I first wrote this story for an online friend of mine who gets turned on by the idea of self inflicted illness, extreme scat and puking girls. I guess that if one person liked it maybe someone else will.

WARNING – this story contains graphic scenes of pissing, scat and puking for sexual gratification. If you’re not into that stuff, Please go read something else rather than reading this and commenting on how horrible it is!!!!

It was Tuesday morning. We were lying in bed and I was lazily fingering Debbie’s sleepy fanny as my hard cock fought my mind for control of my being. I had woken up with the usual hard on and couldn’t resist a feel of my warm soft naked Debbie as she lay sleeping next to me. As she awoke she started to make contented little noises as I touched her. Eventually she crawled over and impaled herself on my hardness and we fucked slow and deep.

As we became more excited and our pace increased, she bent forward and kissed me deeply. As we kissed she whispered to me. “We do some pretty disgusting horny stuff don’t we?” She asked. “We certainly do.” I replied. Thinking of the times we had played hard; hurting each other both emotionally and physically and feeling that glow of pure excitement mixed with fear and emotion that resulted from it. “I love being dominated and degraded, humiliated and hurt, fucked and denied and everything else we do together. I so love having to eat your shit or bear the marks you put on my body.” I told her.

She smiled and rocked harder and faster on my desperate cock. “I want to spend the weekend being totally disgusting.” She announced. “I want to go further than we have ever gone before. I want to feel total moral meltdown!” “Uh oh. Sounds like you’ve just thought of a new game to play.” I said. “I have; I want for us to be totally filthy, so disgusting that no one would ever believe what we did. I want to go so far that we scare ourselves by how bad we are being. Wouldn’t that be exciting?” I thought about it for a second. “We have done pretty much everything there is to do already though.” I said. “We hurt each other, shit on each other, drink each others piss, burn, cut and bruise each other. We spit on each other, verbally abuse and hurt each other. Apart from breaking bones, and I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before we do that too, I don’t see how we could be any more disgusting than we already have been.”

“I want.” She suddenly looked worried. “I want to…” She sat still and looked at me, straight in the eye. ”I want to make us ill. Like food poisoning or something. Then when we start shitting and puking and hurting I want us to come to bed and just fuck each other silly, with total disregard for all our suffering. I want to have a nice romantic evening with a lovely meal, specially made with something bad in it, and then when we start to feel ill I want to come to bed and just fuck and shit and puke and fuck and wallow in our mess then I want us to sleep in our ruined bed and hopefully when we wake, the smell and feel of all our mess from the night before will set us off again and I want to spend as long as possible just fucking and playing in it.”

Her words were affecting me in conflicting ways. Part of me was becoming intensely excited at the thought of seeing her, in bed, sweating and puking uncontrollably. I imagined myself forcing my cock up her from behind as she emptied herself, feeling her cunt muscles contracting as she retched, and then watching and feeling her shit covering my cock and balls as she tried in vein to control her suffering bowels. On the other hand I wasn’t at all sure that if I was also feeling that ill, stomach churning and cramping, fever and feeling sick, that I would actually be able, or even want to fuck her. I imagine that I would just want to collapse and sleep. “Oh, please. What do you think. Can we?” she asked. I explained my concerns and she looked disappointed. “I think that if we deny your orgasms, but keep you excited for the rest of the week that you will be so fucking desperate by Saturday night that wanting to fuck me won’t come into it.” She said. “You may not want to, but you’ll have to. You’ll be so desperate you will need to fuck me whatever state we are in. O please, please let’s do it. I feel so excited by the thought of it now.” And as she said it she clenched her muscles and convulsed in a huge orgasm, squirting all over my surprised cock as she did so. “See how excited it makes me?” she asked smiling.

“Very well. If it means that much to you we’ll give it a try.” I said, then I started to fuck her again as although she had managed that surprise cum, I had not and desperately needed to! She got off me and threw on her dressing gown. “Hey, I haven’t finished.” I complained. “Yes you have.” She laughed as she left the room. “Save it for Saturday, it’s only four days, and you’ll be very willing to do anything for a cum by then.” I had to agree with her, but it didn’t help how I felt right now. So it was all settled then. I would have to remain celibate until Saturday night and then I would be able to cum as much as I could so long as I went along with her plan of self inflicted food poisoning and degrading, disgusting ruination of our bed!

I got up and got ready for work. My cock slowly realised that it wasn’t going to get any release today and eventually subsided enough to get it into my briefs. I left the house and as she kissed me good bye her eyes sparkled as I had never seen them do before!

Saturday eventually came and she was right. To put it mildly I was seriously horny! My cock seemed to have been permanently hard since Thursday and it wasn’t helped by her asking me to serve her each night with my tongue of fist her to orgasm. Each night and morning she had taken me in either her hand or mouth and gotten me so very close to cumming I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t actually done it. To coin a phrase ‘blue balls’ was a serious understatement of my current condition!

“Well.” She said as she roughly teased the head of my aching cock. “Today’s the day. Are you looking forward to it?” I was so desperate I would look forward to anything that relieved the pressure in my balls, and I told her so. She laughed. “Well one more time first.” She said. “Lick my dirty fanny till I cum then we can get on.” I did as she asked and ten minutes later we got out of bed and she giggled at my hard on and swollen balls. “Help me strip the bed.” she said. “I want it nice and clean for tonight!” We stripped the bed and I helped her fit a plastic under-sheet and cover it with crisp clean white linen. When we were done it looked very nice and attractive. “Imagine me lying naked on that lovely bed just begging for your cum.” She said mischievously as I was dressing.

The day passed normally. Debbie went to the store and I went off to my morning overtime shift. When I returned at about 4pm I was struck by the strong smell of perfume that hit me when I walked in. Debbie appeared looking absolutely drop dead gorgeous wearing her thin sleeveless summer dress, her hair perfect and from what I could tell from looking at her nothing underneath it all. She had done her makeup and obviously spent quite a time getting ready. I started to realise just how much this meant to her and how much she must be looking forward to the devastation that we were going to induce later that evening. “ I have asked a few friends round for drinks this afternoon.” She announced. “So can you go and get ready?” I said that I would and headed off upstairs to the bathroom. I turned on the shower and went into the bedroom to undress. I was amazed at what I saw. She had put a thick clear plastic sheet under the bed and all around it so that almost all of the bedroom floor was covered, then she had put flowers in vases either side of the bed and strung Christmas fairy lights around the room as well. To finish it all off she had put some josticks on the big old drawer chest ready to be lit later along with more candles than I had seen outside a candle shop! The curtains were already drawn and the decorative lights twinkled magically.

Just as I finished showering and dressing I heard the doorbell and voices floated up to me. It sounded like Karen and Vicki. Two friends of hers that I had always found extremely attractive. Karen was about twenty nine and had a wonderful hourglass shape. Her breasts are absolutely huge and she doesn’t seem to mind who sees them! I have fantasized about her on many occasions! Vicki is slightly older and very petite. She can only be about 5 feet tall and she has no tits at all, which means that she never wears a bra and so her nipples are quite often very obvious to anyone who looks! The most striking thing about her though is that she never goes out in the sun, so she has the whitest complexion ever and with her long black hair she just looks amazing.

I went downstairs and found the three of them sitting in the kitchen chatting. The two visitors looked so utterly sexy dressed in the most minimalist of clothes and Debbie sitting there with them looked like a gift from heaven, even if I hadn’t hadthe bluest balls in the land!

It transpired that they were on their way to a party that started at seven and that Debbie had invited them round for a few drinks earlier to get them underway! It also transpired that Debbie had told them that we were going to be doing something special tonight and that I had been blue balled as part of the preparations! Luckily it appeared that she hadn’t given them any more detail, but it was enough for them to make sure that they teased me with naughty looks and glimpses of their sexy bodies whilst watching closely to see what effect they were having on my trousers!

When it was time for them to leave we saw them to the door and I was asked for a kiss good night. I kissed Vicki first and she deeply frenched me and rubbed my cock through my trousers at the same time! I responded by slipping my hand up her ridiculously short skirt and having a good feel of her shaved fanny! Our kiss lasted an obscenely long time after which she was replaced by Karen and we exchanged similar rudities!

“That was fun, wasn’t it?” remarked Debbie after they had gone. I had to agree that it was, but that I was now so absolutely fucking desperate for some relief that either I was going to rape Debbie right here right now or I was going to go have a wank! She giggled and lifted her dress to flash me a glimpse of her very hairy bush. “I am going to get the dinner now darling, so won’t be long and you can use me to your hearts content. I promise. Just wait a little longer for me.” She beamed the happiest smile I think I had ever seen her with, and went off into the kitchen. As she passed the heating control in the hallway she turned it up to full. “I want us to be nice and warm tonight.” She said.

I followed her and poured us another glass of wine. I watched as she flitted about the room cooking our ‘special’ dinner. As she was waiting for something to cook she disappeared and returned with a couple of pills for me. “Viagra, double dose, just to make sure.” She said as she gave me the little blue pills. I explained that I didn’t think that I would be needing them but she insisted and I swallowed them with a mouthful of wine.

Before long we were sitting down to a nice dinner. Chicken risotto and rice with vegetables all in. “What have you put in this that will make us ill then?” I asked. “It tastes fine to me.” She smiled. “I haven’t actually put anything into it, it’s just how I have prepared and cooked it that should do the trick.” she said smiling. “It’s not guaranteed that we will get ill at all, I have just maximised the chances of it having that effect.” “How?” I asked, genuinely interested. ”Well, if you’re sure you really want to know. I bought the packet of chicken breasts on Wednesday and they were the oldest ones I could find in the store. The use by date was yesterday. Then I kept them in a nice warm place ever since.” I looked confused. She continued. “Chicken is one of those foods that you have to be careful with, it must be kept cold and eaten promptly.” She explained. “Then when I cooked it I just cut it up and put it in with the rest of the risotto right at the end so that it got heated through, but not really cooked. Then to finish off I poured the raw juices from the packet over it all just as it was served. If there was anything bad in that chicken I guarantee it will still be there!”

We chatted as we ate and when the meal was finished I took the plates to the kitchen and we sat down together with another glass of wine. We kissed and cuddled and chatted for an hour or so and I tried hard not to touch her sexually as I knew how much she wanted to save that for later!

Suddenly she went quiet. “I think we should go up to bed now.” She said. And I followed her as she stood up and made her way upstairs. “Bring the wine bottle and the glasses.” She asked. I picked them up and followed her upstairs. We went into the bedroom and she slipped out of her dress and laid on the bed. I took this as my cue and undressed as well. As I laid down she got up and lit all the candles and I watched her sexy body as she moved around the room. “My tummy hurts.” She said as she lay back down and took hold of my ever hard cock. “Mine’s ok.” I replied. I noticed that she was starting to look rather grey, even under the warm glow of the candles. She was also starting to sweat, her whole body was shining in the light. I wondered if somehow she could have gotten ill and I had not. “My tummy really hurts.” She said again, as if expecting me to do something about it for her. “How can I help you?” I asked. “Rub it for me.” So as she laid there I rubbed her soft tummy and slid my hand down to her fanny through her ample bush teasing her directly on her clit then came back up and continued rubbing her tummy. She smiled. “That’s nice.” She murmured.

Suddenly she tensed her tummy and farted. She giggled. Oops. “Owhowwwa.” She said. “It hurts even more now.” I kept rubbing and she tensed and farted again, only this time I heard her groan and she kept tensing even when she had finished. “I feel really strange and sort of feint and light headed.” She said. Then “I really have to pee, but I don’t have the energy to go to the bathroom.” Then she guided my hand to her fanny and I felt the warm wetness as she let her bladder empty. She was still rubbing my cock and I was starting to get pretty close to cumming. I have always been turned on by watching her pee and to feel her do it on my hand, wantonly in the bed was getting me very close. She seemed to sense my excitement and let go of my cock. She knelt up on the wet bed and said “fuck my desperate fanny with that big cock of yours.” I didn’t need asking twice and I get behind her and slid in to the hilt. It felt so hot inside her and I was in heaven. I started to pump her slowly. “O my god.” She said. Then without any warning she retched and it felt so good as her muscles contracted around me, involuntarily trying to push me out. “shit; that’s so good.” She said and then “O fuck, sorry, sorry, but I have to!” as she said it I saw her bum hole pucker and push out and her muscles tightened round me again. I pushed into her and as she began to push her shit slid from her and was crushed between us as I fucked into her. Then she farted and about a gallon of liquid shit poured from her, covering my cock, balls, legs and spattering up over my stomach! “Oh, my God.” She said “This is so dirty I feel such a fucking slut animal..” as she said the word animal she retched again and was productively sick all over the bed. I couldn’t believe how I felt. There we were, Debbie drenched in sweat, shit covering her ass, fanny and thighs and now she was puking everywhere but still she was bucking back and fucking me for all she was worth. As I was about to cum she fell forward and laid there in her mess, panting, making my cock slip out of her. She turned round and sat cross-legged in the mess. I knelt in front of her and she giggled. “You look ready to explode” she said. “I think I need a suck on that cock of yours. Ooh, hold on,” she belched then opened her mouth and bent her head so that her chin was on her breast. I watched in awe as she just sat there and let the contents of her tummy pour from her mouth covering her chest and her tummy and running down between her legs. She didn’t even retch. It wasn’t explosive she just sat there and it just slowly poured from her mouth!

As if that wasn’t enough she then laid back and swung her legs up over her head, lifting her bum off the bed by an inch or two, then she pushed and another torrent of her liquid shit spewed from her bum hole covering the bed and even hitting the wall. She groaned. Then relaxed and lay still. “I’m so sorry lover.” She said. “I seem to have had a bit of an accident in our nice clean bed. I think I need to be punished. Please.” I stared at her in awe. She was clearly feeling like crap, she was covered in sweat, grey as a ghost, and still she wanted more. For my part, whilst I didn’t seem to have a bad stomach I was starting to feel decidedly sick from the smell of her shit and puke. I pondered what to do to her and watched as she opened her legs and let go another stream of her precious piss.

“How? What can I do to you?” I asked. She looked a bit cross now. “Hurt me.” She whispered. I thought about it. “Right. You filthy slut. You deserve to be hurt for what you have done here.” I pulled her legs apart and rubbed her fanny, covering my hand in her mess, then I slipped it roughly inside her and made a fist, then I fucked her as hard as I could with it. She started to groan and then made appreciative noises, I fucked her harder literally slamming my fist into her cervix. I thought I must have been causing her irreparable damage, but she was breathing faster and seemed to be enjoying it. She suddenly crushed my hand and another torrent of hot shit flew form her bum hole. She giggled, then she retched again and I watched as a little bit trickled from her mouth. “oh, please, for fuck’s sake hurt me, fuck you, hurt me, fucking ruin me, make me cry, make me cum.” I made my other hand into a fist and rammed it into her bum hole. She was still very wet and it slid inside making her scream. “Yes. That’s it, more.” I slammed both hands into her holes and suddenly she went as stiff as a board and then a second later she started convulsing like she was having a fit of some sort. Her fanny squirted gallons and I felt the extra lubrication as my other hand pumped her liquid shit in and out of her and still she was racked by her convulsions. Then she relaxed and slowly slid down on to the bed again. I gently slipped my hands from her and she looked at me, smiled and burst into tears. She wept like a baby.

“Oh, thank you.” She said between sobs. “That was so very fucking good. Such blessed relief.” I stared at her. Tears pouring down her grey cheeks, her makeup ruined, mascara staining her pretty face, and her matted hair sticking to her sweating head and neck.. She looked adorable, so very fuckable, even kind of edible! As I stared at her I became aware of my own feelings again. Maybe I hadn’t got away with it after all. I felt unbearably hot and my stomach was churning. After a few seconds she stopped sobbing and sat up again. She reached for the wine and topped up her glass. Then she took a deep swig. “That should help prolong the fun.” She said beaming happily. “You look a bit pale. Do you feel ok still, or have you finally succumbed?” “Not sure yet. Don’t feel brilliant, but that may just be from all your shit and puke.” She laughed. Well either way I think it must be your turn to play now!”

My tummy gurgled and I felt a huge fart coming on. “I think it’s starting.” I said and with that I farted noisily. “Ohh, goody. Quick kneel up and let me watch you disgrace yourself.” I knelt upright and she insisted that I turn sideways so she could see both in front and behind me. She reached out and held my still hard cock. Gently tugging it and keeping it very hard. Just then I had a massive cramp in my stomach. I bent over forward and she cooed at me. “Oh, poor little boy. Do you have a tummy ache too? “As she said it I straightened up again and she crawled over to me. She sat in front of me and toyed with my cock. I felt a pain and farted again, only it wasn’t a fart. Or rather it was but it was liquid as well. I knelt there helpless as I soiled the bed whilst Debbie watched. “Oh, Yes, Wonderful” she said and she slid her hand between my legs and rubbed my wet bum hole. She rubbed my tummy with her other hand and still my cock pointed skyward. Another spasm hit me and I felt my bum open as another load poured from me, this time right into Debbie’s waiting hand. She spread it over my cheeks, between my legs covering my balls and cock, then spread the rest in the hair under her arms!

I felt suddenly very sick. I retched but nothing happened. Debbie came and put her legs round me rubbing her filthy bush against my cock and lower tummy. Then she lifted herself up and took me inside her. She felt so very hot on my cock. It was like, I don’t know, putting it inside a hot water bottle. She put her arms round me and I her. We sat there and she gently rocked on my cock and rubbed my back. I felt terrible, but amazingly still horny. Not the usual kind of horny though. It must have been the Viagra or my days of denial, but my cock was hard and I had no sexy feeling in the rest of my body. In fact the rest of my body felt absolutely awful. I was unbearably hot, my tummy was churning and I felt so very sick.

“oh, sorry I’m going to shit again.” I said and she started me in the eyes. “Ooh, please do, I want to be a dirty girl with you.” I pushed and another gallon poured from me emerging between our legs and forming a puddle below Debbie’s fanny. She put het hand in it and smeared it into her bush, then she wiped her hands in her long black hair. She giggled, I retched. She looked at me then just as I was about to do it again she clamped her mouth to mine in a passionate French kiss. I tried to pull away, but she had hold of the back of my head and I couldn’t move. Then the inevitable happened and I was violently sick. Right into my Debbie’s waiting mouth. It couldn’t go anywhere! Puke poured from our noses and I felt like my head was on fire. I couldn’t breathe! She let go of my head and we sat staring at each other, the contents of my tummy dripping from our noses and mouths, then I was sick again and Debbie squealed in delight as it hit her in the chest. Then she opened her mouth and let her load pour down her chest. I still don’t know how she does this. She just put her head slightly on one side, in a sort of sexy manner, looked me in the eyes opened her mouth and with a very slight sort of sexy smile let it pour from her mouth, very slowly, not violently like when I’m sick. I suppose it must have been pouring from her for about ten whole seconds!

I felt slightly better now though and could feel my sexy need returning. I started moving under her and she moved as well. We were fucking with our mess squelching between our intertwined legs.

I was getting close to cumming when Debbie moved off of me. “I want you to cum and puke at the same time.” she said. “I don’t think I can.” I objected. She just smiled a knowing smile. “What?” I asked. She picked up her wine and drained the glass then she refilled it and handed it to me. “Drink.” Was all she said. I really didn’t want it but to please her I drank deeply from the glass and managed about half of it in two swigs. Debbie looked really happy and stood up next to the bed.

I looked at her. Her colour was returning now and she was covered from head to foot in our mess. Her hair was disgusting where she had wiped her hands with it after spreading my shit about. Her torso was covered with the remnants of our earlier meal and even the hair under her arms was matted with our mess. Her bush was filthy, bits of food stuck to it and smeared with our shit, her thighs were brown and her lower legs were a mess too. Finally her feet were covered in everything as well. She beckoned me to come and stand in front of her. I did so. She handed me the wine again and I finished the glass, even though it was making me feel very sick again. She picked up the bottle and poured a glassful straight down her throat. Then she took my cock in her hand and guided my hand to her fanny. We stood there fingering each other. I was starting to feel bad again and I noticed that her grey colour had returned.

She leant forward and kissed me, whilst still fingering my cock. Then she moved back and smiled at me. “Thanks baby. This really means so much to me. I can’t say just how I needed this.” I looked at her. Her face a picture of happiness, albeit filthy disgusting and stained with god knows what, but a picture of filthy happiness all the same.

“ooh.” She strained and a stream of liquid poured from her bum and splashed on the floor. She giggled. “Better out than in!” strangely I did the same a second later and she squealed with delight at my filthy wanton act of shitting on the floor without any comment or trying to avoid it, as if it were the most natural thing in the world. I think that is what excited her so much, the wanton depravity of our filthy actions. My tummy gurgled and I belched. Surprisingly, to me anyway, another squirt poured from my bum at the same time!

“It’s nearly time!” Debbie said. And started to rub the end of my cock in a way that you just can’t ignore no matter how hard you try or how ill you may be feeling!. I stepped up my fingering of her fanny at the same time.

She expertly held me on the very edge and I her as we waited to see who would be first. It seemed like forever that we stood there, face to face, teasing each other’s filthy bodies and holding off our orgasms until the time was right. I got there first, suddenly my tummy cramped and my muscles tightened. Debbie saw it and was on her knees in an instant with her mouth covering my ready cock. I retched twice and then emptied my tummy all over my filthy girl. It covered her back and her head, soaking her hair, and running down her face. She squealed in delight and then I did it again. It felt awful, but at the same time my ejaculation kicked off and my desperate balls began to empty the frustration of the last four days deep into my filthy Debbie’s throat. She didn’t swallow, preferring to let it spill from her mouth and add to the mess already coating her body!

In what seemed like the most surreal moment I was pumping days of frustration into her mouth and at the same time feeling an unexpected relief from having emptied my stomach all over her! As if that wasn’t enough immediately I finished cumming I started peeing. It wasn’t on purpose, it just happened. A steady powerful stream flowed from my cock straight into Deb’s mouth, washing it clean of my cum. She was enraptured. She moved back and literally bathed in my flow. She moved around so that it washed her clean of all our mess. She even washed her hair in it. I have never known a pee to last so long, but I guess that she had peed three times prior to this and I had not, presumably due to being permanently hard! Eventually my flow stopped and I just stood there feeling totally relieved and finally empty in every way.

Debbie hadn’t finished though. Oh no. She took my wilting cock in her mouth again and sucked me hard, she ran her tongue over my most sensitive parts and it actually hurt for a minute, but then I went rock hard again and suddenly felt a renewed need to cum. She took her mouth away and replaced it with her hand, then she took me to the edge again and smiled. “My turn now!” she said. Wank off over me. I want to watch you cum as I do. “Get on the bed first, and lay on your back.” I told her. She looked displeased, but complied. I knelt next to her and took my cock in my hand as she watched me. Then she put her hand between her legs and rubbed herself hard, working hard to reach her own climax at the right time. I looked at her face and saw that she was going to be sick again. That must be what she is trying to do, time her orgasm to coincide with her vomit. As I was thinking this a thought came to me. “You want to cum as you throw up don’t you?” I asked. She mumbled an affirmative reply. “You deserve more than that.” I said. And watching her hand, now a blur between her legs. She looked at me confused, but it was too late. The time for questions was over and I rubbed my cock, so close, so very close.
Suddenly I saw her tummy tense and she retched. In an instant I clamped my hand over her mouth and she struggled for a second before the remainder of her tummy contents rocketed out of her nose. I held my hand firm and saw her swallowing and puking up again, each time it flew from her nose, I forced her head back and the next time she sprayed it right across the room and all up the mirror. Then she was shaking, convulsing, fitting, shit poured from her bum and her fanny squirted. I removed my hand and she was finally able to evacuate herself. She puked the rest a good two feet in the air, still on her back and it rained down over her face and chest. She was still convulsing her hand still a blur over her clit, she stared at me as I took myself over the edge and pumped the remainder of my seed all over her body to join with her mess. We were panting and shaking and experiencing what can only be one of the world’s most shattering of joint orgasms.

When we eventually stopped cumming we slid into each other’s arms and were asleep in seconds. I vaguely remember waking up, I guess about an hour later, and feeling cold, so I picked up the duvet and pulled it over us. That was the last we knew until morning.

I was woken in the morning by Debbie kneeling over me. She had a leg each side of my head and I opened my eyes to see her filthy fanny and bum hole inches from my face. I didn’t have time to decide what I thought about this as she had my cock in her mouth and was taking me rapidly towards my orgasm. Then she backed off a bit and I was able to enjoy the feelings she was giving me and take stock of how I felt at the same time. I noticed that I still felt vaguely sick. I noticed that there was the most terrible stench in the room. I noticed that Debbie was speaking! “How do you feel this morning my hero?” she asked. I told her that I still felt a bit sick, at which she stepped up her action on my cock taking me ever closer, and I also explained about the stench in the room, oh yes and how my stomach muscles ached like crazy from all their use last night.

“Best cure,” she said, “Hair of the dog.” With that she sucked me to the very edge and as I was wondering what exactly she had meant I heard her familiar hissing noise as she poured fourth the contents of her bladder over my chin, neck and chest. This, on it’s own would have made me cum, but what she did next was just incredible. With no warning whatsoever she farted and I was hit full in the face by a stream of her hot liquid shit. Unfortunately my mouth was open at the time and about a second after she sprayed me with her shit I felt my gut spasm, my balls tighten and I was violently sick all over Deb’s bum. She had felt my gut tighten as well and sucked me into a massive orgasm coinciding with my throwing up between her cheeks! I came hard and she kept sucking and I kept cumming. At some point I couldn’t help myself and I buried my face in her bum and fucked it with my tongue, I fingered her clit at the same time then just as her orgasm hit I was sick again my mouth only an inch from her filthy bum and squirting fanny. She squealed in delight, then we fell still.

After a few minutes she turned round and I took her in my arms. We kissed and cried together, it was just so very emotional. After that we got up, cleared up the room, threw open all the windows and went to the bathroom and showered together.

We spent the rest of the day recovering. We both had very sore tummy muscles and still had to rush to the bathroom a number of times throughout the day, but by the evening we were pretty much back to normal. The bedroom had been aired all day with the open windows and was now back to normal too. No smells or traces of what we had done the night before remained. We had burnt the soiled bedding and plastic sheeting that morning.

We went to bed that night feeling totally sated. We didn’t even feel the need to have sex. We just cuddled each other and fell asleep in each others arms. I remember thinking how very much I love Debs, she is a wild creature sometimes, but she is mine and I wouldn’t change her for the world.

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