes.
“Sarah, I’m not so sure this is a good idea. What if we get caught? Our parents would kill us!” She smiled slyly at him and winked. “Well then, we’ll just have to be careful.”
Then, without warning, she bent down and sucked the first few inches of his dick into her mouth. James gasped. Not in his entire 16 year old life had anything felt as good as his sister’s young mouth on the head of his cock. Unfortunately, she was very inexperienced, and even after 20 minutes of her sucking his cock with wild abandon, James knew that she wasn’t going to get him off like this. So he gently moved her off of his cock, and, with a lewd smile, swiftly pulled her nightgown off of her shoulders. She was nude underneath, so he could now see those small, yet perfectly shaped little titties, and that small, nubile pussy, glowing in the moonlight that came shining from his window. Sarah smiled, and cupped her breasts playfully.
“Do you like them brother? I know you want to touch them.” Then her smile turned into a beckoning grin. She took his hand in her slender fingers, to place gently on her breast, but James was already moving. He jumped on her, pushing her down with a strength he had never known before, lust pounding through his veins. Sarah was alarmed at first, but then she realized that she was going to get what she came for in the first place. Without wasting any time, James forced her bronzed legs open wide, and placed the head of his massive cock at the entrance to her delicate pussy. Before she knew it, his lips had met hers, and they kissed passionately, tongues entwined, faces meshed in lust. Then, he pushed forward as hard as he could.
Sarah screamed into his mouth as his dick penetrated her hymen, symbolically breaking her last remnant of innocence, which had in fact been destroyed the moment she had started masturbating. But no amount of fingers up her pussy could have prepared her for the beating she got with James’ dick. He pushed in with reckless abandon, pumping his rod deep into her vagina, till he met resistance at the end of the tunnel, her cervix. He then raised up quickly, and smashed down until he met the same resistance again. Sarah couldn’t believe how much he filled her up. She had imagined it would be painful at first, but not nearly this bad. Blood coated James’ cock, and she hadn’t gotten wet yet. But after a few strokes, her fluids started flowing, and the experience became incredibly pleasurable. Her toes curled up on the carpet, and her legs rose involuntarily to rest on James back to squeeze him tightly.
He still kept up his manic pace, pounding over and over again into his little sister’s pussy. His balls slapped against her tight ass with each thrust. He fondled her small breasts, tweaking the nipples while he nibbled at her neck. Slowly, they crept closer and closer to orgasm, their naked arms and legs wrapped tightly around each other’s bodies as they kissed breathlessly. He slammed once more as hard as he could, until the end of his penis rested against her cervix. Then, with a simple tightening of his balls, James came. The orgasm was glorious, spurting a seemingly endless amount of cum straight into her womb. His cock twitched inside her, and while most went into her fertile belly, some sperm dripped out of her, flowing down the crack of her ass onto the carpet. Sarah came as well, in an explosion of ecstasy far greater than what he experienced.
Her legs tightened around his ass, keeping him inside, while a fountain of fluid spouted into his chest. She quivered, unable to control her own body, and pulled herself up to mash her naked tits onto her brother’s chest, where she stayed for what seemed like hours. But in seconds it was over. James pulled out of her, and sat down with his now flaccid cock between his legs. Sarah just lay there, cum leaking out of her ravished pussy, and sighed. James watched as her head poked over her breasts, a mischievous smile on her face.
“Wanna go again?”
Tell me in the comments if you like it! I'm definitely willing to write more. ;)


2015-03-12 10:52:42
"Sexy Sarah" - Eleven Year Old Sexual Awakening Sister, Sarah Parker and Sixteen Year Old Horny Sex Starved Brother, James Parker.

It's strange that eleven year old sister, Sarah Parker's and her sixteen year old brother, James' lacking of sexual gratification and satisfaction seems to work simultaneously--even with five years difference in their ages!! James has to be one lucky sister-fucking brother. To have a ready, willing and eager eleven year old sister wanting to suck and fuck--bareback--is absolutely awesome!!! And, she brings IT, the whole (and the hole) package TO his room!!! What a fine young woman, so thoughtful and caring and offering her brother total coverage and full range of ammenities and services!!

The author needs to keep this young lady, Sarah, pure as the driven snow in her incestual, blood-kin escapades! No one but her brother should have access to her proclivities; she should get pregnant by her brother and stay true and dedicated to him--only!!

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2013-08-23 12:40:37
You get a negative rating for her shaved pussy.

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2013-08-23 12:40:36
You get a negative rating for her shaved pussy.

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2012-12-19 14:28:31
Too short no build up, work on it, and paragraphs would help

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2010-12-11 21:24:52
there is this new thing out called paragraphs ever heard of them. it seems you need to get a good editor and do a rewrite this was very hard to read. no one likes to read a wall of text it shows you don't care about your story or the readers. if you are writing for your self that is fine but don't post it if you are writing for the readers then make sure it is done right. SHOW SOME PRIDE IN YOUR WORK AND SOME RESECT FOR THE READERS AND MAKE SURE YOUR STORIES ARE DONE RIGHT BY USING EDITORS


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