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Alice and Bella have sum fun
I do not own anything. Though I wish I did.

Bella was on her way to the Cullen’s house, because Alice had called her and told her she had a problem and she needed Bella help.

Bella pulled up into the driveway of the Cullens.
She walked up to the pouch and went into the house. She was surprise to find it was empty. Then she heard a noise upstairs and started up the stairs. She was at the beginning of the hallway, when someone came out of Alice’s and Jasper’s bedroom. I turned to see who it was and was shocked to see it was Alice.

Alice was in her bra and panties, with stockings and heels on.
“Hello Bella” she said. She started to strut towards me.

“Hi Alice” I said. I started to feel something that I’ve only felt for Edward. She walked up to me and was invaded my personal space. She pushed her lips against mine. I started to push away but I stopped fighting and started kissing her back with as much passion as I could.

I felt something wetting my underwear and then I gasped as I found out what it was, and with that gasp Alice push her tongue inside my mouth. She started exploring my mouth and I was exploring hers.

Alice suddenly swept me off my feet and carried me into the room. She laid me on the bed and starting eyeing me. I could see the love and lust in her eyes.

“Take off your clothes” she said. I had started to take my shirt off, when I felt another pair of hands on my shirt. I looked up to see Alice. Her hands were take a slow time getting my shirt off. She stopped to squeeze my right breast . Then in one flashed move she had me standing in front her in my bra and underwear.

She laid me back on the bed. She crawled up next to me. She had started purring in my ear. I could feel the wettines between my legs. Alice had got on top of me and started kissing me again. I felt her arm go down the length of my leg, and then I felt her fingers slid under my panties.

Then I felt something cold within me. Then I heard a moan and then I realized it was me that made that noise. Alice's fingers started to pump in and out of me. My back was arching with pleasure. I felt this knot of pleasure in the bottom of my stomach start to form. I heard a wet slapping sound as she kept pumping.

"I coming Alice"

"Scream my name baby scream"she said I did when I felt my self cum I screamed her name. All I saw was stars. When my vision came back. I saw Alice looking at me.

"I gone lick you clean baby" she said. Her face went down and then I felt her tongue enter me and she started cleaning me like she promised. I felt her lick my lips. It felt so good. My hands found their way into her hair and was pushing her face towards it more. I stopped her suddenly. I looked at her and said "Let me do something to repay you Alice". She crawled back up to me and said "What are you planing on doing". I crawled down her and I pulled her panties down her legs with my teeth. Then I crawled back up and undid her bra and I started licking and pulling on her nipples she started to moan. I moved down to were her heaven was. I looked at and she nodded. I speard her legs farther apart. Then I sliped my tonuge into her. It tasted so sweet. I rubbed her clit with my thumb. I heard her moan and then i felt her hands get tangled in my hair. She pushed my tolds her heaven even more, then I felt her lips tighten. I heard her scream my name as she cummed. I started licking her clean. She pulled my face away. She crooked a finger at my. I crawled up to her and she said "I want to taste myself". So I got on top of her and started kissing her and her tongue sliped inside my mouth. I gave her all I had.

"Maybe Jasper and Edward can join us next time" Alice said

Boys Night

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything. Though I wish I did.

Summary: Edward and Jasper catch Alice and Bella in an awkward situation. SMUT

"Maybe Jasper and Edward can join us next time" Alice said.

Just then Edward and Jasper come in joking with each other. They stop when the see Alice and I naked and sweating. They faces wore the same masks of shock as to what they had found. Alice and I looked at each other. Then Jasper said "I wished you guys could have told us...." "Yeah we may have wanted to join" said Edward finishing Jasper thought.

Alice and I looked at them and then we looked at each other and smiled. "Come he big boy" I said to Jasper. I looked down to see a tent foring in his pants. Alice told Edward to come help her with something that needs fix. He said "I be glad to fix it for you".

Meanwhile: Jasper had the look of hunger and lust in his eyes. I told him to come here. I sat him on the edge of the bed. "I 'm going to give a little present Jasper" I told him. He just smiled. I started to unzip his pants. When he stopped me. I looked at him, "With your teeth please"he said. "With pleasure" I took the zip in my mouth and started to unzip his pants were unzipped. He took them off and though them in to a corner. His cock was trying to break though the last piece of fabric that held it back. I started to rub his cock though his boxers. He started to moan.....

Meanwhile: Alice had Edward strip for her so she could she what she was working with, and was surprise to see he cock standing at full attention. She crawled to him on her knees and started to rub him down. "Take in as much as you can baby" Edward moaned at her. She just looked up at him with a devilish glint in her eyes and did as she was told. She got half of it in and had to stop. It was to much for her. She used her hand to get were her mouth could reach. Edward hands found there way into her hair and was thrusting his hips to met he lips.....

Meanwhile: I riped off the last piece of fabric and engulfed his cock as much as i could. It tasted so sweet, like a oranges. I lick at the tip of it getting the pre-cum off of it. His hand threaded their way into my hair and was push my head towards his cock more. I used my hands to tikile and scartch his ball. I could feel the stubble on them. He must have recently shaved here, I thought. "I'm going to come baby" he said. "Come for me baby, cum, scream my name" I said and he did just that. I took it all in my mouth and the little bit I missed I cleaned that up too....

Meanwhile: "I cumming Alice" Edward told Alice. She just picked up her speed and in no time Edward cam like he said. When he got his vision back. He lifted Alice off the floor and put her up against the bed. Her arse was facing him. He grab her arse cheeks and with the cum from his cock he took his two fingers inside her arsehole and started to stetch her for himself. She moan out in pain when he did this but just as she got use of his fingers inside her he removed them and replaced them with his cock. It was painful at first but she got used to him and no time at all. He took his cock almost all the way out and thursted back in. "Do it harder and faster Edward" Alice moaned and he did just that he kept thursting faster and harder into her. He could fell her relasie coming and he could feel his to so he went faster and in not time they both screan out at their release. They fell on the bed and close their eyes.

Meanwhile: Jasper told Bella he wanted him inside her. She laid on the floor and he licked his palm and rub his cock to make it wet. He looked at Bella and she nodded and he thursted into her. She started to moan. "Go faster" she said and he did. He used his arm to squezze her breast. Soon then she and he expected they cam and Jasper took himself out of Bella and laid next to her. Bella cuddled up to Jasper and feel asleep.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it.

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Please read&review Please

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