Rock concert Gangbang
Sucked my first BBC to get a Dead show ticket

Back in summer 1985 I was 19 and I went to a Dead show in Conn. My boyfriend at the time had my ticket because I was only wearing a hippie type short skirt and wrap around top. No bra of course. While we were getting wasted in the parking lot my boyfriend and I got into a argument and the dick went in without me and gave my ticket to someone else. I tried to sweet talk my way past the security /ticket takers with no luck and before I know it I was outside alone while everyone else was enjoying the show. I was drunk off my ass. I went up to anybody looking for a ticket. I remember asking this big black guy and he showed me tickets and he told me to go in-between these buildings and he would give it to me if I sucked his dick. I was desperate and it wasn't the first time I sucked dick for something so we did and he pulled out his big black cock from under his sweatpants and I started giving him a good blowjob. Trying to make him cum as fast as possible so I could see the show. He was playing with my tits and ass. He started getting all excited. He turned me around and ordered me to put my hands on the wall and he lifted my skirt and pulled my panties down and he shoved his huge cock deep into my dipping pussy. He pounded me so hard he was lifting me off the floor. I was scared and turned on at the same time. His hands were all over me. Then he shot his load, it felt like a hose bursting inside me .The cum was dripping down my leg as he pulled out. He kissed me full on the lips biting my lower lip. Then he handed me the ticket and said enjoy the show. I could barely walk after that. My panties were soaked with his cum and my juices. I arrived halfway threw the show they were just about to start the second set. I never told anyone.

Rock concert Gangbang

I was at a Rock concert when I was 18, I got right up to the stage and the crowd behind me kept pushing and pushing.
When the band started playing we were all bopping to the rhythm. This guy behind me was rubbing himself on my ass. I had a hippie skirt on with no panties. So I was getting very excited.
I pressed my ass right up against his hard cock. He kept on rubbing dry humping me. I turned around and started kissing him real hard. This surprised him. My hand was now on his hard cock threw his jeans. I kept kissing him and put my hand down his pants. I jerked him off while we kissed, in no time he shot his load in my hand. Actually, I just wiped it on his leg and ass inside his pants. The rest on his nuts. We never stopped kissing his hands were all over me. He held me and we danced together for half the whole show.
During intermission we went to the bathroom, all the guys in the bathroom started hooting and hollering, as we entered the empty stall. He was like a wild animal biting my neck; I couldn’t wait to get his cock out. I sat on the toilet and sucked his rock hard cock, I tasted his first load all over it, when he felt like he was ready to cum I stopped, I kissed him hard, I turned around, let him enter me from behind. He fucked the shit out of me in the stall. My tits were bouncing back and forth as he slammed me harder and harder his big balls slapping on my clit, I came so hard, my knees started to buckle. He was lifting me right off the ground, I was screaming “OH GOD, you feel so good, the other guys were banging on the stall chanting FUCK HER!!! FUCK HER!!! He shot his second load deep into my very wet sore pussy. Biting my neck, he kissed me passionately, he told me he had to go. I guess after two loads he was done. I didn't even get his name. I didn't even care. It was just another cock.
We both left the stall he went first, just left me there. I tried to get out, but another guy grabbed me, he got real rough, kissing me, hugging me, I looked down and his huge cock was sticking out his jeans. SUCK MY COCK BITCH he said in my ear. I grabbed his hard cock and walked him to the back of the big bathroom, I wanted him so bad, I was horny as hell, I could feel the cum dripping out my cunt, when I got down on my knees, he grabbed my head, fucked my face so hard and pumping fast. I felt like I was choking on that huge cock. In the farthest corner of the bathroom, all these guys were circling us watching me suck this guys dick. I felt another cock rubbing my cheek, I looked up and it was this old fat guy. I didn’t care I started stroking that fat shits cock, I wanted him next. All of a sudden the cum started shooting out this huge cock in my mouth, he made sure I swallowed ever drop, he patted me on the head and said that’s a good cock sucking bitch. She’s all yours and he slapped the other guys hands after he put his spent cock back in his jeans. The fat guy sat on the floor so he could be more comfortable while I sucked his cock; It also let this young stud access to my big fat ass. He fucked my doggie style while I sucked the fat guys cock. Oh it felt so good, He slammed that young boner into my wet cunt. “OH GOOD GOD” I yelled. I was so wet, I could hear slurping sounds as he fucked the shit out of me, when he was pulling out his wet dick it entered my asshole; I was so relaxed I didn’t care, it felt SO GOOD.
That’s when the fat guy shot his load all over my face. I was acting like such a whore; I was getting gang banged in the men’s room. Two guys wanted me to suck their dicks next, I was all fours, I couldn’t use my hands, but I didn’t have too. They took turns sticking cock in my mouth all while this young stud was fucking my tight ass. I looked over my shoulder, I said you about ready to cum big boy, Come on son shoot that load deep in mamma’s ass. I banged my fat ass into his dick until he drained that hose of every drop of his hot seed. At that moment, I heard the security guy yell “What’s going on here?” He thought I was getting raped. One guy said” She wants to get fucked” He said “We don’t allow that here, everybody’s got to go, come on lady get up and leave, before I kick you out of this place. He grabbed my arm and walked me out of the bathroom. I could hardly walk. I found a empty seat, I was so sore every hole was violated, So I relaxed watched the band play a couple songs, after the encore I called my friend on my cell phone. She asked me what happened and I told her I’ll tell her all about it on the way home.

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2011-10-27 14:53:55
Now I feel stupid. That's celared it up for me

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2010-07-01 23:50:34
You are one hot babe! Wish I could have banged you back in the day. You would have walked funny after my big black dick too. I fucked a teen aged white chick back then too and my partner said when he saw how funny and cautiously she was walking afterward he knew I'd fucked her. Thanks for sharing these very sexy stories.

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2010-07-01 23:50:08
Hey, this is a dumb question, but I always wondered; do women like to feel wet between the legs? Do you like the feel of a big load of cum oozing slowly out of your twats, or do you badly want to take a shower and give it a good wipe? Just curious, you made the point of talking about being full of dripping cum, thought you could tell me. Great story by the way.

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2010-07-01 23:46:20
You are one hot babe! Wish I could have banged you back in the day. You would have walked funny after my big black dick too. I fucked a teen aged white chick back then too and my partner said when he saw how funny and cautiously she was walking afterward he knew I'd fucked her. Thanks for sharing these very sexy stories.

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2009-09-08 23:58:07
ok so ur talken about a black dick yet u end up with all these guys and no detailing about them at all second of all u said 1985 nd ur 19 and have a cell phone i think not?? Needs improvement

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