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Naughty Mom

Chapter Five:

"This is great, Mom, I didn't know you were such a good cook."

Alicia flipped over a pancake on the griddle. "Thank you,
Ricky. How many more would you like?"

"Six," Ricky said, licking maple syrup off his fingers.

Alicia looked for a mischievous grin on the boy's face as a sign
that he was kidding, but she saw only a boy intent upon licking the
syrup off his fingers. She shrugged and flipped some more pancakes.

"Hilda sure can't cook like this," Mark said. He dropped a
sausage in his mouth and swallowed it with hardly a chew. As he
devoured another sausage, he spread half a stick of butter over his
steaming pancakes.

"Thank you," Alicia said. "I think I'll be doing more cooking
from now on. I kind of miss doing it."

"Great," Mark said, stuffing a stacked wedge of dripping
pancakes in his mouth. His cheeks bulged as he chewed.

"Everything all right, Shawn?" Alicia smiled at him.

"Fine," he said, giving her a polite smile as he carefully
sliced his pancakes and sausages into small pieces.

"Want me to make you anymore?"

"No, thank you," Shawn said. "This is just right."

Alicia shoveled a heap of hot cakes onto a plate and gave them
to Ricky, watching with joy and a touch of squeamishness as he
drowned them in a pint of syrup. She contained her urge to tell him
to go easier on the syrup.

Shawn ate slowly and quietly, with his mouth closed.

He looks so different now, Alicia thought. Maybe she'd only
dreamed about watching Shawn jacking off. She found it hard to
believe that the well-dressed and well-mannered schoolboy sitting
before her at the breakfast table had squirmed like a rutting
billygoat last night on his bed, her own panties draped over his

Alicia pulled out her chair and sat down, sipping coffee. Out
of the corners of her eyes, she saw Shawn glance up. His eyes
lingered on her breasts. Ricky and Mark glanced up every so often,
too, but they were nowhere near as discreet in ogling her breasts as
Shawn was. She was dressed in nothing but her leopard-skin bathrobe,
tied at the waist and open at the neck. Her chest was bare, showing
off the upper part of her well-formed breasts.

"What's hypothermia?" Ricky mumbled, his mouth full of pancake,
syrup dripping from his chin.

Mark and Shawn both looked at Ricky curiously.

"Is it like a bad cold?" Ricky looked at Alicia expectantly,
chomping away.

Alicia felt herself flush. All three boys were looking at her
now, chewing slowly, their food half-forgotten.

"Hypothermia is when you get so cold that your body temperature
drops so low that it can kill you," Alicia blurted out in one breath.
"It come from getting both wet and cold at the same time usually.
That's why it's always essential to wear your raincoat on a cold,
rainy day. Now, hurry up and eat your breakfast. You'll be late for

"I got a ride," Ricky said. He glanced at Mark. "I almost got
hypothermia yesterday," he added almost proudly.

"No more talk," Alicia said. "Eat!"

Ricky frowned, wrinkling his nose, but dug into his pancakes

"Hey, yeah!" Mark said, as if he'd just been hit on the back and
his voice had popped out. "We studied hypothermia in one of my gym
classes. Backpackers get it a lot --- up there in the mountains.
When one of 'em gets it, one of the other ones has to knock the
hypothermia'd one over the head because he gets crazy. Then they
have to shove him in a sleeping bag and crawl in with him to warm him

"Naked?" Ricky said.

Mark smirked wickedly. "If the hypothermia'd one's a chick," he
said almost under his breath. Then he glanced at Alicia as if just
discovering that she was there. He gave her a silly face and stuffed
in a mouthful of food.

"Hey," Ricky said. "I wouldn't mind ---"

"Ricky, shut up and eat!" Alicia snapped.

He frowned again, then started eating, giving her a sulky
expression as he looked back up.

Alicia hadn't wanted to snap at him, but she had to shut him up.
There was no telling what he'd come out with next. It was too bad,
because this was the first breakfast she'd eaten with her sons in a
long time. Usually, Hilda was in the kitchen feeding them, and
Alicia stayed clear.

The boys kept quiet the rest of the meal, as if afraid to open
their mouths. Their eyes wandered repeatedly to Alicia's tits,
however, and she felt a wicked urge to lean over and pick up
something so one or both her breasts would fall out the open neck of
her robe. Despite herself, she felt itchy and wet between her legs.
By the end of the meal, her pussylips were swollen and her cunt was
throbbing. She couldn't help but think of the cocks between the legs
of her virile sons. She wondered if they were hard.

She spent the day cleaning house. She refused to watch her soap
opera for fear she'd end up lying on the couch with her legs spread
and a finger up her cunt. She did wonder what Zenobia was doing
today, whether the woman was having another passionate meeting with
the stableboy.

The hardest part of her day was spent watering the plants in the
conservatory. The rain rattled down on the glass roof and walls of
the conservatory and Alicia felt depressed. Not as depressed as she
had felt yesterday, however. Working helped pass the day, made the
hours fly by. She felt pleasantly exhausted as late afternoon came
around, and she'd built up a healthy sweat under her robe. She was
still naked underneath the robe, hadn't bothered to change into
anything else since breakfast.

She was about to go upstairs for a shower when she heard a
commotion at the other end of the house.

"Mom!" the voice screamed, so shrill that for a few seconds
Alicia couldn't identify it as Ricky's. "Mom!" The boy sounded
frantic. He was racing through the house.

Alicia, running, nearly collided with him in the hallway.

He grabbed her, clinging to her, panting furiously, drenched
even more than yesterday.

"I'm dying," he panted. "I've got hypothermia. You've gotta
warm me up, Mom. Quick, I'm dying!" As he talked, he pried off his
squishing sneakers with his feet. His rain-soaked jeans came off
before his shirt.

Alicia was so stunned she stood there watching in helpless
silence as her son yanked off his shirt and clung to her, stark
naked, dripping with rainwater, his heart slamming in his chest, his
smooth skin a rash of goose bumps. She felt something hard and hot
pressing against her leg through her robe. She reached down and
Ricky's burning cock squirmed in her hand. He moaned, his eyes

"Upstairs," Alicia whispered, hardly able to get the word out.
She was trembling. Her cunt throbbed. Hot trickles of cunt juice
seeped down the insides of her thighs. "Quick, darling, upstairs."

She took him to her bedroom, locking the door behind them. She
yanked the covers back and pushed her dripping son into her bed,
sliding in beside him after she'd pulled off her robe. She covered
them both, and they clung to each other.

The boy shuddered, genuinely cold, although she sensed that his
shaking was only half due to the chill he'd taken. His cock pressed
against her belly like a branding iron. He humped at her, breathing
passionately, pushing his face between her hot tits.

She wrapped her arms and legs around him, trying to melt him not
her naked flesh. She stoked his head, telling him to slow down, to
calm down. He got his hot mouth around one of her nipples and
sucked. Alicia's cunt did flip-flops and she groaned, shimmying her
swollen pussylips against each other. Hot thrills saturated her
loins and she felt weaker by the moment.

"You should have worn your raincoat," she said. "Silly boy.
When will you ever learn?"

Her boy sucked fiercely at her nipple, as if he wanted to get
milk out of it. He whimperedd, his body warming fast.

Alicia gasped. "Not so hard. Watch those teeth."

The boy swichted to her other nipple, sucking on it like a
starving calf.

She writhed, her cunt contracting, the hot juice bubbling out of
her. "Oh God, Ricky, oh God!"

"Mom!" the boy growled, humping madly at her flesh, chewing on
her tit as if he wanted to bite it off. His cock dribbled warm fuck-
lube, getting her belly slick with it as his prick rubbed up and

She kept gasping, hardly able to control her voice. "Please,"
she breathed. "Slow down. Don't lose it."

Her boy's hand roved down, plunging between her legs. She
opened her thighs, allowing her son to grope her steaming crotch.
His fingers plunged into her open pussy and her hot juices poured out
into his hand.

"Oh wow!" he mumbled. "Hot pussy! Oh Mom!" He worked his hand
back and forth between her cuntlips, whipping up a froth. His finger
slid into her pussyhole, wiggling, twisting.

Alicia thought she'd lose her mind. She wriggled, groaning as
her youngest son clutched at her saturated pussy. He pulled his hand
away suddenly and brought it to his mouth. Alicia watched in
disbelief as her little boy sucked her pussy cream off his fingers,
rubbing it on his lips and face. He even rubbed some on her tits,
then licked it off.

It had become like a furnace under the blankets. Alicia was
sweating. The boy, though still damp, felt hot as a baked potato,
his entire body having reached the temperature of his cock. He
wriggled until he was lying flat out on top of her, then began to
knife his cock between her legs.

"Fuck!" he mumbled. "Fuck!"

Alicia's strength was going fast. She felt weak all over. She
knew she wouldn't have been able to fight the boy off even if she'd
wanted to. Spreading her legs wide, she lay passively under her
rutting son, allowing him to do whatever he wished.

His cock found her cunt like a snake finding its hole. He
jabbed once, ramming her clit, impaling his lube-oozing pisshole on
her hard pleasure-bud. He yanked back immediately and thrust again.
This time his six-inch cock fucked straight up her cunt. He shivered
all over as he buried his cock in her pussy, as if he'd plugged his
pubescent fucker into an an electrical socket. He groaned with
pleasure and Alicia groaned with him.

She was fucking with her own son! She couldn't believe it!
She'd never felt more wicked, more excited in her life. She squirmed
under the boy, gibbering. She wrapped her arms around him, clawing
at his willowy back. As he began to thrust, she shoved her crotch up
at him, wanting to suck his entire body inside herself.

The boy's face had flushed almost purple. His eyes were glazed
over. He lay on Alicia with his full weight, rubbing his chest
against her satiny, spongy breasts. His ass bounced up and down, his
cock fucking in and out.

Alicia writhed, twisting her head from side to side. "Oh God,
yesss!" she moaned. "Oh Ricky, yes, yesss!"

His cock felt so hard, so hot, so exciting. His cock flexed and
vibrated inside her cunt. Its glossy knob, glowing like an ember,
jabbed into the sensitive folds of her cuntal walls, into the fluffy,
nerve-rich fuckmeat deep inside her. She churned her ass, screwing
her sucking pussy around and around on her son's pistoning boy-prick.

"Momma, oh Momma!" The boy was whimpering, humping, fucking
faster, harder.

Alicia was burning up. With a burst of frantic energy, she
managed to throw and kick the blankets off them. Then her arms and
legs wrapped around her son in the same way they'd wrapped around the
young masseur yesterday. She clutched his skinny body between her
thighs, thrilled as he struggled and labored between them. Her hands
roved up and down his back. Her feet caressed his ass and the backs
of his thighs.

Ricky bit her --- first on the neck, then on the left tit. His
teeth were sharp and nearly drew blood. She had to pull on his hair
to make him let go. He licked where he'd bitten, then kept licking.
Soon he was licking all over her tits and neck and face. He burrowed
under her arms and lapped the sweat off her armpits. All the while
he licked, he never stopped fucking.

Alicia tingled wherever he'd licked her. Her cunt throbbed,
contracting around the boy's prick each time it plunged in. She dug
her fingernails into his back and her toenails into his ass.

"Screw me!" she whimpered. "Fuck me, oh God, yessss!"

Her boy shook more and more violently as he vented his lust
between her legs. His prick felt like a steel branding iron inside
her cunt, a relentlessly ramming branding iron. She knew he was
going to explode into her at any moment. Rotating her ass, squeezing
his prick with her cunt, she fucked her pussy up and down his
plunging prick, driving herself toward orgasm.

Ricky clung to her, crushing her in a fierce embrace. He buried
his burning face between her breasts, moaning deliriously.

Alicia felt the first flickers of orgasm in her cuntal walls.
She clawed her toenails into her son's contracting asscheeks.

"Now," she moaned. "Shoot it now, angel, shoot it now!"

The spasms overwhelmed her cunt. She clung to her son,
grunting, jerking.

Ricky's eyes rolled back, showing only white. His prick flexed
hard inside her cunt and fired. His jism squirted up her pussy. He
shook in her arms, moaning, firing again, then again.

"Oh darling, cream me! Oh yes, oh God, yes!" Alicia's hands
roved all over her son's back as her spasming pussy milked the cum
out of him.

"Feels so good, Mom," Ricky mumbled. "Ooooh, ohhhh!" His prick
flexed, vibrating with spasms, spurting his jism and filling her

"Oh, my darling!" Alicia cooed, lying under him and letting him
pump everything he had into her. She caressed him until he stopped
fucking, then kept stroking him for minutes afterward.

"Thanks, Mom," he mumbled. "You saved my life." Then he sighed
and fell asleep.

Alicia pulled the covers over them. She lay under her deeply
breathing son, enjoying the feeling of his still-hard prick insider
her cunt. She was about to doze off when she heard the piano come to
life downstairs. Shawn had come home and was beginning his scale
exercises to warm up. She came wide awake, as if she'd been in a
trance for the last half hour.

"Ricky! Ricky!" She shook her son awake, her heart pounding.
God, what if Shawn caught her in bed with him! "Ricky, wake up!"

The boy clung to her, mumbling, and she had to struggle out of
his embrace. As his cock slipped out of her pussy, he moaned.

"You're late for your paper route," she said, throwing on her
robe and tying it with her back to him. "Get some clothes on and
wear your raincoat."

"Who cares?" Ricky said. "I don't care about that old route. I
wanna stay home with you."

"I'll get you some dry clothes," Alicia said. "Then you're
going out and delivering those papers. No son of mine is going to be
called irresponsible." She headed for the door. "Wait here until I
bring you some clothes."


"What?" Alicia made the mistake of glancing back at him.

He sat at the edge of the bed, jerking on his hard prick.
"Let's fuck some more," he said with a leer. "I like to fuck."

Alicia was tongue-tied for a few moments. She felt a wave of
lust in her loins, wanting nothing more than to impale herself on her
son's rigid, upright prick.

"Let's fuck," he repeated, almost hypnotizing her. "Come on,
Mom, let's fuck."

She shook off her momentary confusion. "Stop talking like
that," she said as firmly as she could. "You're getting dressed.
And you're going to deliver those newspapers."

"But Mom, I'll get hypothermia."

"You'll get more than that if you don't quit arguing. Now sit
there quietly while I get you some clothes. And let go of that
thing, for godsake! You're going to wear the skin off it."


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