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Part I
I’m not sure what woke me the first time but when I heard the doorbell I figured that must have been it. Checking the clock I saw the dial flip to 3:03 am. I immediately figured some emergency must have taken place and threw on a bathrobe over my naked body. Checking out the windows on my way through the house to the front door I didn’t see any signs of fire or Armageddon so I began to worry about my wife. A nursing supervisor, she was covering the night shift for a few weeks while a nurse was out on maternity leave. Looking out the window next to the door as I fumbled for the lock, I didn’t see any emergency vehicles or people on the stoop so I started to really wonder what was going on as my sleep fogged brain started to clear. Opening the door and stepping out I almost tripped over a crumpled form lying in a corner. I switched on the porch light to finally recognize my 14 year old daughter Almadelia.

Thinking she must be hurt I leaned down for a quick examination. The overwhelming smell of alcohol confirmed my next suspicions, she was passed out drunk. The entire scenario suddenly snapped into focus. My daughter had gotten too drunk to make it home and someone had dumped her on the steps before ringing the doorbell and leaving. Either that or she was too drunk to open the door and had rung the doorbell herself before sitting down and passing out.

Almadelia was still getting used to being able to go out drinking with her friends. She often came stumbling in after midnight, but this was the first time she had been completely unable to open the door. I quickly checked the street for her friends but not seeing anything out of the ordinary I just picked up Almadelia’s small body and carried her inside closing the door behind us.

Gently lowering my daughter onto her bed I stepped back and flipped on the bedroom light. My bathrobe had come untied while negotiating Almadelia’s dead weight through the house so I quickly retied it before she inadvertently woke up and saw my nakedness. Figuring I should tuck her in I moved back to the bed and started working the buckles on Almadelia’s high heeled shoes. As I lifted her legs and turned her feet this way and that to get at the buckles I couldn’t help but notice the hem of the small party dress was beginning to ride up my daughter’s thighs. I discreetly checked Almadelia’s state confirming she was still dead to the world before gently moving her legs slightly farther apart and lifting the one I was holding higher. As I had hoped the hem moved further up her shapely thigh. I continued manipulating Almadelia’s legs gently until it became obvious I couldn’t explain her condition if she suddenly woke.

Not ready to give up on seeing my daughter’s panties, but worried about getting caught in an unexplainable situation I decided a new plan was called for. “Almadelia?” I called softly with no response. “Almadelia.” I called more forcefully moving to stand beside her chest and leaning over her still form. “Almadelia wake up!!” I practically shouted still receiving no more response than the gentle rise and fall of her chest as she slept off the effects of way too much alcohol. Thinking more experimentation was needed before I could safely lift her skirt I gently reached out and touched Almadelia’s shoulder giving it a small shake. Receiving no response I shook her harder until my daughter’s head rolled to one side. Gleefully I decided she was out for the foreseeable future so I reached over and gently fondled her firm breasts watching her face carefully. Nothing, nada, zip, no response what so ever except for her gentle breathing and my rapidly hardening cock.

Too many thoughts to properly catalogue ran through my mind as I looked down at this young nubile body below me. So defenseless yet so dangerous if she suddenly woke and I was doing something naughty. Finally settling on an explainable course of action, just in case I got caught, I decided to get Almadelia undressed for bed. Before I lost my nerve I opened my robe and softly slid my hard dick down my daughter’s unconscious face from the forehead to her soft slightly open lips revealing in the electric jolts of ecstasy from doing something so taboo. I had to forcibly restrain myself from getting carried away so I closed my robe again and took a better look at Almadelia’s dress. I was relieved to discover it was actually a skirt and blouse set, but dismayed when I realized the blouse was an over the head slip on. Frowning in frustration and worried what lifting her blouse over her head might do, I decided instant gratification was probably best in this situation so I located the side zipper on the skirt and gave it a tug.

I took great satisfaction as the folds of blouse ended and revealed smooth creamy flesh along Almadelia’s hip. Checking her regular breathing briefly I grasped the hem of Almadelia’s skirt and gently pulled it down her legs alternating my gaze from her white panties slowly coming into view to her face to check her consciousness. Finally the skirt was off and I had a full view of my daughter’s shapely legs and the bulge of her Venus at their apex. I was severely disappointed to realize I had seen this view hundreds of times. Granted I hadn’t seen it since Almadelia had gone to middle school, but I was seeing the same exact thing I would see if she were wearing a swimsuit. I snorted in disgust realizing I had wasted precious time gently undressing my daughter to see her forbidden fruits, only to find the same old apples and oranges I always saw.

More determined than ever I moved to Almadelia’s blouse. After a few failed attempts to lift the blouse over her head gently I finally settled on slipping the straps from her shoulders and slipping it down her body like a skirt. Please to finally figure out this mystery to female clothing I again took the opportunity to touch my swollen dick to Almadelia’s slightly parted lips and shiver with the wickedness of the situation. There was my darling daughter, Daddy’s little girl, laid out for my pleasure, albeit unknowingly, wearing nothing more than a white cotton bra and matching panties. Trembling nervously I retied my robe and gently used one finger to try and see under Almadelia’s bra. Despite the expanse of taboo flesh bulging around the cotton fabric, I needed to see the nipple to validate the experience in my own mind. I truly intended to see the forbidden parts, nipples and pussy, and then tuck her into bed before going to jerk off in my bathroom quietly. As if to foil my plans however, her bra was just too tight to allow me a clear view of her nipples. Giving it up as a bad job, I changed tactics once again.

Watching Almadelia’s face for any sign of wakefulness, I slipped one hand under her bra to fondle her tits skin to skin and feel the hardening nipple against my palm. Unable to resist I gently at first and then with more pressure, pinched the nipple and pulled it slightly. When drool started pooling in the corner of my daughter’s mouth, I went for broke and slipped both hands behind her back to unclip the frustrating bra strap. The second the strap released, Almadelia’s tits relaxed into large mushroom shaped mounds on her chest. With slow reverence, I slid the bra up exposing those mounds to my eager eyes. Large and soft to my touch, my daughter’s tits were bigger than I had thought. At least a ‘D’ cup I decided excitedly and topped with large brownish pink areoles. The eraser sized nipples standing proudly in the center of each begging to be touched. A quick look up confirmed more drool, now forming a wet spot on the pillow, and I gave into temptation and leaned over to kiss and suck each nipple briefly. I then slipped the straps over her arms to completely remove her bra and arrange her arms with one curved over her head and the other lying casually near her side as if she had just happened to lie down for a nap topless.

I stood admiring my handiwork for a few moments slowly stroking my cock as I watched my daughter sleep. Kneeling on the bed I rubbed my cock back and forth on Almadelia’s nipples while I used my other hand to lift the waistband of her panties. A strip of close cropped hair lead my eyes to the point her panties continued to cover her pussy. I had to grip my dick tightly to avoid shooting cum across Almadelia’s tits in my excitement. Without thinking of the consequences I ran my hand under Almadelia’s panty line to touch that hair. It was just as exciting as I had hoped so I heedlessly shoved my hand further. Down and around, the touch of my daughter’s pussy almost beyond ecstasy and once again I had to clamp down on my cock lest I shoot too soon.

Suddenly realizing I was having a once in a lifetime experience, I jumped up and ran to my bedroom. Disregarding my flying robe I rushed about the room getting everything I would need to document this night forever. Several minutes later I was back in Almadelia’s room, the video camera set up at the foot of the bed, additional lighting placed for the best picture quality and Almadelia on full display, I had the equipment and knowledge to use it correctly. Almadelia never moved, if she hadn’t been breathing I would have thought she was dead.

Mindful of the camera, and the time constantly slipping away, I unceremoniously pulled Almadelia’s panties off her legs and only paused briefly to smell their heady fragrance for the camera. I knew when I watched this tape in the future I would be able to remember the smell of my daughter’s pussy exactly for many years to come. I was naked now, I told myself it was for the camera’s benefit, not mine. Climbing onto the bed with Almadelia I proceeded to rub and touch her everywhere I could. I spread her legs and used the zoom feature to capture the smooth shaved expanse of tender pussy visible. The close cropped hair stopped where the pussy slit began and Almadelia was clean shaven from there down. I went down to smell that heady cunt smell from the source and couldn’t help but open the pink lips to show all for the camera. Almadelia was oblivious and slept on; I wondered evilly what she was dreaming about. Unable to get the angle I wanted, I lifted Almadelia’s legs, bending the knees to roll her hips forward and bring her puckered pink asshole into view. Spreading her legs wide I softly rubbed her clitoris until I saw a white bead of cunt juice form in her opening. Using a finger I scooped out the juice and tasted it, ambrosia pure and simple. I thought I was going to cum from that alone and I knew if I touched myself or my daughter at that point in time, I would blow my cum all over the bed. It was tempting, but I held off.

Checking the window I noticed a slight lightening of the morning sky, I would have to finish up I thought gloomily. But realizing all good things must come to an end I decided to go for broke. I had good video of my daughter’s naked body and some great close ups of her trim snatch but I wanted to see the proper hang of her tits. I was never very good at judging a woman’s tits while she was lying on her back so I needed to see her standing or sitting to get a good idea of size. I had been able to touch, lick, and rub Almadelia all night without her even flinching so I was confident she would sleep through anything I did. Deciding my debauchery was safe from discovery I moved behind Almadelia and slid my hands under her arms to lift her into a sitting position. The only way I could control her body weight and keep her head from falling forward was to move her into my lap. I could feel her naked ass against my dick and once again I almost came for no good reason.

Once I had gotten some good video of Almadelia’s tits both with and without me fondling them, I turned her to the side to get profiles of the same. Finished, I lowered my daughter’s body to the bed and started to move away. That’s when I noticed her pink pussy, now with a visible dampness around the opening, squeezed between her thighs. Almadelia lay on her side, arms akimbo, one leg straight, and the other bent at the knee. Lying there naked with her ass toward me Almadelia was a vision of sexiness I couldn’t resist. My hard cock leading the way, I climbed back onto the bed and straddled my daughter’s bottom leg. Lifting the top leg slightly I watched Almadelia’s slack face as I slid my shaft into her surprisingly wet pussy. I had to stop and gather my thoughts as my balls hit Almadelia’s body with the first thrust. She was tight, warm and wet, everything a man could ask for. Add in the fact she was also my daughter and there for forbidden fruit and you will understand my almost overwhelming desire to bust my nuts deep inside her cunt.

Once I had settled down enough to continue I started a deep steady thrust. I held the top leg up the entire time which allowed me more penetration and a great view of Almadelia’s tits bouncing in time to my thrusts. Even her lolling head, rolling back and forth slack jawed, seemed like a turn on to me. This was forbidden and wrong, I was fucking my daughter. Every father’s secret dream was coming true for me and there was nothing Vanessa could do about it. It was all too much and I felt my balls tighten long before I was ready for it all to stop.

Quickly pulling my cock free of her pussy, I rolled Almadelia’s upper body back and stepped across her hips to straddle my daughter’s waist. With a bestial cry I was sure the neighbor’s could hear I let my dick explode blowing cum across Almadelia’s unconscious naked body. I crouched across my daughter, shivering and trembling in total ecstasy as cum continued to splatter her tits, stomach and face. As the shots turned to drips and the drips to a few beads of cum on my cock I shifted up to wipe the beads off on Almadelia’s lips careful to get at least one drop into her partially open mouth. Shakily standing I retrieved the video camera from its stand and documented the spray pattern for posterity.

After carefully cleaning most of my cum from Almadelia’s naked body, I left the glazed lips for her to wonder about later, I gently tucked her into bed, still naked, and kissed her on the cheek. Getting a brilliant idea I hid the video camera on her bookshelf and set up a motion sensor to activate it. Making sure I had a good angle on the bed and room while still being invisible to the casual look before turning off the light and slipping out. The only reminder of what had taken place was my daughter’s clothes dropped unceremoniously on the floor. I knew Almadelia didn’t sleep in the nude at home but I was hoping she would think she had been too drunk to get dressed for bed. Besides, if she asked about how she came to be naked in bed, it might be interesting to see her reaction when I said I had undressed her because she came home drunk.

Several days later I got a chance to watch the video. Almadelia had gone out again, so I settled in to enjoy a night of jerking off while watching myself fuck my daughter. As the video ran I timed it so I came into a towel at the same moment as I came on Almadelia in the video. Settling back to catch my breath I watched as Almadelia got up twice during the day and walked naked from the room, presumably to pee because she came back and went back to sleep within just a few minutes. Finally, sometime after noon she sat up in bed and looked around. The sheets pooled around her waist and I was busy watching the high standing breasts bounce slightly as Almadelia moved.

Grabbing a stuffed rabbit from a nearby chair Almadelia said, “Well Mr. Rabbit, I don’t know what I did at the party last night, do you?” Pausing for a moment to ruffles the rabbits ears she continued, “No of course you don’t, you’re a stuffed bunny aren’t you? Well I can tell you this much. When I woke up this morning there was cum on my lips and my pussy is kind of sore so whatever happened, at least someone had some fun.” Pausing for a few seconds she seemed to shrug before standing beside the bed and stretching. Raising her arms over her head, Almadelia gave me a marvelous view of her vibrant naked body stretched into serpentine perfection. “Oh well Mr. Rabbit,” she continued, “It’s not the first time I didn’t remember who fucked me and left me covered in cum and I doubt it will be the last.” With those words she walked from the room, presumably to take a shower.


2010-09-24 20:27:36
Not my cup of tea but fairly well written. Funny the last "anonymous reader" criticized people for leaving contact info then refused to do so themselves. I think I will leave contact info on my next story.


2009-10-17 12:47:40
Hey, you brainless idiots. Obviously, most of you have the IQ of a brick and no balls. Otherwise you would be reading and writing about sex with adults instead of children. I also notice that readers and writers don't show any contact ID. What are you afraid of?


2009-09-09 16:23:50
maybe the writer is from another country were the drinking age is not as strict as the us

Anonymous readerReport

2009-09-06 11:39:28
14 and "still getting used to being able to go out drinking"????? Illegal in all states.

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2009-09-06 09:10:04
OMG this was so hot I came beforeI finished the story and I loved the ending.

Keep her coming home drunk so daddy can fuck hermore.

Maybe daddy can watch her fuck some boy also.

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