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Set - Up

Watching as the rain drops slide slowly across the window of the bus, I could not help but think of how I had gotten myself into this situation. It was only two weeks ago that I had flown to this miserable town, and now look where I was. Sitting beside a man I hardly knew, in one of the most slutty outfits I had. My black mini skirt barely left anything to the imagination and could hardly contain my thighs whenever I sat down. Hardly matching, my bright pink tank top, way too small for a my age, stretched horribly thin around my large breasts, exposing my black bra underneath. I must have looked ridiculous to any passerby. My blonde hair done up in a high pony tail and my pink high heels. Who would wear such a thing I told myself. If only they knew! The scenery of the town whizzing by as the buss accelerated towards the countryside. Looking across the man next to me smiled, “And what are you hiding?” Of course he knew. He was the one who jammed them up there in the first place!
“You know! Now where are you taking me?!” I asked harshly.
Slowly he moved his hand over to my thighs, squeezing them gently and then moving up my skirt. I wasn't wearing any panties so his fingers directly touched my pussy. Sliding up and down my pussy lips, opening them slightly, “This one seems fine, let me check the other”. I wiggle a little sliding down on the seat as his hand moved down to my ass. I feel his fingers brush up against something large and hard. “Oh, well, lets fix this”, pushing gently, I feel the large 8 inch dildo begin to slide back up into my body. Luckily only an inch had slipped out. As the end of the dildo reached my anal lips and was sucked in. Giving the dildo one last push with his finger into my ass, he then tells me to lick off my own juices, which I happily do, loving the taste.
The buss slows to a stop, the brakes squealing. I look out the window at the barren countryside, dotted with a few houses. “This is our stop”, I wonder why he brought me out here. I get up carefully, feeling the dildos mashed up inside of my adjusting to my standing position. As I walk down the isle I feel them move, rubbing up against each other. I wince, hoping no one notices how unusually far apart my legs are. As we descend the buss, I look out and my gaze falls upon the public restrooms. The man is standing outside, beckoning me to come over. “Your surprise is inside, toy” he said with a grin, pointing to the mens side. I walk slowly in, opening the door. My gaze falls upon a dirty room, one stall, a urinal and a hose in the corner. “Its in the stall”, I hear from behind me. I walk over and then suddenly the man takes hold of my wrists and handcuffs them to each of side of the stall.
“Hey, whats going on”, I pull hard, but the shackles are tight. He points to the mirror on the wall.
'Next week, Gang Bang Slut here, 3:00 PM Friday – Anyone and everything invited'
I gasp. Rattling the chains with all my might, I scream for help. The man walks over to me and unzips the duffel he has been carrying, “That's enough out of you!”, pulling out a reverse strap on he takes my head roughly, shackling the clasps. “Open wide”, I scream, but as I do he forces the dildo into my mouth and down my throat. Tightening the clasps, he then takes some clear tubing out of the bag, “Well, lets see how many things we'll be able to use these for tonight!”. I can hardly breath, let alone scream. My breasts heaving, he comes forward. Taking my head in his grasp he pulls it back and pushes the tube up into my nostril. I struggle greatly, the pain hurts. I feel it enter my sinus, sliding easier now, poking around in my head. I struggle harder as I feel myself running out of breath. Strangely I realize the tube is now snaking down the back of my throat. Past the dildo. Three inches down, he stops and then cuts the tubing, forcing the rest so that just a few centimeters stick out of my nose.
I can breath, barely, but its enough. He takes the rest of the tubing and repeats the process, this time it didn't hurt as much. “There you go, much better right?”. I mumble and nob my head, feeling the tubes slide against the dildo in my throat. He then unpacks the bag. I see all my toys come out, my inflatable but plug, my anal beads, various dildos, a funnel. I struggle again, to no use. He walks out of the room and closes the door behind him. I,m left here, wheezing through tubes stuck in my nose and two dildos deep inside me. I glance at the watch on my wrist, 2:57 PM, almost time.

My arms shackled on the sides of the stall, I stand waiting, the tubes doing their job by allowing me to breath. I look at myself in the mirrors on both sides of the bathroom. My blonde ponytail tied snugly by the straps holding the dildo in place. Two transparent tubes protruding from my nose, and a large bulge about 3 inches down my jawline. I hear talking in the hall, then footsteps. Hoping that its someone not here to fuck me is coming, I struggle wildly. The handle turns and in walks a large man, grinning. He walks in, turns around and closes the door, hanging up his jacket and a dog leash. I begin to rattle the handcuffs again, but stop soon due to lack of air I can breath. He watches me for a while then begins to walk towards me, stopping at my toys, he picks up my anal beads. Coming around behind me, he grabs my legs together and bends me over, the shackles sliding down the two stall posts. I feel him licking my ass. I push with all my might, forcing the embedded dildo out of my ass and hitting him in the face.
“You bitch slut.” he slaps my face and mercilessly pushes the smallest of the beads into my ass. I turn around, the dildo in my throat begins to hurt. I see him grab the next two beads and force them into my ass. I rock forward as he stuffs the next ball in, about the size of a small apple. I begin to feel a small pressure in my abdomen. The last ball, about the size of a pool ball, slides in with a pop, my ass closing about all 5 balls. I let out a strained sigh, creating a whistling from the tubes. I hear the doorknob turn and in walk three more guys, about the same size as the first. All but one hand up their coats. The last one takes off his pants, and hangs them up on the wall along with three large leashes. I struggle when I see how big his cock is. The closest man slaps me hard on the cheek.
“Now that my friends are here, lets see what you look like underneath those clothes” All four guys begin to mercilessly rip my clothes to shreds until all im left with is my black bra. One grabs my breasts and pulls them out. “Woah, look at dos' knockers, dey' dont need no bra!”. Another grabs my head and neck, “Look what he has rigged up for us man,” he points to the tubing in my nose, “so she dont need no air!”. I struggle again, and am instantly slapped and told to be quiet. I feel metal clamps pinching my nipples. It hurts horribly and I let out a slow moan.
“Hey whats this thing?” One says holding up my inflatable butt plug. “I don't know lets try it out.” As he begins to force the dildo into my pussy I get a leg free and kick the guy behind me. “You'll pay for that bitch!” He says slapping my tits and twisting the clamps. I groan in pain as the plug disappears into my pussy. One of them begins to pump it, after about 10 seconds I begin to feel a growing pressure in my gut and start to squirm, “I think she likes that, keep going”. The one holding the pump begins to pump furiously for 10 more seconds until the pump begins to eject air. I start to scream the pain is unbearable. I feel like a balloon. One begins to tug on the tube protruding from my pussy. Yanking down hard on it, he begins to pull the dildo out. I scream and toss. It feels like he is pulling my insides out. I feel my pussy lips stretching, almost to the point of tearing. I hear all the men gasp, and I feint.


2009-10-05 07:19:42
To faint is release from pain.

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