He didn’t want to do anything, but fuck
Adventures in babysitting #3

When my boy friend found out I was on the pill he couldn’t keep his hands off me. He didn’t want to do anything, but fuck. Don’t get me wrong, I love sex, but once he gets in my pussy he cums. Sometimes it feels like five minutes. I never have orgasm. When he wore a rubber it took him longer. Plus now I could never get him to eat my pussy. So, I dumped his sorry ass. That same day, Mr. & Mrs. Smith picked me up at home after school. They asked my parents If I could watch their kids tonight. They said sure no problem, what time will you be home? Mrs. Smith said 10:00
It was about 5:00 when we got to the mall, the kids saw Chuck E Cheese they wanted to go. We all went in, I felt like the older teenage daughter. The kids ran around and ate pizza in between. I was getting bored. Mrs. Smith said “You ready to do some shopping”? I thought I was babysitting? She said, “We got to get you some new clothes” Mr. Smith will watch the kids.
We entered the mall, she told me they wanted to get me sexy clothes, and we’re going to have fun. You ever go on a cruise? I said “No” She asked do you want too? I said “Shit yea” Would your parents let you? Sure as long as they know I’m going with you and your paying. Were going to get you some play clothes. We went to Mandee’s first we picked out all kinds of sexy outfits, Short skirts, tight tops, and short shorts. She paid for everything.
We went to another store that had Bikini’s she asked if she could go in the dressing room with me so I didn’t have to parade around the store in a swimsuit. I said sure. We grabbed 4 different bikinis. I didn’t care about getting naked in front of her. She looked at my body, rubbing up my thigh, lightly touching my pussy. Your such a pretty girl. I wish I had a body like your I never had big tits, I was never bigger than a B cup. Can I touch them? I said you could do what ever you want with them. She caressed my 38 D boobs, rubbing her cheek on them lightly running her lips on my nipples. She sucked them so gently. Whenever a boy sucked my tits, I felt like they were going to bite my nipples off. I was getting so wet, just from her sucking my tits, her other hand was on my pussy. Just as things were getting hot and heavy, the lady working the dressing room desk called in “Are you and your daughter OK?” Mrs. Smith said “Yea we’re done”
So we got dressed and headed back to Chuck E Cheese . Mrs. Smith had me wear this one piece, tight miniskirt and low cut top. It made my whole body look incredible. She didn’t let me wear anything under it. No bra or panties, so I was jiggling all the way in. The other dads couldn’t keep their eyes off me, I loved it. I played with the kids in the ball crawl and tubes. Four dads were standing around to get a look under my skirt. When I crawled around barefoot or if I wend down the slide. I noticed one guy with sweat pants on had a pup tent.
A little while later we left and got in the mini van and headed to their house the kids sat in the far back seat. I sat in one of the middle seats. Mrs. Smith drove, Mr. Smith kept looking back to talk to me I occasionally lifted my skirt slightly to tease him with my naked wet pussy. When we got to the house Mrs. Smith said “Jack you can have her first, I keep a eye on the kids while they watch TV”
He followed me to the bedroom, I teased him again by flipping my skirt up to show him my bare ass, he gave it a little spank. He locked the door, I grabbed him, kissed him so passionately, my tongue darting in his mouth, then licking his ear and neck. Unbuttoning his shirt kissing every part of his hairy chest. I was on my knees now, I could see his hard on outline in his tight pants. I took his belt off then undid his pants and out sprang his gorgeous rock hard cock. I rubbed it all over my face, licking his big red nut sack, popping them in and out of my wet mouth. He kicked the pants off while I sucked his dick. Then he guided me to the bed, he ate my pussy like a pro. I turned him around so his cock was in my face. He fucked my face while he ate my delicious pussy. He really worked my clit. I had orgasm #1 he felt like he was ready to cum. He pumped his dick in and out of my mouth so fast I felt like I was going to choke then he stopped and shot 4 steams of hot cum in my mouth spilling out all over my face.
He said, I’m not done with you yet, He kissed my cum soaked face, licking me clean. Working his way to my firm boobies. He sucked on each one like a baby. His other hand fingering my wet pussy, he put me on the bed and guided his hard cock into my waiting pussy, he fucked me like a animal, kissing and licking my toes. Grabbing my bouncing tits, going deep, pulling out, rubbing that great cock on my clit to tease me then plunging it deep into my cunt again. OH YES I screamed. It felt so good. He turned me around and fucked me doggie style, my favorite position. I love the feel of his nut sack when it slaps my clit with each slam of his enormous member. I had orgasm #2 My tits were pushed on the bed as he slammed me some more; this time he shot his second load deep in my pussy canal. He fell on top of me in exhaustion.
He said, stay here, it’s Jill’s turn. I got under the covers of their queen size bed and waited. In she came. She slowly got undressed and crawled under the covers. She kissed me hard. Oh I taste Jack on your face. Did he cum here? I said, Yes the first one, the second one is here, pointing to my pussy. She flipped off the covers and dove into my cum filled pussy. She kissed and licked my pussy like no one else. A woman really knows how to please another woman when it come to oral pleasure. Oh you taste so good she said, I’m going to suck all Jacks cum out of here for you. She made circles on my clit with her tongue, that gave me such a intense orgasm #3. That’s when she went into her drawer next to the bed and pulled out this little toy that vibrated but looked like lipstick. She put it on her pussy and got herself off in minutes, she positioned herself on my face in a 69 fashion and told me to eat her pussy like she did mine. I never ate pussy before, but I guess I did a good job because she was screaming with ecstasy. The whole time she was using her toy on my pussy bringing me to orgasm #4. We held each other in our arms. She said it’s getting late. We have to get dressed. So I put on the clothes I came with and I left all the clothes we bought there. They were our play clothes.
Mr. Smith drove me home and gave me a $100, I walked in the door at 10:00 sharp. My mom was on the sofa watching TV, my dad next to her asleep. She said, “You have fun? I said “Oh yea, those kids are a handful”

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2011-01-29 14:19:03
should of did the kids instead

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2010-06-21 00:39:44
too much filler in the beginning, not graphic enough during sexual excerpts. but still a good story, who doesn't like a "fuck the babysitter story".


2010-04-21 22:43:00

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2009-09-22 04:40:03
Your idea is a 10, but your writing is a 3, and I'm not even taking into consideration the spelling and grammatical errors. It's a 3 because you don't build up in any way to any of the sexual moments -- "he fucked me while I licked his cock" -- BORING. Might just as well write, "He gave me a friendly smakc on the shoulder, then we played golf." Good erotic writing is loaded with details of sensation -- what person B feels like under person A's skin, and how person A feels as person B is touching him or her. Plus, details about how people taste and smell, how their skin feels, the variation in pacing as people have sex, the way a kiss on the neck can make some women shudder and grow wet between the legs -- and more and more and more. Yet this story contains nothing erotic.

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2009-09-06 22:27:18

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