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“… Now, I want you to go stand in the shower,” he commanded. “Don’t turn on the water, leave the curtain open and wait for me.”

I had no idea why he wanted me in the shower without turning it on. Wouldn’t he want me clean after what we had just done? But I wasn’t about to ask questions. I was pretty much in his control and just obeyed.

He walked into my bathroom. “Good, now stay in the tub and get on your knees.” Again, I did as I was told.

He approached me with his flaccid cock still looking rather large. Instinctively, I opened my mouth once he was directly in front of me and took the limp dick in. “Good, now I just want you to swirl my dick around your tongue a little, but don’t suck it. I don’t want to get fully hard yet.”

I was enjoying the sensation of his soft cock in my mouth, exploring it. I continued moving my tongue around the surface, feeling the shaft, the head, flicking my tongue at his pee hole. These were still all new feelings to me and I was enjoying them. His cock grew a little, but I made sure to not get him hard, just as he had told me.

“That feels so good,” he said. “Now, just hold my head in your mouth. No matter what, you must keep your lips sealed around my dick, got it?”


I then felt something warm hitting my tongue. Is he cumming? No way. He wasn’t hard and I hadn’t done that much to make him that excited. Plus, it tasted different. What was that?

He looked me straight in the eyes and asked, “Do you like the taste of my piss?” And another, longer, more forceful stream began to fill my mouth. When he saw my Adam’s apple move, signaling that I had swallowed his yellow liquid, he had his answer.

“Oh yeah, I thought you would like that. God damn, you are a whore! I bet you want me to piss all over your naked body and then let you drink more, don’t you?”

“Yes, please.”

“Yes, please, what?” he asked.

“Please piss on me and let me drink more.”

“Open your mouth.”

I opened my mouth and he took a small step back. The stream hit my tongue again and quickly moved away. I felt the warmth on my chest, then my stomach, and then my own cock. My dick was instantly hard and I couldn’t help to move my hand into the stream and give myself a few jerks. He aimed his piss back up my stomach and then chest. He cut off his piss in mid stream.

“Quick,” he said. “Spin around, put your ass in the air and spread your cheeks apart.”

I felt his warm pee hitting my asshole. It felt amazing and sent a shiver through my entire body. He must have drank a lot earlier because the stream just kept flowing; not that I wanted it to stop. When I began to feel it weaken I spun around and took his limp dick in my mouth so that I could taste the last little bit.

“Lay on your back.”

I laid down and could feel the wet tub on my back, wet with his piss. He lifted my legs and flipped them over me so that I was doubled over with my cock pointing at my face. I have been alone in this position before – what guy hasn’t tried to suck his own dick at least once? – but I felt quite vulnerable now. He took two fingers and began rubbing little circles around my hole. He rubbed for a minute or two and then plunged the fingers in my still stretched ass as far as they would go. He began fingering my ass and I laid there enjoying it. He removed his fingers and put them in front of my mouth.

“Taste it.”

I reluctantly opened my mouth. He inserted the fingers and I began sucking. I had already eaten his ass and had his cock in my mouth after he had fucked me, so it wasn’t completely my first taste of ass, but it was the first time I had directly eaten any shit. He took them out of my mouth and put the wet fingers back in my ass for a few strokes and then had me suck them again. He did this several times and each time I got a little more used to the musky taste of ass. He reinserted his fingers and was fucking me good with them. He grabbed my cock with his other hand and pointed it at my face.

“I bet you want to wash down that taste of shit, don’t you?” he asked. I knew what he wanted to see me do. I opened my mouth and began to piss on my own face. I swallowed as much of my own urine as I could. Occasionally, I would fill up too fast and some would trickle down my cheeks and every now and then he would move my cock to piss on my body, but I drank the majority of what I had stored up.

Since I was obviously done pissing myself, I thought he would let me change positions. But I was wrong. I felt his fingers curve inside my ass as he reached my prostate. He began stroking my cock and made me hard. Up and down his hands went – one on my cock, the other my prostate. He stroked both for a few minutes and I was getting pretty close to cumming.

“Oh, fuck, I’m going to cum,” I stated.

“That’s the point!” And he stroked me a little faster. A second later and I saw the first glob of cum dropping toward me. I opened up and caught it in my mouth. The second one landed on my tongue, as well. Then my chin. And then my cheek right below my eye. He reached over and scooped both into my mouth. He finally let me lower my legs to the ground so I could rest.

But my rest did not last long. “Get on your knees and suck my cock.”

Not forgetting my place in this arrangement, I quickly did as I was told and began servicing him. Slowly, I moved my lips up and down his length feeling as much of his nine inches as possible run over my tongue. I pulled off of him and lifted his cock straight up so that I could get at his balls. I took one nut in my mouth and sucked it, getting it wet, and then the other. I kept rotating each ball in my mouth and sucking on them. I then licked his sack and then the strip between his balls and ass cheeks. I could tell he was enjoying it all and took his cock back in my mouth and started sucking. I loved feeling his veiny member pass across my tongue, cheeks and lips. I was slurping away when he told me stop and stand up.

I got to my feet and he stepped into the tub. He grabbed my hips and turned me to face the wall. He then pulled my hips and legs back so that I was bent over a little for him, just waiting for him to enter me.

“What do you want me to do?” he asked.

“Fuck my ass.”

“Do you want me to use a condom?” He was taunting me from my earlier request.

“No, I want to feel your bare cock fuck me and cum deep inside of me.”

“Do you want me to get the lube?”

Since he had told me earlier that I only got lube the first time he fucked me, I answered the only way I could. “No.”

I heard him spit into his hand and felt him rub it into my ass crack. I heard him spit again and since I didn’t feel him touch me, I assumed he rubbed it onto his cock. His head was then at my entrance with just enough pressure to let me know it was there and what it was going to do.

“Let me hear it one more time.”

The heat from his cock waiting at my hole was too much and I wanted it so bad now. “Oh God, fuck my ass and fuck it hard and deep. I want to feel your whole nine inches inside of me until you cum!” And then I got my wish.

He pushed the entire member up my rectum in one push. I felt a searing pain shoot through me. No matter how long he had fingered my ass, or how many times I had used a dildo on myself in the past, this was still just the second time I had taken a cock this big.

But as much as it hurt, I loved it. The pain quickly subsided and I was enjoying the cock up my ass. “Oh fuck! Give it to me! Fuck me!”

“You like that, bitch?” he barked at me. “You like it when I fuck you deep? Can you feel my cock splitting your ass in two?”

“Oh fuck yeah! Get it deep! Fuck me deep!”

And fuck me deep he did. He grabbed the front of my hips and pulled me back onto him and he pushed so far into my bowels the I could swear I felt him poking the inside of my belly button and he just held it there for a minute before he began thrusting again.

“You are truly my bitch now, aren’t you?” he asked. “You would do anything I told you, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes,” was all I could say because it was the truth.

“That’s good. I have some friends that are going to love playing with you.”

He kept fuck me and I kept pushing back to feel him in me. I never wanted him to stop. And now my head was spinning thinking about how many friends he would bring to use my body and much I wanted them to be there right now.

“Call them. Let them use me. I will do anything they want,” I blurted out.

“Oh, I know you will,” he said with a laboring voice. But first you are going to have to take my cum right now.” And I felt him begin to shoot deep in my ass. One shot, two; there were five shots inside of me when his cock stopped pulsating.

I felt his cock shrink inside of me, but he didn’t pull it right away.

He leaned forward and whispered in my ear, “I have one more thing I want to do right now in keeping with our theme for this session.”

I then felt him begin to piss inside of my ass. I heard a moan escape his lips as he relieved himself inside of me. Once his golden flow stopped, he pulled his dick out of me. When he did, a stream of piss and cum fell from my ass to the floor of the tub. I was so overcome with lust that I dropped to my knees and began lapping it up.

He walked away laughing a very satisfied laugh. “I have some phone calls to make…” he said.


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