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I pissed some of you off with my last intro, if you're one of those my bad I was joking about the deviants part. For the rest of you, you'll need to read part one to know what's going on. I hope you enjoy the story.
Settling Into the Cabin
Jimmy awoke with a start “Wha- Wher-, WHAT the FUCK” he said before remembering where he was and the events of the day before. He body felt like it had been beaten with lead pipes, he had walked roughly 9 miles in the snow the night before, and on the second trip up to the cabin he’d been carrying 50 lbs of cheerleader’s shit. The unlikely feeling of his cock sticking to his thigh was the next thing Jimmy noticed. The unique combination of bodily fluids, and dirty skin had mixed to create a glue like situation.

This feeling, though it was probably even less pleasant than the constant throb of his strained muscles brought about far more pleasant memories. Jimmy took the cup of drinking water from the stand by his bed and splashed some onto his cock to extract it from his thigh he thought back to the unexpected encounter with Brie. Jimmy for the most part avoided Brie she was hot, but she wasn’t very smart, and more often than not acted like a spoiled bitch. “I guess all you have to do to get some love is save someone from freezing to death” he thought to himself. “Oh well” he said getting up and pulling his boxers on to head to the shower, there was a lot of shit to be done that day and he couldn’t dwell on the night before all day.

The hot water of the showers and some strenuous stretching loosened his aching muscles and despite having to put his somewhat smelly, and dirty clothes of the day before back on he felt much better. Jimmy walked from the bathroom thinking to go to the kitchen and eat breakfast before getting started on the day’s heavy workload. The snow from the night before had been heavy, but he suspected it would was merely the first in a series of much worse storms. He would have to drag enough wood (“and booze” he added to himself) in to last at least a week, he also wanted to get onto the roof to make sure it would hold up.

However as he walked through the hallway on the way to the stairs he passed the door to Ms. Orchard’s room, it was open a crack and Jimmy could see in. Ms. Orchard was doing some Yoga-type exercises wearing only a sports bra and short shorts. Jimmy of course knew that Ms. Orchard was an attractive woman, hell all the guys at school knew that (most of the girls too), but until seeing her in the negligible workout clothes it had never really occurred to him just how attractive she was.

He’d heard rumors that she’d been a top Olympic gymnast until she’d injured herself during a routine, he didn’t know how true the rumors were, but his eyes certainly verified that she had the body and flexibility of a top gymnast. She was about 5’3 so her legs were short but she kept them well tanned and they were beautifully defined, and led to one of the best asses that Jimmy had ever seen. Her stomach was also sculpted from years of strenuous gymnastics’ exercises, and her breasts, though small were quite lovely.

This was all topped off by her beautiful face; she had delicate features, a small nose and full soft lips. Her eyes were a very deep blue and she had a beautiful head of thick blonde hair that she usually kept in a ponytail. Jimmy took all of this in as he stood looking at her doing various alluring poses from outside her door. As she went into one pose that thrusts her breasts out, the sweat making the fabric of her sports bra cling to her skin, her nipples were clearly visible to Jimmy. As he felt his cock start to swell he tore his eyes away from the view and headed down the stairs.

On his way into the kitchen he fought the swelling off, but as he turned in, his struggles were rendered futile. He was greeted by the sight of Nadia and Julie wearing even less than Ms. Orchard had been. Both were in only sports bras and very small, very tight shorts.

Julie was not as hot as the other girls but she made up for it by being one of the most likable, if sometimes irritating, people Jimmy had ever met. Also being the least attractive of this group was hardly a major strike against her. She was around 5’3, and a little pale, and freckly for Jimmy’s taste but she had a friendly appealing face and still perky D-cup breasts.

Nadia on the other hand was one of the hottest girls in the school. Her father was Czech and her mother Egyptian and the unlikely mix had created a truly beautiful girl. She was almost six feet tall with naturally dark skin and long, very black hair. Her legs were long and toned, her ass though somewhat small still filled out the tight shorts she wore quite well. Her breasts were on the smallish side, probably a large B-cup but Jimmy liked small breasts. Nadia’s most striking feature was her face though, it was almost heartbreakingly beautiful, she had sharp features, a pointed chin, a somewhat pointed nose, and the brightest, most intense green eyes Jimmy had ever seen.

The always perky Julie greeted him with a big hug, making his battle against the erection a rout in its favor “Good Morning Jimmy” she said brightly as he sat down at the table to hide his tenting pants. “You just stay there, we’ll make you breakfast” Julie said in her typically chipper fashion. “We found some pancake mix, you’ll probably have to eat them plain but they’re blueberry, and it’s either that or oatmeal” Nadia said.

“Sounds great” said Jimmy distractedly. Having given up the fight against his erection he was instead just enjoying the view of the beautiful girls moving about the kitchen. As his eyes took in the view his mind wandered back to the unexpected blow job the night before and the eye opening view of Ms. Orchard doing yoga upstairs, even the quick, chaste kiss that Kaley had given him the night before. As he watched Julie stretch to grab something in a high up cupboard Jimmy happily realized without a doubt that the snow storm was a gift from a loving God.

Being trapped in this cabin would be the greatest vacation of his life! four beautiful cheerleaders their equally beautiful coach, and him apparently being hailed as their hero. Hell he even had a roomful of booze he was the luckiest man on the planet. “What are you so happy about?” Julie’s voice snapped him out of his happy reverie and he looked up to see both her and Nadia looking at him strangely. Jimmy realized that during his happy thoughts a huge grin had appeared on his face. As he tried to think of an answer that wouldn’t make him look like a perverted jackass a plan began to form in his perverted jackass mind. “Don’t tell anyone but I found a bunch of booze yesterday while I was looking around this place, I was just thinking that we should drink some of it tonight.”

“Really, are you serious, that’s awesome Jimmy, that’s just what I need” Julie said. “Yeah after all of this I could really use something to unwind” Nadia added. Both girls came around the table and hugged him once again sending his finally softening erection back into overdrive. “Great, come to my room tonight” he said, filthy thoughts soaring through his mind. “We’ll be there” Julie said, smiling before going to the stove to turn the pancakes.

“Yeah we well” Nadia said, leaning in seductively, she whispered “and maybe I can help you with this” as she said this she bit his earlobe and grabbed the bulge in his pants. As Jimmy moaned somewhat stupidly Nadia just smiled, gave him a wink and returned to finishing breakfast. Definitely a gift from a loving God was all that Jimmy could think.

Shortly after that Ms. Orchard, Brie, and Kaley came down the stairs, all were dressed conservatively in T-shirts and jeans to Jimmy’s disappointment and the rest of the breakfast went by uneventfully, although Brie kept smiling and winking at him. He also thought that he saw Kaley glance his way quite a few times as well.

After eating Jimmy pulled on his coat and headed out to get to work on whatever needed doing around the cabin. He worked with renewed enthusiasm, wanting to get everything done as soon as possible so he could focus his energies on attempting to seduce the girls.

First he climbed onto the roof, using a ladder he had found in the shed, to his relief it was in like-new condition and would need no work. He was glad; though the shed was well stocked he didn’t think he had the material, or skills he would have needed for any but the most minor repairs. Having satisfied himself that the roof would be fine he began to drag wood into the cabin using a large wheelbarrow that was also in the shed, though his first trip had been mainly booze and one layer of wood. After his third trip he walked through the door and was surprised to find Brie leaning against a wall smiling at him.

“Hey there Jimmy, you fell asleep on me last night and I wasn’t even close to done with you.” She said teasingly as she unzipped the coat she was wearing and let it fall to the floor. This revealed that she was wearing only a bra underneath “well now” he replied not overly surprised at this pleasant turn of events. “That wasn’t very nice of me” walking forward, he took his own coat off “I guess I’ll have to make it up to you by letting you finish with me now.”

He stopped in front of her looking down into her eyes, slowly he leaned down and began kissing her neck, reaching behind her to remove her bra Jimmy stepped back and quickly removed his pants, and shirt as she did the same. He paused for a moment taking in the beautiful sight before him.

Brie stood proudly at his appraisal with her hands on her hips, striking a pose. Her breasts were small, something Jimmy minded not at all and they hung perfectly with her nipples slightly aroused. Jimmy stepped forward and looked down into her eyes for a moment, his cock had once again grown fully hard and as he looked down at Brie she reached forward and grabbed it “mmm very nice” she said beginning to slowly stroke his hard dick.

Jimmy gasped at the contact and finally lowered his head to hers and kissed her passionately, somewhat sloppily in his excitement, truth be told. As his tongue explored her mouth and wrestled around with hers, his hands explored her beautiful body. He rubbed around her back and played with her hair before grabbing her by the ass and lifting her up to his waist. As he lifted her his cock head brushed her pussy and settled between her ass cheeks causing them both to gasp. Jimmy placed her on a bench in front of a worktable and immediately began sucking on her excited nipples sending shivers through Brie’s body, “Fuck me Jimmy, I want you in me now” she said, Jimmy desperately wanted to oblige her but first, “hold on baby, I have to taste you.”

With that he dropped to his knees and began to lick and kiss her inner thighs, he could smell her arousal and see that her pussy was soaking wet. He made his way to the top of her thighs and took a second to admire it. She had the prettiest pussy he’d ever seen. She kept it shaved bare except for a single vertical strip of hair. Her outer lips covered all but the slightest hint of her inner lips, and her clitoris had hardened from her arousal. Jimmy actually licked his lips slightly at the sight and Brie laughed “go ahead and have a taste” she said shoving his head into her crotch.

He hadn’t needed the encouragement, he began to slowly rub her clit as he licked her slit, excitement had heightened her sensitivity and she began to loudly moan at the contact and thrust her hips into his face. Tasting her leaking juices Jimmy felt his cock leaking pre-cum and knew he could hold off no longer. He stood up. “What don’t stop” Brie practically yelled before realizing what Jimmy was doing, as he lined his cock head up with her pussy and began to rub it on her slit “on second thought” she laughed. Jimmy just laughed back and began to slide into her, she was surprisingly tight making him force his way in, “Oh god” he moaned as he finally made it all the way.

Brie’s pussy felt amazing wrapped around his cock and he let her know. “I’m glad you approve, but instead of telling me about it how about it how about you show me” she responded thrusting her hips against him. Once again Jimmy obliged her wishes, he picked her up, and bouncing her slightly up and down as he walked brought her to the worktable and sat her on it. Jimmy began slowly thrusting in and out of her but picked up speed with every thrust. As Jimmy’s pounding reached full speed Brie’s nails scratched at his back nearly drawing blood and she bit his shoulder to keep from crying out. The slight pain from her teeth and nails only heightened his arousal and he pounded all the harder, as he neared what he knew would be an explosive orgasm he grabbed her hair and jerked her head back. He kissed her roughly and passionately pulling away only as he felt his tingle with the familiar sensation of an impending orgasm.

One last thrust buried him as deep as he could go into her pussy and he yelled incoherently as load after load of cum emptied from him. Jimmy collapsed against her, placing his head on her shoulders and laid there as reality began flooding back in. “Fuck” he said checking his watch worried that they had been fucking for hours, only to realize with amazement that it had been no longer than twenty minutes. Brie realizing his concern said “we should do this again sometime but we better get back to work.”

As they dressed, both considerably more relaxed, Jimmy couldn’t help but hide a large smile as he realized he had another date sit up for later that night. Once again he couldn’t help but think that the flat tire of the night before had been a gift from a very loving God.

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