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I hope those of you have read it so far are enjoying it. Any comments, bad or good are always welcome
Jen grasped her sons cock roughly and put her hand on the back of her daughter’s head. She pushed Melissa’s head down onto the throbbing wet shaft and whispered viciously into her daughter’s ear. “Take it all into your dirty slutty throat!” Melissa moaned around her brother’s stiff meat as it’s head pushed into her throat. She started to gag and her mom pushed more. “Yessssss!” she hissed, “Swallow it all you fucking bitch. Eat your big brother’s hard cock.” Jack was having trouble breathing normally as he felt his cock head enveloped by his sister’s throat and heard his mom encouraging her daughter in such a lewd manner. Eventually, Jen released her hold on Melissa’s head and the youngster pulled away, gasping for breath. As soon as Jack’scock popped from his sister’s sucking mouth his mom took over, licking up the saliva dripping from Melissa’s lips and tongue and forcing her son’s cock head into her throat and making herself gag.

Melissa recovered straight away and moved down between Jack’s legs and started to lick at his ball’s which were rapidly replenishing their store of hot sticky cum. She took each one into her mouth, lavishing them with attention as her mom’s head bobbed up and down rhythmically on his cock. Jack looked over at his dad, who was jerking himself off slowly, stood to the side of the camera and watching the action unfold before him.

Jen put her hands under her son’s thighs and pushed them up and back, giving her daughter easy access to his balls. Melissa’s spit covered him and it trickled down through his ass crack and over his tight puckered asshole. Once Jack’s thighs had been pushed right back, forcing him back against the headboard of the bed, Melissa didn’t need inviting to run her tongue down over his perineum and flicking her tongue over his pulsating hole. Jack flinched as he felt his sister licking the flat of her tongue over his sensitive ass. She put her hands on his cheeks as mom continued to give her son his second blow job of the day, and spread them wide. Jack’s virgin hole opened only slightly and his sister had to work hard to insinuate her tongue into his anal opening.

She stiffened her tongue and pushed it in as far as it would go. Jack’s ass tightened involuntarily around his sister’s thrusting tongue and she started to ease it in and out, licking and slurping as she did. Above her, Melissa heard her mom say, “Oh God Jack, I need your cock inside me. I need you to fuck your big fat cock into mommy’s cunt. Can you do that for me?”

Jack could only nod. He had lost the power of rational thought and speech and his body was a mass of electrical currents, sparking and firing at the sensations being caused by the two beautiful females surrounding his body. Jen stroked her son’s slick cock up and down as she stared into his eyes. She let his thighs down as Melissa moved out of the way. He looked down at his sister and she smiled at him, her eyes full of both love and lust.

“Fuck me like the bitch I am Jack” his mom demanded. She moved up his body, licking all the way; past his navel, sucking on each nipple, licking up over his throat, finally kissing him passionately on the mouth. She was up on her knees, her ass stuck in the air, kissing her son. Melissa stroked her mom’s ass and gently played with her protruding cunt lips. Their lips separated and Jen implored “Fuck me from behind my darling boy.”

“Yes mom. I’d love to.” Jack spoke his first words (apart from his orgasmic cry when he splattered his sister’s chest with his first torrent of cum) and moved round behind his mom. As he moved down the bed, Jen moved to the middle and spread her knees wide. As he moved behind her Jack could see close up for the first time his mom’s delicious looking pussy.

“Oh Jesus mom. You’re so sexy!”

“Thank you my darling, I’m glad you like what you see. You have no idea how happy it makes me to know that my son finds me even slightly attractive. Now slam your big hard cock right into your mommy’s hot wet cunt. Fuck the hole that you came out of my young stud.”

Melissa grabbed hold of his cock as Jack’s hands naturally moved to his mom’s ass, stroking and caressing. She pulled on it to move him closer to their mother’s body and Jack shuffled forward on his knees. His sister rubbed his cock head up and down between his mother’s slit. “Don’t tease me you dirty fucking slut!” She hissed between gritted teeth “Jack! Push it into me NOW!”

Melissa winked at her brother and giggled. Jack smiled and eased his cock forward, his sister guiding him into her tight hole. She was knelt down to, her face close to his cock and she watched as her brother’s cock sank into the juicy wet opening before it. She gasped with delight and Jen let out a low moan as his cock plunged deep into her.

“Oh Jack! You feel so fucking good. SO FUCKING GOOD! Fuck me baby. Fuck your dirty mother’s cunt! Fuck me now Jack. Please baby. Please!” Jack’s mom’s pleading spurred him on and he started to move his cock in and out. Melissa moved her hand round to Jack’s ass and started to stroke him as he fucked his mom. Her fingers danced between his ass cheeks, tickling over his asshole, sliding up and down his crack, urging him to slide his cock in and out. Jen, was moaning and grunting, crude, lewd, lascivious language uttered at every thrust of her son’s cock.

Jack was in heaven. He couldn’t imagine anywhere he’d rather be or anything he’d rather be doing. It started to seem completely natural that he was fucking his mom, while his sister played with his ass and their dad filmed it all for posterity.

“Take his cock out and suck it baby!” called dad from the side. He was still slowly jerking his rock hard cock and was watching through the viewfinder of the camera. He zoomed in on the cock pumping in and out of his wife on the bed. Jack and Melissa worked in unison to obey the request, Jack leaning back slightly and Melissa grabbing his cunt juice covered cock. She flicked her hair to the side, to give the camera a good view and stared into the camera as she opened her lips wide and took as much of her brother’s hard cock into her mouth as she could. She took a few long hard sucks on him before pulling away, licking her lips and sliding Jack’s cock back into their mommy’s pussy.

“Oh yes, my naughty little slut! That’s real good,” encouraged dad. Melissa beamed at the praise and Jack ground his cock deep into Jen. Melissa took some spit from her chin and rubbed it over her mom’s asshole. Jack looked from the camera down to see what she was doing and watched as she pushed her index finger into mom’s asshole. Her tight ring opened up slightly and accepted the invading digit. Melissa twisted it as she slid it right up to the 3rd knuckle and Jen let out a guttural moan.

“Oh yes! Fuck her ass Mel. Fuck mom’s ass with your finger.” Jack realised what he had said only after it had come out of his mouth. He was shocked by his own words but nobody else seemed to care. Everyone was too caught up in what was happening physically to worry about what was going on in Jack’s brain. They were all used to this. They had all done this many times before. Jack looked round. His sister, resting her cheek on his mom’s ass. His cock sliding in and out of his mom’s dripping wet pussy, his dad, jerking off his swollen cock at the side.

He could feel his sister’s twisting finger through his mom’s anal walls, her knuckles rolling over the length of his cock as they alternated pushing in and out. He slapped his mom’s free ass cheek hard and rammed his cock into her cunt. “Yes Jack!” she moaned “Yes!!! Slap me, hurt me. Treat me like the fucking whore I am! I’m yours Jack. All yours!”

He slapped her ass again, harder this time. Jen moaned loudly, pushing her ass back against her son’s cock. “Fuck your mommy! Fuck mommy’s cunt! Harder you fucker! Hurt me! Make me cum baby. Please make mommy cum!” She was delirious. Jack drove his cock harder into his mom. Melissa pulled her finger from her mom’s ass and sucked it clean before pushing her face closer and licking at the slightly open tight hole. Jack was close to cumming again from all the frenzied fucking and started to pound into his mom. Jen began chanting “Yes! Yes! Yes!” over and over. She had reached back between her legs and was pinching and rubbing her swollen clit. Melissa pushed her tongue deep into her mommy’s asshole. Jack slid his cock in and out. He slapped his mom’s ass. Her ass cheek bright red, blood rushing to the surface.

“I’m gonna cum mommy,” he cried. His use of the word ‘mommy’ sent Jen over the edge. She bucked back against her son and let out a blood curdling cry. She threw her head back and wailed at the ceiling. Jack reached forward and grabbed her hair, pulling her head back. She screamed and screamed and her cunt juice gushed out around Jacks cock, soaking his balls, his thighs, his tummy. Melissa, tried to lick down to the sticky mess but Jack was grinding into his mother. His body was wracked with a powerful orgasm as his mouth opened, but no sound came out for what seemed an age. As the cum erupted from his cock Jack’s voice came and he cried out. “MOMMMYYYYY!!!!!” His mom’s cunt squeezed hard on his cock, milking him, taking all that he could give her. He ground into her, pulling out then slamming back in. His body tensed, relaxed, tensed again as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure rippled through him. His mom mumbled incoherently as her son filled her with his seed.

His sister stroked his ass lovingly as he came and came and came.

Eventually, the plateau subsided and the pair floated down from their mutual pleasure. Jack fell back on his haunches, breathing hard, sweating. Melissa moved in immediately and began licking and sucking his semi hard, deflating cock into her mouth. She lapped up every trace of cum, both Jack’s and her mom’s then moved up to kiss Jack hard. She pushed some of the cum into his mouth and Jack, at first unsure, responded warmly. Kissing his sister like a lover and sharing the cum that had coated him.

“Hey you two! I think your mom needs cleaning up too.” Mom had flopped onto the bed and rolled onto her back. Her fingers were lazily stroking her well fucked pussy and the copious amount of cum that Jack had deposited there was starting to trickle out between the folds of her lips.

“Come on Jackie!” smiled Melissa. She pulled him down to the space vacated by her mom’s open thighs and began to lick over her swollen cunt lips. Jack watched amazed as his sister licked up his cum, oozing from her. “Come on Jackie!” she said again, looking up at her older brother. Jack smiled and moved down next to his sister. Jen pulled her legs back and sighed as her children’s tongues washed over her pussy, licking up all the cum trickling out of her. The siblings kissed occasionally, sharing the potent mix until eventually they were satisfied that mom was clean.

“CUT!” yelled dad, and they all laughed. “Jack, you’re a natural!” he said. Jack smiled and replied that it was easy when he was with his family.

Jen sat up and pulled her children to her. “You two are wonderful children and wonderful lovers. Now...what are we having for dinner?”

“Hey....what about me?” cried Cal. “Don’t I get any?”

The three on the bed looked at each other and grinned. They moved stealthily off the bed towards him........

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2011-01-21 02:04:52
Wow that was an erotic story to have sister nd brother fucking there parents, and indulging in so much sex nd pleasure from them, can't wait for part 6 of this story


2011-01-20 06:11:11
That was a hot story, I would have loved to read about son and father.

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2010-09-13 16:52:20
my pussy is all red an puffy lol

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2010-07-14 00:05:51
A good lusty story. Get both the sister and the mother pregnant by the brother/son and just have dad film the action,but not be a part of the sex.

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2010-05-23 05:06:08
was great im still hard.

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