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I am 22/m /located in hyderabad and I am an avergae built person..wheatish color and around 5'10" and I am doing my family business. well the story I am going to tell is about the real life incident of mine.

it all started when I used to go to drop my younger sis to school bus stop on main road and on a few occassions I saw this lady who used to come to opposit bus stop to board her bus.she was a school teacher.

she was aged around 28-30 years old fair in complexion and had boobs slightly big and pointed.on a few instances I used to give her a small smile and she used to give a blank /scrowny look.but as days passed I noticed that she used to come to her busstop much before the boarding time.

to cut the story short now the next day was saturday and I thought today I have to take her number...but when she came she was in her nighty and was busying vegetable frm the kirana shop located next to my sis busstop and while shopping she came to the extrem end of the shop wher we were standing and where that kirana guy had kept vegetable rack...

she came she picked up a carrot and said yeh kya bhaiya subha subha aisi purani sabzi bechhte ho.....itni choti aur kaali hai....i said instantly taazi sabzi chaihye tho mere se baat karo.....she said what do u mean and I said nuthn I said can v be frends and canv share our numbers....she said y what will you do...i said u give then u see,,,

she said u give ur number I shall call you and then I left she called me at around 9:30 and said hi...we introduced ourself and slowly I askd what u do she said shes an teacher teaching history subject I said wow such an sexy lady teaching history...think all students would listen ur class very actively...

we both laughed and we shared such jokes and all she said I like ur sense of humour...then I askd can v meet out for lunch then she said can u meet me at my home for breakfast I said y not...i took her address...and made an excuse to dad stating that I have to go for an urgent meeting to visit a site he said ok,....

now I went to her address and rang the bell and she opend as if she was waiting at the door...i asked where are evryone she said u ask too many questions........and she went to kitchen to make breakfast I mustured courage and went to kitchen and started talking and suddenly I stood behind her and touched her ass,,,,,she was shocked and asked what r u doing...

i said sorry and moved back...then slowly while taking a glass I touched her hand...she gave me a look and I understood and and I swayed the conversation towards sex marriage she said its my personal matter....i was confused as one side she initiated so much and other side shes not revealing her self.....

she said have breakfast and we had breakfast and all the time I was thinking of sex.......she askd what is your opinion on sex and love....i gave her a very conventional outlook and suddenly I was filling the glass and water spilled out...she said u dnt have control or what u often spill things I said u try me I have got much control...wanna c...

and I instantly got up and suddenly started massaging her shoulders and slowly her hair she said hmmmmm......slowly I got my hand to her neck and and slowly entangled her hair and tugged them she had slight goose bumps.....then slowly I pressd her boobs..she lost it and stood up and faced me....i hugged her and slowly kissd her neck...

bit her ear lobes and simultaneously my hands were encircling her boobs and slowly I oped her nighty zip and moved my hand on her bare back....i slowly led her to bed room and once on bed we were entagled between each other kissing passionately and deeper and more intense.....slowly I lifted her nighty to her knees and started pressing her thighs and slowly

I started massaging her her she was moaning...i slowly removed her nighty and she unbuttoned my shirt and and removed my I removed her bra and was sucking her boobs and nipples...she was hot and slowly I insert my hand in her panty and slid it out....then I slowly went down on her and pinched her pussy....slowly I placed my lips on

her pussy and was kissing it and I parted her pussy lips and ran my tounge over it she pulled my hairs and pressed me more agaist her pussy...then slowly I inserted 1 finger and pressd agaisnt her g-spot and started rubbing applying small but intense pleasure....she was screaming moaning.........she said fuck me...i want u in me.......i said not now honey and

said suck my cock first...she said ok..and I slowly inserted my cock in her mouth and she started sucking it and encircling the head with her tounge....she suckd like this for 5 mins and I came in her mouth...she sucked the whole cum in her mouth and licked it clean..thne slowly I made her lie down and parted her legs....i slowly took my dick in my hand and started

kissing her,,,,,and slowly touched my dicks head on her pussy and started rubbing her pussy lips with my dick,...she was going mad......i did this 3-6 times and shouted fuck me now....i said not now and repated the same and suddenly with a thrust when she was least expecting me to insert I did it....with one power ful thrust...she didnt moan she jus said ubbbb....

and clenched her nails in my back....i slowly started moving in and out with slow but powerful thrust was kissing her simultaeneously and wand my othe hand was pinching her nipples I was sucking her boobs like mad maniac..she was loving it..i was moving h=my hands all over her.....she was moaning with esctasy...and pleasure.....she held my back with her nails

and she came...she came like for a quite sum time and...slowly relaxed..i was pumping her harder and faster she was moaning and screaming.....she said shes building another orgasm...she came again and slowly I felt my pressure building and I pumped her faster and harder.....and then slowly I with a final thrust came in her....and load and loads we jus lay

there in each others arms....and after 15 mins got up and had bath together and then slowly we kissd and stood under the shower for sutym and when we came out she said I wann ride u like in porn movie I said ok and lied down she sucked my cock till it beacme erect and sat on it and started riding initially we lost rythm but after few thrust we synchronizzed and while she

was riding I was playing with her back her boobs hmmmmm it was jus too much....again she had an orgasm....and then after 15 mins of riding I clenched her back and had my share of orgasm we both had the look of contentment in our eyes...then I got ready left for my office. well she was the best fuck I had till now it was sensual it was was full of pleasure...we meet occasionally and have such romping sessions at her house.

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2014-06-08 05:07:44
This story is just bullshit...what were you thinking when u wrote it..

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2009-09-25 19:16:24
What`s that you have to ask daddy for permission ??? it really bugged me ? if you are 22 you will not ask permission from your parrents to go out exspecially you will not give any explanation where are you going ! i don`t believe your story !

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2009-09-19 11:35:05
she is so sexy that she couldn't control herself.

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2009-09-17 04:17:21
well this was hot but not mind blowing if I in your place I could ve gone to three way fuck specially ass,cunt and mouth.anyway enjoy is enjoy

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2009-09-15 07:13:52
Not only that you don't type porperly in English, but you tell us an obviously unbelievable story...
Are you a hermaphrodite, or something?...
Instead of writing, you better go to the grocery, buy yourself a nice big cucumber and shove it up your ass! (You surely DO have an ass...).

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