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A Mostly Unwelcome Surprise
By Clove Hardwood

The following story is entirely a work of fiction. It has minor plot elements inspired by my own life, but my real-life partner, Ginger ( has been nothing but respectful to me throughout our open marriage. This story is, in fact, driven by my fantasies of what it would be like if she wasn’t.

This is my first-ever adult story. It was meant to be a short, one-part piece to get my creative juices flowing and test the waters, but once I started I couldn’t stop and couldn’t find anything to sacrifice. In the end it had to be split into four parts to be reasonable to read, but I think it reads well that way. Please enjoy, and feel free to pass along your thoughts via email or Twitter.


PART 1 – Linda’s Reveal

Linda and I have what you’d describe as a darn good marriage. While we married young, we were happy, and still are. And the sex is great. Well, most of the time. Early on in the relationship was really good, and constant. Over time it petered down a little bit until we started to figure out a few “new” tricks (mostly things we tried early on that we didn’t get the hang of the first time), and things improved again for a while. We’ve repeated that pattern a few times, and it works well.

A few years ago, though, while in the heat of an upswing, we started talking about what we’d do if one of us cheated on the other. She surprised me by telling me that she really never thought she could leave me even if I did, because it just didn’t seem worth it to end the relationship over that. After careful thought I realized that I simply didn’t have the balls to leave her if she did. Our relationship was too good, and I knew that even if it hurt me, I couldn’t end everything over something that is, at the end of the day, not THAT big a deal. Plus where would I go? I committed my life to this woman, and the upheaval would be too big.

Over time that discussion led us to realize that maybe instead of just agreeing we’d never leave each other if one of us cheated, we should just expressly allow it if there was no major penalty anyway. But we put a sort of don’t ask, don’t tell policy in place, so if it happens, we still try to hide it, but if one of us suspects, we don’t make a federal case out of it. Life just goes on, and the topic gets avoided.

Now on my end, I didn’t really think there was much to it beyond a loose agreement. While Linda swears I’m attractive, I don’t see it, and I don’t have much skill with the ladies. I get along well with them and can make them laugh, but I’ve never been any good at turning a fun conversation into sex. So the odds of me ever hooking up with a girl other than the one who married me and was obligated to fuck me (my self-esteem talking) were pretty slim. But having the rule there was fun because it allowed me to look at other girls a different way, with that sense of “hey, I could actually do that.”

But on Linda’s end, it was different. Linda’s gorgeous, and she gets the attention of other men very easily. She gets looks, she gets flirts, and guys fall for her. I have no idea how I landed her when what seem like better-qualified men are after her, but I did. And this never bothered me because she’s always been faithful. But with this new rule out there, I wondered. If either of us could use it easily, it was definitely her. Heck, I bet most of the guys at her job (well, when she’s forced to work from the office) would jump her in a heartbeat if she just gestured to them with her finger the right way (the rest are gay, btw).

It’s exactly that realization that got me to obsess over the topic a little bit more and start bringing it into my porn searches. I read stories about girlfriends and wives cheating on their men, I found photos and videos that claimed to be hidden camera footage of her caught in the act, and even those silly staged videos with her guy supposedly sitting on the couch while she fucks some other stud. And all this stuff was starting to turn me on. I especially noticed a pattern with much of it, of the stud cumming inside the cheating girl. What happened from there was all over the place, but it was common, and seemed to fit the big picture of either humiliating her man, or at least confirming that someone else had conquered her. This led me to find a new appreciation for creampie photos and videos, which quickly took over as my most commonly sought-after imagery for jacking off. All told, this new track, despite filling me with some odd degree of almost horror at how some of these men were treated, was also get
ing me off as much as three times a day.

Linda and I are pretty cool with each other on porn. She enjoys it too on occasion, and has no problem with me looking at it. I can leave it open on my computer without fear of her freaking out. This stuff, though, I tended to keep hidden when possible, because it was just… weird. I didn’t know how I felt about it, even though it clearly got me off, and I didn’t know what she would think about it. Still, once or twice she’d find something on there, and make a comment about it. I’d laugh it off as something I’d stumbled upon, joke that it was kind of interesting but kind of weird at the same time, and change the subject. After a few times either I got better at hiding it, or she stopped mentioning it, and the subject was dropped between us, even though I kept looking, reading, watching, and thinking.

Anyway, most of that was over the last year or so, and the overall topic hasn’t been broached since. We made the agreement we did, but it’s not gone beyond that. I see cute girls all the time that I fantasize about hooking up with, but I don’t have the balls or skill to make it happen, and Linda doesn’t seem to be any different, fucking me at least as often as before, if not more (maybe we’ve been on an upswing), and over the past few weeks has been getting more adventurous, trying things she normally wouldn’t try, or taking more initiative on her own to do fun things, like blowing me the moment I walked in the door one day. Hell, she even suggested we finally try anal for the first time, which turned out to be much easier than I expected. It’s really been great.

And that leads us up to last week. I was running a little late on my way home from work, and I texted Linda to see if she wanted me to pick up anything from the store. She wrote back “no, just come right home,” with a wink emoticon. Hehehe, sounds like she’s in a good mood. So I rushed straight home.

When I arrived, the downstairs was empty and she yelled down for me to come upstairs to the bedroom. I was happy to comply and headed right up. I found her wearing nothing but a teddy, lying on our very-rumpled bed, with similarly-rumpled hair. Must have just gotten up from a nap. Ah, the perks of working from home.

“Strip for me,” she said with a sly grin on her face unlike any I’d ever seen before. Something was up, and from her attitude it seemed like it was going to be exciting, in a bad (good) way. I chuckled and quickly stripped down until I was naked, and my already-hardening cock was starting to poke out.

She gestured for me to come to her (what’d I say about that gesture?), and I walked to the bed. She had left room on the side of her, clearly meaning for me to lie beside her. As I did, she asked, “so how was your day, honey?” with a voice that dripped the same attitude her grin had betrayed.

“Nothing too special,” I replied. “Jack was kind an ass today, but I don’t think any of that’s important right now. How about yours?”

“Oh, it was interesting…” was her reply. “I had some fun while I was waiting for you to get home.”

I eyed the partially-opened dresser drawer where we keep the lube and the toys, realizing now why she was in the extra-horny mood she was in. Clearly she’d just been playing with herself, working herself up for my arrival, getting herself wet so I wouldn’t need the lube for an easy penetration. That’s my girl.

“I bet you did,” I said with a smirk. “And did you get yourself nice and wet?”

She giggled, loudly, as though trying to contain a full-scale laugh. “I don’t think wet’s the right word to describe how I am right now,” she said with an ear-to-ear grin that didn’t lose a drop of the slyness she clearly couldn’t wipe from her face if she had wanted to. “Want to feel?”

I grinned, and slid my hand down her body, moving a little slowly, and wandering slightly, to tease her. She writhed and let out quiet moans appropriately, as I worked my way past the hem of her nighty, and then slowly back up under it.

I could feel the heat of her nicely shaven pussy as I approached which was hotter than usual, obviously because she had just given it a bit of a pre-game workout. And then finally my finger reached paydirt. I think I barely grazed the nook where her outer labia meets her inner thigh and immediately felt moisture. I moved my finger toward her actual lips, and it was clear she was wetter the closer I got to the source. Except it felt different somehow; it felt slightly… thicker, or even maybe a touch slimier than her wetness normally feels. Not like lube, either, but something very different.

My reaction must have been obvious, because she started giggling again. “How does it feel?”

“You weren’t kidding,” I said as I pulled my finger away to examine it. Other than clearly being wet (or, again, slightly slimy?), I couldn’t identify anything by looking at my moistened finger. I did catch a faint odd, but vaguely familiar scent in the air, though, after moving my hand out from between her legs. Something subtle, with a slight tint of… was that a bleachy smell, maybe? Whatever it was, it seemed like a smell I should already know. “You’re sopping wet down there, but it feels different than usual. What’s the deal?”

“Didn’t I tell you wet wasn’t the right word for it?” she replied through more giggles. I was starting to think she might have had a drink or two before I got home from the way she was acting. “Maybe you want to take a look to see if you can figure it out.”

At this she started to rotate toward the edge of the bed to hang her legs over, like she usually does while I’m eating her out. I got up and got down on my knees in front of her. She seemed to be making extra effort to keep her legs closed as she moved herself into position, which I assumed was for extra dramatic effect. She then slowly parted her legs as she lifted the hem of her teddy, giving me the view she was clearly dying to reveal.

I’m honestly not sure what happened in my head at this point. Part of me was determined to have no clue what I was seeing, and part of me knew instantly. Whatever the case, the sight in front of me focused into reality pretty quickly.

Linda’s pussy wasn’t simply wet, it was glistening. I’ve seen her wet with her juices and wet with lube, and never did she glisten like this. And the glistening fluid that seemed to have coated the entire outside of her pussy, and some of her inner thighs, clearly had a source, as it got thicker the closer it got to her slightly askew slit. And the thicker it got, the hazier it got, until right along her slit it had a very clear white milkiness to its color. After the half-second it took my brain to register the clues and reconcile the no-way versus duh argument, I knew what I was looking at. My wife’s pussy was covered with, and clearly filled with, cum. And considering I just got home, it obviously wasn’t mine.

The look on my face as I realized prompted the biggest shit-eating grin I’ve ever seen on my wife. “How do you like it, honey? Does it compare to the ones you’ve been jacking off to on the Internet every day?” she said with a strange mix of that same cocky, sly attitude she’d had all evening, and genuine interest with a hint of looking for approval. No sense of sarcasm or annoyance from her, nothing to suggest that she was upset by my mostly-hidden online obsession. She seemed to actually care what I thought of the impromptu live presentation of my favorite type of porn.

This threw me completely off, and muddled my emotions. I was affronted with too much at once and couldn’t process it all. I had a creampie sitting less than a foot and a half from my face, and it happened to be my wife’s. She had clearly just cheated on me, which was still a huge and painful concept despite our distant agreement that it was okay. Images of another man’s dick INSIDE MY WIFE crashed in my head, alongside pictures of her cumming while she rode his faceless body and called out his unknown name. And she knew about my secret obsession with the whole package and seemed to be implying that it may have been the reason she did this.

At this point I remembered she had asked me a question, but all I could do was stammer out an almost incoherent, “How— who…?” before falling silent as I stared at her creamy cunt. As I looked, more details stood out. I saw a couple of stray pubic hairs stuck to her skin by the sticky spunk that coated it. Linda shaves, and I trim mine shorter than that, which meant they could only belong to whoever just created that mess. Her lips, which normally form a flawless closed mound with an adorably clean slit were slightly parted in places, and met up in skewed ways, similar to the way they looked after I had thoroughly fucked her. And since her legs were no longer tightly clamped together, I could see there was a very slight trickle effect occurring toward the base of her slit, as this stranger’s semen seeped out of her loosened cunt. And I also realized that it’s quite possible that, in my entire life, my dick had never been harder than it was at this moment.

“Well, clearly you’re speechless, so I guess it’s up to me to figure out what you want to know,” she commented with an air of confidence and control, with not the slightest hint of guilt or regret. Clearly she was enjoying this. “You want to know how this hot, thick load of jizz ended up inside the pussy you were pretty sure was exclusively yours?” I nodded. “And you want to know who put it there?” I paused slightly on this one before nodding, as the idea of putting a potential face to the source of what was simultaneous filling me with an achy numbness and turning me on more than anything else was overwhelming. But I did nod. “Good, but in exchange for telling you want you want to know, I’ll need you to do me a little favor, first. Can you help me with something?”

This took me aback. My wife just revealed she cheated on me, in one of the most shocking ways I could imagine, and she was asking me to do her a favor in exchange for telling me what happened? And yet she had me, quite nearly literally, by the balls at this moment. I had to know to know everything for the sake of both heads. I once again nodded with trepidation.

“Good boy, I knew you’d agree. See, even though I really do enjoy the feeling of a big load of cum in my pussy, and talk about big, it felt like he was filling me more than I could—“ She interrupted herself as she looked at me. “Oops, those are details to save until after you’ve helped me, although you would have figured that one out soon enough. Anyway, as good as his cum feels inside me, a tiny bit of it’s seeped out already, and the breeze against it’s creating a bit of a chill, and it’s getting kind of sticky. Would you mind cleaning it up for me?” The grin on her face had begun to spread again as she said this.

In my stupor, I started to get up. “I’ll get a washcloth or something.”

“Uh, uh, uh…” she said in a surprisingly commanding tone that stopped me in my tracks. “Washcloths are too rough for my delicate pussy. You know how sensitive it is after I’ve cum a few—“ again, she interrupted herself in semi-mock realization. “I’ve got to stop giving away details, don’t I? Anyway, my cunt’s too sensitive for a rough washcloth. I was thinking of something softer, more delicate, more precise, and more… in-your-face.”

Her hint hit me like a ton of bricks. I knew what some wives made their cuckold husbands do after they’d been filled (although some husbands did it willingly, if not happily). There was no way in hell I was about to eat another man’s cum, especially after he’d just violated my wife. The idea was disgusting. I mean, my wife has swallowed my cum a few times (she mostly preferred I cum on her, spitting if I did get it in her mouth, and usually complaining afterwards on the special occasions when she swallowed), but she’s supposed to do that, it was my cum, and I was her husband. This was a complete stranger’s cum that had been pumped into her without my knowledge or permission. And I’m a straight guy; I don’t eat cum.

She saw the recognition on my face, although clearly couldn’t read all my thoughts, and smiled, this time a bit more conciliatorily. “Yes, that’s right. Come here, dear, and clean my well-fucked cunt with your tongue. Just worry about getting the outside nice and clean for now.”

Obviously there was no way I was going to do this. There was no way my face was going between her sexy legs, pressing up against her gorgeous, flawless, shaved pussy which I normally beg her to let me eat. Not when it was covered and filled with another man’s slimy jizz. Heck, I couldn’t eat her after MY cum was inside her, although to be honest that was probably more because I tend to lose all sexual interest the moment I get off.

And yet, as I was thinking of all that, I found myself getting back on my knees while spreading hers apart, and looking more closely at the very thing I was sure I didn’t want to be near at that moment. It fascinated me to see it, for real, in front of my eyes. No photo or video I had ever seen on the Internet compared to the real thing, a foot away from my face.

“Attaboy,” she said with a chuckle as she grabbed the back of my head and suddenly shoved me, nose first, into her creamed cunt, giving me no time to react or fight back.

It was the scents that hit me first, probably since my nose practically penetrated her slickened opening immediately. I almost instantly separated out the various familiar odors. Pussy, sweat, sex (how had I missed that before?), and that bleachy smell which I now realized I should have recognized from the pile of used tissues in the trashcan next to my computer. And then, of course, there was the physical moisture against my face. The same sliminess I had felt on my fingers before.

I must have spent more time than I realized simply analyzing what I was feeling and smelling, because Linda loosened her grip and said, “Hurry up, it’s not going to clean itself, and I don’t want to forget any details.”

The reminder that my knowledge of what happened rested exclusively on completing this task forced me to access my stubborn streak and commit myself. I pulled away slightly, and tentatively stuck out my tongue. I started on the side, where there was the least of it. Honestly, I didn’t notice much. I felt the slight slimy texture of it, but couldn’t detect much of a taste. This made me feel slightly better, although also made me wonder why women complain about swallowing this stuff. I ended up licking up everything around her pussy relatively quickly. I heard a few moans from above, so clearly she was enjoying it, although I hadn’t gotten to any of the good parts yet.

Then I moved to her labia. It was slightly thicker here, and slightly hazier. This is where the taste started to kick in a little. I finally understood all the salty comments, although it still really wasn’t bad. I was still getting more texture than taste at this point, and although I personally prefer not to eat slimy things, I can’t say it was horrible. I’m sure with enough exposure it no longer bothers a person. Must be how the porn stars and working girls can look so happy about it.

Finally I decided to bite the bullet and move in on the slit. This was where it was clearly most concentrated, and where I had seen the trickle earlier. As I looked now, I could see the trickle had actually reached her puckered little anus at this point and kind of pooled there. I decided to start there, since I don’t mind rimming, and if I worked from the top down it would just give it time for more to seep out.

As my tongue touched her lovely asshole, she squirmed and giggled at the sensation. Meanwhile I got the most highly-concentrated dose of the stuff yet on my tongue. Much saltier, more pungent, and not entirely pleasant. But not unbearable, either. There was just enough there, though, that I actually had to actively swallow what I licked up instead of just absorbing it in my mouth. Weird feeling, but I managed, without even a gag instinct. This is really what all the fuss was about?

I worked my way up her slit, collecting a larger amount on my tongue as I went. The taste was definitely more intense overall, and all the deions I’d heard started to make sense. And yes, even though I’d say it wasn’t a flavor I’d order in a drink form, it also wasn’t something I could see a girl throwing up from, or needing to spit out like so many do. I swallowed what I had on my tongue without trouble.

At this point I finally had to part her lips with my tongue as the outside was pretty much done. I glanced up at Linda to make sure she realized this, since this is when she was supposed to start her end of the bargain. But her eyes were closed, and she was moaning from my efforts, and I realized she was in just the right frame of mind that I could get her off. Why I cared about that right now when I was in the middle of eating the results of her cheating on me, I don’t know, but it’s what I thought about.

I slid my tongue into her slit and up to her clit. I collected a lot more cum than I expected, which I swallowed easily, and reached her clit and started working it. She started moaning more obviously, and moving her hips in time with me. I’d occasionally lick back down her slit as she likes it, surprised to find a little more cum collected since the last time I did that, and then back to her clit. By this point I was pretty sure I had gotten all of it, as I had easily swallowed at least as much as I cum at any one time, and without any major complaint. I was kind of proud of myself, in a warped way. I’d basically one-upped my wife by this point, swallowing more than she does, even if it wasn’t by choice.

I could feel her body starting to tense up as her moans increased and I knew she was close. Without even thinking about it, I went for her usual trigger point, and shoved my tongue inside of her. Simultaneously her eyes sprang open, her moan turned to an orgasmic scream, her cunt squeezed around my tongue, her thighs locked around my head, and I suddenly realized my serious error. Didn’t she say only a tiny bit had seeped out already?

That’s when I felt the large glob of cum squeeze out around my tongue and into my mouth. This was easily half one of my loads by itself. As she squeezed and contracted, more globs of cum entered my mouth, and I was forced to begin swallowing as it did. This was without question the hardest to swallow, and I started to take back my confusion earlier as to what there was to complain about so much. I still got it all down, but it was much, much thicker than anything I’d eaten so far, and much stronger in flavor. Luckily it was mixed with my wife’s taste, which I love, or I might not have managed.

Her orgasm subsided, her legs unlocked from around me, and I was free to pull back. A tiny bit more trickled out, which I lapped up almost by instinct at this point, and then she was spent.

“Fuck, that felt good,” she said. “I didn’t know I had another one in me after—well, I guess I’d better start telling you, shouldn’t I? Lie down on the bed next to me and pump your cock while I fill you in.”

To be continued…

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2015-11-05 05:29:40
Great story...doesn't sound gay to me...I've been there. No man loves pussy more than me and I will never suck a dick. My wife is a beautiful woman and we rarely have sex without me eating her lovely trimmed little pussy. We have an open relationship and I was drinking heavily at a swing party first time I ate her after she was fucked. We both love it. I have even had her sit ony face after an encounter. I realize this isn't for everyone but for the guys that like it it is a monstrous turn on.

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2013-05-02 02:51:32
fantising and actually doing are 2 different things............ I can tell you, if this pig was my wife and she did that to me I'd beat the living shit out of her and then find the guy who fucked her, cut his cock off and make her the fucking thing........... stick a .38 up her cunt and empty it in her.......... you can fucking believe she would never fuck anyone again


2010-07-28 09:26:43
Hot story. Cant wait for more


2010-04-06 15:29:33
I have done that many times and it is a tremendous turn on!


2009-09-15 14:04:40
what happens next? hot wife or a cuckhold relationship are two different things to me. I, too, hopes he watches the next time but also participates. when will the next part come on-line?

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