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She complied and I was face down on top of her. I reached under her to hold her by her breasts as I thrusted. We continued our conversation, but our voices were more strained because of the position.

"So you're really OK with Lisa and me, you know?"

"Yeah, I'm really OK with you and Lisa, you know." I was grinning as I said that.

"Good, 'cause I am, too. I want to do it again with her."

"How about all three of us at the same time?" I was hopeful, but I'd take what I could get. I was already living every man's fantasy.

"Yeah," she panted. "Three at once. I like that."

Thinking about that made her cum. She pushed her face into the bed to muffle her voice because she came really hard. I was close behind her, images of having sex with her and Lisa at the same time running through my mind. I came so hard that I had trouble standing. I was leaning on her, my hands resting on her ass. We stayed in that position for a few minutes, recovering.

Megan finally pulled away, freeing my softening dick from her pussy. She rolled over before sliding to the floor. Grinning wickedly, she reached for my dick. It was coated with the remains of our lovemaking. That's why she wanted it. She had sucked my dick on a few previous occasions right after it had been in her pussy. Now, with what she had done to Lisa, she had no hesitation about tasting it. She even sounded like she enjoyed the taste, or maybe the naughtiness. Regardless, she sucked me back to life. Even though it took a while, she didn't mind. She was playing with her pussy and sucking my dick. I didn't feel guilty about taking so long to get ready to go again. I had a busy day, after all, what with satisfying Megan and Lisa. Not that I was complaining.

When my cock was hard enough, Megan moved onto the bed and I got on top of her. Our first encounter had been quick, almost frantic. The intent was to satisfy her pent up need. This time was romantic. I reached under her and held her upper body up off the bed in my arms as we made love. We took our time, savoring the closeness. Through it all, I couldn't help thinking about how I had just done the same thing with Lisa in the same bed. Strangely, I didn't feel guilty. It had been with Megan's knowledge and permission. She had wanted it to happen as much as we had.

As I looked deeply into Megan's eyes, all thoughts of Lisa were banished. It was fun with Lisa. I was in love with Megan. There was no doubt about that. I could never feel with Lisa what I felt with Megan. Maybe Megan knew that. Maybe that is why Megan was comfortable with letting me be alone with Lisa.

In contrast to what other things we had done, that time was so loving, so romantic. There was a closeness felt that can only exist between two people committed to each other for a lifetime. It probably reassured us both that there was no risk with inviting Lisa into our bed. We took each other time and again to the very brink, but not over the edge. By the time we were both ready to cum, we were covered with sweat. I looked into Megan's eyes and could see it. We each knew what the other was feeling. With mutual assent, we didn't stop at the brink that time. We drove each other over to orgasm, crying out and holding on to each other.

When we finally returned to the beach, Lisa had gone swimming. We joined her. In the water, out of earshot of others on the sandbar, we caught up to her. She was all smiles.

"Did you have fun?" she asked. "As if I had to ask."

"Does it show?" You could clearly hear the smile in Megan's voice.

"Yeah, it shows. I'm jealous. I didn't look like that after my turn," Lisa told my wife.

"That's because you're not married to him like I am."

I spoke up next. "Did you decide to go swimming to cool off?"

"Well, kind of." She looked sheepish. "I was hot – in another way. Like Megan said, I was lying there thinking about what you two were doing. I got so wet that I was afraid it would be obvious to everybody how horny I was. So, I got wet all over." She swung her arms in wide arcs as she said the last part.

I pulled her off the sandbar into deeper water and gave her a full body hug. Her warm slippery body felt great in the cool water. She reached behind me and grabbed my butt. Megan joined us, behind Lisa, and we shared a three way hug. We were in our own little world. The crash of the waves over the sand bar and the sounds of the other people a distant murmur in our private world.

Megan noticed that the waves were getting bigger. Jolted out of our reverie, we saw that clouds were moving in from offshore. The sky that had been blue earlier was now a gray, turning darker by the minute. We swam back to the beach, arriving as the raindrops started falling. The crowd was scrambling back to their rooms to escape the gathering storm.

We were plastered by rain by the time we gathered up our things and got inside. We were sandy and salty. Megan suggested we try a three-way shower, but the shower/tub combination just wasn't big enough. It was fun being sandwiched in there with all that female flesh, but there wasn't room for anyone to rinse off. Being in the back, I gallantly stepped out, letting the women clean up. I finally peaked behind the shower curtain to see what all the giggling was about. Lisa had taken the showerhead off the hose and they were taking turns holding the stream of water against each other's clit. I watched as they played. Megan finally let me have a turn with the water (and Lisa). We all ended up wrapped in towels and sitting on the big bed.

"It looks like the rest of the afternoon will be a washout. What do we do now?" Lisa asked.

Megan raised her eyebrows. "Only one thing we can do. What everybody else is probably doing." Lisa and I looked at her. She stood on the bed, dropped her towel and exclaimed, "Have sex!"

Our towels joined hers and we were a heap of flesh, kissing and fondling. It didn't matter who was touching whom.

Megan interrupted the revelry with a serious tone. "Gary, can Lisa and I try something else, just the two of us?"

"Sure, what do you have in mind?"

Megan looked to Lisa but held my hand tightly as she spoke, her voice quiet but steady. "I want to try a sixty-nine with Lisa."

The expression on Lisa's face told us both that she was interested. My dick had been slow to respond after all it had done so far that day, but the rest of me was still interested. I would wait my turn. For now, I would watch. I nodded my consent and moved to the side, much as Lisa had done that first time Megan and I had made love in front of her.

Lisa leaned forward, offering herself to my wife. Megan reached out, brushing back Lisa's blonde hair as she touched her face. Their lips joined. I could tell their mouths were opening and their tongues were getting into the act. They pressed their bodies together and my tired dick tried to throb as I saw their nipples touch. Their kiss ended and they moved an inch or so apart, opening their eyes and blinking as they looked at each other. It was a look of tenderness, not lust, that they regarded each other with. No one spoke. There was something special in the air that no one wanted to disturb. A magical spell was covering them and I watched breathlessly.

Megan pointed to a spot right in front of me and Lisa understood, taking up her place on her back, her head on a pillow. Megan looked to me, smiled unabashedly and leaned forward onto her hands and knees. Turning to position herself, she daintily put one leg over Lisa's face, turning to face Lisa's feet. I watched the lovely sight as Megan lowered first her hips then her face until she was lying on top of Lisa, the two shapely bodies merging into one curvy form. Lisa's hands reached for Megan's ass, pulling her even lower. Megan, for her part, had reached around Lisa's thighs and parted her lips. Megan looked at me to see if I was looking. This gesture meant a lot. She was including me in the act. She smiled before putting her face between Lisa's legs and taking a taste.

I had eaten pussy countless times but seeing my wife do it was a novel experience. OK, it made me horny beyond belief. There is something about seeing a woman touch another woman there. The gesture is more delicate, softer somehow, than the way a man does it. I suppose only a woman can give another woman just what she wants from oral sex. Only a woman can understand what a woman wants and needs from the act. I watched with rapt attention. Not only did I enjoy looking at every man's fantasy in the flesh, but I wanted to be able to please my wife better. Watching how she did it might give me insight into what would give her the most pleasure.

Being there, on the bed, with those two naked female bodies locked together in passion, was better than any porn movie I've ever seen. It's different seeing it happen in person. There are the soft sighs, the delicate movements, that slight sound when she swallows, all little things that you can't get from watching a movie. And the fact that it's my wife doing it. It wouldn't be right to sound all philosophical about the experience. My dick was finally getting hard again, about as hard as it could possibly get. I could feel it throbbing, desperate to get in the act. I wanted more than anything to join in. Well, more than almost anything. I didn't want to break the spell. Megan and Lisa needed this time alone to share the act for the first time. I felt privileged that they even let me watch. I was going to be content to watch until they invited me to join in.

I left them alone and just watched, but I couldn't keep my hand away from my dick. I stroked myself as slowly as I could force myself to. If I even tried a little, I knew I'd cum in seconds. I could feel contractions on my prostate. If I even thought a little harder about what I was witnessing, I'd probably shoot off. I just watched, a silent witness to the joining of two bodies, two souls.

I was wrested out of these deep thoughts by the sound of Lisa. She was cumming and she was being loud about it. Megan took the cue and now attacked her clit with a vengeance. Lisa moved her face back from Megan's pussy while she was cumming and moaned out loud. She couldn't thrash around because her friend's body was on top of her. She reached out and dug her fingernails into the sheet, managing to pull one corner off the mattress. She was oblivious to everything but my wife's tongue. Her eyes were open but her gaze was vacant. She was lost in orgasm and the rest of the world didn't matter. I really think at that moment she wasn't even aware the rest of the world existed. Her legs tensed as she tried unsuccessfully to lift her hips off the bed. Megan's pussy was lonely now, Lisa unable to tend to it. I thought of putting my finger in there to keep up her level of pleasure but remembered my promise not to interfere. I got a quick look at the expression on Megan's face as it turned briefly my way. It really looked like Megan was getting a lot of pleasure from what she was causing Lisa to feel. That touched my heart as I saw evidence of the love she felt for her friend. The sight of Lisa's juices on my wife's cheeks was pretty erotic, also.

Lisa was screaming now but Megan didn't let up. The sheet was off both top corners of the mattress and bunched up around Lisa's hands. The mattress was exposed, disrupting the white continuity of the bed. Lisa suddenly released the sheet and dug her fingernails into Megan's smooth ass cheeks. It looked painful for Megan but she still didn't let up. Her skin was turning red around Lisa's fingernails. The, suddenly, Lisa hit her peak. The intense pleasure was too much for her clit to endure. Drawing on Herculean strength, she rolled and pushed Megan off her body. On her side now, Lisa drew herself into a ball. She was panting and making a sound like she was crying softly. Her body trembled from time to time as the aftershocks passed through her. Megan and I watched, both silent.

Lisa finally relaxed. She was awake, but still and quiet. She was recovering. Megan got up and crawled over to me. As she pressed her lips to mine, I could smell Lisa's pussy. The warmth of the kiss was punctuated by the taste of Lisa. We shared her friend's flavor. I savored it from my wife's mouth as I also enjoyed the feel of her breasts pressed against me, her nipples about as erect as I'd ever felt them. The heat of the kiss grew, our passion now released. Almost as one, as if by unspoken mutual consent, we slowly fell over to one side with me on top of Megan. I felt her legs open and I knew we wanted the same thing. I adjusted my position slightly. My dick was now in front of her pussy. As I pressed, my dick slid home into that familiar place. It was warmer and wetter than usual, a sign of how much Megan had enjoyed what she had been doing. I slid in easily, one stroke only to seat myself fully. Through the kiss, I heard her moaning into my mouth as I filled her. Her legs wrapped around the backs of my thighs to hold me tightly to her. She was lightly scratching my back with her fingernails. We fell into that primal rhythm, our bodies on autopilot performing the act as old as mankind.

I was so turned on by watching them that I knew I wouldn't be able to last long. I did everything I could to not think of what Megan had just been doing because the memory crossing my mind would set me off. Fortunately, Megan had also been on the edge so I lasted long enough for her to cum. When I felt her grip my body tighter, her pussy pulse, and a higher pitched moan, I knew I could cum. I pressed hard down on her, forcing my cock as close to her cervix as possible, and unleashed a powerful spurt. My orgasm seemed to go on forever as the pent up excitement of watching was finally set free.

When I returned to the real world, I could feel Megan's now sweaty body slowly starting to relax and release me. We fell apart in slow motion, our bodies reluctant to part. I opened my eyes for the first time since I had entered her. Her face was lovely, the cheeks still smeared with the drying remnants of Lisa's orgasm. I felt so in love with her. I could feel it in my chest, in the pit of my stomach even.

When Megan spoke, it was a kind of strange conversation. We were discussing what she had done with Lisa. The way we talked about it was as if Lisa wasn't there, even though she was inches away.

"I can't believe I did that with her," Megan said, a laugh tingeing her voice.

"I'll never forget it," I replied with intensity. I meant it.

"Yeah, guys fantasize about that." It was a statement of fact.

"Probably. This guy sure does." Ordinarily my words might have made her feel jealous. Not here. Not now. Not after what we had all done.

"I never thought I'd do that. It just kind of happened." She was quiet for a few minutes, thinking. Then, she continued. "I'm glad it happened." She looked over to Lisa, acknowledging her for the first time since she started speaking. Lisa smiled. Then, Lisa reached for her hand and squeezed it lightly. I could hear the storm outside now. The rain was being driven against the window by a strong wind. Inside the room, it was dry and comfortable. Safe.

Megan, holding Lisa's hand, put both their hands on mine. "We need to do it together now. All three of us at the same time." Again, it wasn't a question but a statement of fact. She said it as casually as if she were saying it was time for us to eat dinner, or that we were going to take a shower. Lisa and I nodded.

We made love again, but this time the two women invited me to participate with them. We flowed from one position to another. Sometimes, I entered one woman from behind while she went down on the other woman's pussy. One sat on my dick while the other licked the point where we were joined. That was interesting, feeling a tongue on my dick as it penetrated a pussy. She licked from my dick to my partner's clit. A particularly memorable one was when the women sixty-nined and I fucked the one on top. Again, the one on the bottom ate her pussy while I screwed it. I lasted a long time because of all the orgasms I had experienced that day. When I finally came, I pulled out and Megan ate my cum from Lisa's cunt. The rest of the afternoon passed that way, hours spent in bed. We tried every variation we could think of. I think we even invented a few new ones.

After we took a break for dinner, we returned to bed. I was worn out by all the activity of the afternoon, but the women could keep going. And they did. I watched and joined in when I could get it up. I fell asleep watching them do each other. The rest of the trip was spent the same way, mostly in the hotel room. In a way, it was silly to rent a hotel room. We could have done the same thing at home. I guess it was different doing it in a hotel.

On the way home, the women took turns driving. I stayed in the back seat, playing with the woman who wasn't driving at the time. I'd like to say I had sex the entire way home, but that would be a lie. I couldn't possibly have kept that up. Oh, there was sex, but in between there was lots of kissing and oral sex. We stayed low in the seat so passing cars on the interstate couldn't see us. It was adventurous, like going parking when we were teenagers. It was a lot more fun than I ever had as a teenager, though. When we got home, we were all tired but smiling.

After we dropped off Lisa, Megan and I drove home while we talked about the weekend. It was apparent that we both enjoyed experimenting. It was a series of firsts. When we walked in the front door, I felt the familiar smell of home. It wasn't the same, though. We had crossed boundaries since we had last been here. I was nervous about how that might affect our marriage, our relationship. It was what Megan said when we got in bed that night which finally put my fears at rest.

"I had fun trying new things," she said to me as I held her in the dark, her naked body feeling warm against mine. "I'm glad we did that, but I'm really glad that it's you I came home to."

That's all I needed to hear. I pulled her tighter against me and felt safe.

The End

This is the end of this series hopefully i would quickly come up with another series.I wish to thank you all for your support as usual CONSTRUCTIVE CRITIQUE is welcome.

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