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Part 2: My Daughter's New Friend

One Week Later

“OHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK ME Daddyyyy!!!” Breanne moaned as I was fucking her and sucking her big boob. I went faster and harder until we both couldn’t take it any longer. I exploded in her and she moaned loudly and exploded back. This was one of many orgasms my 18 year old daughter had experienced over the last week. We had perfected the art of sex. In just a short week our bodies had tuned themselves perfectly to one another. My experience and guile and her youthful athleticism was the perfect combination for sex.

It was weird at first for both her and I, we would have great sex in bed but then when we left the bed it was understandably hard to have the same daughter-father relationship we once had. But as we progressed we both found out that the new relationship we had as lovers was much more fulfilling than our old one. With each passing hour it seemed like our attraction and lust for each other grew. Soon we couldn’t bear to be apart under any circumstances. This was a level love and lust that I hadn’t even experienced with my wife when I first met her. It was truly amazing.

After fucking my daughter we lied down on the bed together as we usually do after sex.

“Daddy guess what, I have a surprise for you.” Breanne started

“What is it sweetie” I said as I stroked her silky blonde hair.

“Guess.” She said enthusiastically “What is better than having sex with a smoking hot chick like me
whenever you want”

“Nothing really.” I laughed “I give up.”

“Oh you’re no fun.” She said as she playfully pouted. “Anyways the answer is having sex with 2 smoking hot chicks like me whenever you want.”

I laughed

“Nice joke honey but you and I both know that there isn’t another girl like you in the world.”

“Oh I think you might be in for a shock. You’ve never met my friend Paige have you” she said as she got up in the nude to go get her laptop. She came back into the bed with her laptop and opened it. She got on facebook and showed me Paige’s profile. My jaws dropped, my daughter wasn’t joking when she said this girl was hot.

She had shiny brown hair, golden tan skin, piercing green eyes, great sharp features and a great body. She wasn’t afraid to flaunt it either as there a lot of pictures of her in bikinis. Her breasts looked gorgeous, they looked like D cups and they were as perky as A cups. Her ass was also magnificent. Usually you can’t judge a woman’s ass from pictures but you could sure as hell see that her ass was a thing of beauty.

“By the drool running down your mouth I take it you like what you see.” laughed Breanne. “She’s one of my best friends, she goes to my school and plays on my volleyball team. In fact she is almooost as good as me.” She giggled

“That’s very nice baby but let’s get back to the having sex with her part. How do you plan to hook me up with this goddess.” I said as I stared at her pictures in awe.

“Well her parents are going on a two month tour of Europe but she has to stay here to keep up with her training. So we got to talking and I offered her a room at our house. Since her parents know me pretty well they are alright with it and so is she.” She paused and started again “and as for the sex part I figure you should do to her what you did to me. It will probably take some force but after a while she will give in to her womanly needs. After all no woman can resist you Daddy.” She said as she pet my 12 inch cock.
“Why thank you sweetheart, you just get her here and I will do my thing.” I chuckled

“Ok, she is coming tomorrow. Daddy do your best. I really want this to work. I can’t wait for the threesomes, the idea of fucking my dad and my best friend gets me really wet.”

This comment caught me a little off guard, I had no idea my daughter had urges to have sex with another girl, but also the thought turned me on.

“Don’t worry Breanne, I’ll get the job done.” I said confidently “I’m ready to go again honey so get off your butt and get on top of daddy.”

She did as we started fucking once again.

The next day we woke up to the doorbell ringing.

“That must be Paige.” Breanne said sleepily “I’ll get it.”

She got up and put on a bra and thong and went to answer the door. I was about to tell her to put on more but I remembered that Paige and Breanne had been volleyball teammates for years and that they must be used to seeing each other naked in the showers so it wasn’t a big deal. I put on a robe and went downstairs to greet Paige.

I looked at her and almost got a boner right there. She looked a hundred times hotter in real life than in any of the pictures. She was wearing a small white blouse and volleyball shorts that were being eaten up by her juicy ass cheeks. Her green eyes were sexy beyond belief. Whereas Breanne’s wide blue eyes and cute dimples gave her an innocent look, Paige’s piercing green eyes and sharp nose and mouth gave her a look like she wanted to be fucked. She greeted me with a hug and thanked me for letting her stay with us. Her big cushiony breasts were pressed and against my chest and I found that my hands were instantly going to her wonderful ass. I glazed over her ass cheeks and amazingly resisted the urge to grab them. Instead I let go of her body and said

“Here Paige let me take your bags to your room and you and Breanne can go get some breakfast.” I gave them 20 dollars and the keys to my car.

“Gee thanks.” said Paige. Her and Breanne left and I went to Paige’s car to get her bags. There were only 2. I went upstairs and opened them. In the smaller one there were her thongs, bras, shoes, makeup and toiletries. In the larger one there were her tops, skirts etc. Suddenly I had a brilliant idea I took the larger bag and hid it in my closet and I put the other bag in its proper place in Breanne’s room.
About an hour later the girls came back and Paige went to her new room to unpack.

“Oh no.” I heard her say. Breanne came upstairs and asked

“What’s wrong”

“I must have left one of my bags at the house and my parents probably mistaken it for their own and took it to Europe.” Paige exclaimed

Their room was right next to mine and the walls were pretty thin so I could hear every word of the conversation pretty clearly.

“Was anything important in it” asked Breanne

“Only if you count all my clothes as important.” Paige said sarcastically “all I have now is my slutty underwear, makeup and shit.”

Breanne must have realized that this was my doing as there was a pause in the conversation.

“Don’t worry just wear whatever you have, its hot so it’ll feel good.” Breanne assured.

“I would if it was just me and you because we’re practically sisters but I don’t know it would be weird dressing like that in front of your dad.”

“Please, he sees me prancing around in nothing but a thong and bra all day and I’m a lot more woman than you.” Said Breanne jokingly

“In your dreams bitch.” Paige laughed

After some more joking I heard Breanne say

“Come on Paige lose those clothes, whoever puts on the most amount of fabric today is officially lame.”

“Oooh what’s gotten into you I’m supposed to be the slutty one” Paige laughed “But anyways you’re on!”

The girls came out of their room when I announced that lunch was ready. It was a sight to behold as they walked down the stairs. Breanne came down first. She was wearing a tiny white pushup bra and a small white thong. Next came Paige. She wore a moderate green bra and matching green panties. Her underwear extenuated her green eyes perfectly. Her breasts were pushed up into perfect position by the bra, and there was plently of sexy cleavage showing. Her panties were conservative but her ass was so sexy and big the panties still sank into her ass cheeks.. Even though my gorgeous daughter was looking as sexy as ever I couldn’t keep my eyes off of the new beauty in the house. She sat across from me and ate her food. I studied her looks whenever she stared down at her food. I came to the conclusion that she was probably just as sexy as Breanne. They were hot in different ways. Breanne looked like the sexy innocent girl that men dreamed of corrupting, Paige was the sex vixen that men dreamed of being corrupted by. After staring at the sex vixen that was Paige I found that my dick was rock hard. I needed to release it. I got up and excused myself from the room. I gave Breanne an eye gesture and she knew that I wanted sex. I went to the bathroom and was shortly joined by Breanne. I unzipped my pants and said

“Just give me a quick suck honey; I really need to get this load off, God damn you were right, Paige is smokin’!”

“Ok Daddy” she said as she got on her knees and started sucking away.

“Great idea with the clothes competition honey.” I said to her as she was sucking my cock. “If she was stupid enough to fall for that than maybe you could convince her to do something more.” Breanne couldn’t respond as she was busy with the job in front of her. “Anyways after this we’ll go to the gym downstairs and workout. I really wanna see her get all sweaty.” The thought of Paige getting all sweaty in her hot outfit made me cum a little prematurely.”

Breanne got up and started rinsing the cum out of her mouth.

“You’re usually up for a few more minutes.” Said Breanne

“Sorry honey, I had something on my mind. Now you finish washing and maybe brush your teeth to get the smell of cum out.” I gave her a slap on the ass and left. I went downstairs and said to Paige

“Breanne’s washing up, how was lunch”

“It was great” she said before asking me “umm I don’t want to offend you sir but don’t you find it weird having your daughter walk around half-naked and a girl like me walking around scantily dressed as well”

I replied “First of all young lady no offence taken.” I said cheerily “second, I am madly in love with my Wife,
she provides all of the pleasure I need in my life.” I was desperately trying to pull lies out of my ass “I am in love with her so much that I don’t even find other girls attractive in a sexual way, even if they are as beautiful as you and Breanne. So bottom line is you can walk around in parka’s or you can walk around buck naked, I will look at you the same way.” I explained “Hopefully that answers your question.”

“Yes it does sir.” She said as she looked more comfortable.

Breanne came downstairs and said “Daddy come help us workout.”
I looked at Paige, she nodded her head gesturing it was ok and then we made our way downstairs to the gym.

“First girls you need to run on the treadmill for a warm up.” I said. Then I tried pushing my new found comfort level with Paige. “Paige why don’t you take your bra off That silly little thing will only get in your way.”

After some pause she said “You’re right, I’m going to go change into a sports bra.” With that she rushed upstairs. Damn I was so unbearably close to seeing her breasts. To my dismay she came downstairs with a full jogging suit on. It seemed like my eagerness to see her tits I broke our little comfort bubble.

“I hope you don’t mind Breanne I borrowed one of your jogging suits.”

“Oh not at all.” said Breanne. She looked at my face and clearly saw my disgust. “In fact, I think I will put one on too, can you go upstairs to help pick out one”

“Sure” said Paige as she rushed upstairs

“Daddy, you creeped her out. We are going to have to do this right now if you want this to work.”
I nodded and Breanne went upstairs.

After a few minutes I went upstairs.

“Paige, Breanne I need to talk to you both, would you come into my room”
They came, Paige came first; even when fully dressed her body was impossible to ignore. Breanne came after her; she closed the door behind her and locked it with the key.

“Breanne come sit on daddy’s lap.”

She did as she was told. I slipped her thong off and untied her bra and threw it to the floor. She was now naked on my lap. I started massaging her big soft breasts with my left hand; Paige looked on in disgust.

“Paige there is room for you on my right leg.” I said “but first you got to strip down and show me your young body.”

Paige looked absolutely appalled

“No way you greasy old man, in fact I am leaving right now. I have other friends that aren’t incest freaks!” She turned to the door and tried opening it but to no avail.

“Now that’s no way to talk to your best friend and the man who gave you a bed to sleep on.” I went on “but if you want to leave be my guest, but I believe you have something that belongs to my daughter. So take off that sweat suit and you are welcome to go where ever you want.”

She paused. She came to the realization that she would either have to endure the embarrassment of walking around the streets in next to nothing or enduring rape by a 50 year old. After some thought she decided anything was better than rape and she started stripping off her jogging suit. She quickly unzipped the jacket revealing her small push up bra and her unrivaled breasts. Then she slipped off her sweatpants revealing her thong that covered next to nothing. Breanne walked over and took the clothes.

“Thank you very much Paigey.” She mocked

Paige glared at her. She wondered how her best friend could betray her like this.

“Let me leave now you bastard!” She yelled

“Oh that’s right there is a key for that door.” I took out the key and dangled it from my hand. “Come get it Paige.”

She took a few steps forward before I made her stop by putting it down my pants.

“You didn’t think it would be that easy did you. You are going to have to earn your freedom.” I put the key ring around my dick and pushed it down to the base of my dick. It was a pretty big key ring so it slipped down by thick shaft quite nicely. Paige rolled her eyes and came closer. She didn’t care what she had to do; she wanted to leave this place ASAP. She got down on her knees and pulled my pants down. To her surprise my thick 8 inch dick popped right up and almost hit her in the face. Right then Breanne snuck up behind her and bent her arms back and applied handcuffs on her.

“Good job Breanne. Now this babe is ours for the taking.”

“Ours?” Paige quivered as she looked at Breanne “You mean you want to have your way with me too”

“A girl gets curious you know” said Breanne innocently “and what better girl to experiment with than you”
Paige was in shock, she turned to me

“Please sir, let me leave, I will take that key off your penis with my mouth if I have to, Please!” she begged
I answered

“Oh really, and what makes you think I will give you the pleasure of sucking my cock, no little Paige you are going to have to work up to that.”

I lifted her on to the bed and turned her around so that her shapely ass was facing me. Then Breanne got onto the bed, sat in front of Paige’s face, spread her legs and shoved her young pussy in face. I split her luscious golden tan ass cheeks, fished her thong out and ripped it off. Breanne untied Paige’s bra and started playing with her big breasts. I slapped her ass cheek hard and commanded

“Start eating out my daughter you slut!”

I started hearing slurping sounds and I knew she had started. I looked at Breanne’s face, she had the same expression on her face that she had when she experienced her first orgasm. She loved the soft touch of a woman. I went back to work on the project in front of me; a gorgeous 18 year old ass which was mine for the taking. I started gently massaging her ass cheeks. They felt so good, they were much like Breanne’s ass cheeks but they were a bit cushionier whereas Breanne’s were shapelier. Both asses were works of art but it was to have a change after tapping Breanne’s constantly for a week. After some massaging I split her cheeks apart and I licked the crease leading up to her asshole. I started circling her asshole delicately with my finger. This made Paige shiver for a second. I gave her another smack on the ass and she immediately started eating out Breanne again. I split apart her legs and ass cheeks as far as I could and I brought my nose to her asshole and took a deep sniff. It was invigorating, than I slowly slipped my tongue down her ass hole. Her immediate reaction was to clench her cheeks which clenched tight around my tongue squeezing it pretty tightly. I enjoyed this feeling for a while until she released my tongue by unclenching her cheeks. Then I reached around and started feeling her pussy which was dripping wet. I put my finger deep in her tight warm pussy. I concluded that she wasn’t a virgin but probably hasn’t had sex more than 1 or 2 times.

“Breanne honey if you don’t mind I would like to play with this doll’s tits. Maybe you would like to eat her out. Her pussy is dripping wet so you should have a good time with it.”

“Ok Daddy.” She said as she got up and came over to my position. I flipped her body over. There wasn’t much resistance from her, she knew that in handcuffs there was no hope of escaping so she might as well take it. Breanne started eating her out and I went to Paige’s D cup tits. Her nipples were already hard.

“Hmm with your pussy dripping wet and your nipples hard as rock one would think that you like what’s happening to you.” I said

She said nothing. Tears were rolling down her cheeks. Her body had betrayed her. I massaged her nice tits as I continued

“You know, I had to go through the same thing with Breanne before she grew to love me and my cock. Don’t worry you will come around too. Though some last longer than others, I have learned that no woman can resist her sexual urges forever. It won’t be long now.” I commanded Breanne to get off of her pussy; it was time to make Paige mine. I mounted her and slowly started stroking my dick into her tight pussy. She moaned. She had never experienced a dick this big in her vagina. As I started fucking her a bit faster I reached in her ass with my other hand and started circling her ass hole. This made her purr. As if this wasn’t enough, Breanne came around the bed and gently kissed her. Paige kissed back hard; she was getting very horny now. I looked up for a second and observed Paige and my Daughter passionately French kissing. Paige took it one step further as she started massaging Breanne’s soft breasts with her hands. As I went faster and faster she stopped kissing Breanne and started moaning screaming. As her body tensed up she grasped Breanne’s tits harder. I went as hard as I could before she exploded in orgasm. Her body went limp and she collapsed on the bed as juices were flowing freely from her pussy. She started taking deep breaths as she was trying to catch her breath.

“Well I’d say you’ve earned the right to put your mouth on my dick Paige.” I said

She got up off the bed and got on her knees in front of me. My dick was still hard as I didn’t yet cum in her.

“Thank you sir but I changed my mind; I would still love to put my mouth on your cock but not to get the keys off it.”

I laughed

“What is with all this sir madness, just call me Daddy.”

“Ok Daddy.” She said softly. She put her mouth around my cock and started sucking it. Breanne released her from her handcuffs as there was no need for them anymore. I stroked her silky blonde hair and enjoyed the performance she put on. Finally I exploded in her mouth with a bucket full of cum. She was surprised by it at first but she did end up swallowing it.

Looking a little left out Breanne said “Daddy I love the softness of another woman but nothing can satisfy me like your big meat.”

“Awe thanks sweetie, I’m not quite ready right now but I promise you can have the next go.”

“Yay, ok Daddy, me and Paige will go wash up; we will be back in a few minutes.”

They went into the bathroom and started showering together. As I heard the shower turn on I reflected back on the last week. I went from having a saggy old wife to having two 18 year old bombshells who craved my cock! This was every man’s fantasy how could it possibly get any better

After about 20 minutes they came out of the shower completely nude. Paige said “Daddy among other things we did in the shower.” She smiled at Breanne before continuing “we talked about our deepest fantasies, and what would really make us horny, and we decided we want you to treat us like your sex slaves. Don’t get too carried away of course but lay down some rules for us to abide by.”

I looked at Breanne, she smiled and nodded.

“Well, you girls put me on the spot but I can think of a few.” I smiled “first of all no clothes allowed unless we are going out somewhere, 2nd you have to do any sexual act I want you to do whenever I want it and 3rd you girls must exercise a lot and diet; I want you to get even sexier than you already are. That’s all I can think of at the moment.”

Breanne touched Paige’s stomach with her finger and made a hissing sound. “Well I don’t think we can get much sexier Dad.” She laughed “But we are down with those other rules.”

“Yeah, who needs clothes in this heat and I don’t think you will get any problems from us and sexual acts.”

Paige smiled “But enough talking let’s get down to action.”

Breanne got on my dick and started fucking it. Paige got on top of my upper body and started kissing me passionately. She raised her ass up and from behind Breanne leaned forward and started eating out her pussy.

After fucking for hours in many different positions we went to sleep. I had a girl on each side of me; I put my arms around them and they hugged me close.

The next morning I woke up. I started stroking the girls’ backs when Breanne sat up.

“Quite the night yesterday eh kiddo” I asked

“Yeah Daddy, I’m so excited. Just think we got the whole summer ahead of us to fuck.”

“I’m pretty excited myself sweetheart, do me a favor and go get the mail.”

“Sure Daddy.” She got up and I gave her a smack on the ass as she left. She went outside naked and fetched the mail from the mailbox. An old man saw her from across the street and nearly passed out. Breanne simply waived to him. As she was outside Paige woke up.

“Good morning baby.”

“Good morning Daddy.”

Breanne came back and handed me the mail. There were 2 letters. One was from my Wife. I opened it and it said that her mother had gotten a bit better but she was in for a long road to recovery and she would have to stay with her mother for at least a couple more months. I shared the good news with the girls and they were as ecstatic as I was. Not that the old lady was getting better but that we would have a few more months to fuck as much as we wanted.

The second letter was from RiverRidge School. It was an expensive all girl’s school in London that we had sent my younger daughter Kayleigh. It said that there had been an earthquake in London and that the school had been partially ruined and was evacuated immediately. I was extremely worried but it later stated that it was at night when the girl’s were in their dorms which were not located in the school. Due to the quake the girls must return home. My worry soon turned to excitement. I had not seen my daughter since she was 13 due to the expensive plane tickets. Now she was 16. She was very cute and beautiful then; she must have developed into a sexy young woman by now. She could potentially be another young hot pussy for me to fuck. I told the girls this news and they were downright giddy. Breanne turned to me and said “don’t worry Dad, we’ll show lil’ sis the ropes.”

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