Introduction: The fantasy of Josie - a young girl who just can't get it hard or nasty enough. As the title suggests, there’s lots of vomit involved in the story. So if you don't like the idea then stop reading immediately, because there’s tons, and tons, and tons of vomit in this story. Get it? V.O.M.I.T. Don’t come whingeing to me about it if you feel sick and violated. However, if you liked the first chapter, then you should hopefully like the further adventures of Josie. Enjoy! Note: to those that have been waiting a long time for further chapters to my stories, this is the first of several that should be up over the next few weeks, and thanks for all your emails!

Josie was a slut. She had run away from home when she was 15 and a stunningly sexy little redhead. She had also discovered that she had a serious vomit fetish and enjoyed nothing more than sticking the fingers of one hand down her throat as she stuffed the fingers of her other hand up her cunt. As she began puking all over her delicious curves she would cum harder than by doing any other sexual act she had encountered. These acts included being regularly gang ‘raped’ by her drunken father and his friends, as well as several other gangbangs that she had participated in by sneaking out to frat house parties late at night. Since turning 12 she had become more than accomplished at taking cocks up her ass and down her throat for hours on end, and until she discovered her love of the extreme nasty stuff she never felt truly fulfilled. After a hard vomit session she didn’t feel the disgust for herself that most women would when they carried out a disgusting act. Instead Josie would play with the vomit, continuing to rub it around her gorgeous body, stuffing it up her pussy and ass, eating mouthfuls of the puke back down before finally fucking herself with it until she came multiple times, her body bucking and thrusting out of control, often until she’d pass out.

After one particularly hard session, following one of her fathers’ unfulfilling gang rapes, Josie had a dream. She had dreamt that she was in a dirty alley late at night being gang banged and pissed on by a dozen filthy tramps when a woman and her boyfriend walked past and went to check on her. When Josie said that she needed more, the sexy blonde woman bent over Josie and began puking all over her pretty young face, Josie swallowing mouthful after mouthful as well as getting her entire head covered in the vomit. The sexy woman and Josie had both started being fucked and fisted by the tramps when Josie suddenly awoke from the dream, still covered in dried vomit from the night before. Josie had only ever explored her vomit fetish by herself, but after the dream she decided that she needed to leave for the city and live a life of utter depravity – and find other people to puke on her.

In the city Josie never had a problem finding somewhere to stay and actually made a decent amount of money. She rarely whored herself for money, but offering her supple young body to older guys to take home and fuck usually rewarded her with a warm bed, a shower and some money in her pocket. After 2 months she decided that she’d start whoring her talents out 2 or 3 nights a week where she could easily make enough money throughout the month to cover any rent and food that she’d need for the days and nights that she wasn’t working. During this time the little firecracker rarely had any joy with her vomit fetish, mainly sticking to hard vomit masturbation sessions and downloading all manner of porn involving puking.
The closest she had got to doing anything involving another person happened one night when she was naked in front of her laptop (a gift from a regular customer) watching a scene involving two attractive American girls, the one puking in the others face and the receiver swallowing the puke in her mouth. It was a sticky summers night, around 2am, and she had the big sash windows of the small apartment open with the lights off. As she got increasingly sweaty, frigging her cunt, watching the two sexy women enjoying the kind of puke play she so desperately wanted to indulge in, she heard some noise in the alley 3 stories below her window. Figuring it was just a tramp or a cat she didn’t stop her frigging for a second. However, hearing some moans she lifted her eyes from the screen to the window. Josie struggled to walk to the window on very shaky legs, with cunt juice streaming down her sexy thighs and her large, still growing tits heaving, with trickles of sweat running over them. Josie leant out of the window, letting her big udders feel the outside air, and looked down to see a drunk, blonde slut sat on her ass in the dirty alley. Josie immediately decided that her ragingly horny cunt needed some extra fun, and grabbed the tiniest skirt and tit covering top that she had, and scurried barefoot out the door and down the apartment block stairs. When Josie got to the back alley her gash juice was running all the way down to her feet.

The blonde had moved on to her knees and was swaying, obviously extremely pissed, when Josie saw her again. Josie stood several metres away, pulled up the tiny skirt and openly rubbed her wet cunt as she thought about what she wanted to do. Those thoughts were interrupted moments later as the drunk whore began to puke on to the dirty alley floor. Josie, almost as a natural reaction, sprang toward the slut and crawled under her puking face. The woman, too paralytic to notice, just carried on puking her guts up all over Josie’s face. Josie kept her mouth wide open and her cunt spasmed uncontrollably as she had someone else puke on her for the first time. All too quickly for the vomit obsessed little whore, the blonde cunt finished puking and passed out, falling backwards in the alley. Josie’s cunt was still on fire and, without even thinking twice, she swallowed what was in her mouth and began licking at the puke that she’d missed on the dirty alley floor. As she got down on her knees, putting her face into the vomit on the filthy stones, she reached back to her perfect, round, upturned ass and slid fingers from both hands into her cunt and shithole and began fucking her holes furiously fast as she rubbed her face in the puke and licked the stones clean. After she’d cum for the tenth time she stood and turned to look at the passed out whore. She figured that she must be around 23 or 24 years old, and looked just like the blonde in the dream that made her decide to run away from home. She was wearing 6 inch stripper heels, a small white top covering her large titflesh but showing off her toned stomach, and a short skirt showing off plenty of thigh. Josie decided that she would have more fun with the passed out whore, and began pulling her clothes off.

The sluts’ tits were about the same size as Josie’s still growing udders, and her cunt was smooth and bare. Josie stood over the naked cunt, licked her own lips and then thrust her fingers down her throat. After a few seconds she hit the spot and began puking heavily, covering the woman’s luscious tits and stomach with the first burst, and her pussy and thighs with the second. Josie bent over closer to the whores’ blonde head and began covering her face in thick vomit, stopping to scoop the puke from her nose and mouth so that the worthless cunt didn’t choke to death. After a few more heavy heaves, adding some more puke to the girl, Josie clambered onto the vomit drenched pukegirl and began rubbing her body all over, smearing the filthy mess all over her lithe, curvy young body. Again Josie came as she rubbed her cunt against the pukey mess’ body and sucked a mouthful back up and swallowed. Josie finally decided that enough was enough and that she should quit while she was ahead. She grabbed her tiny clothes and ran back upstairs to her apartment. Wearing nothing but vomit, she sat on the window ledge and frigged her cunt and asshole as she looked down at her pile of vomit and the girl underneath it. Twenty minutes later, after Josie had puked on her tits again and attempted to vomit on the girl from a great heaight with no luck, she saw a tramp stumble down the alley. He took a look at the girl, wiped some of the puke from her face and tits, and fucked the messy cunt right there, dumping his dirty cum inside her before getting up and stumbling off. Josie stayed up all night, incredibly turned on by all that she’d seen and done. At 5:30am the girl came around. Josie laughed hard, but quietly, as the girl freaked out and held her aching, alcohol swimming head at the same time. The woman grabbed what was left of her clothes and ran off crying. “That’ll teach the whore for getting so drunk” Josie giggled to herself, before showering and finally going to bed.

Another month on and Josie hadn’t managed to find anyone else to have any proper fun with. She had, however, become almost obsessed with finding and following drunken girls. She hadn’t found anymore that were quite as wasted as the blonde, but she had got lucky a few times and watched as they threw up on the sidewalk or in alleyways. Josie waited for the whores to stumble off before going over and scooping, licking and sucking the puke off of the floor and into her mouth. One time Josie filled her mouth up with puke and then walked the 7 blocks back to her apartment block without swallowing. When she got in through her front door she threw her clothes off, rammed her hand up her cunt and finally swallowed the dirty vomit. She spent the next hour on her floor, repeatedly puking all over herself and masturbating like crazy, pulling her tits so hard she thought she might actually pull her nipples off.

Despite being a puke obsessed cumbag, Josie was still looking good. However, 8 months after running away desperation had set in and she was on her knees in a dirty alley, naked, surrounded by 20 tramps, all with their hard cocks out, the now sixteen-year-old Josie sucking them, one-by-one. Josie hadn’t found any more girls to play puke games with and she was going crazy, trying to find other disgusting acts to satisfy her cravings for the nastiest sex acts. After sucking all 20 tramps off, and having had them all cum in her mouth or on her face, she just sat against a wall, naked, as a dozen of the lucky, dirty, homeless men pissed on her fantastic tits, stomach and cunt. Covered and sat in a scummy, dirty puddle of piss with tramp cum all over her face and hair, Josie rubbed her snatch and had a series of small orgasms. After the tramps dispersed, Josie lent over to her bag and pulled out a piece of cardboard and put it across her lap and went to sleep, still naked, still covered in piss and cum. Josie hadn’t lost her apartment - in fact she’d moved to a bigger one with the money she’d made from whoring her cunt out to her regulars. Tonight though, Josie had two options to live her life as a puke princess. She’d decided to try option 1 before settling for option 2. Option 1 consisted of going out, getting naked, fucking a bunch of tramps, letting them cum all over her and then letting them drench her in piss, followed by her sitting in the piss, still naked. She would then put a sign on her lap that said “I’ve been gangfucked and pissed on by 20 tramps – I’m disgusting. Please PUKE on me”. After 3 hours she woke up to find another tramp cumming and then pissing on her. Twenty minutes later she woke up and two police officers were dragging her to their car. After putting some plastic sheeting down they took her to be checked over before asking if she wanted to pursue the men who had obviously raped her and left her in an alley with a humiliating sign. After saying she just wanted to forget it, Josie got dropped off a few blocks from where she lived, now convinced that option 2 was the only way.

Josie woke up at around 2pm later that day and headed over to Jim’s for their 4pm appointment. Jim lived 20 minutes from Josie and had been a regular customer of Josie’s since she arrived in the city. A week earlier, as Josie counted the money from another exceptional fucking performance, Jim asked Josie what she wanted from her young life. Josie and Jim got on pretty well. Jim was in his mid-40’s and had always treated Josie well. He gave Josie lots of hard, nasty sex and slapped her about a lot during sex, just as she liked, but he always gave her a big tip and was very friendly afterwards. The two had started to talk quite a lot the last few months, about their lives, Jim’s kids and how much his 20 year old son would love to fuck Josie and how much he’d love to see his 18 year old daughter fuck Josie, their daily routines, things in the news, etc. So when Jim asked her about what she wanted, she didn’t really have any hesitation in letting him know exactly what she wanted.

“Puke” she stated matter of factly.

“Excuse me?” Jim replied.

“Puke. I want puke” she told him for a second time.

“So what you’re telling me is that all you want in life is puke?” Jim questioned.

“Pretty much. Oh, and money, of course, so I can be in exotic locations whilst having it!” Josie said excitedly. Seeing the look of bemusement on Jim’s face, Josie explained further.

“OK Jim, sit down. The whole reason I left home and therefore started being a whore was because I have a massive fetish for vomit. I don’t know how it started, or technically when it started, but all I know is that I love to puke on myself and other females, and I love and desire to be puked on as much as possible. I sometimes wake up in a morning or afternoon and don’t get out of bed all day and just have a massive, self-indulgent puke sessions, covering myself and everything near me in puke. It makes me cum like nothing else can and I hunger for it constantly. Unfortunately, tracking other people down who also like it is quite hard, so the last few months, to try and satisfy myself, I’ve taken to following pissed up sluts home from bars and clubs, and waiting for them to puke. After they do and they’ve left, I walk over and eat their puke off of the dirty ground. So you see, I love vomit to the point that I’ll eat it off the dirty, scummy, rat piss drenched ground, and it’s the one thing in the world that I want more than anything else. If I could have one thing, it would be a load of hot girls stood around me, puking all over me and in my mouth again and again while a group of guys take turns fucking the shit out of my cunt and ass. Forever. It’s so fucking disgusting and nasty and degrading and debasing and vile that it gets me so fucking hot that I can cum without touching myself. But I prefer something rather fucking big in my holes anyway!”

By this time, Josie had climbed on top of Jim and was giving a free fuck, one of the best he was ever likely to have in his life. She’d got herself so worked up and talking about it with someone else had been somewhat of relief, finally letting someone know just what a nasty little puke whore she was. Jim had gotten hard as hell at learning the girl was such a nasty little puke whore, and the lengths that she’d go to to try and satisfy her needy cunt. Josie had finished telling her story and was just shouting out obscenities whilst she drove Jim’s cock deep up her ass and he stuffed 4 of his fat fingers into her twat when Jim said “Do it for me”. “Huh? Mmmmmm” Josie groaned back. Jim flipped Josie over like she weighed 20lbs and started pounding into her gorgeous ass. “Fucking puke on yourself. Show me what a nasty, vile little cunt you are”. Josie’s eyes lit up as she realised he was going to let her puke on herself whilst he was fucking her holes. Josie moved her fingers to her mouth and slid them into her throat.

“Go on, fucking puke over those great big tits of yours. Cover those beautiful fucking udders in puke” he groaned, never thinking before that such a thing could turn him on. Josie retched and spat up some throat slime onto her chest. “Fucking puke you whore” Jim said, and slapped her face hard. Josie’s cunt spasmed as she came. Again Josie fingered her throat with just throat slime coming out. “Fucking useless piece of shit” Jim shouted as he slapped Josie across the face again, before pulling her hand from her mouth and stuffing three of his own fat fingers into the back of her mouth. Immediately Josie retched and vomit poured forth, all over Jim’s arm and her own neck, shoulders, tits and stomach. The puke was quite thick as Josie hadn’t taken on much liquid that day. Jim didn’t stop there and thrust another three times into Josie’s throat. He was rewarded with three more large surges from Josie’s stomach. Josie’s cunt was cumming like never before - having a man dominate her, slap her and then force her to puke all over herself whilst he fucked her ass and all but fisted her cunt was the greatest experience of her young life to date.

Jim pulled out of her ass but kept his hand up her cunt. He fisted his cock with his other hand as he told the young pukepig to scoop up her vomit and eat it for him. Josie duly obliged and ate mouthful after mouthful of her own vomit. Jim had one of the strongest orgasms of his life, before his senses kicked in and the smell made him vomit all over Josie’s tits, making her rub her cunt and cum hard yet again as she was puked on by a man for the first time in her life. She grabbed a handful of their combined vomit and stuffed it up her cunt, making her constant orgasm peak for the 15th time in 20 minutes. “Oh...ugh....oooohhh, you’re something else Josie, something fucking completely different” Jim struggled to say as he tried to catch his breath following the most intense session of his life.

Josie remembered those events as she walked along to Jim’s and her snatch began dripping. Luckily for her she was only wearing a short skirt and no panties. The trail of cunt juice on the sidewalk was plainly visible to anyone who might have been walking behind her on this warm sunny day.

A couple of minutes later she arrived at Jim’s. After greeting each other with a deep, probing tongue in each other’s mouths, Jim led her into his lounge. “Josie, this is who I’ve been telling you about – Lexi”. Lexi stood from the stool she had been perched on at Jim’s corner bar and smiled at Josie. Lexi was as fake as they came – long fake blonde hair, fake tan, big fake tits, nose job, lip job, dentist white perfect teeth, false nails, false eye lashes, skinny via liposuction and Josie suspected the whore even had ass implants. Lexi was wearing ridiculously high clear stripper heels and a red see-through dress. “Lexi, lovely to meet you, but I know who you are. I’m a massive fan of your work” said Josie. Josie knew Lexi because she was the internet’s long time queen of vile acts. Lexi was in her late thirties and had spent the last 10 years of her life going to further extremes in order to make money from her videotapes and internet sites. Josie had watched many movies where Lexi was in various places all around the world, doing things from sucking and fucking horses and guzzling their cum down, to letting up to 30 men piss, shit and vomit all over her. It wouldn’t be a Lexi movie if she then didn’t chow down on a large portion of shit and vomit with a bowl of piss to wash it down.

“Thank you Josie, but it’s not really work when you love it as much as I do” she said in a sweet southern drawl – the only natural and charming thing left about her. Lexi continued “as you know, Jim here emailed me last week and I always reply to my emails personally. He told me that he’d found a beautiful young girl with a massive fetish for vomit, and he wondered if I could help you out by finding someone, or some couple dozen, people to help you out with that fetish. Is it true Josie, do you love vomit?”. “Mmmm, yes. It’s all I think about, puking and being bathed in puke and eating nothing but huge mouthfuls of puke while I get fucked by huge cocks!” Josie replied. “Good girl. Now, I think I can help you out, but I need to make sure you’re as nasty as you say you are how about you and me take these annoying clothes off and get really... fucking... filthy... hmm?” Lexi said. “Like an audition? I think I’d do anything to have Queen Lexi puke in my mouth. I’m so fucking wet and horny right now you could sink the fucking titanic in my cunt” an extremely lust fuelled Josie said as she walked forward and ripped Lexi’s flimsy dress off. Lexi’s look of shock quickly turned into an evil grin as she spat in the young girls face and then grabbed hold of her.

The two whores kissed passionately, their tongues fighting in their mouths as their hands pulled at each other tits. Jim pulled his cock out and took a seat for what he was sure would be an unmissable event. Breaking the kiss, Lexi stripped Josie and got on her knees. “Right, you little cunt – you think you can stand up to me when it comes to puke? Let’s see. You start. Vomit in my mouth and face”. Lexi shoved a couple of fingers into Josie’s gash and rubbed her own clit as she looked up at the gorgeous 16 year old with her fingers down her throat. Lexi’s mouth opened wide as she heard a groaning from deep inside Josie. Moments later the sexy young pretender to Lexi’s vile throne let go with a gut wrenching, cunt shaking, sludgey puke which covered the Queen’s face completely and dripped onto her big fake tits in thick blobs. Both Josie and Lexi shook in orgasm as Lexi chewed and swallowed that that fell in her mouth. “Fuck me, honey, I can’t remember the last time anybody puked shit this thick on my face. You’re hired, but do you mind if we carry on anyway?” Lexi cooed. Josie answered by leaning forward and sucking up half a mouthful of her vomit from Lexi’s face before kissing her deeply with it.

Queen of filth Lexi was already in love and awe with the stunning, disgusting young pukepig. In terms of looks, she was sexy in a completely different way to Lexi; a natural, young, big titted, red-haired beauty, but both of them shared the same deep rooted love of vomit. As Josie shot more thick puke all over the rest of Lexi’s body, Jim came all over himself and continued stroking. He’d never seen anything as sexy in his life as these two whores, both so different to look at, but both enjoying the disgusting act that they were performing in front of him.

Lexi was cumming as hard as she had for a long time, probably since the time about 5 years earlier when she had fucked and sucked a dog. She then followed it around on her hands and knees until it took a shit, at which point she moved under the dog until she could eat it straight from its ass - all for the amusement of several rich Asian gentlemen who paid a great deal to see a plastic American whore debase herself. Of course they all then took their turns in shitting and pissing on her themselves. The act caused Lexi to cum so hard that she’d carried the act out several times in private, scooping up dog shit in parks late at night and eating it, as well as in some of her movies.

Josie was continuing to bathe Lexi’s plastic, skanky, thin body in vomit. She was loving every second and felt like she was in the movies that she’d cum over whilst watching a shit and vomit covered Lexi drink a bowl of 5 mens puke whilst in Thailand. The thing Josie loved so much about Lexi’s performances, other than the disgusting things she did, was the obvious enjoyment she showed whilst doing it all. Lexi was now rubbing the thick puke all over her body as Josie’s stomach began to empty.

“Fuck, my cunt is on fire.” Said Josie as she pushed Lexi onto her back and crawled on top of her, mashing the vomit between their sexy bodies and grinding their fuckholes together as continuous cums swept through the pair of them. “Puke on me, Lexi” Josie managed to stutter out. Lexi rolled on top of Josie and got up onto her knees so that she was cunt to cunt with the younger vomit slut. Lexi pushed one finger into her throat and her puke exploded out of her mouth and covered Josie all over from her hair to her cunt. “OH FUCK, YES, YEEEESSS, GET IT IN MY FUCKING MOUTH, LET ME EAT QUEEN LEXI’S PUKE!” she shouted. The two pieces of shit ground their cunts together harder and faster as Lexi lent further forward and let go with another huge vomit, this time all over Josie’s face and filling up her mouth. Josie swallowed, and, as always, came hard. “OOOooooOOOOOOOooooooooooooh.....fucking HEAVEN! FUCK me JIM!!!!!”

Jim jumped up from his seat, cock hard as a steel tube and sunk to his knees. He plowed his cock up Josie’s snatch and rubbed the front of his body against the skanky Queen of filth as she continued puking all over 16 year old Josie. Jim couldn’t believe how good Josie’s cunt felt as it continuously jumped and tightened around his cock.

“Mmmmmm, get used to heaven then, baby, because I think you’re going to be a permanent resident there if you become my full time live in puke toy” Lexi drawled, drooled and spat. “I can’t wait” Josie smiled, but the other two couldn’t tell as her face was caked in too much thick puke. And that’s the way Josie loved it.

End of Chapter 2

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