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M/F Rape
On the drive home from the pub, Saskia and Emma hardly exchanged glances, let alone words. Both women were ashamed of what happened, but comforted themselves that if they of hadn’t gone through with the sex show, yet alone the sex acts, the consequences would have been disastrous for them both.
They drove home in the dark; both lost in their thoughts, until finally they reached Saskia’s house.

Saskia turned and said "Emma, Joel and the kids are away so I think it is better you stay with me tonight" Emma just looked ahead, giving no indication of hearing her friend. "EMMA" Saskia said more sharply "you’re staying with me tonight" Emma nodded slowly, tears welling in her eyes.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god...what have I done....what have I become..." Emma repeated over, and over again. "How can we look our families in the eye?"


"Pull yourself together Emma, there was no choice, if we hadn’t have done what that creature said, he would have sent the video to our families, would you have wanted that? A video of us, raping a teenage girl, would anyone believe us? No we did the right thing"

Emma, slowly rubbing her stinging cheek, turned to look at her friend "but Saskia, I, I, I enjoyed it" more tears, more self recriminations.

Saskia just sat for awhile, thinking, then "don’t worry, there’s nothing that can be done now, I think we had better get indoors, so you can call Mark and let him know."

And with that both women entered Saskia’s house.

That night Emma had trouble sleeping, images and memories came unbidden to her in the night. Images of Saskia’s naked body, of the men’s cocks. The feel of them, the taste of them, how exciting it all was and how wrong it was. Emma had never been unfaithful to Mark, sure there had been offers, and sure she had flirted harmlessly with the men at work, but she had never crossed that line before, and as for lesbianism, she would never have contemplated it. But thoughts of Saskia, how she felt, how she tasted, how it felt having her kiss and caress her, these would not leave her, no matter how much she tried to shake them off.

As she laid there in the dark, slowly, as if they had minds of their own, her hands started to roam over her body, squeezing and caressing her breasts, her left hand staying where it was, while her right hand moved down her stomach until it reached the opening of her pussy. She was almost surprised to feel the wetness there. Gently she worked her hand up and down the slit, and then gradually working the tips of her fingers in, one by one. Moving them forward and then back, forward and then back, circling her clit with her thumb, all the while squeezing and caress her breasts, imagining, not her husband or some celebrity performing these acts on her, but Saskia, Mike and Phil. Until suddenly, her body shuddered in the release of orgasm. This, unfortunately, did not bring Emma relief, only more guilt, until tiredness overwhelmed her, and she fell into a shallow, fitful sleep.

The next morning passed awkwardly at first; neither woman could make eye contact with the other, but both knew that they would have to do something otherwise people would start to notice. The air would have to be cleared once and for all.

‘Look’ both women said at the same time; ‘Saskia’ Emma went on, ‘you’re right, what happened happened. There is nothing that can change that, so...’

‘...let’s try to pretend that nothing happened?’ Saskia finished for her ‘I think that is wise’ with that they embraced, but both women sub-consciously realised, that they neither could pretend that they had not had sex with each other, and two strange men the night before, or that their friendship was not inexorably altered.

Emma walked into her home ‘Mark, Mark’ she called out, to no reply, she walked into the living room, sitting there on the mantelpiece was a note from Mark, her husband of 25 years;

Emma, I hae gone to play golf with a client, will be back tonight, Mark

Though she was ashamed to admit it, secretly she was relieved, it gave her time to compose herself, and change without the risk that her husband would notice her lack of underwear.

She walked through the empty house, feeling more and more alone until she reached her bedroom. Throwing off her clothes, she jumped straight into the shower, hoping that the hot water would wash away her guilt.

She stood there, letting the hot water flow over her naked body, feeling it warm her skin. As she soaped herself she found that she was repeating the ministrations of the night before. ‘STOP IT’ she almost cried, making a conscious effort to stop. Even while she was drying off she tried to avoid touching herself in any kind of sexual way.

Looking in the mirror she thought, I know what I need, a good run. Dressing in an old jogging bottoms, Tee shirt and trainers she grabbed her iPod.

Jogging for awhile, the sounds of Britney Spears Circus pounding in her ears, she did not hear the car pull up beside her, or that she was being called. She didn’t notice anything until the man stood in front of her.
She stopped, startled, "Who are you?" she asked, half recognizing the man, but hoping it was not true.
"That’s not nice after last night Emma" he replied confirming her fears. It was Phil, the barman from last night. "Mike has sent me to get you, he needs some assistance, and you fit the bill" the last bit said while he looked her up and down.

"Me, how?" the woman nervously asked.

Phil shrugged, "Dunno, all he said was go and get you, and make sure you are dressed smartly" he shook his head at her jogging attire "I somehow don’t think that is what he meant by smartly. Tell you what I run you home, you can change and then I’ll drop you off"

Emma looked at him "and if I say no" summoning up all the defiance she could muster

"Do you need to ask" with that he brought out a photo from his pocket, unfolding it she could see it was one of the stills of her, Saskia and Monica.

She reluctantly nodded her agreement, looking at the car she a thought hit her "tell you what, you go and pick up Saskia while I go and change and that will save you time."

"I’ve only been told to pick you up. Now chop chop" with that he took her by the arm and lead her to the passenger door, helping her in.

When they got to the house, she realized that Phil was following her in, she looked at him, knew that there was nothing she could do, so she led him into the house.

As she went to climb the stairs to change, she half-turned and pointed to the living room ‘the lounge is...’stopping as he was already following her up the stairs. ‘What are you doing,?’

"I going to help you choose your outfit, don’t what to upset Mike do we"

‘But I, but I have to shower first...’

He shrugged dismissively ‘well sexy, I saw everything last night so unless there have been changes...’
Her shoulders dropping, indicating his victory over her, she turned and led him to her room, pulling her top over her head as she went. She could feel his lust filled eyes, leering at her, burning into her back as she walked.

Stopping, she kicked off her trainers and slipped the jogging bottoms down, kicking them into the corner of the bedroom.

Now just in her sports bra and panties she headed towards the en suite.

‘Eh and where do you think you are heading whore’

She blanched, whether at the name, the question or a combination of both she did not know. She stood there, looking at him. ‘I’m going to take a shower, you don’t want me meeting Michael smelling of perspiration do you?’

‘True enough, but do you always shower in your undies? Go on take them off like the good little whore you are.’

Closing her eyes, she took hold of the bottom of her bra and lifted over her head. As the bra reached her head she heard Phil say stop, and then, his hands started to roughly maul her breast.

‘Nice titties you have whore, you should walk around with your arms like that all day, pushes them up.’
Faintly she thought she could hear the click of a camera.‘okay carry on’

Throwing the bra in the corner to join the rest of her clothing, she sat down to remove her panties and socks.

‘Fuck me, that’s a shower and a half. Bet you and the old man fuck all the time in that. Hey maybe you fuck all his friends as well, one big happy gang bang’

‘It, it’s called a w...w...wet room’ she stammered.

‘I bet you get very wet in there, I bet you get all wet think of those poor teenage friends of you son that you tease when you are out there, sun bathing. Hey maybe me and Mike can arrange something, if you are good.’

Quiet tears started to roll down her cheeks, is that all her and Saskia were now, objects for their pleasure, and what did he mean, arrange something, he couldn’t mean her having sex with her sons friends, not that, no.

She turned to look at him, to ask him what he meant, but before she could open her mouth to speak, he pushed her into the room.

She turned on the water, grabbed the shower gel and walked to the centre, where the main shower head was. Keeping her back to him, she put some gel in her hands and started to massage it into her body, starting at her neck, rubbing it in, trying to lose herself in the simple task, but she was not even allowed that.

‘Turn round, don’t be shy’ she heard. Closing her eyes again, she turned to face him, working her hands down to her breasts, massaging the gel into them, lifting and squeezing them together.

She opened her eyes and looking ahead she could see that Phil was standing in the doorway, naked. His penis, no she had to get this right, his cock standing erect, pointing at her. Despite everything, despite the humiliation there a was a part of her, buried deep, that was proud that she could get a man half her age so turned on just by standing naked in a shower.

But that was overwhelmed by the realisation that here she was, standing naked in her shower, at the mercy of a virtual stranger, no at the sexual mercy of a virtual stranger.

She carried on washing herself, working the gel into her stomach, bending forward so she could wash her legs, moving her hands up and down her thighs, deliberately avoiding any contact with her sexual organs so as not to arouse the man any more.

The words, ‘you missed a but’ dashed any hopes for that, she opened her legs slightly, working her hand in-between her thighs, working the gel into the skin, trying so, so hard to not touch herself in a sexual manner, but of course, failing, hoping that her wetness was due to the gel, and not anything else.

‘Make sure you wash everywhere, don’t want any bits missed’

At the instructions, she worked some of her gelled up fingers inside her lips, moving them back and forth inside herself, as she did so she could help catching her clit. Suddenly, much to her lasting shame, she
could feel the beginnings of an orgasm.

Biting her lips, keeping her eyes closed to avoid eye contact, trying not to let her tormentor know what was happening, she felt her legs turn to jelly, suddenly, she felt her arms being yanked up. Two strong hands grabbed her shoulders, and pushed her to her knees.

Opening her eyes she saw she was at eye level with Phil’s cock.

‘You know what to do, don’t you my little whore.’ She shook her head, no, not here, she thought, not in the marital home. ‘You want to resist eh? That’s not smart’. She felt his hands come to her nose, squeezing it, cutting off her breathing, forcing her to open her mouth. When she did, Phil thrust forward, ramming his cock into her mouth, until she though he was going to finish at her stomach. She had never taken a cock this deep before, so her gag reflex was not trained. The cock withdrew, but only so that she could take some deep breaths of air, then in it came again.

Phil grabbed her head in both hands, pushing it forward, just using her, not letting her have any control what so ever. Until, he pulled back, his cock all the way out, grabbing her hand, he placed it on the cock and started to force it back and forth, until when she got the idea and started to masturbate him. She leant forward, going to take him back in her mouth, but he stopped her.

She may have been innocent, naive even, but she had seen enough of her husband’s porn to know what was coming next, and as if on cue, she was rewarded with great globs of white, seaman, cum she thought, shooting forth and landing on her, her face, her breasts, her hair.

It’s a good job I’m already in the shower, she thought, almost giggling at the thought. She kept on working the cock until nothing else was coming out, and it started to go soft.

She knelt there for a moment, trying to get her bearings, when she felt herself being lifted up. Suddenly gelled up hands started to wash her all over, roughly, lifting her breast, then squeezing her buttocks. She felt them enter her pussy, working her, cleaning her inside and out. As she stood there, she could feel him getting hard again. She could feel it tracing a path up her thigh.

She found herself being pushed out of the room, back into the main part of the bathroom, up to the sink. She was thrust forward, her arse arched into the air. Feeling his cock at the entrance to her pussy she cried out ‘no, please, not that, not here, please I beg you’. But it was too no avail, wordlessly, he thrust his cock forward, impaling her on it, thrusting back and forward, her hanging breasts swinging with each thrust. ‘Stop, please stop, I’ll get your money’

‘Stop’ Phil said at last ‘you didn’t stop when you raped my sister did you’


‘Fucking hell, how many have you and that slut of a friend raped? Monica, remember now, you fucking raping whore’ with that he grabbed her breast, mauling it, pinching and twisting the nipple.

‘I can’t remember raping anybody, we must have been drug...’ suddenly realising that these words would only make him angrier, she feel silent.

‘So its Monica’s own fault eh’ too late, and with those words he quickened his pace, thrusting even harder, his balls slapping against her arse. Then suddenly, she felt him slow down, and then one last thrust and he unloaded what felt like gallons of his cum into her.

Stepping back,’ you better have a shower ‘and with that he went to get dressed.

‘See ya whore’ ‘you’re not taking me to see Michael then?’

He just paused getting dressed and smiled an evil smile.

Turning around, she missed him smile at a hidden camera, and then walk off.

As he walked to his car he pulled a phone from his pocket

‘Did you get that’ he asked the person at the other end.

‘Yep, told you it was a good idea installing wireless cameras while they were on holiday’ Michael replied ‘Oh and that was genius about Monica, pure fucking genius. See at the game later?’

‘Yeah, see ya’ and with that he snapped the phone shut.

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