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45 year old returns to work after brigning up the kids...
The kids had both left home and got their own places so I'd decided to return to the work place after many years of being the dutiful wife and mum. I trawled the newspapers but work for a 45 year old woman was scarce so I signed on with an agency to get back into the market doing a few temporary assignments. I'd had a couple of jobs working as a receptionist in a variety of different offices but nothing particularly exciting. I then received an offer to do some maternity cover at a motorcycle parts company, delivering spare parts throughout Gloucestershire, Somerset, Wiltshire and Dorset. As we were just into Spring I thought the opportunity to work outside doing some driving in the Spring and Summer months would be pretty good so I accepted.
I reported to work on the Monday morning and was given a day's training on product and admin and basically that was all I needed. On the Tuesday I loaded my van and off I went. It was mostly the same customers every week, usually special parts deliveries that were required for urgent repairs. The clientele was mostly male and the premises were usually hotbeds of testosterone but once used to the banter and leg pulling I gradually started to be able to give as good as I got. For a 45 year old housewife, used to being called boring and dowdy, I started to really enjoy myself and secretly felt a few twinges of excitement at some of the compliments and flirting that used to take place. I also rediscovered some of my self esteem and actually began making a conscious effort as to how I looked when I went to work. My husband made a few sarcastic comments about my appearance but I informed him that my job role actually entailed business meetings with the dealerships hence my smarter appearance. Most days were enjoyable and the flirting was very good for my ego. I started to get a few wolf whistles as I entered some of the workshops and some of the comments actually made me quite wet. I'd invested in a few new bra's and the extra uplift was actually commented upon in a number of establishments. I began wearing skirts as we went into summer and these actually got a little higher depending on who I was visiting! I was getting quite a few offers to 'pop around the back' or 'into the office' for a little fun. Of course I laughed them off but secretly started to fantasise and imagine myself in certain scenarios. I was often returning home so wet that I had to go straight to the loo to relieve myself and quite often I was fingering myself in the van between calls. On one occasion my panties were so wet it was as is I'd peed myself. I even found myself unbuttoning my blouse before going into certain accounts where I knew I'd get a big reaction. I was loving every minute of my job and my self esteem was sky high. I was beginning to spend more time in certain calls, chatting and drinking tea and I was starting to get home later. Some evenings I wouldn't get home until after 8pm and hubby started to ask questions and make comments about who I'd seen and where I'd been. I was also getting a lot more bolder with certain customer. I had six particular customers who I'd taken a shine too and the feeling seemed mutual. I found myself being snogged and fondled by certain people and was loving every second, actively encouraging them. I was now into a regular routine with the six and one week I was actually fucked 5 times by different guys. The only account I hated calling on was every Friday afternoon, the last call of the week. The garage was run by three brothers, all Hells Angels. They also employed three other Angels and the place frightened me especially with the large, snarling Alsatian that was chained just outside the garage entrance. The place always seemed to be poorly lit and had an intimidating air about it. There was always loud, heavy rock music playing and the walls were covered with pictures of naked women in variety of lewd poses. It also seemed to attract some pretty unsavoury characters who seemed to just hang out there.
One such unpleasant gathering took place one late Friday afternoon as they all met prior to a weekend biker rally in Devon. There were approximately 20 of them all decked out in their regalia just lounging around on their bikes waiting for 'Mama' to arrive with a few key spares which were needed for the trip. As I was quite late, following a lunchtime session with one of my customers, I took a bit of abuse from a few of them because I'd held them up and eaten into their valuable drinking and shagging time. I felt as though I was running the gauntlet of abuse from them and unlike my normal witty come back lines, I was a little subdued and scared. A few of them were riding up and down the forecourt and pulling wheelies as I walked back to the van to get the remaining spares. As I returned inside the garage they all formed a ring of bikes around me and started giving me verbal. I could hear the comments which ranged from 'show us yer tits love', to ''I'd love to fuck her', and 'lets take her with us for the weekend'. My arse was grabbed and as I turned around and told the guy to fuck off another guy grabbed my arse from the other side. Quickly turning back to slap his face, my arms were pinned to my side by another guy who was stood behind me. Holding my arms firmly at my side he kissed my neck and nuzzled my ear as he hissed 'steady on sister' in my ear. Turning me slightly towards him, he then forced his mouth onto mine and despite some token resistance from me, forced his tongue into my mouth, flicking it around with a fabulous skill. I felt a rough hand sliding up my leg and start to fondle my arse under my skirt before a finger slid under the elastic and into my already soaking wet hole. As I'd spent my lunchtime being fucked I was already very wet, a fact that was broadcast for all to hear.
Hey, this bitch is gagging boys, yelled the guy fingering me and as I started to moan and gasp my kisser increased his intensity but moved his hands to my breasts which he roughly grabbed and kneaded like a skilled bread maker. I was in trouble but powerless to stop them as I felt my clit tingling and my legs buckling beneath me. My blouse was unbuttoned and my bra was lifted over my boobs as the rough handed fondling continued. My head was swirling as I slightly fell back into the multitude of arms that cradled me like some young baby. I was aware of my panties being removed and I voluntarily kicked them off over my heels as I was carried into the office and laid down on the desk. My blouse, bra and skirt were removed and I was laid out on the desk, completely naked in front a group of baying, cheering bikers. I felt a mouth on my wet pussy and hands all over my tits and stomach area. I was fed a cock into my mouth whilst half a dozen others danced for attention by my hands. Suddenly my arse and stomach tightened and I began to lose all control as I felt a huge orgasm rip through my whole body. For the next hour or so I was used over and over again by a collection of rampant cocks using my mouth and pussy to satisfy their lust. My mind was an orgasmic blur as I continued to used like a common cum slut. I lost count of the number of times I climaxed or the amount of cum I took in mouth and pussy. When they finally finished I was so sore and knackered that I just wanted to sleep but I was told to 'fuck off back to my old man' as they wanted to close the garage and get on their way to Devon. Did I ever go back to the garage?
You'll have to wait and see!

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2009-09-14 15:35:56
Could have been a decent story, but is ruined by the shortness and also by you not using paragraph breaks, which makes it hard to read.

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