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I needed a tutor and my brother was smarter than I was. Paying him turned out to be fun as well as instructive.
Fbailey story number 418

Paying My Tutor

When I entered the sixth grade I was the oldest girl, having failed twice before. I had repeated the third grade and the fifth grade. So now I was fourteen years old. Everyone else in my class was twelve years old…every single one of them.

My tits were bigger than the other girl’s tits were, my periods were quite regular, and my mother allowed me to wear makeup to school. I was much taller, heavier, and more voluptuous too. My figure equaled those of our teachers. The kindergartners often mistook me for a teacher.

My life did have one drawback thought…my little brother. Frankie was only twelve years old but he was in the seventh grade. The little bastard got into school a year earlier than I did because of his birthday, we were in fifth grade together, that is the first time that I was in there. He just came by his smarts naturally like our father while I got Mom’s brain and good looks.

Frankie was a recluse, a word that he had to teach me, damn it. He actually liked being alone. Mom and Dad hardly ever punished him but he didn’t care if he was grounded, or if they took away his phone privileges, or even his television. I on the other hand found any of those to end my social life.

I had made up my mind to stop failing grades in school. I was tired of seeing all of my friends pass me by. I was tired of the comments about me being dumb.

So I made a deal with my brother. If he would help me learn my homework I would let him feel me up and all of my friends too. He wondered how I could speak for my friends. I told him that I really didn’t have many friends but that most of the girls in my school were afraid of me and that I could get them to let him. It was a deal but it involved total nudity and five full minutes for him to touch me or my girlfriends anywhere that he wanted too. He meant that he wanted to feel our tits, pinch our nipples, and poke around in our pussies. It was slightly degrading for me but I said yes because I knew full well that it would totally degrade the other girls and I liked that power.

That night when Mom sent us up to bed I undressed and put on my robe like I always do before going to the bathroom to take my shower. On the way there I tapped on Frankie’s bedroom door. It took him a while to open the door. I stepped inside and heard him lock his bedroom door behind me. I just walked to his bed, turned around, and let the robe fall to the floor. I looked over at his digital clock and saw it change to nine oh six. All I had to do was allow him to feel me up until nine eleven. I kept an eye on his clock while he felt my tits and sucked my nipples. I thought that it would be gross letting my little brother feel me up but instead I felt myself getting aroused. Then he started fingering my pussy. I knew I was wet and I knew that he didn’t know what he was doing so I asked him if he would like some instructions. Surprisingly he said yes so I started telling him. Very soon he was on my clit like glue and it felt better than what I do to myself. In no time at all I was cumming like a popcorn machine. I fell back on his bed and just enjoyed myself. It felt like it went on and on forever. Apparently it did because when he finally stopped and I came to my senses it was nine seventeen and I had let him feel me up for eleven minutes. I briefly thought about telling him that he had gone into overtime but I had certainly enjoyed it so I didn’t say a word. All I did was remind him that I would need his help after school the next day. He smiled and said that it would be his pleasure. As I put on my robe I saw him smelling his finger and rubbing his boner. I rubbed myself in the shower too and found that I was extremely sensitive.

The next day after school Frankie helped me with my homework for almost two hours until Mom told us to clear off the table and set it for dinner. I hadn’t expected to receive that much help from him. He must have really enjoyed feeling me up the night before, I know that I did and that I was looking forward too later tonight too.

To hell with later tonight I took Frankie outside to play but in reality I wanted to see if he would feel me up again. However, he wanted to know when he could start feeling up my friends. Okay, okay!

I called Stella and invited myself and my brother over. She seemed suspicious but she agreed so we went over. She took us up to her bedroom and asked me what I was up too because I brought my little brother with me. I put her headphones on Frankie and made him listen to her music while we talked. I told Stella about him helping me with my homework and letting him feel me up. Then I told her about letting him feel up my friends too. Stella was not very excited about that. However, I had enough dirt on her to get her to cooperate, as long as I was totally naked also and that he had a hand on each of us. I took off his headphones and told him the deal.

Frankie had always been in love with Stella, he was just too ignorant to do anything about it. I made sure that the door was locked and then I undressed first. Stella reluctantly undressed too. She was not pleased with the way her thirteen-year-old body was growing. She hadn’t lost her baby fat and the pudginess really upset her. That was the first time I had seen her completely naked in a couple of years. Her breasts looked like a snowman with three balls progressively getting smaller and smaller.

Frankie looked right at her boobs and said, “Puffies! Fantastic! I’ve only seen them in magazines before.”

Then he reached out his hand and touched her breasts. I watched as she closed her eyes and shuttered from his touch. He grabbed a hold of my breast too but I motioned for him to go after her clit. Soon he was totally engrossed in her pleasure. He lowered her onto her bed, swung her around sideways, and started sucking her breasts and nipples into his mouth all the while rubbing her clit to an orgasm. I had noticed the clock but I was pretty sure that the five-minute rule would not apply to her either.

I got on the bed just past her and started sucking on her other nipple. That was something that I had never done before but I knew how nice it had felt when my brother sucked on mine. I reached down and found his finger on her clit so I stuck my finger in her wet pussy hole. I couldn’t resist sucking on my finger and tasting of her juices. I had always wanted to see what another girl tasted like; after all I liked the way I taste. It was so good that I put two fingers back into her and then said, “Taste her” as I stuck them in my brother’s mouth. Meanwhile Stella was shaking like a dog that was scratching his fleas. I knew exactly what she was feeling because I had felt it last night and I hoped to feel it again later tonight. When Frankie finally had enough of her I looked at the clock and smiled because she got more time than I had gotten the night before and I was jealous.

Stella finally opened her eyes, grabbed a hold of my brother’s neck, and pulled him into a kiss with her. I saw mouths open, tongues intertwine, and her hand go to his crotch. Luckily he was still fully dressed, otherwise I knew that she would have raped him right then and there because that thought had crossed my mind too. Somehow I wanted his first fuck to be me and mine to be him. Yes, I was a virgin too even though I talked big in school.

Trying to out do Stella I asked, “Frankie can I suck your cock for you? I promise to swallow. Honest.”

Then without waiting for an answer I released his pants and tugged them down to his knees. I tugged his jockey underwear down too, and then I got my first look at my brother’s cock. It was circumcised and it was beautiful. I slipped my mouth over the head quickly so as not to miss his pre-cum. Stella was soon on her knees next to me fighting for the opportunity to suck his cock. Reluctantly I shared him with her. The worst part was that she liked it as much as I did but at least I got there first. I wanted his cum first too and I was going to get it.

While I sucked my brother’s cock Stella sucked on my closest nipple and fingered my pussy. I did the same to her too whenever I let her have his cock to suck. I figured that if I could give her an orgasm that I could suck his cum out of his cock before she did. I could not believe it when Frankie grabbed the back of my head, said that he was cumming, and then wouldn’t let go. It was the best thing that he could have done for me. When he shot his cum into my mouth it surprised me by the amount and the force in which it hit the back of my throat. I swallowed as quickly as I could and I was able to keep up with the flow. I had swallowed twice before I finally tasted it and decided that I liked it. Paying for my tutoring had just taken on a whole new meaning.

A call from Stella’s mother sent us scrambling. It was time for Frankie and I to go home. I looked at the clock and more than an hour and a half had passed. Stella gave Frankie one last kiss and I gave her pussy one last poke. Then I told her to come to my house for the whole weekend. She just smiled as she slipped on her clothes to walk us to the door.

On the way home Frankie said that he had enjoyed himself. No kidding!

I could hardly wait for Mom to send us up to bed so that she and Dad could fool around in the living room.

Eventually Mom said that it was time to head up to bed. I got up and gave Mom and Dad hugs and told them that I loved them. Then I went right up, with Frankie on my heels. I heard Mom say, “That was too easy” while Dad said, “Don’t get too curious about them or they might get curious about us.” I waited until I heard Mom giggling like a schoolgirl.

Frankie was waiting for me when I carried my robe into his room. I was totally naked, locked his door, and lay out on his bed. He too was naked and that made me smile. He got over my face and gave me his cock while he played with my tits. I loved the feeling that he gave me and wondered if Dad was doing to same thing to Mom. He fingered my pussy and tickled my clit until I cum then he put his tongue in my pussy. I knew that it didn’t taste as good as Stella’s pussy but I was glad that he was trying it. All too soon I was swallowing his cum again and only four minutes had gone by. I was not disappointed as he started putting two fingers in my pussy, then three. When I cringed he pulled them out and looked around the room. I wondered what he was up to but not for very long. Soon he got his flashlight and started feeding that into me. It was too large too and I asked him to stop.

Finally out of desperation I grabbed his cock and it was hard so I said, “Try using this. I’m pretty sure that it will fit.”

Frankie said, “You would let me fuck you?”

I smiled and said, “Sure. Why not! Just do it.”

Frankie got down between my legs and I opened them up for him. I held my breath as he touched his cock to my pussy and then pushed it in. It went in about halfway at first, then he pulled it out a little just to shove it all the way in. It felt good. I enjoyed the feeling of his cock in my pussy. It sure beat the wooden dowel that I had found in Dad’s workshop. It was about the size of a broomstick but only a foot long. Frankie’s cock was not as hard and it conformed to my hole and tunnel a lot better. I could feel his cum splashing inside of me. When he pulled out I sucked his cock clean, looked at the clock to see that twenty-two minutes had gone by, and then I grabbed my robe and took off for the bathroom.

When I barged into the bathroom Mom was sitting on the toilet naked. Her legs were spread and there was cum running down her legs. I was holding my robe in front of me but Mom could see that I was naked. What she couldn’t see was that I too had cum dripping down my leg.

As if I needed an explanation Mom said, “We just made love and I have to get it out before I get pregnant. I’ll just be a minute.” Then Mom grabbed a bottle of douche from under the sink and squirted it inside her.

She wiped and got up so that I could sit down. She stood in front of the sink and put soap on a washcloth and really cleaned her pussy with it. I gave it some thought first and then I reached for a bottle of douche and used it. Mom then handed me the soapy washcloth so that I could clean up with it.

As Mom and I stood there naked in the bathroom facing each other she said, “I know why I was in here and douched but why were you in here?”

I smiled and said, “The same reason I expect.”

Mom glared at me and said, “Your father and I had sex.”

I smiled and said, “Frankie and I had sex.”

Mom’s mouth fell open then she asked, “How long has this been going on?”

I said, “About five minutes.”

Mom thought about that for a minute and said, “I need to get you on birth control, and soon. I’ll try to get you an appointment with my gynecologist tomorrow afternoon. If I do I’ll take you out of school.”

I said, “You’re not mad at me?”

Mom said, “I expected it long before this. You developed long before I did and I was fucking my brother before I was fourteen.”

I then asked, “Can I sleep in his bed?”

Mom laughed and said, “His bed is filthy take him into your bed. At least it’s clean. He masturbates all the time in that bed.”

I said, “He won’t be anymore.”

Mom laughed and said, “Your right. You do know that he will try to wear your pussy out.”

I said, “I’m counting on it.”

Mom smiled and gave me a hug. Then we headed out. Mom went back down stairs naked and I got my brother and brought him back to my bedroom. He was surprised that Mom knew about us and approved. He realized it though when Mom came in naked and kissed us goodnight. I smiled as his hand went between Mom’s legs and his cock hardened in my hand. Mom didn’t try to stop him and just dangled her big breasts in his face as he felt her up. I talked to her about Stella spending the weekend in bed with the two of us. Mom smiled and said, “M?ge ?rois. I remember my first threesome, hope you have as much fun as I did.” Mom looked down at Frankie and asked, “Are you done yet?” He said, “Not really but you can go to bed if you want too.” Mom kissed him and said, “I’ll let you feel me up tomorrow after dinner. I’ll have your sister and father do the dishes so that we can be alone.” Then Mom left us.

Frankie rolled over and stuck his cock back in me. I let him fuck me and cum in me and then I fell asleep with him.

The next day Mom called me out of class for a doctor’s appointment. He was an old man but I was just there so that he could play with my tits and feel me up before he gave me birth control pills. Mom was in the room with me the whole time and I even enjoyed it. He asked me if I was sexually active and I said yes. After that he didn’t seem to need to know anything else. I got dressed and we stopped by the pharmacy to get my pills. At home I took my first one and waited for Frankie to come home.

Mom did not go back to work so we were both waiting for him to come home from school. It was Friday so when he came in he had Stella with him. I told him that I was on the pill and Stella said that she was too. Mom told us that she wasn’t on any birth control but that perhaps she should be. She was looking right at Frankie when she said it.

I told Stella that Frankie slept with me the night before and that she could join us if she wanted too. Stella smiled and asked if I had let my brother fuck me. Of course I told her that I had, that Mom knew it, and that was why I was now on the pill.

All four of us went up to my bedroom. All four of us got naked even Mom. Then Mom and I watched as Frankie fucked Stella and took her virginity. He sure could fuck, cum, and stay hard. Mom giggled when he pulled out of Stella and poked his cock in me. When he cum and pulled out of me he was still hard. Mom then let him fuck her too. Stella and I cheered him on. When he filled Mom with cum she ran to the bathroom with us right behind her. The three of us watched as Mom flushed his cum out of her pussy with a bottle of douche. Stella had never seen her mother douche before.

After dinner we three kids went up to my room to ‘play’ games. Mom came up a few minutes later and knocked on my door. I was naked when I opened it and she handed me a shoebox.

Stella let out a soft scream when I opened the box and she saw the sex toys in it. Her mother had most of them and she had used them in her own pussy. Stella showed Frankie and I how to use the dildos, the vibrators, and the butt plugs. Frankie enjoyed fucking us both with them. I didn’t like the butt plug very much but Stella sure did. She even let Frankie fuck her pussy with the plug in her butt. He was amazed at how tight she felt. Then at bedtime she let him fuck her butt with his cock. I wouldn’t let him do that to me.

Our entire weekend was great. Stella and I kept Frankie quite satisfied and he kept us satisfied too. He even found time to give Mom a couple of good ones also.


Over time, Mom bought me a bigger bed and told Dad what was going on, more of my girlfriends spent weekends with Frankie and I, and I passed into the seventh grade.

The End
Paying My Tutor
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