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Even though the first wasn't well recieved, this might have a deeper story. But it's still cheesey.
I woke up. I felt groggy, and rubbed my eyes. I sat up, supporting myself by my arms. I suddenly realized what happened what seemed like only seconds ago, but could be days, weeks, months, or... even years! I began to feel my torso, my face, my arms and legs. I was all there. I looked around in bewilderment.

I stood up so I could get a better look around my new home. It was a dark purple mist that was behind something glass looking, while the floor was a deep navy blue. The walls domed up, into a central point easily a hundred feet above my head. To my left was a giant projection, showing the inside of a large green tent. Directly in front of the camera was a table a sandwich and some papers on it. The camera moved, and a hand reached out from the camera and picked up a new pen to the camera's right.

That was when I noticed a group of 50 or so people mulling around, occasionally looking at the screen. Then I noticed that Joe, Matt and Rondel where over there; they were the bullies I killed the first day I had my sword. I'm where ever the sword puts things when I kill them!

I looked around and noticed that they were all over by the screen, maybe 300 yards away. I quietly moved in the opposite direction, hoping that no one would see me and then beat me into another death. 1 was enough for 1 day.

After moving what I felt was a sufficient distance away from the potential mob, I sat down and thought of a way to get out. I looked over to the direction I was heading; the wall didn't seem any closer, so trying to break through might not work. Suddenly a hand was on my shoulder.

I jumped up and brushed it off in one fluid motion, and got ready to fight. As I spun around, I yelled "I'll kill you like I did before!" not knowing who I was up against.

"Calm down, young master." Said an old man I was now ready to kill. "You have no need to kill me for the first time."

"Wha...?" was all I could manage to squeak out.

"I'm sure your wondering who I am, where you are, and why I'm talking to you. I will start with the first." He said. He seemed to speak with some regality, like he was once great, but now trapped in this purple haze with me. I thought he wasn't, though, since he was trapped in this purple haze with me, and what royalty would get killed by a sword?

"I am the great wizard Johan Teyulam Gethran. I once was the wizarding body of the Providence of Tethlane. I am the one who created the Sword of Galaton." I was wrong about this Johan; he was a wizard, which must count for something.

"Hold on. Where the fuck is the Providence of Tethlane? And what's the Sword of Galaton?" I said, hoping that my confusion will help him speak some English and tell me what was going on.

"The Providence of Tethlane is, if I know your maps correctly, is approximately in your country of Germany. It was destroyed and changed many times since I became trapped in here, so I can not be certain that that is the correct place." It sounded true enough, although I couldn't be certain. My guard only relaxed slightly, still ready for any spells or enchantments he could send after me.

"Alright, you don't sound German, but you said that area has changed a lot. What about that sword you were talking about? What's up with that?"

"Aaahh, the sword. Well, it was the one you were wielding earlier, and are in right now."

"What?! How the fuck can I be in that sword! It's only 3 feet long!" I couldn't make any connections in my current state of shock, even though I knew the answer was glaring right at me, staring me down.

"As you so hastily found out, when the Sword kills someone, they disappear. Since bodies have to go some where, they go here, into the gem that was on the hilt of the sword. You see, the sword collects each person's soul, their entity. This makes the sword more powerful after each kill. Remember how after killing those children in the school and officers of the law, you could jump from roof to roof? That was the power of the sword at work. Walk with me" And began to walk back the way I came. I turned around and followed without question. Johan began to talk as we headed back towards the screen. I decided from this point on not to question anything, and let him explain it, or try to figure it out in by myself. That was the only way I could calm down.

"Long ago, when the Providence of Tethlane was in the height of its power, a young, evil wizard enchanted a sword that could do the same as this; make its wielder more powerful with every kill it makes. The king asked me to enchant his sword so that he may be able to battle the evil one. So, the king went off with the enchanted sword and took me along with him, so I could help him train for the battle. I showed him everything he could do with it." He paused for a minute, as if remember a long ago time of wizards and kings, knights and swords, dames and evil sorcerers. He stopped walking to fully appreciate these memories before continuing his story.

"When we found the evil wizard, he had already slaughtered a dozen villages. But even with that power, the king's skill and the Sword's power was too much for the inexperienced and weak wizard. He was able to flee through sheer will of survival. It took months to find him, and when we did, he had become too powerful."

"But you still defeated him; otherwise the world would be in shambles, right?" I said, forgetting my vow of silence. I mentally kicked myself for that.

"Wrong," Johan said gravely, bowing his head a little, "the king was killed with in minutes during the next skirmish. I fled, but was quickly caught up to with all the dead villagers, and now the king, into this sword. We battled, but I was no match. I got trapped into this sword, making it even more powerful."

After the previous question, I decided I need some answers. "But why isn't our world destroyed?"

"Because one of your ancestors defeated him." Johan must have realized that I was able to talk, because it seemed like he wanted to me to question him.

"How? You said he was all powerful."

"But foolish; he left the sword unattended when he went to urinate behind a tree."

"He died because he had to take a piss? Sucks to be him." We continued to walk in silence. I hadn't realized how far I had run to get away from those I executed. Once the men and few women came into view, I opened up the conversation again, as if that could create a shield around me and Johan.

"You said that this sword is good. But if it's good, then why did I kill so many people because of its will?" I put up air quotes at the last word, but quickly took them down after a puzzled look from Johan.

"It needed to become more powerful, so it can defeat the Sword of Noatlag."

"I'm guessing that's the evil sword?" I asked, hoping that I was catching on.

"Yes, yes it is. You see, the Sword of Noatlag has resurfaced, or so I assume-" I cut him off with the classic line "And you know what happens when you assume; you make an ass out of you and me."

"Yes, thank you for that wisdom, master. Your job is to track down the sword and kill its owner. Although I am thousands of years old, I still have enough magic to transport you out of this sword." I stood agape, wondering whether I would be able to do it; finding the real Sword of Noatlag would be hard without something to show what it looked like, or the exact location of it. And even if I did find it, how powerful is its owner? But I didn't want to show my anxiety; my weakness to some one who thought he could trust me to save the world.

"What about the world? I just killed over 100 people; how is the public going to react to seeing a mass murderer?" I was scared; I tried to cover it up, but my fear was able to seep out of my throat and into my voice.

"I think I can wipe people's memories of their loved ones and of what you did. But there are too many people who heard about you. There has to be some who can not get their memories changed." There was a moment of silence when I thought about the possible consequences of erasing certain people's minds of the terrible acts I had done.

After coming to a conclusion, I commanded "Get rid of all the memories the families have of their relatives and friends, and of the entire US. Also, I want Rachel Tilman's memories intact. The rest of the world can go fuck itself."

"As you wish, sire." Johan then began to mumble the incantation that I supposed to erase memories. It sounded Latin, but I couldn't tell. He began to glow with a bright blue aura around him, and he slightly lifted off the ground. He continued to chant for about a minute before gracefully coming back to Earth. Well, not Earth, but the floor the Gem.

"Everyone you requested has no recollection of the acts that you did while under the influence of the Sword of Galaton. Do you have anything to ask me before I transport you back into your world?"

I thought for a moment, and then said "Actually, yeah. Can you get out after I'm done fighting whoever has the Sword of Noatlag?"

Johan Teyulam Gethran looked to the ground solemnly, and said gravely "Nay, for I am magically bound to this wretched place for all of eternity, unlike those souls over there -" he pointed to where the 100 slaughtered soldiers, men, women and bullies mulled around, not speaking. "Who will eventually die after so much use of the Sword of Galaton and go to wherever they believe they will go after dieing." I followed his finger, and couldn't help but notice the screen; it showed a penis with urine flying out of it into a latrine.

Truly sad that Gethram couldn't join me in the celebration after defeating the evil guy, I said, "I'm sorry to hear that. I promise I won't let you down, and I'll give you a show while I do it." And with that, he began to chant a different one than before, although it still sounded like it was in Latin.

I began to slowly spin in place, and levitate off of the ground. A bright light appeared over my head. The light seemed far away, but it also seemed near enough to touch. I tried to, but my arms, or for that matter my body, couldn't move.

"Will it hurt?" I yelled, as I seemed to be able to see both the inside of the gem and the tent where the sword was hidden.

"Not really. But I haven't done this in a lon...." I couldn't hear the rest of his sentence, because a weird pain shot through my body, almost like some one hooked a car battery to my toes. Don't ask how I know that.

Then suddenly, the pain was gone. I was in an empty green canvas tent filled with tables, chairs, lamps and papers. The papers were scattered all over the table and were filled with reports on previous encounters and recommendations. After a quick search, I found the sword on one of the many tables. But as I picked it up, a man walked into the room.

"Hey! Who are, what are you doing here, and why the fuck are you touching my sword?!"

Thinking as fast as I could with my heart racing and my mind wheeling, I said "Sir!" I saluted, hoping that would help with my act, "I am uh... Private Jenkins, sir. Command wanted me to uh... transport this sword to Area 51 immediately."

"Well tell them they can go fuck themselves. I've examined that sword for 2 hours and didn't find anything unusually about it, besides there's fucking huge gem in it. I'm going to keep it." The commander was African-American, and very tall. He was easily weighed 225 and could break me in half. I just hoped that he wouldn't.

"But sir, Command said they need it now. They might want to test it themselves, sir." I tried to persuade him to let me take the sword, but it wasn't working. My heart was racing as I practically pleaded with him.

"Fine. Just tell them I want it back by next week if there's nothing wrong with it. Dismissed." He gave a stiff salute after the last word, and I returned the salute, barely able to keep my joy under control. I walked out, carrying the sword.

After playing what just happened through my mind and walking out of the camp without question, a thought popped into my head. Why didn't he notice my civilian clothes, or anybody else notice me? Then I got an answer. Because I tricked that Negro into thinking you were wearing a uniform.

I stopped dead. Who said that?

Johan, said the wizard who I thought was still trapped in the gem.

But...How could...What? I was deeply confused by the fact that Johan could talk to me.

I am drawing upon the magical power in the gem. I want to save you some for your battle, so I'll keep it short. I'm going to die, and the only way to keep me alive is to kill the owner of the Sword of Noatlag. Soon, the power of this sword is going to wear out, and that will lead me to my demise.

I began to walk towards a Humvee, not knowing what I was doing.

Can you help me kill the guy? Like use some telepathic shit to find him and tell me.

Sadly, I cannot. As I said, the gem is losing power quickly, so this is the last time I can speak with you until then. All I can tell you about the man is that he's somewhere, if I know your land, in a land called North Dakota, in the United States.

I finally had made it into the Humvee, and had started it up, now knowing I had to get to a bus station, or at least a freeway so I could get close to both the evil sword and its super-powerful owner

Thanks. I mean, it's not like North Dakota is that far away and fucking huge.

With that, I had to cut off conversation with Johan until I could kill whom ever possessed the sword. I drove off, wanting to get some money from my house and see my parents for the last time. But somehow, I ended up in front of Rachel's house. I thought I had followed the path to my own home, yet I was in such deep thought I must have not been paying attention.


I left the vehicle, and took the keys with me. I walked to the front door, and was about to ring the bell when I heard a girl's giggle come from a window. I looked around to see where it came from. When I heard it again, I pinpointed it to a window on the side of the house.

As I got closer, I was able to make out some words. " god, he is so cute!" and "I know!" was mostly what I heard. I looked around, and was able to make out a latter in the near dark by a shed in the backyard. I picked it up and cautiously moved over to the window.

I set the ladder down and against the wall. I quietly climbed up. As I neared the window, I heard "go ahead. I don't think anyone's in there" and a door open and close. When I got to the top, I peaked in.

Rachel was sitting there, thumbing through a Seventeen magazine in her white lingerie on her bed. The room was pink, with white furniture. There was a small television in the corner, next to the sliding wooden doors which I guessed to be a closet. A small lamp sat on a night stand next to the bed, and a fan lazily spun on the ceiling, casting its light around the room.

I knocked on the window. Rachel looked up, and saw me. She squinted, as though I was the small sparkle of a gem in a pile of dirt. She got up and walked over to the window. After another squinting session, she realized it was me. She let out a quick scream and opened the window. I clamored inside of her room, falling as my left leg caught the sill.

"Oh my god, you're alive! I can't believe it!" she said excitedly, through quietly, trying not to wake her parents and alert them of a boy in her room.

"I know, neither can I. I'm just glad you're okay." With that we shared an embraced and a kiss.

"We should celebrate." She said, as she kissed me again, only longer and more passionately this time. I began to feel her back as I kissed her, and finally found her bra. I undid the clasps and Rachel and I momentarily separated as she took off her bra and I removed my shirt.

We moved to the bed, where I whipped out my dick after sitting down. She got on her knees and began to suck on it. I moaned with pleasure. Rachel began to bob her head up and down, up and down, faster and faster as I moaned more and more.

Suddenly the door opened up. Rachel's head whipped around as I tried to hide myself from whoever was behind it. As it swung open wider, I was able to see a girl standing there in black lingerie, and she looked about 17 or 18 years old, although she could be younger. Girls these days look so much older than what they really are.

"Rachel!" she said, a little surprised, although I did notice that the girl had some sly happiness in her voice, "I didn't you did that with boys. I thought you're a good church girl who always listens to mommy and daddy."

With a mad look, Rachel said "Jess, this is Steve. Steve, this is Jess". She didn't bothering to cover herself up now that there was a good friend behind the door. I smiled sheepishly at Jess and waved, trying to cover my still erect penis with my other hand.

"Jess was sleeping over, but now she has to leave, right?" Rachel said, cocking her head at the end of the sentence. I just hoped that I would be cocking her head soon, if you know what I mean; I might not be living by next week, and I wanted to have some pleasure before I died, like last time.

"Aaaawwwww. But the party is just starting." Jessica took a step in and closed the door. She walked over to me, and rubbed her hand up my left pectoral muscle. She then got on her toes and kissed me passionately. Rachel cut in. "Hey, Steve's mine!"

"Can't we just share him?" Jessica pleaded; but there wasn't any pleading in her voice, just sex.

"Yeah, you 2 girls can share me. I mean, there's enough of me to go around." I said, nodding towards my incredibly stiff cock. Rachel looked at me, then at Jessica. Not seeing any change of heart, she reluctantly agreed.

So, they took the rest of their clothes off, and so did I. They dropped to their knees and began to suck on my cock; Rachel slid her mouth on the side of it, while Jess was licking my balls. Then they both began to lick my cock, and after a minute of that, I was blowing my load all over their faces. Now caught up in the passion of sex, Rachel began to lick my cum off of Jessica's face, as Jessica reciprocated the action. That kept my dick hard.

I laid down on the bed, resting my head on the pillow. Rachel positioned herself over my dick, while Jessica moved over my head, facing Rachel. I've never seen such a clean muff; Jessica must shave it regularly while Rachel doesn't shave at all.

Rachel then began to ride my cock, pressing my hips to help. I then ate Jessica's pussy with my hand on her love handles. My tongue worked feverously, moving from inside the pussy to the clitoris. I've never tasted the lubricant that girls create from their vaginas, but it's good. It tasted weird at first, but I got used to it, and then began to like it. Each girl moaned, while I had no time to moan or stop.

Jessica shifted. I wasn't sure what was happening, so I moved my head a little to see what was going down, besides me. Jessica was kissing Rachel! And they were feeling each other's breasts! My penis was able to harden even more at this site, and Rachel broke away from Jessica's lips as she pumped harder and harder.

I continued my work on Jessica's pussy, but only for so long before Rachel came, then I did. "Alright, get up." I said, and positioned Jess so that she leaned over the bed, but had her feet on the ground. Rachel just laid there on the bed, panting and slowly rubbing her pussy as if she had forgotten the last time we had sex.

Jessica moved Rachel over with a surprising amount of strength; she then began to eat Rachel's still cum-filled pussy. I lined up my dick and thrust it in. This simple act caused Jess's head to snap back and forced out a short scream in surprise, pain and pleasure.

I pounded my dick deep inside Jessica's pussy. And I have to admit, she took it pretty well; besides that one scream in the beginning, she was able to still lick Rachel's warm pussy without much moaning. I could tell that she got around; it was much looser than Rachel's vagina, and not as wet. But I didn't care; it made the pleasure last for much longer than if it had been Rachel's pussy.

When I did come, Jessica let out a moan and a shiver before we switched into another position. Rachel still laid there, as if something had happened. But she didn't make any signs that something was the matter, so I just moved her so that her head was on the pillow; the same one I was on early. Jessica positioned her cunt above Rachel's face.

When I put my penis in, it seemed to make Rachel come back to life. As I wiggled my hips, she began to lick the brunette's pussy with such a fury that even Jessica was surprised. So I continued, as did Rachel. As I thrusted my man-meat as deep inside as it could go, I leaned over and began to kiss Jessica. That really helped the strength of my erection; the last ejaculation really withered it. I began to caress Jessica's B-cups as she let out a soft moan into my mouth.

After blowing my load in Rachel, I moved into her spot and laid down. I was getting tired much faster than I did before. I guess this added element really made me work. Jessica and Rachel began to jockey for position; pushing and shoving for whoever would get the last drop of cum from me.

Jessica was able to get there first. But as she lowered herself onto my throbbing dick, I grabbed her by the waist and said "No, not there". I lifted her off my dick, and Rachel got the message; she grabbed my cock and lined it up with Jessica's ass.

As my dick penetrated Jessica's ass, she breathlessly said "No, not there! You're too big! Stop! Aaaaahhhh!" It was too late; I was already in her, and she was in pain. For being so free with her sexuality, I thought she would have had tried anal sex before. Either that or her petite frame couldn't handle my cock like Rachel's taller and sturdier body.

I began to slowly pump my penis in and out of Jessica's ass, building up speed and pleasure. Rachel was sitting on my face, reaching around to finger Jessica in her time of need.

Jessica looked barely conscience after all the pain and pleasure I put her through, although from the faint smile on her face, I can tell she enjoyed it.

I looked to the left and right. Hot, naked girls whom I just had a wild orgy with were sleeping on each arm. I replayed that orgy in my head, and my penis perked up a bit, and looked around. I ignored it; it was sore and out of cum.

I then began to think I just had an orgy with these 2 girls, and I should have been happy. Why wasn't I?


I drove on to his unknown destination in an unknown land, thinking of and trying to rationalize what happened.

When I fell asleep, I had a dream, almost like a premonition; I was fighting a faceless man who was in his early 20's. He had a slim, slightly curved sword. It had a gem in its hilt, like mine, but this one was red. There was writing around the gem, but it was illegible. I was giving him everything I had; fancy twists and spins, jumping attacks, even some weird energy-blast thing, which stung my hand, and made me feel weaker each time. But he was able to block, dodge and parry everything. He seemed god-like. Finally, I was knocked down, and disarmed; defenseless against an unbeatable foe. The victor said "why did you even try" with as much spite as I had ever heard anyone have on their tongue. He then brought the sword down into my chest. This caused me to writhe in pain. As he removed the weapon, I began to dissolve, and I knew that soon I would be trapped in his gem.

I had woken up in a sweat, and my throat was dry; I think I had been screaming, but no one was awake, so I couldn't have been sure. I had checked the time, then went back to the car. I drove to my parent's house, and after passing so many pictures full of so many memories without my face in them, was able to take enough money to feed myself and get to North Dakota.

So, I began driving; I drove for miles, not daring to take a plane and reveal myself to anyone whose mind wasn't erased. When the Hummer finally ran out of gasoline, I ditched it; no use in filling it up. So, I waited until a car passed by, and I killed the driver and any passengers. I knew how wrong it was, but my sword needed these sacrifices if it were to defeat the Sword of Noatlag, and there weren't too many working gas stations along the road.

And now, I'm 20 miles from Rit, North Dakota, the border town in these parts, with half a tank of gas in a beat-up 1997 gold Ford Thunderbird. I couldn't wish for this monstrosity of the road to run out of gas sooner.

When I got to the city limits, I read the sign; it said in big, bold letters, trying to be attractive, but its disrepair made it an eye sore:


I thought to myself that must draw in a lot of tourists. Below that, came the population:


I stopped the car, right there in the middle of the highway. There were only 750 people there; that means with a little cunning, I could gain more than enough power to kill the wielder of the Sword of Noatlag.

No. That's too many people. Why did that thought even come across my mind? But, there are sooooo many people there, yet not enough were it will be nationally recognized. Plus, the sword might be there. No, I can't slaughter an entire town to look for a sword and to get power to look for it. But if I do, maybe Johan could track it down to an exact spot. But that's too many innocent lives; how could I live with myself if I killed so many? Wait, I've already killed easily over 150, what's another 750 going to do. No, I can't do it. Yes I can.

"NO I CAN'T!" I hadn't realized that I was talking out loud the entire time, and had moved a considerable distance from the sign, especially since I hadn't realized that the car was still rolling down the highway. I looked over at the sword, and at the town only a mile or 2 off.

"You," I said coldly, "You want me to kill all those people. You just want more power. Well, I'm not going to let you." I cut the wheel to the left, and began to drive through the grassy fields, sometimes dodging cows that sprung up from the grass. Suddenly, an old voice filled my head.

As much as I hate to admit it, but the sword is right. With 750 people, this sword could track the Sword of Noatlag by the minute.

I'm going to kill 750 FUCKING PEOPLE! I yelled in my head, hoping that trying to protect these people would make up for my past mistakes and help me keep my sanity. I turned the car off and let it cool down in the middle of the field.

You have to. These men and women are dead anyway unless you kill them.

I sat in silence, thinking hard on what to do. How many? I thought quietly, if that was possible.


How many do I have to kill to be able to track the sword. Even if it's just a town name.

Well... only about 20-30 should be able to track down the sword. But if yo-

Thanks. Now shut the fuck up so I can do this I thought coldly. I didn't like how this plan to destroy the Sword of Noatlag was playing out.


I drove on, trying hard to block any contact with at least the wizard, and hopefully the sword, which still had some un-absorbed blood on it. But I was able to find out the other sword was in Loutik, about 120 miles from Rit. It was getting dark, so I decided to stop at the "Sleepy Nites Motel" until morning.

After checking in, I went to my room. It was a small room, with only 2 twin sized beds and a dreary forest green on the walls. The bathroom was 2 feet by 3 feet with just enough room for a tiny toilet and an equally tiny sink.

I sighed and laid on the bed. I turned on the TV and flipped through the basic cable provided. The news was on. Scared, I watched it intently.

For the next 30 minutes, I watched and listened closely to each story, hoping my name didn't come up in a missing person's case, or a murder case. And it didn't. I laid down, and went to sleep, hoping that tomorrow would be a better day, and I would finally be able to stop killing people, except for the monster who owned the one thing that is making me go on this insane hunt for a falcon.

The next morning, I drove on, trying to find a good radio station. Eventually, I gave up. I didn't pass a single person, making me feel like whatever the Sword of Noatlag does, already happened. I could only hope that its owner didn't know about what it could do, or hadn't killed a lot of people. And if they did, they didn't know how to end the world with it.

2 hours and 1 stop at a gas station later, I was in Loutik.


Is it easier to locate the sword when I'm close to it, or do I have to play detective? I asked, stopping at a stop sign, looking around as if I could see a sign of where the sword was hidden.

A little. I can tell you that it's close, and towards the South West of the town. If only I had some more energy...

No. That's good enough. I'll be able to find it. I said, already formulating a plan.

I went to the first house on the street. I got out of the car, and fixed my tie in the side mirror. I tried to stroke my new beard, but I only felt my warm skin under my hands. I strode up the door, and rang the door bell. A woman answered.

"Can I help you?" She said, keeping the door only opened enough to poke her head out.

"Good afternoon," I said, a little surprised at how deep Johan made my voice, "I'm with the Home Assessment Group, and I'm here to assess your house. May I have a look around?"

"Home assessment? I thought we were supposed to get a letter before you came?" She said, a little suspicious of my motives.

"You didn't get a letter?" She shook her head. "I'm terribly sorry. It might have gotten lost in the mail. I could come back at another time, if this is a bad time you now."

"Oh, it's fine. Come in." She said, opening the door wider and moving out of my way. I gave her a warm and friendly smile.

I moved through the house, pretending to take imaginary notes on my imaginary clipboard with my imaginary pen. Really, I was looking for the sword. Something like that has to be displayed; I know I would display my own sword if I had the chance.

Nothing. Not even a plastic sword was to be found in this house. I thanked her kindly, and continued to the next house and repeated the same "Oh, it must have been lost in the mail" line every time. But I was getting closer to the sword with every conversation. Trying to show I'm friendly, I asked "I saw you were #12 on the list of top Ebay buyers and sellers. What are you guys buying, and what could you possibly part with in such a nice home?" I always got that so-and-so bought this and so-and-so sold that, but it got me an idea of who bought weird stuff.

As I reached the 38th house, it was past 5:30 PM, and I was tired. I decided that this was the last house, and I would go out and find a new motel closer, and maybe a little nicer. As I rang the doorbell, I waited. Suddenly, a blast of light came out of the door next to my head, sending wood splintering.

I ducked out of the way, hoping that whoever tried to kill me, thought they hit. I ran back to the car, threw open the passenger side door and reached in for my sword. I guess the person saw me, and fired another blast, which buzzed me, penetrating the back seat and the gas tank. The explosion sent me flying into the air, and to the right.

When I landed in a pile, I looked over to my right hand. It clutched the Sword of Galaton tightly, as if it were the last thing tying me to this earth. I got up, and dodged another blast. It exploded in the house behind me, sending bricks flying everywhere and a woman into a screaming fit.

I looked over my shoulder and saw the same man from my dream the other night standing there with the sword from the other night. I stood there in shock as he fired another energy blast from his left hand at me. It whizzed by my head, taking some hair with it. Shaking my head, I jumped into action.

I was in the air, 20, 30, 40, 50 feet above the Earth, looking down at the man. I never realized how nice it is to look over a small suburban town like this; all the trees and modest homes and green grass. I might move here when I'm older. A blue streak of light forced me back into reality. I hovered at the apex of my jump and looked at my clenched left hand. Forcing it out in front of me, I felt a tingling sensation run from the sword across my body and to my hand and eventually out of it. The red light streaked toward the ground, just missing its target.

The man jumped up to meet me. When he got eye level with me he said "I don't want to kill you. I'll make you an offer you can't refuse; give me your sword and I'll let you live." and reached out with his open hand.

Squinting at him, half from the bright light and half from trying to look tough, I said "You expect me to believe that?"

"No," he said with a sly smile, "I expect you to die" and with that, I lunged at him, my own sword ready to be swung.

The man must have known that I wasn't going to give up so easily, so he shot a blue ball of energy at me. I had half a second to react. I barrel rolled out of the way, but the sudden movement knocked me off balance, and I hurdled back toward the hard ground.

I was 5 blocks away when I crashed through the roof of the house. A man in a purple robe stood up from his easy chair in surprise and shock. I struggled to my feet. Then I was on my back; the owner of the Sword of Noatlag had tackled me. I watched in slow motion how my arm was flung out to the side, and the point of my blade ripped open the man's chest.

The force of the tackle knocked me outside and made a trench with my body from the wall to the middle of the street. I gave the wielder of evil a hard left hook, causing him to soar through the air to my right. I struggled up, cracking my back to try to relieve some of the pain from being driven into the asphalt.

As we faced each other, ready for another strike, I yelled "Stop!" and as quickly as he had tackled me earlier, he yelled back "Hammer time!" And so he created a massive sledge hammer out of the same blue energy that he shot at me before. He brought it down on me as if I were a bug.

I jumped into the air and said "Too many innocent people are getting hurt!" I dodged a swing from him "Let's move this some where else!" I dodged another blow, and shot an energy blast at him.

Without a word, he turned around and flew towards the West. I tailed him, and soon caught up to him. It was almost like a NASCAR race; we were going at insane speeds, all the while bumping and shoving each other, hoping to gain the upper hand when we reached the finish line.

I swung my sword as hard as I could. He blocked it, but the force made him spin to the ground, and going deep under it. I followed, hoping to get in a couple quick hits while he was struggling to his feet.

As I got closer, and the dust, grass and dirt settled, I saw that the man had gone into an underground cavern, roughly 50' wide and 30' tall. When I gently let myself to the floor of the cavern, the man was just getting to his feet.

"You're good" He said, cracking his neck.

"Thanks, you're pretty good yourself." I responded, wondering what this conversation would lead to.

"How rude of me not to exchange pleasantries. I'm Craig." He said, straightening up a little, relaxing his fighting position.

Confused, but trying to look tough, I only said "Jones. Steve Jones".

"Nice to meet you, Steve. I'm on a mission to conquer the world, and I'm guessing you're here to stop me. But I've been trying for years, and you're still a noob. I'm going to make you another offer you can't refuse. Join me and you'll live, be my right hand man, help me rule the world. Or you die."

"I'll never join you. You and your movie quotes." I said, running at Craig, sword pointed at his heart.

"Hey, you've said your fair share too." He said, side stepping my attack and swinging his sword. I blocked, and readjusted myself so I faced my sparing partner. And so the real battle had begun; I was spinning, parrying, slicing at Craig, while he returned every one of my attacks, blocks and dodges.

"Guys, you can't fight in here! This is the Cavern Room!" said a voice only a couple feet behind me. Without thinking, I swung my sword, and the tour guide fell, beheaded. After that simple action, I felt half a second of remorse before having to defend myself from a swipe of Craig's sword.

We continued to fight, never stopping for a break, or to even ready another attack. It must have been 30 minutes before we stopped, panting, trying to catch our breath and think of a new strategy.

Resting on my sword, I listened to Craig say "Why don't you come up sometime and see me? Because I'm on a whole different level of skill than you."

"Bitch, I said stop using movie quotes!" I said, keeping my head down and watching the sweat drip off my face and splash on the ground.

"Sorry. But soon, I'll be king of the world!" This angered me that he would go against my wishes. I charged him with everything I had. I fired some energy blasts at him, to get him to move. I swung my sword when I got close enough.

With a simple, yet quick movement, Craig simultaneously blocked and disarmed me and my huge, thick sword with his tiny, thin sword that had many gaps. He then delivered a kick, which thankfully didn't shatter any bones, into my chest, knocking me back and down.

I was now defenseless against an unbeatable foe. Craig strode over to me, and said "why did you even try?" with as much spite as I had ever heard anyone have on their tongue. He raised his sword high above his head. My dream was coming true; I was going to die a second time.

"Wait!" I said breathlessly, hoping that he would listen, "Can I answer your question?"

Craig lowered his sword an inch, and said "It was rhetorical, but fine. It's not like you can kill me now."

"Well, I fought you mainly because I thought I could win, but also because I'm the good guy, who always wins." And with those last words, I summoned as much energy as I could, and focused it into my 2 fists. I forced them both forward in a punch, and connected with the middle of his shins. I felt the bones bend beneath the skin, before finally breaking like a toothpick between teeth. Craig fell over in pain and shock, screeching in the massive pain.

I rolled over, and stomped on his wrist, breaking it, causing Craig to yell louder, and release his death grip on his sword. I picked it up, and picked up my own sword. I calmly walked over to Craig, who was now laying on the dusty floor with 2 broken tibias and a broken wrist, but not crying, pleading; just calming knowing his fate, and accepting it. I raised each of the swords up, and said "Hasta la vista, baby" and brought the 2 swords into his torso; the Sword of Noatlag for his chest, and Sword of Galaton for his stomach.

Pulling each sword out, I stood up. Craig was slowly disappearing, and I could feel the amount coursing through my veins....


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not to bad, hopefully the next one gets better

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Don''t know what you were smoking when you wrote this, it sure was'nt marlboro

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