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My dog silky was fucking me when Tim walked in and wanted the same
Bad Situation Turns To Pure Magic

I consider myself to be a very sexual and open minded person. I am single and live alone and work has been occupying most of my time. I sometimes get very lonely but I do get visits from my neighbors and friends from time to time. My front neighbor I would say is the most friendly and supportive of the fact that I live alone. When it comes to sex I am not that lucky with women but I do get a pussy now and then. A work colleague suggested that I get a pet and I decided to get a Dog. I went and got me a Black Labrador and named him Silky. He was so adorable and playful and I was so happy I got him cause he made me feel calm and was good company. As the years went by Silky and I grew together and I was actually in love with him. He makes me feel special. Now not until about 8 months ago that thins started to get a little interesting between me and Silky. There were times when I would notice him licking his love meat and it was so red and looked kind of hard. Also sometimes he would jump up on my legs and hump like crazy. Upon realizing that Silky is now a mature dog I thought about him and sex and I just let things continue.

One afternoon after work I got my groceries and when I arrived home I fed Silky and went off to get a shower and came back down wrapped in my towel. As I was getting myself a beer to go to my room I slipped and fell and down came some of my groceries with me that was on my table and my towel came off and I fell on my ass unto of a 1lb bar of butter and some actually went a little up my butt cheeks. No injuries but I got up now naked and started to clean up the floor. As I bent over and was wiping up the butter I was met with a sensation that gave me goose bumps. Silky actually came up behind me and stuck his hot, long tongue up my crack and the feeling was heavenly. I quickly stood up and hurried up and went back into the shower. As I was in my room dressing I could not help but ponder what just happened. It was a little gross but it felt so nice and it gave me a huge hard on just thinking about it. A few days later and the weekend arrived and so I decided that I’ll watch some movies and have some beers and relax myself. So Saturday night I watched 2 movies and had about 9 beers and strangely I was constantly thinking about what happened between me and Silky. He was lying just next to me and I decided that I want to feel that nice sensation again. I got naked and rubbed some butter on my anus and bent over and Silky was drawn immediately to my ass and started to lick my anus. It was so erotic having my pet lick me. He was so accurate in his licks since he is an expert in licking. I was drunk but loved the moment. My cock was rock hard and oozing with pre cum. I started to get really tired and could not help but retire to bed and stop the sexual act with Silky.

Next morning I woke up and normally on a Sunday mornings my front neighbours son Tim would come over and bring me cookies and milk that his mom would prepare. I got my treats and Tim went home. He is 14 years old and is a good looking kid and very friendly to me and especially Silky. After Tim left I was now ready to continue my sexual adventure and got some more butter and laced my anus and cock up and Silky went straight to work. As he was licking my ass I started to feel his long tongue making an entry all the way up my anus hole. It felt so wild and I was in ecstasy. As he licked me and I was stroking my cock Silky quickly mounted me and in a flash his solid cock was making contact and soon it was in me. It was so fast that the pure passion and excitement had me lost in the moment and I started to really enjoy his cock in my ass. As he was ramming me furiously I felt his know expanding and quickly placed my hand in front my anus to block his know from entering me because I could not take that monster in me. As Silky was fucking me and I was now stroking my cock in pleasure my back door opened and Tim walked in and stood right in front of me and Silky having sex. I froze while Silky did not give a fuck but was only interested in fucking me. I pushed him off and stood up with my dripping 7” cock facing straight at Tim.

I quickly apologized to Tim and asked him to keep this between us. To my shocking surprise Tim was wowed and was looking at my cock with wide eyes and asked me in a curious tone “can I touch your will ”, I was afraid but the animal in me said “sure, why not”. As he touched my cock with his soft hands it sent a chill up my back and I let out a soft “awwwwwwwww” and he was so playful and started to rub my cock since it had pre cum on it. I then told Tim that’s enough for if some caught us I would be in a lot of trouble. He then asked me what was Silky doing onto top me and I had to answer him and I did. Now I was now getting a bit afraid that he might tell someone and I offered him the chance to ask for anything and I would give it to him so he won’t tell anyone. He agreed and what Tim requested made me afraid, nervous, scared and fucking horny as ever. Tim’s exact words were “I want Silky to do what he was doing to you “. I freaked out and said “His cock is too big for you, you can get injure since he is very rough”. Tim was a bit disappointed but I told him I can get Silky to suck your cock and lick your ass and you will love it so much. He agreed and we all went in the sitting room and I locked all the doors. I rang his mom up and told her that Tim is helping me with some paper work and she was more than happy to get some quiet time for herself. Tim’s father is a Surgeon so he is always at the hospital and Tim is the only child.

I told Tim to get naked and he did. I got some more butter and as I was rubbing it on his boy cock and his young ass I was so moved by his youth and wanted to get physical with him myself but kept calm. As I rubbed Tim his cock came to life at about 3”. I was hard again and then I told him to lay down on his back and open his legs and Silky got that go ahead and went for goal. He stuck his tongue up Tim’s ass and the poor child was wriggling in pleasure. He was loving it like candy and his cock was twitching and he was in ecstasy I can see it. I decided to join the fun and moved next to Tim and was rubbing his hair and he stretched his hand out and held my horny cock and it was amazing. Watching my dog lick this virgin boy’s ass while he was stroking my cock. I then led Silky towards Tim’s buttered up cock and as he licked and licked Tim’ was in heaven and was now ready to have an orgasm when he held onto my cock with more pressure and he shot his little load and it was a small amount but Silky cleaned it all up. Now I was madly in pain and pleasure from what had happened and told Tim that it’s my turn and he stood up and I layed on my back and Tim buttered my ass and his touch was so gentle and Silky continued. It was as if Silky’s tongue was getting longer and longer. I was rolling in pleasure when I told Tim to come closer and I quickly grabbed his limp cock and he started to like the feeling. After a while a thought came to mind and I told Tim “Since you wanted Silky to fuck you and he can’t because he might injure you, would you like me to fuck you ass for you?” Boy oh boy was I blown away.

Tim was more than willing for me to fuck him. I realized that Tim did not just want Silky to fuck his virgin ass but that he wanted a cock up his ass and I was willing to give mine to him. So now Silky was out of the game and I took Tim to my bedroom and lay him on my bed. I was too far to stop my act and I quickly took his limp cock in my mouth and he loved it so much. As I licked his young cock it started to get a little hard until it was fully hard. I then bent over and invited Tim to mount me and he did. Now his cock is small but only got about 2” inches up my ass and it felt great that I had a young boy’s cock in my ass. The thought of our act was more than enough to keep me aroused. After he fucked me for about 5 minutes he got tired and came out and I then lay him down on his back. I got some lube in my drawer and packed his tight ass and also my cock. I was nervous but deep in lust and passion for this young boy in front of me. I then positioned myself on top him and as I placed my cock head at his hole and rubbed it up and down a few times Tim was enjoying some sort of sensation already. I slowly pushed and in I went, not all the way but about 2”. Tim jumped and wriggles a bit with pain. I stopped and pulled out and went back in and pulled out and went back in. I did this about 4 times for him to get settled and I was reaching a stage where I could not take this torment anymore and I just went straight for goal. I pushed my entire 7” cock up his ass and he screamed and stopped soon because the pleasure was so intense for him and me as well.
His hole was tight and very slippery at the same time. As I started to slowly fuck him he was now fully enjoying the moment and as for myself I could not believe what was happening and how it all happened so fast and sudden. I was having a really good time fucking him and was in pure pleasure and so was Tim. I can literally feel the entire length of my cock in his ass. He was warm and soft and when I pulled out his body moved with me and when I pushed his body moved up with my trust as well. We were bonding and making love. Finally I was getting tense and started to feel so sensual and the shot my cum deep in his tight ass. Tim was enjoying that feeling of hot sperm being released in him. His ass was milking my cock and I could not ask for anything more. As I got exhausted and so did he I pulled out to a popping sound and went just relaxed and cooled off. We went and have a shower and I washed his entire body and he got dressed. Tim then ask me “Can I come again for you to make love to me” I assured him that it is ok as long as all is well in order for him to come and spend time.
And so Tim comes across on Sundays and his mom would encourage it. His dad is always at work and his mom was enjoying the fact that I was like a baby sitter for her on Sundays. I was more than happy to help out.

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2013-09-06 05:36:35
14 years old you all should be locked up you pervs.


2011-10-18 15:00:47
id love young boy cock in my pussy too pm .e at xnnxx mmmmmmmm im so nasty wet

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2011-09-10 17:49:12
How can you accidently fall naked onto a 1lb of butter, >.>

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2011-04-21 12:14:44
I'm female and this is hotter than heck! I love men together, and dogs, well that's just an extra bonus! Lol, I would LOVE to be able to watch this scenario!

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2010-06-07 23:00:00
Mmmm im so horny right now......

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