An entrepreneur meets with a bank's loan officer and asks for $100,000 to start his business. The loan officer asks what kind of business he wants to start.
The man states that he has invented a can of spray that when used on a ladies privates, makes it taste like an orange. The loan officer tells the man that the bank could not be involved with such a business and must deny the loan.
Six months later the bank president tells the loan officer to spiff up his office because a new client is coming to open a 3 million dollar account and the bank must make a good impression. The red carpet is rolled out , a large limousine pulls up and out steps the entrepreneur. Fearing for his job, the loan officer quietly asks the man if he made his millions with the orange spray.
The man replies that the spray wasn't successful. Relieved, the loan officer then asked how he amassed 3 million dollars in six months. The entrepreneur looked left, then right and quietly asked the loan officer,"You have an orange?"
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