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This is my true story..
My name is Elli and I'm fourteen

It was a beautiful friday, school was great, very.. eventful that day, one hour there was lab, then there was gym, then science activites, so much to do..but it was fun, one of the best days of school I've had in a long time.
Last hour hit the clock and on the way out of class, I was invited to a holloween party. I already had the outfit I was going to wear, but I didn't know I'd be invited, so I just had it for the spirit of Holloween.
Well, I said I'd go with my best friends Dawn and Taylor.
Who said they didn't like each other, but you could tell by one glimpse.
I rode my purple bike home and dropped my bad at the door, where I have been for the past two years, and yelled to my dad, that I was home and was going to go rest for the party tonight.
My father wasn't up tight like most and didn't bager me about where I was going or what time I stayed out.. just as long as I was honest with him if I had a beer or two or did any drugs.
Which I normally didn't, but as I went upstairs, I stopped on the second floor and grabbed my clothes from the dryer I had done before I left for school that morning.
I threw my clothes which varied from panties, to thongs to bras and whatever else, into the chair in the corner of my room.
I had worn a minnie skirt and a tank top that showed my 40 DD tits off nicely.
I lay down after turning on some peacful Japanese music, which I loved to just relax to.
And I soon drifted into a deep sleep..
About twenty to thirty minutes later, my father came to my door and knocked, waking me up slightly, to awarness of that he was there, I didn't respond and just stayed quiet, maybe he'd leave.
Instead, he walked into my room, walking to my bed and sitting on the corner. He saw I was peacfully asleep and smiled, he then placed one of his hands on my right breast and started to fondle it, he then lifted me up, knowing I was a deep sleeper and he removed my shirt and took off my bra, laying me back down, he began to suck on my nipples, first the right, and then the left, a soft moan escaped my lips, my father didn't stop as my eyes fluttered open, to see him, to see my Father, sucking on my nippled, I tried to push his head away, but he just moved his head down to my waist. He began to un button my jean minnie and slipped it off without a problem, oblivious to the fact that I was kicking and trying to get him to stop.
My father grabbed a rope and tied my hands to the top of my bed posts, so I couldn't push him away anymore. He then slid my panties off, running his hand over my fuzzy pussy.
In return, he got kicked in the arm.
"Elli, if you don't stop kicking, I'm going to have to beat your ass and get the other ropes for you ankles" he chuckled like this was all a game to him!
"Dad, please stop this, you can't do this to me, I'm your little girl!"
He turned and got the ropes and started to tie my ankles down, but my legs were spread as far as they could go, and bent upward a little, I was stuck and just had to get over it.
My father bent down and started to lick my pussy making me shake and shiver.
He flicked my clit with his tounge many times, by doing that, he made my first powerful orgasm wash over me. He didn't stop. He kept going.
He licked my pussy clean of my juices, not missing a drop. My father stood up and smiled.
"Elli, I'm going to untie you, and I want you to suck my dick like mommy used to do for me. Understand? And if you refuse to and try to run outta the room, you'll regret it. Do you understand sweet heart?"
I nodded, nothing else I could do, as tears came to my eyes.
He untied me and I stood up, looking to the floor, my wrists were slightly bleeding from the rope being too tight on my wrists.
My father removed his pants, his nine inch cock springing to life.
I knew I wouldn't be able to fit half of it into my mouth.
"Elli, get on your knees and open your mouth, then put my dick in your mouth."
I did as I was told and getting down on my knees, I slide my father's cock into my mouth, and began sucking as much as I could, my father pressed his hand onto the back of my head pushing himself inside my mouth more, making me gag.
"Suck harder you fucking bitch! You better make me cum or I'll go get a knife and cut your sweet little pussy!"
I sucked his cock as hard as I possibly could without gagging so much
He grabbed my hair and pulled it hard as he moaned loudly, his white cream filling my mouth.
I was getting ready to spit it out then he grabbed my throat and told me to swollow I did, tears welling up in my eyes.
"Now honey, I want you to lay down."
I lay down and prepare for the worst
I closed my eyes as my father climbed ontop of me, he rubbed the head of his cock against my clit, then grinned as he rammed himself inside my untouched virgin pussy. I screamed in pain and tears ran from my eyes down the sides of my face as my father rammed as hard as he could into my pussy, not caring if I was hurt or not.
"Oh yes Elli! You're such a dirty little girl! Oh yes! Your pussy feels so good around my cock! Oh god, good girl!" I screamed as he pounded away at my pussy. He slapped me across the face, telling me to moan.
I started to whimper which only made him think I wanted more, he pounded harder and harder at my pussy.
I arched my back as my orgasm came, making me shake and shiver, and scream in both pain and pleasure, my father chuckled, fucking me as hard as he could and I lay there, exhausted.
He moaned loudly then even louder he rammed inside me once and I felt my pussy fill up with his cum. He tipped me upward after he pulled out, so none of his cum dripped outta my pussy
He spanked my ass hard, leaveing hand prints on both ass cheek.
"I'm done with you now, go take a shower and get ready for you party, and if you ever tell anyone what just happened, I will kill anyone you told.Got it young lady?"
I nod, to scared to speak, in fear my voice would squeak
My father grabs his clothes, walks outta the room shutting my door behind him, leaving me to lay there and cry..

(If I get more than five good responses I'll continue=) )

Anonymous readerReport

2014-04-27 13:52:57
Shame why don't u guys just tell the police what happened because its very painful what happens to u guys

anonymous readerReport

2013-11-24 19:44:07
I feel really bad for you I hope this is no longer one of those horrible memories to look back at.

anonymous readerReport

2013-11-24 19:44:04
I feel really bad for you I hope this is no longer one of those horrible memories to look back at.

anonymous readerReport

2013-11-24 19:41:46
Umm 2 comments below are you faking this because I saw that comment 3 times?

anonymous readerReport

2013-09-26 23:14:52
I wish that was me licking her pussy. I could do it all day long.

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