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Jessie gets more pleasure then she thought possible
Jessie couldn’t wait to get out of work. It was Thursday afternoon, and she had a four day weekend not only from work, but also from school. Jessie was 17 and had just started her junior year of high school. Her parents were divorced and her father got her anything she wanted. Most recently she received a brand new car and a laptop. Jessie spent most of her time with her mother. Her mom was strict and really didn’t let her do much. Except this weekend she was going to be house sitting for a family that she knew casually.

The Smith’s had a chocolate lab named Gus, which Jessie would be taking care of for the weekend as well. The Smith’s lived in a large 2 story house way out in the middle of nowhere. The closest neighbors were probably a mile away. Jessie was looking forward to the alone time without her mother’s constant nagging.

Jessie had stopped by the Smith’s house last week to get a tour of the house and find out the feeding schedule for Gus. The Smith’s had a pool and a Jacuzzi which she was shown how to use. She couldn’t wait to use the Jacuzzi after her long week of classes and work, so she made sure to pack her bikini in her overnight bag.

Jessie had her bags packed in the back of her VW convertible, so she drove to the Smith’s right after work. When she arrived at the house Gus was at the front door to greet her, probably because he was hungry. After bring her bags inside and putting them in the guest room, she went and fed Gus. After getting Gus situated with his food she went back to the guest room to change into her bikini.

She pulled out her bright red string bikini from her bag, knowing her mother would have fit if she ever caught Jessie wearing it. Jessie started taking off her clothes, first her t-shirt then her jeans. When Jessie unclasped her bra she made sigh of relief. She was very well endowed in the tittie department a 36DD, one thing she could thank her mother for. So it felt good to release them from their bondage, not that they sagged or anything, in fact they were quite perky. Jessie hadn’t bothered with panties this morning, sometimes she liked the way her jeans felt rubbing on her ass and pussy. Jessie kept her pussy clear of all hair. She didn’t like the way it felt down there, all itchy and such.

The last time Jessie was at her father’s house she convinced his new girlfriend, who was not that much older then her to take her to get her belly button pierced. Well, that turned into more then just one piercing. Jessie ended up getting her nipples pierced, which now stood at a content attention. And she got her clit pierced, another reason she liked to go without panties. The seam on her jeans always rubbed her
piercing just right so she was almost always wet.

After admiring her well toned body, Jessie put on her bikini, which barely covered the spots that they should. Jessie headed out to the Jacuzzi on the back deck with Gus tagging behind her. Jessie climbed over the side and sank into the warm water. The water felt so nice surrounding her tired body. Before she had gotten in Jessie had turned on the jets so she positioned her body so that she could ease some of the tension in her back.

The jets felt good on her back, but Jessie had another idea. She was feeling a little horny and wanted to ease some of the tension in her pussy as well. Jessie was still a virgin. She had only gone so far as to let a boy finger her…once. She did like to play with herself though. So she pulled aside her bikini bottoms and positioned her pussy over the jet. Damn that felt good she thought as she gyrated her hips. After several minutes of this Jessie needed more, she wanted to be filled.

Going back inside Jessie toweled off and rummaged though her bag and pulled out two items. The first was a bottle of lotion. Not to lube her up, because she was already wet, but to put in her pussy. The second was an electric toothbrush. She had pulled the bristle portion off and all that was left was a small metal nub that felt amazing when she applied it to her clit. Because of her mother, Jessie had to use things that her mother wouldn’t find strange if found in her bedroom.

Lying back on the bed, Jessie briefly sucked on the bottle before slipping it into her pussy. It was just long enough to fill her completely, and wasn’t too big around that it would constantly slide out either. It just sat there, unless she moved it. Jessie moved it in and out a couple of times before turning on the toothbrush. She put it on her clit and jumped a little at the first pressure, but slowly relaxed. The vibrations sent tingles up and down her body. Jessie used one had to work the bottle in and out of her pussy while she used the other to slowly circle her clit with the toothbrush.

Gus must have smelt the delicious odor filling the room, because he jumped up on the bed to see what it was. He sniffed around a little and finally found the origin when he nudged Jessie’s hand away. Jessie was so caught up in the sensations flowing through her body that she wasn’t sure what was happening at first. Gus had pushed her hands away and started licking up the wet goodness encircling Jessie’s pussy.

When Jessie realized what was happening she knew it felt too good to make Gus stop.
She had seen women being eaten out by dogs in one of her dad’s magazines. All she knew is that she was totally enjoying it. So she spread her legs wider to enjoy the ride. Gus was now licking her from her asshole to her clit. When he licked over the bottle, he just pushed it in farther. Jessie began pulling at her tits, which only intensified what she was feeling. Gus kept this up for a few minutes, long enough for Jessie to experience her first mind blowing orgasm. But Gus didn’t stop he just kept licking away. Jessie wasn’t sure how much more clitoral stimulation she could endure before she thought her pussy might burst. Gus just kept licking away like he didn’t have a care in the world.

During all this licking and pussy contractions, the bottle had worked its way out of Jessie’s pussy. Gus was now able to get his tongue deep inside her. The roughness of his tongue felt incredible on the inside of Jessie’s pussy, she couldn’t believe it. She really did feel like she was going to explode, she got the feeling like she had to pee, but she didn’t want to stop. A couple more swipes of Gus’s tongue over her clit and she let go. A clear liquid went spurting over Jessie and Gus’s bodies. This only made Gus go wild. He began lapping faster and sent Jessie into another wave of orgasms. She finally couldn’t take it any more and had to push Gus away.

When Jessie had recovered she looked up and saw her friend Leslie in the doorway. Jessie had forgotten she had invited her over….


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