I finally get a stiff one in my ass and love it.
I hadn't been with a man for some time. I had moved to another state and really wasn't sure where the action was. My wife was working and I had the day to myself. I decided to go to an adult bookstore not far from my house and see what it had to offer.

This particular bookstore was rather small and was in a rundown area of town. There was some parking in the rear of the building, so I drove around back. There were 2 other cars back there and no apparent action. I went inside. The walls were covered with magazine racks and videos of everything variety of adult sex imaginable. Under the raised cashiers area was a case full of dildos and other sex toys. When I had entered, I noticed a line of stalls down one side of the building, sort of set back from the rest of the store. There were flyers advertising various movies that were playing.

I wandered around the store for about 10 minutes. Being in a place with such a blatant sexual vibe made be extremely horny. The cashier was a young guy who appeared to think I was the most disgusting excuse for a human he had seen in quite some time. He watched me as I viewed the available videos and magazines. While I looked at all the genres, I was focusing on mostly bi and gay videos.

No one else came into the store and I was obviously not going to get any action. I decided to walk down the hall and look at what the booths had to offer. Right away, I noticed big signs warning against more than one person in a booth and that the premises were regularly monitored. Also, while it appeared there had been doors on the booths at one time, they had all been removed and replaced with curtains. Not much privacy here!

I decided to get some tokens and blow a load off in one of the booths. I didn't see much point in hanging around. There was no action. I went back to the cashier and got $10 in tokens and returned to the booths.

I settled on a booth about halfway down the hall. Everything was dimly lit. I sat down and pulled the curtain about 2/3 closed. I loaded about 6 tokens in the machine and selected some man on man action. The loops that play in most of these places are a bit old, but watching one guy choke down another guys cock always got me hard. Soon, I unsnapped my pants and slid my hard cock out to breathe. It felt great to expose myself. While the curtain was almost closed, I still had that naughty feeling of waving my dick in public. My mouth was watering a bit as I started to stroke my cock. I tingled from head to toe as I slowly moved my hand up and down the shaft. I took my other hand and began to squeeze my nipples.

I had been at it for about 5 minutes when I heard some movement in the hallway. I pulled the curtain closed in fear of the cashier catching me jacking off and calling the cops. I leaned over to block any view of my cock and slowly moved the curtain back. To my relief, it was not the cashier. A blond young man, in his twenties, had entered the hallway and was now standing outside my booth. He nodded at me and smiled. I decided to lean back and give him a view of my hard cock, to see if he was interested. As I exposed myself, he began to smile broadly. He said, "that is a nice looking cock." I said, "thanks, would you like to get together?" He nodded and looked down the hallway. He moved closer to the entrance of my booth and reached down and wrapped his hand around my stiff cock. He was wearing gym style shorts and his quickly stiffening cock was trying to escape to one side, down his leg. I reached up and grabbed it, stroking it gently. He said, "we better not do anything in here, the cashier is a real jerk and would call the cops if he caught us. There is a restaurant restroom with outside access just down the street where we can have some privacy." I said, "okay, lead the way."

We left the bookstore and I followed him in his car down the street to a mexican restaurant. We parked alongside and he got out of the car, motioning me to follow him. I was really uncomfortable about having sex in the bathroom of a restaurant and the location just didn't look secure. I called out to him, " I have a better place, if you want to follow me. It is a few miles away, but it is completely private." He sai, "okay, if you aren't comfortable here, but I use this often for a blowjob or whatever."

We got back in our cars and drove about 10 minutes to my parents house. I knew they were out of town for the summer and figured we could do whatever and not be disturbed. When we arrived, I unlocked the place and invited him in. "My name is Tom," he said. "I noticed you have on a wedding ring. Does your wife know that you are gay?" I told him, "no, I am not gay. I have no interest in falling in love with a man, kissing and hugging. None of that. I just have an irresistible urge to suck cock. It may not get the better of me for some time, but when it hits, I just have to satisfy it." He said, " I live with my sister and her boyfriend. She would kick me out if she knew I did this. She thinks I am just a shy little virgin still in search of his first girlfriend."

We walked further into the house and I offered him a chair. As he sat down, I moved between his legs and pulled down his shorts. He wasn't wearing underwear, so I soon had his cock staring me in the face. Itwas by no means a large cock. Perhaps 4 to 5 inches. I really didn't care about the size. I was glad to see his hair was trimmed, his cock was cut and he was clean. I wasted no time and slid my lips over his head and sucked his whole cock in my mouth. His hips pushed up to meet me and he groaned. I began working his cock with all my might. Sucking and swallowing as my mouth overflowed with my own spit. It tasted so good and felt wonderfull. It had been way too long since I had tasted another mans cock in my mouth. Soon, Tom was ready to cum. His moans became louder and his hip thrusts more rapid. I held his cock tightly at the base and stopped sucking. I didn't want this to end yet. I stood up and undid my pants, letting them drop to the floor. I stepped out of them and before I could remove my underwear, Tom was on his knees. He tugged at my underwear and I stepped out of them. He stared at my cock for a minute and told me how beatiful it was. I am cut, well trimmed and while not small, not too large either. Tom took my cock by the shaft and cupped my balls with his other hand. He used his tongue to lick around the head of my cock. I already had a bit of precum and he slide his tongue through it, swallowing it up with a slurp. Soon, he was working my cock over like a pro. He sucked, kissed and stroked it until I was ready to cum. I told him, " if you don't want me to cum, you better stop." Instead, he picked up his pace and kept my cock deep in his throat. Finally, I couldn't hold it anymore and let out a huge groan while I shot my load down his throat. Tom didn't miss a drop. When I was done cumming, he sucked whatever remained from the shaft and held my cock in his mouth until I started to get soft.

"I want you to fuck me," I said without any hesitation. I had not had anal with a guy yet, but I knew his relatively small size would be a good start. He said, "are you sure? We don't have to if you don't want. I have had a great time!" "No, I need you to fuck me. You need to cum and I want it to be in my ass," I said. I turned and went to my parents medicine chest. I found a jar of vaseline and brought it back to the living room. I gave it to Tom and quickly got on all fours. Tom opened the jar and slathered some on his stiff cock. The leftover from his had was not wasted. He rubbed my ass crack with his lubed hand and gently inserted first one and then two fingers. Within a few seconds, I could feel his cock pressing on my asshole. I relaxed and pushed back. His cock felt like it popped inside my ass and, once the head was in, the feeling was wonderful. I felt pressure inside me as he methodically pushed his cock in me with his hips. He kept his hands on my hips and we worked together. This was better than I had ever thought it could be. Tom work me over for about 5 to 10 minutes, then quickly pulled out and shot a really big load on my back. I didn't realize how much cum he had shot until I felt it running down both sides of my torso. He layed over next to me and I could tell he was well satisfied.

Once we caught our breath, I asked if he would like to take a shower. We quickly cleaned ourselves off and got dressed. Tom said, "If you want to call me some time, I would love to do this again. It is hard to find someone to get together with."

I got Tom's number and I am just waiting for the irresistible urge to raise it's little head...

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2015-11-11 08:20:15
I really liked this story. I love to be sucked then taking it up the ass

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2014-09-03 16:08:41
I'm also a married in my early 60's I have sucked cock a few times and after a long time of thinking,about trying anal but to scared to do it. I finally did it with a guy with a small cock that was Ok. I kept on thinking about big cocks and after about a year or so, I finally met this guy with an 8" thick cock. He fucked Oh! So good now all I want is been fucked again hopeful with on just a little bigger one. I would love to met with someone with at least 8.5 or 9" thick cock to fuck me good and hard.


2014-08-12 03:34:32
I never have that luck in the book store.. darn it anyway

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I would love to suck a long hard cock and then have him bang me that would be a dream cum true

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i was 12, my friend Tony was 11 and we used to fuck 2 or 3 times a week in his father or mother's house (they were divorced) and we had a common friend who was 18 and asked us if we knew what was cum cuase we still could'nt cum yet. As we said no, he took us to his ant's house because she was working and he made us jack him off and blowing him to, till he started shooting his jimsall over our faces and made us lick it. Neither I have to say that we repeated this many times and we gainned experience sucking his huge dick, wich he tried to enter our boycunts, but was to wide to go in. It hurt bad, but still remember how good it tasted his cum. He did, shoot his cum in our holes by just pressing his upperhead against our anus but not going deep

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