It all started one saturday
They swore they were just friends

Stephen and Pamela had been close friends for a few years now grown up together from stupid pre-teens to mid teens. Pamela was the oldest at 16. She was small around 5'5 with a petite little figure. She has big brown eyes that made her look the sweetest thing and long brown hair down to her tiny waist. Stephen was tall about 6'1 and very handsome. He has lovely blue eyes and dark blonde hair styled to perfection the way he he loved it.

One saturday Stephens mum had left for the weekend and he was in himself and didnt want to be alone and he knew if he asked pamela would come over and stay since they do it all the time pamela and stephens family get on great. So he called around 10 in the morning and she was working and said she would come around midnight since she was out with friends.


Pamela looked at herself in the mirror thinking

"God i look horrible tonight"

She was wear little black hot pant shorts a deept purple top and her massive purple heels.

"Oh well looks like I'm not goin out on the pull tonight"

Her two best friends Sarah and Lizzie were outside in the car waiting on her. Sarah was taller big busted shoulder lengh hair and pretty looking she had the look that said easy on her and Lizzie was tall blonde long hair model type but not particuarly stunning but with a fit body. Pamela always thought she was the ugliest out them all.

She jumps into the car and sits in the back seat having a joke with the girls and tells them she has to leave early cause she is goin to keep Stephen company. They have a little moan about it but they know how close they both are and gave up. So the girls go out for a few drinks and Pamela leaves around 11 and starts to make her way to Stephens.

"OHHHH shit" Shephen thought he woke up and it was 12.05am. He knew Pamela was coming at 12 so he quickly looked at his phone and she hadnt called so he was ok. He lay back down on the bed and heard the door goin so ran to the door and opened it.

"Hiya sweetie" said pamela giving him the biggest smile ever

"HOLY SHIT" "she looks brilliant" thought stephen

"you gonna let me in or just stand and stare at me babes" laughed pamela

"ohh yee come on in gorgeous" giving her a cheeky smile that she loved best

"Well baby boy what are we upto tonight? Not being too bad i hope" she laughed but knew he was just planning watching a few films and getting drunk and going to bed

"well pami dear we are gonna pour u a big voddy and lemonade then goin to watch films just the usual" he gave a lil smile dissappointed cause she wouldnt b inpressed

So they lay on the couch together having a laugh and joke together watching a few scary films making pamela curl into stephen which he liked cause she was an attractive girl and she didnt know it so it made it that more better for him.

After about 4 vodkas pamela was drunk and wanted to cuddle stephen for the sake of it and Stepehn had never experienced this before so was getting harder by the minute and tryin not to let pamela know cause he thought she was just being cuddly. He knew she was no virgin but she was still messed up from a previous relationship with the guy that had taken her virginity. He knew the hurt in her heart whenever she saw him with his new girlfriend he could tell by her eyes. He knew her so well and anytime he was there adn she saw that dick he would just cuddle her and hold her tight until he was gone.

so stephen picks her up and takes her to bed cause he knows she will regret this in the mornin so he gets all her stuff and tells her to change so he leaves the room for 10 mins and comes back in and she is standin in her underwear. She was wearing a red push up bra and red lacy frenchies and Stephen cant help but look with an open mouth he knew she had a good boyd but he never expected that. As he goes to step out the room again and she stops him by grabbing him in a vice tight cuddle and he just cuddles into her running his hands down her back making her push up to him more. so she looks up at him and he knows whats gonna happen so she gives him the sweetest littlest kiss he has ever had and she has the most softest lips so she pulls away and he pulls her back in kissing her more forcefully he has wanted this for so long and isnt goin to let the chance escape him. She pushed herself right into him moaning into his mouth cause she has wanted this and didnt know how much until that one kiss.

He gently pushed her on the bed and ran his hand down from her face to her knee pulling her knee over him and pushing into her. she broke away from him and gave him a little smile he knew all so well and she flipped him over and was straddling over him. He giggled a little cause he knows what she does when she wants sex and this was exactly it but being a gentleman he didnt push her into anything incase she regreted it cause she was quite drunk. So he held onto her hips while they kissed even tho she was drunk she was a fantastic kisser and knew how to tease. All her guy friends called her the ulitmate tease cause she could get a guy down to nothing and walk away with smile on her face and with a little swagger she always puts on. Stephen gave her a smile and asked her if she wanted to go ahead cause he knew she was nervous about these sort of things. She nodded and as he took down her little pants he smiled knowing this was goin to be the best moment of his life so far.

Stephen hasitates for a moment thinking she is gonna regret this but as she looks at him with they gorgeous eyes and a beauitful smile he doesnt care and he gently slides his long hard dick inside her tight little pussy. She moans softly as he picks up speed all the while they are looking into each others eyes knowing this is true love and they will never be apart again.

Pamela then moves Stephen off of her and tells him to sit against the wall so as he does that she slide his dick into her pussy and starts ridin him while kissing and holdin on to him screamin his name. He keeps kissin her neck and chest and tellin her how much he adores her. Stephen thought his last girlfriend was tight but this was unbelievable and Pamela knew exactly how to work on a guy. He could tell she was getting tired from going so quickly so he pushes her back and gets ontop of her smiling down at her beautiful face. He can feel himself coming closer to the edge when suddenly pamela screams and her tight little pussy clamps down on his dick he thinks he is going to pass out from the feeling. He then comes so hard into her and slumps ontop of her. She pushes him off giving a little giggle then he looks at her face she is flushed red and has a look of pure joy in her eyes, he cant help but smile back at her. He cuddles up next to her pulls the blankets and and they both dift off to sleep in each others arms.


Next day!!

"ohh jesus" thinks pamela as she opens her eyes and the pounding headache comes through. How much did i drink?

Just then Stephen walks through the door with a big glass of water and paracetamol and a big smile on his face.

"heyy babby girl u look a little rough" he says with a laugh she could never look rough to him
"ohh god how bad do i look?"
"welll" and then he gives her a kiss that she wasnt expecting at all but she goes with it
"hmmm that still doesnt answer my question i have seen some of the horrors u have been with before baby boy"
"well in my eyes u look so beauitful and perfect" he said as he smooths down her hair
She looks up at him with so many questions so ask and then it all came back to her the kisses the way he told her he adored her. AS she thought her face flushed red again and he laughed knowing what just went through her head
"Yes baby girl we did" he said looking into her beauitful big brown eyes
"Ohhh" said hid her face in his chest from embarrassment she isnt a virgin but she is very sensitive about sex
He pulled her face away and gave her another little kiss to show he loved and she doesnt need to be embarrassed around him.
"Pamela I love you always have and always will but if u dont feel the same way back thats fine you just have to know that i do love you" Stephen saiid with so much love in his voice
"OH Stephen u have no idea how long i have waiting for you to say that to me i love you too" Pamela gave him that irresisable smile
"well then lets see how this goes" he said as he pushed he back ontop of the bed kissing her neck.

The end
hope you like the story im a bit rubbish at spelling and sentence structure but i tried my hardest:)

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2009-09-10 11:27:56
Cute story.. i liked it ;)

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2009-09-07 05:34:52
well, it was a great story. But you do need to work on the grammar and spelling a little bit. Good job though

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