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I am 50 years old and I have earned myself a pretty comfortable life and a loving family. I have a wife and a daughter. My wife like me is getting on in years. She is a gorgeous woman but nature has taken its toll on her body. Her once beautiful breasts and ass were now saggy and unappealing. Although I loved her more than anything in the world the bottom line is that she could no longer satisfy my sexual needs, we hadn’t had sex now in months. She still had an elegant beauty about her but I no longer thought dreamt about fucking her like I once did. In my dreams my wife had been replaced with my 18 year old daughter.

My daughter Breanne is a sight to behold. She has silky blonde hair, golden tan skin, gorgeous blue eyes, sharp features, 36D breasts, a sleek stomach, a big plump ass, and very long sexy legs. The sight of her walking around in even very conservative clothes would give me an instant boner. She was a very good daughter and loved both me and her mom very much. She was pretty good at school and was an extremely gifted athlete. She was the captain of her school’s volleyball team and she was the head cheerleader. Needless to say she was very popular and got a lot of interest from boys. However I have never let her go out with a boy, it used to be because I was protective of my little girl but recently it was because I couldn’t stand the thought of a man besides myself touching her. So as far as I know she is a virgin, and that made me want her even more.

Here is where the story gets interesting. Last summer my Wife’s mother got very ill so my Wife flew to her Mom’s house and told me that she would probably be gone a month or two or as long as it took for my Mom to get better. Although I was sad to hear about my Mother in law’s illness the only thought I could think of was spending the long hot summer alone with my sexy daughter. And this thought got me very excited. Over the next few days I spent as much time with my daughter as possible. We have always had a pretty playful and open relationship which resulted in a lot of childish games. One day we got into a childish tickling contest. I wrestled her to the ground and relentless started tickling her.
“I’m not going to stop until you say mercy.” I said
“haha I’m not saying it.” She laughed

I reached inside her shirt and tickled her stomach. Without even thinking I ripped her shirt off of her exposing a white lace bra that was struggling to contain her breasts. I moved up her stomach and started tickling her armpits. She started laughing and struggling to get free. Her breasts slipped out of her bra and were now exposed to me. We both stopped the game and paused. I stared at them, it took all the self control I had not to start mauling them right there. After a few seconds I got off of her and she put her bra and shirt back on.

The rest of the day wasn’t as awkward as you might think; we just laughed the instant off and continued on. But over the next few days I couldn’t get the thought of my daughter’s big golden tan breasts out of my mind. All I could think about was titty fucking her. I couldn’t take it anymore I had to have her. So one night I formulated a plan to make my daughter my sex toy.

The next night I decided to have a talk with my daughter about drugs and alcohol.

“Breanne I know you are a great girl but it is time I talk to you about alcohol.”

“Daddy, you know I don’t drink.” She replied

“I know sweetheart but the thing is that you might be at a party and get pressured to drink and you might go
way over your limits. And you never know what some boys could do to a girl who is drunk, especially one as beautiful as you sweetie.”

“Yeah that is a good point daddy, so how do I find out my limits”

“Well it’s important for you to find out your limits in a safe place.” I got out some cans of beer “so I want you to drink these and see how your body responds.”

I gave her a beer. She looked at me for a second. I nodded my head and slowly she opened it and took a sip.

“Go on sweetie, I got plenty more where that came from.”

After she drank the can I gave her another. After 3 beers I asked

“So how do you feel Breanne”

“Pretty good still.” She said

“Ok then we will keep on going. Drink another one while I go and get some stronger stuff.”
I came back with a bottle of Vodka and some pop. I made a mixer for her and told her to drink it. She drank it slow.

“Mmm, this tastes good, much better than beer.” She said
After another drink she started getting pretty hammered. I poured her another drink, this one was mostly Vodka with a little bit of pop added. She drank it up. She was downright wasted now.

"My 8 inch dick was begging to fuck her young pussy. But I thought better of it, I wanted to fuck her when she was sober. I took her hand and stuck her finger in her pussy and took a picture of it. I moved her around in numerous positions and took hundreds of pictures before I decided it was enough. Then I dressed her again and carried her to her bed and went to sleep.
The next morning she got up and was hung over.

“Breanne sweetie how are you feeling”

“Terrible dad, my head is killing me.”

“Oh it will go away it is just a hangover, but sweetie go take a shower and put on your most elegant clothes. I made reservations at a fancy restaurant and I want you to look your best.”

“Ok daddy.”

After about half an hour she was ready. I called her into my room. She looked stunning, she was wearing and elegant black dress, high heels, her hair looked amazing and her makeup was done perfectly. She truly looked like a goddess.

“Breanne I want you to look at something.”

She came to the computer and I showed her the pictures I took of her the previous night. Her eyes dropped and tears instantly started falling from her face. I grabbed her and sat her down on my lap.

“These are very naughty pictures Breanne; I think you need a spanking.”

“Daddy I don’t know how these got there I promise.” She begged “please don’t spank me.”

“Obviously you went to some boy’s house like a whore and had him take them. You must be punished.”

“Noo Daddy!”

I bent her body over my lap and raised her dress over her waist exposing her beautiful ass cheeks. Then I slipped off her thong and threw it away. I squeezed her ass cheeks before I started spanking her. My dick got instantly hard and it poked my daughter’s stomach. She realized how much pleasure I was getting from this. I gave her a hard slap on the ass and she yelped. I kept spanking her and her yelps soon turned to screams. I finally stopped. Her ass was beat red.

“So did you have sex with this boy” I demanded

“No Daddy, there was no boy I promise.” She pleaded

“There is only one way to find out.”I said

I picked her up and threw her on my bed and got on top of her. She struggled to escape but I was too strong. I pulled her dress down to her stomach; exposing a black lace bra.

“No DADDY PLEASE STOP!!” she begged

I said nothing. I ripped her bra off and set my eyes on the breasts that I have been yearning to touch for so long.

“Make your elbows touch behind your back! Stick your tits out as far as you can.” I commanded

She hesitated

I gave her a slap across the face and screamed

“Do it if you know what’s good for you!”

With tears falling freely down her cheeks she did as I commanded. She tried her best to make her elbows touch behind her back thus sticking her breasts out as far as possible. I almost cummed on sight, my daughter’s perfect 36D breasts were stuck out as far as possible; vulnerable to whatever I wanted to do to them.

I took my fingers and gently circled her nipples until they got erect. Then I gently started squeezing them.

“Don’t worry Breanne I won’t hurt you, I’ve been doing this for a long time, trust me I know how to treat a woman.” I said soothingly. Since she was being a good girl and not resisting, I no longer had to yell at her.

Though she didn’t answer back I looked at her face and surprisingly she wasn’t crying anymore. She had a calmer look on her face; I could see that she liked having her tits played with, even if it was her father playing with them. After some more squeezing I put my lips around her right nipple and gently started sucking it. By now my dick was as hard as could be. I had to give Breanne a titty fuck.

“Have you ever seen a penis before Breanne” I asked as I pulled my 8 inch dick out of my pants.

She shook her head as she kept her eyes fixated on my long dick. “What are you going to do to me with it”

she asked with fear but also a hint of curiosity.

“Don’t worry about that Breanne I told you I know how to please a woman. Just relax and keep your breasts in that position for Daddy.”

She didn’t move. As I brought my penis closer to her breasts I could feel her heart rate picking up. I sandwiched my long thick penis between her breasts and pushed them together. Her young breasts around my penis felt like ecstasy. Slowly I started stroking my shaft between her big cushiony breasts. While I was doing this I again started gently pinching her nipples. This drew a long soft moan from my daughter. Her body had betrayed her.

“I told you this would feel good Breanne.”

“Keep going Daddy.” she moaned

I kicked it up a notch. I started going faster and faster while still massaging her nipples at the same slow speed. As I went faster I found myself moaning. I hadn’t had any kind of sexual pleasure in years. As I went harder and faster I knew I was ready to explode.


The poor girl didn’t know what to do, all she did was close her eyes as I exploded all over her breasts and face.

“Ewww! Get it off.” she screamed

“Don’t be rude honey, in time you will grow to love it.”

Now I went to her waist section and ripped off her dress; revealing her young pink pussy.

“So Breanne, how about losing your virginity to your Dad” I asked

“No way.” She said “The boob stuff was one thing but I want to save my virginity for someone special.

“Your own father isn’t special enough for you You little brat, I am your father and I will decide what is good for you!”

She started squirming again but I was too strong for her. I pinned her arms down and pressed my entire body on hers.

Realizing she had been beat she said “okay Dad, but how are you going to fit that thing.” She pointed at my dick “Into my small vagina, you will rip me to shreds.”

“If that be the case so be it, but after all you are my little girl. You should be able to take it.” I smiled.
I brought my dick close to her young pussy. I brought it closer until the head touched the lips of my Daughter’s pussy. I slowly entered putting only some of my dick in. Breanne grimaced in pain and fear. Slowly I went further until I broke her seal. This made her scream as blood mixed with other fluids was trickling out of her pussy. I went even further until my entire dick was in her tight warm pussy. Tears of pain were rolling down her cheek.

“See that wasn’t so bad baby. Oh your tight young pussy feels so good on daddy’s penis. And I know just how to repay you.”

As I started fucking her I reached into her sexy ass cheeks and started lightly circling her ass hole. This made her moan. Then with my other hand I started massaging her right nipple and I started sucking on her left nipple. Our bodies were working in perfect harmony. I couldn’t believe how good it felt, and I knew she felt good too as she was moaning like I’ve never heard a girl moan before.

"Daddy go harder! Fuck me harder!.” She purred

I answered her wish as I started going harder. Now I stopped doing all of the massaging and split her legs apart as far as possible. My single focus was on fucking her as hard as I could. I watched her body rocking as I fucked her. Her breasts were rocking so much they almost hit her in the face. I went harder and harder until I exploded again.

“Oh daddy, that felt so good.” She said softly “I wanna do it again.”

“I told you that you would love it Breanne. Don’t worry we are going to do it again. Just in another position. Get on the floor on your knees, and stick that gorgeous butt of yours out as far as you can.”

She did as she was told. She stuck out her juicy ass as far out as she could. She looked so beautiful. I got behind her and stuck my dick into her pussy from behind. I started slowly fucking her.

“This is called doggy style Breanne; this is Daddy’s favorite position.”

I started going faster and faster and she once again started moaning. Her luscious ass cheeks were cushioning my dick as I fucked her harder. This was better than any time I’ve had sex with my Wife. Though my wife used to be really sexy she never had an ass like my daughter’s. As I went faster I grabbed on to my daughter’s breasts for leverage. This was hurting her but it was nothing compared to the pleasure she was getting from being fucked by a big dick. As I neared cumming again I collapsed my body on to hers and went as fast as I could. I finally exploded and we both fell to the floor.

“Oh Daddy this has been magical. I hope Mom never comes back so we can do this all the time” She said.

“I know sweetheart.” I looked at the time and laughed “well I guess we have missed our lunch reservations.”

She laughed “yeah, too bad after all that sex I’m really hungry.”

“Well, I think I’ve got something filling for you baby.”

I stood up. I didn’t have to tell her what to do, she knew. She got on her knees and put her lips around my shaft and started doing what she was born to do.

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2016-11-02 02:34:32
it really is in the envious nature of obnoxious elements to criticise that which they cannot replicate #HATERS

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2016-08-22 10:24:42
Totally immoral....against Islamic rules....May wrath of Allha be on such a adulterant.....

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2016-08-08 13:43:15
Like others have said, its not very realistic and shouldn't be called "Raping My Daughter" because the character did NOT rape the girl it was consensual she enjoyed it and in fact asked for more

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2016-06-28 01:30:28
Yeah this pretty much sucked - not only was it not realistic - I'm fairly certain the writer is either not 50 as claimed or is really inexperienced sexually. Dude fucking a girl as hard as you can is not fun for a woman and will not get her off. Read up on the clit dude and figure out what to do with it!!!

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2016-02-15 19:52:41
She didn't even put up much a fight. Sooo it isnt really considered rape if she liked it.

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