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Sweeping changed in my life, as a new Master has swept me off my feet.
It was after 8:00PM. I was still at my desk trying to get caught up (never-ending battle) on my workload. Taking a break, I went to a specific web-site to see if He was available tonight.

At my place of work we are all monitored closely, It can be quite hazardous to perform any internet fucntions not closely related to business, so I realized I was taking a rsik, even at this late hour of the work day/ evening.

He was there, and he quickly had me describing my dress, my situation and before I knew what had hit me, I was removing my blouse and bra, sitting at my desk. Reality struck me as I began to feel the wafting cool conditoned air on my shoulders and bare breasts.

Looking around nervously, I performed step-by-step, each instruction given me by my Master. It was dangerous to be doing this. the sun was going down and the angle lit up my exposed skin.

Naked from the waist down, I awaited, jotting down my Master's orders. I listened to every detail, of his directions and soon found myself naked from the waist down and my blouse wide open down around my elbows. I felt the warm sunlight as it bathed my dirty parts, as I simply spread myself wide open for anyone out beyond the 15th floor plate glass windows. I posed like this for several minutes or seconds, I am not even sure. It was like a dream.

Exhilerating and yet, almost terrifying, I heard the custodians coming up the hallway, emptying the trash bins, or getting their equipment ready.

Master told me he wanted me to pose me provacatively and arch my ass way up!

Opening my office door, now totally naked, Master directed me to remove a small toy from my purse, and insert it into my ass. It took some doing as I was not afforded any lube at this time.

With my medium sized blue gel plug snugly inserted up my back door chute, I placed my tits and face to my desk and faced my plugged ass towards the wide open door as the sounds of shouting janitorial workers started coming closer to the outside cubicle area. The frosted glass afforded me some protection, but it was only a a matter of time before they came to my office and get an eyeful of me in this position.

It was at that time that I started trembling as I just knew I was going to be caught.

The images of me in troubling circumstances flooded my brain -, and maybe I would be arrested, or at very least fired or , the victim of the rumours that would spread. Yet I didnt budge. My ass facing the door, obscenely awaiting discovery.

They passed right by, talking and giggling about something unintelligible, but I do not believe it was me they were discsussing.

A near miss! I was so scared, my heart was pounding out of my chest, LOL. My panties and bra were dropped into the trash bin, and I walked out redressed. It was sunset at this time, andf rom that night forward, I have been forbidden to wear bra or panties unless specifically told to do so. The rpoblem is I have to put tape over my nipples to keep them from poking staright out through my blouse. The air conditioning keeps us at 70 degrees to keep the servers and equipment going.

Once the inside my car, I was instructed to strip open and drive naked, to my apartment. Men do this on purpose? I bet they do!

Part of my brain was asking no, questioning, about my sanity. This was totally dangerous! Insane!

And so totally delicious to be dominated remotely by such an evil genius. The cool leather seat, got hot and stuck to my naked wet skin, on thew way home. My cunt kept leaking, I was so hot for some action! Placing a wet stain on the seat, decided not to clean it, just wanted to get to my apartment as quickly as possible. Once inside the parking garage, I dressed again, and walked into the complex.

Since my first time being stripped and naked in public, I have been made to drive around at night naked. The area I stay is not that well lit so it is not too bad. It's the stop lights that make it dangerous.

The glass is tinted, but when a bunch of rowdy boys pull up alongside my sports car, they get a tickle seeing me there, a female in a hot car, and wanting to gun their engine to entice me to race, LOL.

Being naked while this is happening adds a new dimesnion to the experience. Yikes!

My cMaster will soon be handling me personally close up. After that first experience, I feel like I can do anything for Him. His creative, diabolical ideas rock my world, and make me want to live life without underwear, and keeping my dirty parts shaved smooth. Each day I am subjected to Lillte Reminders of His domaince over me.

Everything he makes me do is thrilling. Risky, but wonderful, and I cannot say no to Him. So weak for Him, I have no choice but to comply.

And I enjoy it, so very much, I am like addicted to His brand of treatment.

He is not quite finished with me. As it is, accomodations are being made. I will play a role in Master's life. A cyclone screen holding pen is being ordered along with some high tech toys to keep me aware fo His loving domiance, and how lucky I am to be His pet-slut. Its is a good feeling to finally have a Master who will train me, keep me and care for me. More to cum, I just know it.


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needs to be more xxx
sexy striptease anal fist fuck etc

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