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the 3rd story about stacy
.My sexy young slut wife stacy (PART 3) CAMERA CLUB

If you have read my other 2 stories about stacy you will know she is a complete slut.
Since sucking her first cock at the age of 17 until I write this story she has sucked off between 650 and 700 guys cocks. Stacy is 21 now and has an insatiable appetite for giving oral sex. She will suck of any man young or old black or white. she has also sucked of 12 dogs including our 2 rottweillers starsky and hutch. She loves the taste of semen and will also do gangbangs and bukkake. She loves to show of her body to strangers. She particularly likes to suck the cock of older men the older the better is her motto.

Now onto the story…

I run a small camera club that has 7 male members. We meet at my house every second Sunday afternoon. Usually about 1pm where we discuss the latest cameras and stuff like that. Pretty boring if your not into it. After our meetings we normally settle down to watch some live football on tv. And stacy is normally hangimg about the house bored but occasionally she will livein things up for herself by going for a shower when the guys are there and then coming down stairs and walking about with only a small towel covering her sexy young body. Or if it’s a nice day she will put on a tiny mini skirt and a white thong with a vest top and no bra. She will then walk about doing the cleaning and making sure the guys get plenty of flashes of her ass and thong. And when she is turned on her hard nipples show through her tight top.

one particular Sunday one of the guys was flirting with stacy and she was flirting back. He eventually asked her if she knew the effect she was having on the group with the way she walked about the house when they were there.stacy just laughed and told him that he was a dirty old man and so were the rest of them for looking at her. tommy was last to leave that night and before he did he told me that the other guys would all love to photograph stacy. He asked me what I thought and I said I was cool with it and I would ask stacy but was sure she would be totally up for it.

That night in bed I told stacy what mike had said and she let out a little laugh. She then said that she thought they would never ask and was desperate to do it. The next day after work I phoned around and told all the guys that stacy was well up for it and told them that she was going to put on a proper show for them. She was going to pose dressed up as well as naked and that the guys were to bring something that she could put in her pussy to fuck herself with. I arranged for the guys to come around to ours that Wednesday night ..

Wednesday morning came and as stacy was getting ready for work she told me that she was going into the sex shop in town to buy a black dildo that she had seen in there. We often go into the sex shop as stacy loves to tease the guy who works there. His name is john he is a fat balding man in his late 50s early 60s.stacy says that when she is in there she can feel his eyes all over her. And a few times she has been in on her own she has caught him wanking off. Stacy put on her normal work clothes which are a white blouse,black skirt which sits just above her knees and black hold up stockings with black stiletto heels and black lacy knickers.

I dropped her of at the train station as normal and as she was walking to the train she gave me a quick
Flash of her lace top hold ups.

I picked stacy up from the station as normal that afternoon. As she sat in the car her skirt rode up her thighs revealing her stocking tops. She was carrying with her a large paper bag and inside was the dildo she had bought that morning. She opened the bag and inside was the biggest dildo I have ever seen. It was cock shaped about 18 inches long and 6 inches in girth. And at one end it had a ball sack with a suction cup.

On the drive home stacy told me that on her lunch break that day she had gone into the sex shop in town. John was there as usual and also another guy who john introduced as bill. She said that bill was a bit older looking than john and was quite dirty looking with nicotine stained fingers and teeth and long greasy grey hair.

Stacy went over to the part of the store where the sex toys are kept. And could feel the eyes of the men undressing her. She looked around and smiled at the 2 old men. They both looked away embarrassed and sat down on the 2 dirty armchairs that were positioned behind the counter. Stacy looked about the shop for 5 minutes before picking up the dildo she wanted. As she walked up to the counter she could see that john and bill were watching a porn movie. It took them a couple of moments to realise that stacy was at the counter as there attention was firmly on the girl in the movie who was being gangbanged.

Stacy said that both men were obviously turned on as bill had a lump in his trousers and john had a hand in his playing with his hardon. When john noticed stacy he immediately pulled his hand from his trousers and fumbled with the remote trying to turn the film off.

Stacy wont let 2 good hard cocks go to waste and was now walking around to the back of the counter slowly pulling her skirt up around her waist to reveal her stockings and black knickers. She told both men not to be embarrassed as she could see they were horny and that had made her pussy wet.

Standing in front of the 2 shocked but horny old men stacy began to rub her cunt through her knickers as she unbuttoned her blouse with the other. She told them that if they wanted to see her cunt and tits she would need to see there cocks first. Both men stood up and unfastened there trousers letting them fall to the floor. Johns cock was of average size and bills was a bit smaller but had a better girth.

Both men sat back down and stacy undid the last button of her blouse and opened it up revealing her firm breasts and hard nipples. She then started to pinch and pull both her nipples and both men wanked on their pre cum covered cocks slowly.

Stacy then began to take her knickers off . Peeling them down her stocking covered legs and at the same time keeping eye contact with the men. she took them off over her 6 inch stilettos and let them fall to the dirty floor. As she stood there in the sex shop with only her shoes stockings and open blouse on she asked both men when the last time they had been given a proper blow job. John said that it was when he was married and that was about 10 years ago and bill said it was probably about 15 to 20 years ago.

Stacy then sat on the counter and told both men to turn there chairs around so that they were facing her. She shuffled her arse back and pulled her legs up placing her feet on the counter her legs open as wide as she could get them so that both men could get a good view of her cunt. She then put 2 fingers in her cunt hole and fingered herself she took the 2 fingers out showing the guys how wet her cunt was.

By now both men were wanking furiously and there pre cum had became white and frothy. She then climbed down from the counter and picked her knickers up from the floor and rubbed the cotton crotch part into her soaking cunt covering it in her juices. She walked over to john and placed them over his nose she told him to have a good smell and then did the same with bill. She asked both men if they liked the smell of her cunt and they both nodded in appreciation.

Thinking that she had teased both old men enough she though it was time for them to cum. Getting between johns legs she knelt down and began to caress his hairy ballbag and taking his cock in her hand she licked up and down the shaft. Putting her mouth over the top of his cock she sucked all of the pre cum from it and then took his cock inch by inch into her mouth until her lips were kissing his pubes. Keeping his cock there for a moment she then began to bob her head up and down on his nob. It didn’t take long for john to cum and soon he was shooting his cum into her mouth which she swallowed with a smile on her slutty face.

Getting between bills legs she crouched down again and noticed that bills cock was a bit smelly but it was a smell she loved.

With me being a truck driver I sometimes have to drive on the continent for a week or sometimes 10 days. When im away lets just say that shower facilities are not the best and I come home not having a shower in that time. The first thing stacy does is suck my cock clean as she loves the smell and taste.

Stacy asked bill when the last time he had a bath or shower. He replied that he had been living in a homeless flat for 3 weeks and the hot water wasn’t working so hadn’t bathed or showered in that time. He hardly got a chance to finish and stacy had his cock in her mouth licking and sucking it as if her life depended on it. She took his cock out of her mouth long enough to tell him not to cum to quickly as she was loving the taste of his smelly penis.

He coulnt hold back any longer and shoot his cum in her mouth. Stacy said that it was like 3 guys cuming in her mouth there was so much spunk. Stacy thanked both men for there cum as she got dressed. She paid for her dildo and was on the way out of the shop when john shouted her back and told her she had forgotten her knickers. She went back to the counter and told them both that they were to keep them as a momento and the next time they were wanking off they were to put them over there face and sniff her cunt.

Stacy then went back to work as if nothing happened. She works on the reception desk of a large office building and the thought of her sitting there all innocent when in reality she is a dirty cock loving slut drives me wild.

As stacy was telling me her story of what happened that day her skirt was now showing all of her stocking tops and a couple of football supports buses had passed and the guys on it got a good look at stacys legs abd stockings. She told me to catch up and as we were passing she gave the guys a good flash of her hairy fanny.

By the time we got home stacy was totally gagging for cock and immediately took her new dildo out of the bag and sat on the stairs. The cock shaped dildo easily penetrated her wet cunt as her pussy lips stretched to accommodate the monster black cock. She told me to get my dick out and fuck her mouth which I did and she moaned as she fucked her cunt hard as I fucked her face even harder. Stacy began to suck on my cock really slowly and that is when I know she is about to cum . so I pulled my cock out and stood back to watch as stacy came. Her cunt was leaking with her juice as she flung her head back in ecstasy.

I reminded stacy that the guys would be arriving soon and that she should go upstairs to get ready. which she did but not before licking the juices from her dildo and the pre cum from my cock.

bob, jim, tommy and neil all arrived at the same time in a taxi and greame .phil and tony arrived shortly after. as all the guys prepared their camera equipment I went up to check on stacy. she had chosen a few different outfits to pose in and had decided that the first one she was going to wear was a sexy school girls outfit. this consisted of a pair of red stilletos , with white frilly ankle socks. a pleated red and black tartan mini skirt.and white cotton panties . a white blouse and red cardigan and red tie. and to top it of she was wearing a red hair band in her long blonde hair. she was also wearing loads of red lip stick and black eye make up.

I told her the guys were downstairs and she said she would be down in 5 minutes.

the guys in the club range in age from jim who is 45 to neil who is the oldest at 68. and I told them they were in for a proper treat. stacy came downstairs in her sexy outfit and straight away most of the guys had visible erections which stacy commented on saying that she hoped the guys would last a couple of hours as she had planned a few outfits to pose in and didn’t want the guys to come to early.

stacy loves to pose for the camera and straight away she was posing like a profesional model. giving the guys nice views of her arse and flashes of her sexy cotton panties. she would ask the guys now and again what position they would like her in and looked really sexy as she got into some horny poses.
now she began to get into it and took her cardigan off and undo the top 4 buttons of her blouse as she sat back on the couch opening her sexy young legs. she kept that pose for a few seconds and then pulled her panties to the side revealing her hairy blonde cunt. she looked at me and smiled as I know she loves to show of her cunt to as many men as possible. as the guys snapped away stacy pulled her panties of and spread her ass cheeks giving everybody a chance to get some good close up shots of her arsehole and big swollen wet cunt lips .she posed in her schoolgirls outfit for a little while longer before changing into some other sexy clothes and outfits for the guys to photograph her in . things like nurses uniforms and a sexy black dress.

Phil then asked stacy if she would mind shaving her cunt as the guys took pictures. she normally keeps her pubic hair as she thinks it looks and feels better and she knows that I prefer her cunt hair to be really bushy. she asked me what I thought and I said to her to go for it as it wouldn’t take long to grow back in.

she went upstairs again and came back down naked with my razor some shaving foam and a big towel. she told us all to come into the kitchen and layed the towel on the kitchen table then poured a bowl of hot water and got up on the table. lying on her back with a couple of pillows to support her head stacy soaked her pussy with hot water and rubbed the shaving foam into her pubes until it covered her entire pubic area. she then dipped the razor in the hot water and began to slowly shave her pussy. by the time she had finished all the guys had hardons and stacy said it wasn’t fair that she was lying there with her pussy bald and on show she wanted to see everybodys hard cock..

all the guys looked at each other uncomfortably but after a bit of encouragement from myself and stacy they eventually started to get their cocks out. there was nothing out of the ordanery about the 7 cocks but greame had a good couple of inches more than everyne else. telling all the guys to stand in a line as she climbed down from the table stacy went to bob who was first in line she crouched down infront of him opening her legs and giving the other guys a good view of her now shaven cunt with the lips and clit swollen protruding from it.

she took bobs cock in her slutty mouth and sucked on it for a few minutes making sure he and the other guys got plenty of good photos. she then went along the line doing the same until she had sucked all 7 hard cocks.

she told the guys to stay in their positions and got into the doggystyle position infront of bob again. this time she told him to fuck her cunt but not to cum as that was for later. getting on his knees bob easily slid his cock past her swollen cunt lips his cock shining in the kitchen light with stacys juices coating it. stacy told him to stay still as she began to push her cunt back and forward onto bobs cock. she did the same to everyone in the line up pausing now and again so that the guys could get some photos.

by now all the guys were bursting to cum so stacy asked them what they had brought for her to fuck her cunt with. she explained that each man was to take a turn wanking into her mouth as she fucked her pussy with whatever he had brought along. greame went first he had brought a torch he uses at work he gave it to stacy and she put it in her cunt. as she fucked her hole greame wanked off and came in stacys mouth she didn’t spit or swallow she just kept it in her mouth showing the guys it as they took pictures.

Phill handed stacy a spanner next and as before it went into her wet cunt as he wanked and came in her mouth now she had 2 guys cum in her mouth and still didn’t swallow. the other guys took there turn tony gave her a candle bob gave her a cigar case jim gave her his mobile tommy gave her a beer bottle and neil gave her some type of vase thing . by the time she had finished all these things had been deep in her cunt and she had 7 guys come in her mouth. giving the guys one last chance to take a piture stacy opened her mouth wide before closing it and swallowed the lot.

stacy then did her usual thing of stuffing a pair of her knickers into her wet cunt and giving them to the oldest guy there . neil was delighted with his little gift.

as everybody was leaving stacy told them that anytime they were passing and fancied taking some photos and getting their cock sucked then the were to pop in.

so that day stay sucked off 9 different men as she says you only live once

the end

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You are a lucky men

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I only read this story and I have concluded that you have no writing skills what so ever........ you reaaly sound like an idiot with the way you use your words so maybe you should try some other type of thing to amuse yourself

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