We were a normal family. My mother is a cute 44 year old
My 1st time with mother and sis

By anon y mouse

We were a normal family. My mother is a cute 44 year old with a nice figure she always wears short dresses and I had often masturbated in her laundry. I am 22 and my sister is 16. Dad left us years ago and I know she has been lonely.

The day in question was just like any other. I came home from work my sister was still at school. I found mom doing the laundry.

She looked so good bending down in her short skirt I was getting a hard on watching, and she didn't realise I was there. I had the urge and hugged her from behind.

“Hi mom I am home”

“Oh son gosh you gave me a fright”

“Sorry mom you look so wonderful and I couldn't help myself, and hugged you, is everything ok?”

Mother blushed “Fine I was just doing laundry I shall be making tea in a moment”

“Let me help you mom, and I wanna ask you something by the way, do you see someone nowadays?”

“Thank you son, very kind of you to help” she continued “No mommy has no time for other things, you and your sister
keep me busy tidying up after you”

“Oh my lovely mom I wanna hug you again”

Mother tried to pull away but I persisted.

“I do not think it appropriate so either help, or go up and read until I make tea, your sister will be home soon from school”

“Oh mom, you are always trying to make us happy, me and my sister adore you”

“That is a mothers job when you are a parent you will understand, and I love the both of you”

“Give me a hug mom?”

“Son you are getting too friendly, please stop?”

“Oh mom, I can't help it” and I gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Mom felt my tongue on her cheek, but those kisses do not feel like motherly kisses. Realising her mistake she breaks off.

“Please son stop it, I like it too much”

“Oh mom, you are so lonely for years, let me help you please...?” and I push my tongue inside my mom's mouth

“This is so wrong but I cannot help myself” Mmmhhh

“Oh mom you are kissing me too”

“Son you are just like your father”

“I am better than him mom, I will never leave both of you deserve much more than that” and I start to squeeze my mom's big boobs

“Ooh son please mommy likes that so much”

“Oh mom I love you so much...I know you are always masturbating at nights and I know you are whispering my name when you are about to cum I saw you several times”

“Have you been spying on me that was naughty?”

“Yes mom, that’s the reason why you find some white liquids on your panties I have been always cumming on your panties”

“Those stains?”

“But you can't resist it mom you want me too like hell Oh mom are you holding my cock?”

“Son I have thought of this a long time I never knew you feel the same”

“Oh mom I want to fuck you so bad your pussy must be burning for a real fuck”

“I want you too son but we have to be careful”

“Oh mom you hold my cock so tight, I understand how much you are thirsty for your own son's cock”

“Please son put it in mommy I need it so desperate”

“Oh mom, suck my cock I wanna fuck your mouth”

I remembered when I broke a window when I was a child and she yelled at me after that time I wanted to fuck her mouth I wanted my own mother it became an obsession and now it was becoming a reality.

“Oh and let me lick your pussy.....Wow... it is too hairy mom”

I licked and sucked on mums hairy pussy

“I never had reason to shave will you do it for me”

“After fucking you mom”

Slurp... Slurp... Slurp... Slurp...

“Oh it smells so dirty I love it”

“Son that was wonderful but we better sort tea but after come to my room please?”

“Ok mom as you wish”

At this time my sister came home

“Momma brother where are you?”

Mother started panicking “Sounds like she is home go and see to her while I get straight”

“OK mom.........oh hi sis”

“Oh there you are momma why you half dressed Brother what you two doing?”

“Nothing sis...” I grinned sheepishly

“It looks like nothing”

“Yes, it is laundry time and I was changing my clothes that’s all let’s drink our teas now ok”

“And momma was changing, I suppose?”

“Yes sis”

“I am 16 I know what grownups do”

“I think your uniform is dirty too?” I reply

“I will change later”

“Why don't you take off it and put it in to dirty basket” I tell her and I start to undress her

“Brother please, leave my uniform alone”

“Why my sister I have seen you naked before”

“Honey it is ok just do it while I have the washer open” mother tells her

“Ok momma but its kinda weird”

“Relax honey”

“Yes sis relax”

“Mom brother is peeking”

“Take off your shirt and skirt they look really dirty” I tell her

“Brother leave me alone I can undress myself”

“I am just helping”

“Well stop”

“Wow I didn't know you are a grown girl now...”

“Hush honey he is just being helpful”

“Momma he can see my titties”

“I did see them before, but they were not as big as now Wow...Let me help you to take off your bra it is dirty too”

“No get off momma tell him”

“Relax honey relax”

“But momma”

“Yes sis Just relax and enjoy being naked in front of your mom and brother Wow... they are really big like moms”

“Momma why you feeling my titties”

“They look like mine”

“Momma ooh ahhhhh that’s nice how you lick them”

“Glad you like do you want to play with mommas”

“Son come here and put your hand on your sisters pussy”

“With my pleasure mom Oh mom...she is so tight”

“See she has few hairs”

“Momma it’s embarrassing”

“Relax brother will take care of you”

“Let me suck it sister”

“Son I want you to take your sister make her a woman”

“Yes momma I will do it spread your legs sis. I wanna lick your pussy”

“No please I wanna stay a virgin”

“Come on are as slutty as mom I saw you too while you were masturbating”

“Brother no please”

“You were whispering my name too Shut up slut your brother is your master now enjoy my finger now you cheap whore”

Resist as she might my sister soon started to enjoy herself

“See she like it mom...Now come and suck my cock mom”

“Gladly son gladly”

“Don’t wait like a rock you fucking bitch Lick mom's pussy”

“Sorry brother”

“You like me sucking you son”

“Yes mom... you are so good I love both of you”

“Just getting you hard so you can break in your sister”

“Yes mom I am enough hard now Let me fuck her now But please you do it with my cock I want you to be my partner when I am breaking her virginity

“Ok son lie down...Now girl stand over him legs astride... Lower yourself gentle”

“Yes Momma”

“Now wait while I put his cock at your entrance”

“Yes Momma”

“You ok son...Now girl lower you further go on all the way down”

I am watching mom’s long nailed fingers on my cock and they are pushing it in to my sister's pussy

“Ohhhh It feels so good mom thank you both...Kiss me mom”

“Momma it won’t go?”

“Push girl push”

“Aaaaagh ooooooh mother that was painful It is so tight mom...”

“It will be ok just sit a second...Now girl raise yourself up until you feel it at your entrance...Now push pack down...Son can you buck your hips to meet her coming down”

“Yes my mom...Oh it is really good mom...She is such a slut just like you...I love it”

“Glad you both enjoying it”

“And you deserve it too mom”

“Mom I love his cock”

“You need to come inside her son”

“Momma will I get pregnant”

“No, you won’t my sister...Just feel my warm sperm inside you...Then you will watch how I fuck our mom”

“Oooh brother that so nice and warm”

“Aaaagh I am Cumming”

It felt so wonder full I had fucked my own sister and was about to fuck my mom too I have been waiting this moment all my life I am fucking the best ladies in my life.

“Now let me fuck that hairy dirty pussy of yours mom...Come on mom clean my cock...It covered by sis's blood and my sperm”

I was enjoying every second and could tell mom and sis were too

“Mom, I have an idea let’s do it doggy style And I can be able to finger fuck my sister at the same time”

“Very noble son and thoughtful”

“I am loving both of you ...Wow sis your ass looks really amazing” I began slapping mom’s ass

“Do you want it too sis?”

“I will have what momma having”

“Here it comes” slap...slap “You both fucking bitches you are my sluts for ever more”

Both mom and sis loved what I was doing to them

“Kiss our mom sis...She deserves your long tongue”

The sight of sis and mom soon had me worked up

“I am about to cum momma...I wanna cum on your lips while you two are kissing”

“Please yes son come all over us”

“Kiss my slut sister”

“Momma your tongue is so better than any boy”

“Ouch shut up bitches and focus on my cum....Aahhh I am cumming....oohhh...uhhh...hey mom your hair covered by my cum”

“That was nice son I shall share with your sister”

“Thank you my slut family I love both of you, you are my harem now”

“Thank you son we owe you a debt”

“Is dinner ready mom? I am hungry”

“I love you brother and mom”

“Son you just ate lol”

“Your pussies made me hungry”

“Excuse me while I get teas you two can stay or come and help”

“We will help you mom...right bitch...momma we will help...but don't wear anything...I wanna see you naked in this house all the time.

“The entire time son but what about the callers”

“What do you mean mom?”

“I expect a parcel tomorrow”

“We will think about it tomorrow, but now both of you stay naked for your fucker son and brother good go and prepare the tea for me bitches...I wanna watch you in the kitchen”

“Ok son come on girl let us prepare his tea”

“Wow... both of you looks so amazing when you are doing something naked”

“Thanks son what you like to eat ham or meatloaf”

“I would like a salad with olive oil”

“Salad you never wanted before”

“Because I will use olive oil get me the bottle”

I took the bottle and poured oil over mom and sis’s breasts making them shine

“Son stop that is for salad”

“Ohh now oil each other rub that oil to your it is my turn... turn your back”

I started rubbing oil up mom and sisters ass crack

“Wow mom your asshole as tight as sis”

“Oooh son this is nice”

“Brother your hand is so good there”

I pushed my fingers into their tight assess

Both let out moans that showed they enjoyed it

“Yeah that...hold my cock sister...and squeeze her tits mom”

“Ohhh it feels so mmmm its nice”

“Now which of your asses does smell like poop...? I smell poop here

“I have been son but smell us both”

“You are a dirty bitch mom...don't you ever wash your asshole?”

“Sorry son momma has no need since father left”

That’s why you will be the first one... I am going to fuck you poopy asshole mom

“Ohhh it feels really dirty...oooh aghhhhhh son what you doing”

“I am fucking your poop hole

“your father never did these things”

“Because he didn't know what kind a whore you are...I am entering your poop hole mom aahh it is so tight and dirty”

“I am your whore son and I love it”

“I can feel your poops mom what a dirty whore you are”

“Fuck me son fuck me hard”

“Aahh..don't look you bitch lick my asshole”

“Sorry brother”

“lLck it...I wanna feel your tongue around my poop hole

“Sorry brother”

“Oohhh... your tongue feels so good specially when I am fucking our mother’s ass.. oops I am farting on your face...did you like it bitch”

“Brother disgusting ughhhhh”

“Smell it you fucking bitch...I had to smell moms poop”

“No brother no”

“And you have to smell my fart...shut up”

I pushed my sister’s face to my ass hole


“Oohhh like suck my balls... ohh mom your asshole is really a heaven”

“Thank you son I will keep it cleaner in future”

“You can keep it dirty, I don't it is your turn my dirty cock”

“Brother that’s disgusting”

“Can you feel mom's poops pieces on my cock?...they belong to our mom sister
suck my cock...”

“Brother ughhhh that tastes nasty”

“Yes it get up and open your legs...I wanna destroy that asshole”

“Yes brother ok”

“Mom do you have anything ready cooked for dinner?...because I want to cum on the food you cook which you will eat with sis”

“I can microwave something in minutes”

“Do it bitch I am getting it feels sis? you like my cock inside your poop hole?”

“Please brother, fuck me harder?”

“Ready in a moment son... dinners ready”

“Good now come here and lick her pussy...ohh.. now get that dinner dish...I wanna cum on your dinner”

“Son, come for momma”

"Ohh I am coming on your dishes...aahhh...I am cumming mom...aaarrrhhh

“Eat up girl before dinner gets cold again”

“You too mom...”

“Yes son I am”

“Oohhh...good bitches”

“Thank you son glad you approved

I left them there eating dinner, with cum all over the plates. We have done this regular since that day but nothing beats the first time that we did it. The first time I fucked my mom and sister and they became my bitches.


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