This is the story of a 14 year old boy, who having lusted after his best friend's younger sister for years, finally decides to take action. Please excuse any spelling/grammar mistakes, english is not my native language.
I stood in anticipation on the step at the front of Mollie's house, jiggling around slightly, the realism of what I was planning to do suddenly much clearer. I breathed in a large gasp of air, straighten my clothes and rung the I rang the doorbell a few times until I saw a dark shape moving behind the glass, I tried to compose myself as the door opened.

"Oh, hello? Mollie said politley, a smile on her face.
She was clearly puzzled as to why I was stood here on her doorstep. She was still wearing her baggy school top, but as the wind blew
towards her it tighened around her chest, showing her perfect boobs straining against a bright pink bra.

"Hey mollie, is it ok if i come in a minuite?" I said sweat starting to form on my upper lip.

"Sure ok..." she replied, clearly becoming nervous.

As I stepped into her porch I reached a hand around behind me and slammed the door shut, the noise made mollie jump and spin around to face me. I took two
very large strides forwards and before she knew what was happening I had ahold of her arms.

"What the fuck are you doing!?" she demanded furiously. I ignored her question and drove drove her through the door into the sitting room.
I used all my force to shove her onto the couch and before she had a chance to react I dived on top of her, trapping her arms to her side with my thighs.
"Get off!" She screamed desperatley trying to wiggle free, it was hopeless however and the more she struggled the more
I tightened my grip. She began to scream and I grabbed the nearest pillow and jammed it over her face to muffle the sounds she was making.
Her eyes widened as I looked down at her under me.

Unsure where to begin I released the coushin for a split second in which to pull her school shirt over her head, this was not easily achived
with her still trying to break free but eventually I managed it. With her top off her tiny bra revealed
almost all of her beautiful tits. With some force I put my hand underneth her back and fumbled around for the bra hook, event-
ually I found it and was able to unhook it, I pulled her bra off in one swift movement and I sat their with it in my hand for one triumphent moment,
before tossing it away somewhere over my head.
Completly bare those tits where better then I could ever have imagined, they were much larger then I had ever realised, enormus and so perfectly round, they hung low, becuase of the huge size I pulled my hands away and bent over and licked on of Mollie’s nipples. It was erect and hard now. I looked up at her face; no response. I sucked one of her nipples into my mouth and ran my tongue around it.
I looked down at mollies face, her eyes lit up in a horrified glow as she
struggled to breath against the weight of me pressing on of her combined with a pillow clamped over her face.

"I'm going to take this off" I said slowly and clearly, if you scream I'll hurt you. "Do you understand?" I asked her with a look of menace in my eyes.

She nodded hastily from under the pillow and slowly I pulled it off her face. As soon as I did she turned her head to the side and took a massive gasp of air,
her long hair in strands all across her face. For a couple of seconds we just stared straight into each other's faces.

Then with a swift movement I shifted all my weight upwards and turned her over under me, so I was now sat on her back. I looked down towards her bottom,
she was wearing tight black school trousers which perfectly emphasied her ass crack. I slowly reached down and grasped her bum in my hands, the black fabric smooth and tight
against her skin. I gave her a little squeze as I ran my hand all up and down her bum cheeks and then into the crack between her ass. She moaned from under me,
terrified at what was happening to her. I dug my fingers into the top of her trousers and slowly peeled them down, revealing her pale, rounded, wobbely bum cheeks. She
was wearing some pink elastic knickers which clamped tightly against her ass. They went right into her crack and had green frilly bits around the edges. After I had pulled
trousers down to her knees, slowly reached a hand around to between her legs towards her young cunt. I positioned myself between my Mollie's legs and I bent down and smelled her sweet aroma. It had a strong odor but not a bad one. There was a very faint salty taste with a stronger taste of strawberry.

I began to lick her split up and down with the tip of my tongue. I ran my tongue over the hood of her clit and it sprang forward and I circled it with my tongue. Little Mollie had a nice clit, about a half inch long and about the size of the middle of a wooden toothpick. Every time I flicked my tongue over her clit her Ass would jump. Just as I plunged my tongue fully inside her pussy she lifted her butt and I felt her cum, some oozing into my mouth so I swallowed it.

I put two fingers back in her pussy and took the juice from her pussy and rubbed it on her Ass. I inserted one finger in her butt hole and was surprised it slid inside so easily. I continued to eat my Mothers wonderful fuck hole and fingered her butt hole. Soon I had Two fingers inside her. Her sphincter muscle gave a little resistance but soon relaxed and I ended up putting all four fingers in her hole. I pumped her Ass and licked her pussy and sucked her clit that was rock hard. I folded my thumb and my whole fist entered her Ass. I began to pump my fist inside her Ass walls.

I climbed off of her, but as I did I kept my two hands pressed on her sobbing body to keep her in postion.

"Move and I'll hurt you more then you could ever know" I threatened as I took my hands off. She obeyed and stayed exactly where she was. I looked at her, she was shaking uncontrolabley and was crying
her eyes out.

I took a step towards her and slowly peeled her trousers all the way off of her legs and then removed her socks exposing her perfect little fat toes. I picked up
her foot in my hand and studied it closely. Her feet were soft and round. Her tiny toes were round and soft to the touch, my fingers manuiplulating the soft skin. I liked seeing the wrinkles form around my thumbs as I kneaded the soles of her feet. I loved the soft silkiness of the top of her feet as I gently rubbed the backs of fingers across them. I loved the way her toes wiggled in my hands when I tickled her, I kissed the sole of her foot, then ran my tounge up the entire length, the smell of soap and sweat mixing to form a beautiful aroma. I felt brave enough to stick the top of her foot into my mouth, twisting my tounge around her toes and flicking inbwteen the gaps.

Once I had had enough of her toes I let her foot drop onto the sofa. I then focused my attention on her ass. She still had her knickers pulled down from where I had fingered her
and they were covered in her cum. Wait, that wasn't just cum I saw. There was a much darker, more diluted substance trickling from her fuck hole. Mollie had pissed herself with fear, the brown liquid was running down her legs and
collecting in a pool around and under her. I looked at her as she trembled with fright.
I stepped towards her and grabbed her long brown hair.
"What the fuck do you call this?!" I shouted into her face, she recoiled with fright as I spat into her mouth. "Well maybe you can tell me now" I said nastily.

Before she knew what was happening I grabbed her the back of her hair and forced her face into the 2cm deep pool of urine, she strained against me, but it was useless as I
smuthered her face into her own piss. She gurgled as the foul liquid reached the back of her throat. After I had decided she had had enough I allowed her to lift her face back
up. She was drippng wet and wet hair was slewn across her face.

"You bastard..." she uttered, clearly hardly able to speak.

"Bastard?" I asked a grin apperaing on my face. Without any warning I grabber her head again and pressed her down again into the liquid.
"Who's a bastard now?!" I demanded as she began to choke. I held her there for another 30 seconds, smushing her face into the piss and then finally let her back up. She coughed
desperatley and gasped for air.

As I she lay there, trying to regain her breath I reached out and pulled her dripping wet knickers down to around her ankles. Then I worked on getting her into postion, she
didn't fight as I tried to move her this time, clearly having given up and accepted what was happening. I put her face and chest flat against the couch then put cupped my hand
around her groin and lifted her bum high into the air. In this postion her tiny little anus was perfectly exposed. It was slightly pink and had only the tiniest of holes. I ran
my finger down the top of her ass down towards her hole. It was at this point she realised what I was planing.
"Please" She gasped, "Not my ass, I'll do anything." she begged. "Just please don't put it in my bottom" I looked down at my finger
disappearing into Mollie's asshole. I kept stimulating her as
he shuffled forward and nudged his cock against her cunt hole.
The girls fuck tube still hadn't returned to normal from taking
my thick prick in her cunt and I was able to slide in
easily with very little resistance. I fucked her for no more
that a few seconds and nodded my head in satisfaction when I
pulled out of her front hole and saw that my cock was covered
with slime. Pulling my finger out of Mollies's asshole, I
positioned the head of my prick at her entrance and began
to push. At first the tissue surrounding her asshole was pushed
into her body and she gritted her teeth then let out an almighty scream as I pushed harder and
gripped her tightly around the hips. Just when I was starting
to wonder if she was going to be able to take my cock, the
resistance of her anal ring was overcome and I popped inside.
Mollie cried out again, both in relief that she had taken my shaft,
and also at the pain from her shit hole being stretched wide
open. She felt like she needed to take a shit and she had to force
herself not to try and push it back out. Taking a firmer grip of her waist, I pushed forward until the
entire length of his prick was inside the teenagers asshole.
She moaned and groaned beneath me as I began fucking her and I reached
around with my hand to get to her clit.

"Owwwwww pleas stop!!!" she moaned as I pushed two fingers into
her cunt and felt my cock shaft in her back hole on the
other side of the thin membrane.

I started slowly, with easy strokes into her back hole.
Every time I was fully inside her, I would rest for a few
seconds to allow Mollie's dirty little hole get used to the feeling of
being stuffed full. The teenager was panting and
although the stinging pain had now gone away, the sensation
of so much pressure in her bowels was difficult to get used
to. Eventually however her asshole adjusted and I was
able to speed up my thrusts.
I was pulling his cock almost all the way out and then
plunging back in to the hilt and I loved the way her shit
hole stayed open as I withdrew. Mollie began to cry with pleasure as the
unbearable feelings from her asshole mixed with those
coming from her throbbing clit and she started humping
her butt back at me to encourage me to fuck her harder.

When my thrusts had speeded up to a point where my
thrusting cock was just a blur, Mollie knew that I must
be very close and she looked over her shoulder and
growled, "Cum in my ass. Cum deep in my ass".

My teeth were gritted as he tried to hold back his climax but
it was no use and I have a loud groan and buried my cock all
the way up her shit tube. Mollie could feel my prick spasm in
her asshole and the warm sensation that flooded her bowels
confirmed that thick cum was spurting inside her. The
thought of having her back hole filled with my spunk took
her over the top and the teenager's body shuddered as she
shouted her orgasm. As she growled and thrashed, her ass
muscles squeezed my cock and milked every drop of cum out
of my balls.

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